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lttr. Robinson and Conscription.


lttr. Robinson and Conscription. lfr. Sidney Robinson, the member of Parliament for Breconshire, has given te following statement to a representa- tive of the Western Mail" I am strongly opposed to conscrip- tIon, and, unless there is a far better case ^ade out for its necessity than at present, shall feel it my duty to continue to oPpose it." There is nothing inherently wrong in tbis statement, but we regret that a gentleman to whose opinion many People in Breconshire will attach cOnsiderable weight has allowed bitnself to put a spoke in the wheel of I^tional service at this particular moment ^en scandalous, if not actionable Efforts are being made in certain papers, Notoriously the Daily News," to pre- yefct the question being fairly considered 111 the country by raising false issues 4ild appealing to class and party preju- dices. Under such circumstances, we 110t only regret Mr Robinson's action; e are convinced that it was a mistake hich he will himself admit hereafter. 1'here is no need to direct the hon. Amber's attention to the latest pro- ^°Uncements of Mr. Lloyd George on the Object. These are so grave that it is Ce*"tain he has read them, and that ^°*ning from a revered leader of his own Party they will be very carefully weighed by him. The Minister of Munitions Oints to the possibility of national L s^rvice being absolutely necessary if we I *re to win the war and he administers I scathing rebuke to those who have f een ttying to confuse the issue—" Their .1U seems to be to spread distrust and jpisttnion amongst men whose co-opera- n is essential to national success. p Ahese creatures ought to be stamped out Gentlessly by all partisans as soon as "hey are seen crawling along the floor." We do not wish to write one disrespectful \\>ord about the member for Breconshire, th whom we have had the pleasure of ^°rking in happy relations in a recruiting ^Upaign, but it does appear to us that, ^°ugh without intending it, he has, by 1 Ptotlouncin- against national service at r this juncture, helped those mean spirits j 'c i crawling along the floor," whose aim elUS to be to spread distrust and dis- Qllion." He is quite right to decide against compulsion on conviction, he lU be quite right in voting against it in House of Commons if his conviction plains unchanged; but there was no ^Sent necessity for taking the public *0 his confidence, and silence would been the better part. It may be glied that Mr. Robinson's utterance Is decently restrained. That is true ^°Ugh but the extremely guarded [ 44tlire of his statement supplies the best teason why it should not have been Vde. As we read it, the. hon. gent. 1S at liberty to support compulsory ^vice if the Government bring it for- ard and say it is necessary but will j. e people of Breconshire read it in that &ht? We are afraid they will not; ^*her those amongst them who have ^retofore opposed compulsion will rden their hearts on the strength of views of one whom they will credit ith special knowledge of the whole Ration. If Breconshire as a county done all that there was a right to ^Pect of it in the matter of recruiting, would have been little occasion for trjPlaint of its member's action; but it as not done its full part, and Mr. °binson can hardly be ignorant of the In some towns and districts there been a satisfactory rally to the COlours; in others the response to the for recruits has been very poor. .*°reover, Breconshire has not escaped common reproach that a number of a.rried men have enlisted whilst eligible .0lJng men stay at home. That l^g the local position, whilst the ^onal position is so fraught with serious ^sequences that the Minister for tuitions has pleaded for a respite from controversy, we are sorry that Mr. j Vinson should have added to it, even mildest form.

















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