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Random Jottings about Men…


BY THE WAY. Random Jottings about Men and Things. The essential purposes of No this war do not admit of com- Patching-up. promise.—Mr. Churchill. The American Army," said An a Prussian Minister, cannot I Oversight, swim and cannot fly; it will not come." But it is only German ships that cannot travel in the ordinary fashion just now. I Hardly ever have the Signifying members of the Reichstag Nothing." Majority influenced the course of things so little as now," says the Berliner Tageblatt. This is some- thing to boar in mind when they pass another of their pious Resolutions. The American troops upon Remem- the British section of the front bering." had their first real taste of war, appropriately enough, on Independence Day, and there was great com- petition to be among the select party which helped the Australians in the capture of Hamel. Some daring spirits borrowed Australian tunics and went through the affair in the guise of Anzacs. The Americans rushed to the attack with cries of "Lusi- tania," and there were perhaps Huns here a.nd there who were able to recognize in the word the sentence and doom of their country. In fining a temporary Ad- In thr miralty clerk E20 for talking Know." in a railway carriage about the movements of shipping, the Bow Street magistrate condemned the silly desire to pose before people as one who is "in the know." It is a very common weakness, but a highly dangerous one for those in public employment. The man or woman who is in the service of any com- batant office or war industry should take for his motto (improving Shakespeare a little), Give every man thine ear, but none thy voice." Jam, in Germany just now, A Table is made principally from Indelicacy. apples. I assisted once," says a Dutchman, "in jam-making in Germany, the process being to throw the apples into a large tank in the ground, where they are allowed to become sligntly rotten. They are then stirred until of a pulpy consist- J ency, after which the mess is extracted from the tank and disappears into the factory. What happens there no one knows, people being strictly forbidden to cross the threshold." Mr. Gompers, the leader of II Loyal American Labour, holds that Labour. no workman is entitled to strike in time of war unless he can claim the approval of his countrymen, who are facing death on his behalf and de- pendent for their safety upon his exertions. He says "We are fighting against involun- tary labour—against the enslavement of women and the mutilation of the lives and bodies of little children. Decide every in- dustrial question fully mindful of those men who are on the battle line, facing the enemies' guns, needing munitions of war to fight the battle for those of us back at home, doing work necessary but less hazardous. No strike ought to be inaugurated that cannot be justified to the men facing momentary death." The King has faced it all The King and with the calmness of one His People, trained in youtlj to encounter stormy seas. Those who have had the privilege to serve as his Ministers, during these four years, of all parties, can best testify to his undaunted courage under the most dismaying conditions, how in hours of anxiety he has watched all the vicissitudes of this terrible conflict and fulfilled in every sphere of council and action all the functions of a constitutional monarch in the hour of his country's peril. His constant thought for those who on land and sea are undergoing endless dangers for their country, his solici- tude, and that of the Queen, for those who are suffering pain for their native land, their tenderness for those who are bearing the more poignant ande enduring pangs of grief—all I 1 17) these have sunk deep into the hearts of the people, who will never forget."—Mr. Lloyd George. Lord J..ambonrne, as presi- One of the dent of the National Utility Helps. Rabbit Association, invites rabbit clubs and all interested in rabbit-keeping to become members of this association, whose aim is to increase largely and rapidly the number of utility rabbits in the country, thus assisting the food supply and creating subsidiary industries from by- products, such as fur. The association will expedite the supply, exchange, and distribu- tion of rabbits to its members, register pedi- gree stock, compile records and reports, give demonstrations, and undertake experimental work should funds permit. The Food Production Department will make a grant of £500 to meet initial expenses, provided that the association receives sufficient sup- port by voluntary contributions. The impor- tation of rabbits amounted before the war to between 2,000 and 3,000 tons annually, and in this respect the country should become self-supporting. The address of the National Utility Rabbit Association is 124, Victoria- street, Westminster. London, S.W.I. It is proposed to make A Day of August 4 (the anniversary of Remembrance our entrance into the war) a Day of Remembrance. The Lord Mayor of London has invited his fellow Lord Mayors and Mayors throughout the country to join with him in performing an act of simple homage on that day to all who have fallen in the war and to those who are now valiantly upholding our cause. The King recently expressed a wish that the anniver- 1 sary should be observed as a Day of Prayer, ? and as it falls on a Sunday there will hardly i be a church or chapel in the land where some reference will not be made from the pulpit. It has already been arranged that the Lord Mayor shall attend in his civic capacity a service in St. Paul's Cathedral, and he is now B inviting the Mayors to follow his example, so that every municipality may make formal acknowledgment of its debt to those who e have gone out from its borders to iight the battle of freedom. Moreover, it is suggested that in addition to the religious services there hshall be public gatherings of citizens, at which a common resolution will be passed, '° pledging all present to do their utmost that t so much heroic sacrifice shall not have been I made in vain.





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