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A LOOK ROUND. Germans and Ruins." [BY SENTINEL."] THE weeks of the summer are JL wearing on, and, as they pass, M new stages of the Kaiser's battle develop. We wait and watch for the moment when Foch, like Wellington, will give the word Up and at them," b and the world will be delivered from the evil which h;tfc hong over it for four years. There are some among us who are of little faith who wring their hands over every retreat, and who seem to believe that the powers of evil will triumph at the end. or, at least, that no final victory is possible for us. There- fore. they say, Agree with thine «*«dversary quickly whiles thou art in the way with him." Advice given on the highest authority, but never meant to apply to those who are fighting the devil and his works. It is the devil and his works that we are fighting in our battle against the Prussian lust of conquest. If some of us are feeling badly about the successes which the Germans have won so far, we should try and imagine what the Germans are feeling. They have made three big attacks, which have cost them hundreds of thousands of men. They have claimed victories which should have brought them the peace they need so badly. But a Ger- man peace is no nearer. Meanwhile, the American soldiers are beginning to take a hand in the game, and the German leaders dare not tell their people, because they have all along said that the U-boats would make it impossible for the American soldiers to reach France. Their hungry people were promised an abundance of food from Russia, and, lo, there is no food to be had, though the German soldiers are seeking it at the bayonet's point. Finally, there are mutinies in the Army and the Navy of their Austrian ally, and riots in Prague and other places, where the people are longing to be free from the Austrian masters who have bullied them for so long. Moreover, the feeling against Ger- many is growing stronger every day in the neutral States. In a Norwegian paper the other day there appeared an article which is said to express the opinions of the whole Norwegian people. The following is an extract from it The world is in danger because the things it greatly values are threatened be- cause its culture is being trampled oil; because soon nothing will be left but Ger- mans and ruins. Europe is trembling, literally trembling. Seismographs are regis- tering the shock of the German gun which on Good Friday struck down children in churches. Europe is trembling morally because she realises that on the present foment., as never before, hangs the de- cision whether liberty or militarism is to become the guiding principle; whether one shall be able to breathe on this Continent or only have leave to live in slavery. People are asking each other whether Europe shall lie under the heel of militarism, whether all her might shall be staked against this scourge of humanity, whether all her genius shall be strangled in the grip of this tormentor, whether arms and hunger are to remain the lot of this Con- tinent for all eternity." Little Norway has not dared to draw the sword but her people see as clearly as ours that the things for which we are fighting are theirs also. Even a German general, drunk with a passing success, must see, one would think, that Germany cannot win in face of the temper which she has aroused against herself among the nations. No one but a German would be content to live in a world composed of Germans and ruins." No one will make peace in order to live, in arms and hunger." Peace will be no peace until Prussian rule is destroyed, either from within or from without; and those who clamour for negotiations with a foe in the full tide of his insolence and greed are asking a vain thing. If it were true that victory is impossible, we should have to make the best of it and resign ourselves to be of all men most miser- able. But it is not true. Victory may be far off, or it may be much nearer than some of us will allow ourselves to imagine. But it can be won. It is sure, even. For, with sea power at our backs and the fresh and strong American armies pouring in to our aid, e can outstay the enemy and fight him down in the end. We have got to stick it for some months longer, and then we shall see the dawn.