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BRECON. Eruptions of the skin, especially on the face and hands, are most unsightly. "GWILLIM'S XYMOL OINTMENT is a simple and excellent means of removing Eczema, Pimples, Boils, etc. —In pots 1/- each, only from WALTER GWILLIM, M.P.S. (late Charles). Chemist, Brecon. FOR Choice Cut Flowers and Floral Designs also Home-grown Fruit and Vegetables, try WILDING, 3, the Struet. Tel. 92. MOTOR CAR FOR HIRE.-Harold P. Elston, 21, High Street. All classes of repairs executed. The West Breconsbire Farmers' Association Ltd., 8, Ship Street, Breoon, dealers in ooal, lime, manure, flour, corn, meal, agricultural implements and ironmongery of every descflp- tion. Branches :-SeDDybridge, Cradoo, Taly- llyn, and Talybont-on-Usk. Deliveries arranged by our own carts. Prices on application. Choice selection of Bulbs for Bowls, Pots, &o., Moss Fibro and Spring Bedding Plants, Now Read Y.-QUARRFLL, 3 and 4, High Street. Tei. 74. POOR GROCERIES—BAD TEMPER.—Morris's customers are always in the best of humour. No wonder be sells the best of British pro. duoe at competitive prices. Try him, if yoa want satisfaction.—17, Bridge street, Brecon. HOSPITAL FOR FOUNTAIN PENS.—Any make Pen quickly and cheaply repaired.—A. Hughes and Son, Stationers. BRECON FAIR.—You run DO risk of missing the Target when yoa purchase at EWART WISE'S. A Bull's Eye in valoe every time Hairdressing and Toilet Depot, 34, High St. MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR COL. R. D. GARNONS WILLIAMS.—A memorial service fer Col. R. D. Garnons Williams will be held in the Priory Church on Friday afternoon, at 3 p.m. FOR Chaff Cotters, Taroip Cutters and all Agricultural Implements, Meredith and Sous, Implement Warehouse, the Cattle Market, Brecon. FUNERAL. The funeral took place on Thursday morning last of Mrs Juliana Mary Jones, widow of the Rev John Jones, vicar of Penbryn, Cardiganshire, and mother of the Rev H. J. Church Jones. The cortege left the house at 11 30 for St. Mary's Church where the Bishop of Swansea end the Rev T. Aneurin Davies took the service, and two hymns and a psalm were beautifully sung by the choir. At the cemetery the Bishop of Swansea officiated, The chief mourner-! were the Rev H. J. Church Jones (son), the Rev J. Jones, Inwardleigh- Rectory, Devonshire (brother-in-law), Mrs A. N. Phillips (cousin), Mrs C. W. Best, Mr and Mrs Maybery Best, and Miss Dorothy Best (nieces and nephew). A very large number of wreaths were fent. The funeral equipage was provided by Mr D. J. Medcalfe. On Sunday night the Bishop of Swansea, in the course of his sermon, made reference to the late Mrs Jones as being the oldest Churchworker in the parish and to the devotion and perseverance with which she carried out her work. St. Mary's bellriugers also rang a muffled peal on Sunday night, MAIDEN SESSION.—There were no ases for hearing, at the boroogh police court on Monday. ECONOMY IS A DUTY.—Now that Butter is so dear, you can considerably reduce your weekly butter bill by buying our Blue-band Margarine, 1/- per lb. Do not let prejudice prevent you trying it. Pure and sweet. Meredith & Sons, The Stores, Brecon. ANOTHER OCTOGENARIANS DEATH.—The deplth took place on Friday last of Miss Watkins, 7, The Watton, at the age of 80 years. Deceased was one of the oldest inhabitants of the borough, where she bad lived all her life. A TEMPTATION.—Do not be tempted to buy Tea fictitiously advertised as "Best at 2/- per lb. The plain truth about the Budget Tax is that it makes tea 4d. per lb, dearer. Do not be misled by some firms advertising that they are sharing the tax with the public. We sell good Teas at fair prices-2/2, 2/4, and 2/6 per lb. Meredith & Sons, The Stores, Brecon. THE BISHOP OF SWANSEA.—The date of the Bishop of Swansea's departure for India was not absolutely fixed at the time of writing, but his lordship hopes to go next week. BRECON HUNT.—Hounds meet Wednesday, 17th inst., Aberbran (for Mynydd Iltyd) at 10-45.—J. Meredith, Hon. Sec. CORRECTION.—In the list of subscribers to the Penoyre Hospital, which we published last week, the name of Mrs Bowen as giving £1 appeared. It should have read Miss Bowen XI. THE HIRING FAIR.—We understand that 65 mistresses and 78 servants used the rooms set apart at the Guild Hall for hiring purposes on Tuesday and Friday last week. The duties of hon. sec. were discharged by Mrs A A Mitchell, while Mrs Beverley Jones again acted as registrar, being assisted by Miss Williams, Scethrog. DEATH OF Miss F. M. MILLER.-The death took place on Tuesday somewhat suddenly of Miss F M Miller, of the Vicarage, at the age of 53. Deceased, who had acted as housekeeper for the Bishop of Swansea for upwards of 16 years, was taken ill on Friday and acute pneumonia developed, with the result that she expired as stated on Tuesday. The funeral takes place on Friday. CHURCH LADS.—On Tuesday evening the local section of the Church Lads' Brigade, or as they are now known the Church Cadet Lads, paraded at the Parish Hall. There were 40 of the lads present under the charge of Capt C J E Large, J.P. Lieut Llewelyn, of the S. W.B. inspected them and they went through a number of drills in a most smart and soldierly manner. Lieut Llewelyn complimented them upon their drilling all round. WALFORD'S WELSH MAIDS.—Mr Walford's com- pany of Welsh Maids will give variety entertain- ments of a high class in the Town Hall on Tues-. day, Wednesday, and Thursday next. It should be explained that the Welsh Maids are not a Welsh choir in the ordinary acceptation of the term, but a talented company of young ladies, the majority of whom are Welsh, who give a brilliant and up-to-date entertainment of song, dance, instrumental music, and pictures. Details as to tickets, etc., are advertised in another column.













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