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HAY AND WAR FINANCE. I No Special Week, but Continued Effort. A meeting convened by Mr. A. C. Samson, hon. secretary of the Hay and District War Savings Committee, was held on Monday even- ing last at the Drill Hall, Hay, to consider the question of holding a War Weapons Week for the town and district. Mr. T. E. James (chairman of the Urban District Council) pre- sided, and among those present were Messrs. Roger Bishop, R. T. Griffiths, H. R. Grant, Enoch George, W. Owen Price, E. J. Stephens, Ernest Taylor, etc. The Chairman explained that the meeting had been called in response to a circular letter which the Secretary had received from the National War Savings Committee, suggesting the holding of a War Weapons Week," such as was being held all over the country. The local committee felt they could not take the responsibility alone and decided to ask for the approval and support of the Urban District Council before any steps were taken. The Council had met and decided to give the project their moral support, but the members could not undertake to give financial support, as they had already done their bit." The Govern- ment were in need of money and by lending money the public would be supplying the young men with weapons with which to fight. They had to decide that evening whether they would have a War Weapons Week" or not. The Secretary having read the circular letter referred to by the Chairman, Mr. W. Owen Price said he quite\ agreed that they ought to do all in their power to raise money for the Government. Every bank manager in the country was pledged to do his utmost to persuade his customers to invest in War Loan. Bank managers were now practic- ally agents for the Government and had been doing all they could for months. The reduction in the bank interest had the tendency to drive money into War Bonds. If no special effort had been made during the past months they would have been able to obtain large figures, but now only normal amounts could be got and although Hay and district had done very well in the matter, he felt that the amount they would get by the holding of a War I I Weapons Week" would look silly in com- parison with large places. He had not heard of a place as small as Hay having a War I Weapons Week," but if they decided to have one he would do his best to make it n success. Mr. Ernest Taylor quite agreed with Mr. Owen Price that they would not be starting on I virgin soil, for the ground had been already gone over very thoroughly.. If they had thought of the matter a month or two afo it would have been very different they would have been able to raise a good amount. He was prepared to do all in his power if they decided to have a week. I Mr. R. T. Griffiths thought it was too late in the day. What was possible to be done had been done and tHe district was exhausted. Mr. E. J. Stephens proposed that they advertise and do all. they could in that way, but that a War Weapons Week be not held. Mr. Roger Bishop seconded and the proposi- tion was unanimously agreed to. Mr. R. T. Griffiths said he wOfld be glad to do all he could to help matters and would act on the local committee. (Applause). Mr. W. Owen Price, as treasurer of the local committee, extended a hearty invitation to those present to join the ranks of the War Savings Association. Ladies were needed as coHectOl R to canvass for war savings certificates and much useful work could be done in that way. He instanced the splendid work done by Mrs. W. Lilwall, whose branch had collected by far the largest amount. l



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