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Raphael's Almanac for 1916.

Llanwrtyd Wells Notes

In Borderer's Uniform.


.-Ystradgynlais New Police…





BRECON. Eruptions of the skin, especially on the face and bands, are most unsightly. GWILLIM'S XYMOL OINTMENT is a simple and excellent mpfl!? of removing Eczema, Pimples, Boils. etc. — 11 pots 1/- each, only from WALTER GWILLIM, M P.P. (late Cbnries). Chemist, Brecon. BOOK YOUR ORDERS Now for all kinds of Winter Plants. An iiispection invited.— W ILDISG. Florist, Brecon. MOITR OAR F;R EIRE.-Harold P. Elston 21, Hi^h Strtoi. All classes of repairs executed, The West Brecocsbire Farmers' Association Ltd., 8, S.hip SrÐe, Brecon, dealers in coal, lime, manure, flour, corn, meal, agricultural implements and ironmongery of every descrip- tion. Branchf-R:-Surnybridge, Cradoo, Taly- llyu, cndTalybont-cu-Uak. Detiveries arranged by our own carts. Prices on application. TOMATOBS.—Tomatoes fresh daily from our own Gardens.—QTJARRELL, 3 and 4, High St. FOR Chaff Cutters, Turnip Cotters und all Agricultural Implements, Meredith and S-His, Implement Warehouse, the Cattle Market, Brecon. THE FACT IS .REAL ECONOMY, think ficet of quality and then of price. Well, as regard Groceries and Provisions you can think of both these features together if you deal with MORRIS, The Reliable Grocer, Bridge street. CYCLEB.-We are Sote Agents for tbo Raleigh. James and Sanbsa a Cyole; priae» from £ 4 17s 6d to JB15 15s. An inepeouon of New Models respectfully Fioiicited.-MerF-,dith and Sons, Brecon. Ladies, if you would be wise Score a poiDt-economj, Take a tip end patronize 34, High Stretfc.—EWART WISE. HOSPITAL FOR FOUNTAIN PENS.—Any make Pen quickly and cheaply repaired.—A. Hughes and Son, Stationers. HARVEST BBER AT 2D. PER PINT in 9 and 18 gal. casks, delivered frc-e.-MERFDITH & SONS, STORES, BRECON. SOMERSETSHIRE ALES in bottle, bright and sparkling, 3/6 per dozen pints 2/9 per doz. reputed pints 2/- per doz. i-pte. Light j Dinner Ale 3/- per doz pints; 2/6 per doz. reputed pints.-MEREDITH & SONS, STORES, BBBCON. FIRE.-Late on Thursday night last week a fire broke out in a garage belonging to Messrs A H Tyler and Son, at the Canal Wharf. One of the men residing at the wharf, with the assis- tance of his wife, managed to bring the motor car out of the garage and was able to send for the fire brigade. They soon extinguished the fire and the car was replaced in the shed. About 3 o'clock however on Friday morning the fire broke ont again and this time it bad burnt a considerable part of the motor. The fire brigade was again called upon and succeeded in coping with the fhmes. MAIDEN SESSION—There were uo cases for hearing at the Borough Police Court on Monday. ¡ INFIRMARY.—The annual bouse to house collection en behalf of the Brecon Infirmary took place on Saturday, the work being again carried out by a number of ladies. REGISTRATION WORK,—The work in con. nection with the National Register has been going on smoothly in the borough last week. The staff of voluntary helpers have been busily engaged in coding the returns and already some of the certificates of registration have been sent out. DEFENCE OF THE REALM.-General Sir Henry Mackinnon has issued a list of appoint- ments of naval and military authorities and officers to whom powers have been delegrated in the Western Command for the purpose of the Defence of the Realm (Consolidation) Regula. ticas 1914. For the 24th Regimental District (Breconshire and Radnorshire) Brevet-colonel F. C. King Hunter, commanding the Brecon Depot, has been appointed to the post. APPOINTMENT.—At a meeting of the Brecon- shire Insurance Committee held on Aug. 25th. Mr T. Roy Parry, on the recommendation of the MedicaliBenefit sub committee, was appoint. ed temporary clerk, with tie fixed sum of JE15 as remuneration, to check the prescriptions with the medical register, compile averages and make copies thereof. PERSONAL.—At a meeting of the Breconahire Insurance Committee held last week a letter was read from Dr. L. Shingleton Smith, Brecon, stating that he expected to be called up for Military service and asked to be allowed to transfer his panel. Agreed. PROMPT POSTAL DELIVERY,—A letter bear. icg the postmark of Aug. 25th from the Army Field Post Office "somewhere in France," was delivered in Brecon on Aug. 26th. BRECKNOCKS' RIBTURTi.-Only two-an officer and one private-namely, Capt. Ithel Thomas and Pte Albert Lewis, Llanfaes, of the Breck- Bocks, have returned to Brecon from Adpn. They were invalided home along with a number of others as was reported in our last issue. Cspt. Thomas was in London for a few days, while the latter was discharged from a Cardiff hospital on Saturday evening and reached Brecon the same night. Pte Lewis was act engaged with part of the Battalion which went out to Lehej, but was on outpost duty and while there was struck down by the sun. In a con- versation with a "Brecon County Times" reporter he stated that the Brecknocks' present station further east was much more agreeable to the men, and they were glad to be removed. INFIRMARY ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. Rug and Flannel Jacket, Mrs R D Garnons Williams; Fruit, Mrs GWYUDe Hoiford and Mrs McClin- tock; Hospital Utensils, Miss Duwnes; Flowers: Miss Williams, Penpont, Mrs Havard Williams, Mrs Parry, Mrs Tyler, Mra Evans, Ffwdgrecb, Mrs Hammond S^enoer, Mrs Napier Sturt, Mrs Qnarrell Magazines, Mrs Senior, Miss Tnck; Daily papers, Mr A. A. Mitchell, Esq. To JOIN THE ARMY.—Mr Ivor Morgan, of the Laid Valuation Department, eldest son of Mr and Mrs J Morgan, Wellington Place, has joined the Welsh Division of the Royal Engineers, and leaves o. Tuesday for their headquarters.

Painscastle Petty Sessions.






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Breconshire's New Bloodhounds.