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LAND WORKERS' CAMP IN GLANUSK PARK. Owing to the increased demand throughout the country for women land workers, every effort hasbeenirade bi- the Brecoiishire Women's War Agricultural Committee to secure ad- ditional training facilities for L.A.A.S. recruits but it has been found that a large number of farmers who are otherwise willing to train recruits in this county will not undertake to do so. owing to the difficulty of providing board and lodging. Representatives of the Women's War Agri- cultural Committee therefore approached Lord Glanusk on the subject, and received his lord- ship's permission to form a camp in Glanusk Park, where 40 L.A.A.S. recruits could be boarded and lodged, and from which they could be sent out daily for training on the adjoining farms. A site for the camp was selected by his lordship, close to a safe bathing pool on the river Usk. This site also possesses a spring. providing a good water supply. In addition to the site. his lordship generously offered to lend the timber for erecting a bath house, cook house, store hut. drying hut, etc. He further offered to lend a boiler, portable kitchen range. stove for drying hut. and several other valuable accessories, and to defray the cost of labour in putting up the camp. Mr Fnrmedge. his lord- ship's agent, and Sergeant Bowles, one of the foremen on the estate, who has had considerable experience in camp planning, kindly offered to supervise the work of erecting the huts, laying on water, pitching the tents, etc., all of which arrangements have been carried out in the most efficient manner. A grant of £ 50 for the purchase of tents was sanctioned by the Women's Branch of the Food Production Department for furnishing. It was not found necessary, however, to expend the entire sum sanctioned, owing to the kindness of various ladies in the district, who offered to lend furniture. Mrs Ashby undertook to act as voluntary commandant, and Miss Dorothy Salt as volun- tary quarter-master for the camp. Three other ladies volunteered as cooks. A competent instructress has been engaged, whose duty con- sists in visiting L.A.A.S. recruits who are being trained on the adjoining farms, and in super- vising their work. This scheme was laid before a meeting of the Crickhowell District Sub-Committee of the Men's War Agricultural Committee, members of which committee undertook to canvass far- mers in the district, and as a result secured training facilities on adjoining farms for 37 trainees. Arrangements have also been made for giving additional training in milking on artificial udders at the camp, and for holding special classes in butter and cheese making at Glanusk Home Farm, Mrs Grinley kindly lend- ing the Home Farm dairy ffer this purpose. Mrs. Ashby (Commandant). Miss D. Salt (Quarter-Master), Mrs. Owen Evans (Local Village Registrar), Miss Phipps (Instructress), and Miss Hilda Yaughan (County Organising Secretary) are the Camp Management Com- mittee). The first detachment of 13 recruits arrived at the Camp on June 2211d. An additional 13 trainees from England arrived on the following Saturday. It is hoped that the number will shortly be raised to 37. AlmosVall the recruits who have hitherto arrived appear to enjoy the life under canvas, which is shared by the members of the staff.