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BRECON. Indigestion. Wind, Pains after Meals, Biliousness. Constipation, and all stomach troubles are ,"red quickly by taking GWII.LIM'S Alkaline IM>K;ESTIOX MIXTURE. Bottles 1/3, 2/3. 3/4, only of GWILLIM, Chemist. Brecon. Prisoners of War Arrive.—A batch of pris- oners of war arrived Brecon on Monday -evening for land work. They were in charge of Sergt.-Major Arthur Probert, a Brecon man. Potato Spraying for Preventing Blight.— MER EDITH & Soxs. Ironmongers, Brecon, have a KNAPSACK SPRAYER FOR HIRE. Buckland Estate Rent Audit.—The Buckland Estate half-yearly rent audit was held at the Wellington Hotel on Friday last. Mr. E. C. Maurice, the agent, officiating. Owing to the war there was no dinner, but an allowance was made instead. Sow Now !Yheeler'' Imperial Cabbage, Webb's Emperor, Flower of Spring. &c. Giant Rocca. Tripoli Onions, Aire.—Ar,FKKI> QUARREI.L, Seedsman, Brecon. Retirements A Correction.—We very much regret to state that, owing to a misunderstand- ing in this office, it was erroneously announced under the heading of Retirements in this column last week that Colonel Brewer was rejeiring from the work of the Ministry of National Service at Brecon. Colonel Brewer has not retired and is not likely to do so. His brother Captain Brewer, who has for most of the war period been doing good service at the Barracks, has retired. Charles's Electric Corn Cure cures the worst corn in a few days. 1/3, double- size 11g.- Sole Pnrprietor, GWILUM, Chemist, Brecon. j Mount Street Schools War Savings Associa- tion.—This week completes the first half-year's work of the Mount street Council Schools War Savings- Association. During the half- year 183 members have been enrolled and r)01 War Savings Certificates have been purchased, also f25 worth of War Loan Bonds have been bought by the children and staff. With a view to adding a little more enthusiasm to the work and bringing in recruits, the Mayor (Mr. W. F. Parry deWinton) visited the schools on Monday last and gave the children an earnest address, emphasising th. fact that though at the present time money is very plentiful, in the near future it will be very scarce, and pointing out the absolute necessity of preparing for that rainy day at the present time by saving every possible penny. His worship congratu- lated the staff and children on their first half- year's work and left a cheque value two War Certificates, to be a Yarded by the Head Teacher to the most diligent and deserving-of the members.. I BROCCOLI, BRUSSELS SPROUTS, .CAT:LIFLOWER I ANl) SPROUTINU BINX R N.I PLANTS now ready, strong and sturdy stuff.—MEREDITH & SONS, BRECON. The Better 'Ole."—This real war play, which makes one laugh and cry by turns, is well worth seeing. The last performance in Brecon will be given this (Wednesday) evening in the Town Hall: Belgian Honour. Miss Annie Davies. daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Davies. of the Watton, has been awarded by the King of the Belgians the Queen Elizabeth medal for services rendered to Belgian refugees and soldiers at the Refugees' Camp at Earl's Court. London. Runaway.—On Tuesday evening about six o'clobk Llanfaes was alarmed by a runaway horse. The horse was drawing a dray loaded with wood, and it made such a pace that the wood was thrown in all direction?, incidentally II putting a lamp-post out of order. The run- away was stopped at Mason's road. Horse and dray belong to Messrs. Harris and Williams, timber hauliers, and had come from Glanrhyd, Libanus. Death of a Former Inhabitant.—We regret to learn that the death of Mrs. Margaret Catherine Whitfield (wife of the late Mr Charles Whitfield) occurred at Hitchin on June 25th last. Deceased, who had attained the age of 70 years, was a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Rees Price, Bridge Street. Brecon, and was well-known to the old inhabitants, having carried on a stationery business for many years at the Bulwark. Her only daughter, Mrs Henry Gates, survives her. The burial took place at Hitchin Cemetery on June 28th.


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