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Recruiting in Trecastle District.









BRECON. Eruptions of the skin, especially on the face and hands, are most unsightly. GWILLIM'S XYMOL OINTMENT is a simple and excellent means of removing Eczema, Pimples, Boils, etc. —In pots 1/. each, only from WALTER GWILLIM, M.P.S. (late Charles). Chemist,.Brecon. FOR Choice Cut Flowers and Floral Designs also Home-grown Fruit and I Vegetables, try WILDING, 3, the Struet. Tel. 92. MOTOR CAR FOR HIRE.—Harold P. Elston. 21, High Streetf. All classes of repairs executed. The West Breconsbire Farmers' Association Ltd., 8, Ship Street, Breoon, dealers in coal, lime, manure, flour, corn, meal, agricultural implements and ironmongery of every descrip- tion. Branches :-Set; nybridge, Cradoc, Taly- llyn, andTalybont-on-Usk. Deliveries arranged by our own carts. Prices on application. TOMATOBS.—Tomatoes fresh daily from our own Garden B.- QUARRFLL, 3 and 4, High St. FOR Chaff Cutters, Turnip Cotters and all Agricultural Implements, Meredith and Sons, Implement Warehouse, the Cattle Market, Brecon. THH FACT IS RBAL ECONOMY, think first of quality and then of price. Well, as regard Groceries and Provisions you can think of both tb ese features together if you deal with I MORRIS, The Reliable Grocer, Bridge street. CYCLE B.- We are Sole Agents for the Raleigh, James and Sunbeam Cycles; prices from 94 17A 63 to Q15 I 5Fi. An inspection of New Models respectfully solicited.—Meredith and Sons, Brecon. Ladies, if you would be wise Score L. point—economise, Take a tip and patronize 34, High Strest.-EWART WISH. I HOSPITAL FOR FOUNTAIN PENS.—Any make Pen quickly and cheaply repaired.—A. Hagbes and Son, Stationers. HARVEST BEER AT 2D. PER PINT in 9 and 18 gal. casks, delivered free.-MEREDITH & SONS, STORES, BRBCON. SOMERSBTSHIRE ALES in bottle, bright and sparkling, 3/6 per dozen pints 2/9 per doz. reputed pints 2/- per doz. J-pte. Ligbt 2 Dinner Ale 3/- per doz. pints; 2/6 per doz. reputed pints.—MEREDITH & SONS, STORES, BRECON. PF,RSONAL.L,.)rd Tradogar has rs joined the Royal Naval Division after a recruiting tour in South Wales. EARLY FROST. On Thursday night last week a sharp touch of frost was felt in the district. Fortunately, it did no material barm to garden crops. No LIGHT -At the County Petty Sessions on Friday, before Dr G. P. Francis, Sidney Powell, Pantllwfeo. Llandefaelog, was ordered to pay the costs, 73 6j, or riding a bicycle without a light. N.U.R., Brecon Branch, Watch Competition watch stopped 11 hours, 42 minutes, 11 seconds winner, Mr J. Maund, Hay. PRESENTATION. Oa Thursday night last week an interesting presentation was made at the Bethel Hall, when Mr Ivor Morgan, Wellington Place, who was in the local Land Valuation Department, aud who has now joined the Royal Engineers, was made the recipient of a handsome toilet case suitably inscribed by the members of the Bethel (O.M.) Chapel, in recoguition of his services as joint organist of the cborcb for some years. Tee chair was occupied by the Rev D. Tudor Jones, tutor fit Trevecca College. Among those who p:J 1 tribute to Mr Morgan's faithfulness were Messrs Roger Williams, Reea Prosser, Gwïly m T. Jones, Owen Evaus, Robert Lewis, Llewelyn Williams, Mrs Reus Williams, Miss Let tie Powell, Mts D. Owen, and the Chairman, who made tho presentation. Mr Morgan suitably replied and thanked the members for their valuable present. CONSECRATION.—Archdeacon E. L. Bevan. is to be consecrated Bishop in Canterbury Cathedral, on Wednesday, September, 29th. MAIDEN SESSION.—There were no cases for hearing at the borough police court on Monday. ST. DAVID'S CONVENT, BRECON.—In the University of Cambridge Local Examinations, held in Brecon last July, Miss M. H. Cavarle paggsd in the senior division with distinction in French, and Miss M. Gimson, Miss C. F. Shapland and Miss E. M. Spickernell passed in the junior division. CONCERT FOR TROOPS.—On Wednesday evening last week a highly successful concert, which had been organised by Mr W James, was given to the troops at Slwch camp, Colonel Pritchard (in command) presiding. Those who took part were Messrs Herbert Marshall, T Roy Parry (Ap Rhys), T Griffith Jones, Evan Evans, A H Sbapland, Walter Wilson (London), Ewart Wise, Oscar Watkins and Gwilym T Jones (Madog Fychan). The accompanists were Messrs R S Dorrell and H Marshall. THE PINK FORMS.—Both the Town Clerk (Mr G Hyatt Williams) and the Deputy Clerk of the Brecon Rural Council (Mr E J Hill) have now sent to the proper authorities the pink forms which give particulars of those who are of military age in connection with the National Registration. DRUNKENNESS.—At a speoial police court on Tuesday, before the Mayor (Mr Evan Morgau), and Mr J C B Morris, Alice Powell, of no fixed abode, was charged with drunkenness. She was sentenced to a month's imprisonment but the warrant was suspended for a week so that she might leave the town. P.S. Evans proved the case. BRECON INFIRMARY'S ANNUAL APPEAL.—It ia very pleasing to be able to record, notwith- standing the numerous calls on the public in the present crisis, that the eleventh annual appeal of the Brecknock County and Borough Infirmary, through boxes, has resulted, up to the present time, in a handsome return. Taking together the May Fair day and the borough house to bouse collections, the amount stands at X26 16s Id, as compared with i22 18 5d for the like collections in 1914; If the country boxes yield in a like manner the Infirmary has little to fear as to this source of income, which is most appreciable.



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