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r g*—— —— Public Notices, ÐRECONSHIRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE Agricultural Instruction. NOTICE TO FARMERS, AGRICULTURAL SOCIETIES, AND PERSONS INTERESTED IN AGRICULTURE. 'PHE BRECONSHIRE EDUCATION COM- pJL MITTEE will be prepared to arrange; y°nr8es of Lectures in the following subjects, and J^plications for Classes are invited from District °natnitteea, Pariah Councils, Parish Meetings Agricoltaral Societies :— ")- A Tutorial Class in Agriculture, to consist of Five Lectures before and Five after Christmas will be held in one Centre. The body respon- sible for the application should be able to guarantee an average attendance of 12 or more the number guaranteed will be taken into consideration. *)• Two Lectures on Agricultural subjects, a full list of which can be obtained from the Organiser on application, will be given at each of Seven Centres, on any subjects m selected from the list. Single Lectures will be given at Meetings of ■ Agricultural Societies in the day time when such can be arranged, on any of the subjects y mentioned in the list, if sufficient notice be t given. Ull) Courses of Lectures and Demonstrations will be given on the following subjects:— Poultry Management. Dairying (including Butter and Cheese Making). Horticulture. Horse Shoeing. Veterinary Science. Bee Keeping. r (t). Farmers willing to carry out on their Farms next year Manurial Experiments on any Farm Crops, Variety Trials on Cereals and Roots, Spraying of Potatoes, Charlock, Fruit Trees, etc., are invited to communicate with the Organiser. The Organiser will be glad to co-operate with any Farmer carrying out experiments of his own. ADVISORY WORK. The Organiser will be glad if Farmers will consult him when they have difficulties about the Tillage of Land, Succession of Crops, Manuring for different objects, Feeding of Stock, Seed Mixtures for Pastures and any such questions, and will endeavour to visit any Farm in any part of the County where it would be advantageous to be on the Bpot to advise on any question. 1 All applications for Lectnres, which should be made not later than September 16th, 1915, and any communication concerning any of 1 the above should be addressed to- DAVID THOMAS, County Agricultural Organiser, Llwyn-on, Builth Wells. A. LEONARD, t Secretary to the Education Committee. Education Offices, County Hall, j Brecon, Sept. 1st, 1915. B fcRECONSHlRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE ,oil SHORT COURSE IN AGRICULTURE AT THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, ABERYSTWYTH. J},BE BRECONSHIRE EDUCATION COM A MITTEE are about to AWARD EIGHT of £ 6 each to young men, r 16 years of age, being residents in Brecon- fpi'e, to enable the Holders to attend a Short w^rse of Instruction in Agriculture at the atlversity College, Aberystwyth. An extra sum .r ^2 will be granted to each Btadent obtaining the Certificate in Agriculture and Elemen- Science or the Certificate in Agriculture only, 'he Examination held at the end of the Coarse. COURSE will commence on WEDNES- ^6e^' OCTOBER 27th, 1915, and will last eight e College Fees are £ 3. c Two best StudentB at this Course will be .Qered further Scholarships, value £ 9 each, ^able at the continuation Course in Agriculture, V lasts three months. The Scholarships will be distributed as equally J" Possible throughout the county. Candidates send a written application, giving full g ^iculars of Bge, previous education and *Perience in Agriculture, to reach me, the ►JJ^ersigned. on or before FRIDAY, SEP- ■^MBER 17th, 1915. A. LEONARD, Secretary to the Education Committee, ^cation Offices, ^nnty Hall, Brecon, August 26th, 1915. Breconshire Education Committee. Builth District. & HP A RATE TENDERS are invited for the supply and Delivery (including stacking) of fc^AL and SPLIT FIREWOOD at the following r^oola in the above district, viz.:—BUILTH ■vSgHciL, Llandewi'r Cwm, Crickadarn, Gwen- vPr and Llanwrthwl, LLANGAMMABCH, LLAN- LXONM and LLWYN MADOC, LLANWRTYD. AllEE- 8J1f, Maesmynis, Llanganten, Llanynis, U'ÄNFAW1\, GARTH and LLANPPLAS, for the 0 to the 306h April, 1916. The Coal must be of GOOD QUALITY, free from and without small. ^Contractors will please also Tender for supply Anthracite Coal to the Sohools underlined. » The Tender must in every case give the name ■KL 4 quality of Coal intended to be supplied. j The Tender muet in every case give the price to? Aspect of Coal and Firewood for each School Pftrately. Renders endorsed "COAL" to be delivered at bi office not later than SATURDAY, the 4th ■^TEMBER, at 10 a.m. W. W. LENNARD, j. Deputy Clerk to the District Committee- Street, Builth Wells, 3Qth August, 1915. P^econ County School for Boys. *6con County School for Girls. above Schools will RE-OPEN on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th. Tuition p*2 3s 4d per term. 12 OPits entering the Schools below the age of Will be admitted at a reduced tuition fee of 611 8d per term. Stue fees must be paid at the beginning of each l'e T. J. PARRY, r>?°o, Clerk to the Governors. V^Aug,, 1915. ^econshire County War Fund. lip, Hon. Treasurer tenders his apologies for a of: Mistake which occurred in last week's list ^edgments. Collection, Parish Church, £ 5, should have read: Subscription, the abel Bailey, 45. CASH ADVANCED PRIVATELY. From JSfO to £ 5,000. i° Tradesmen, Professional Gentlemen, *atoiera and Respectable Householders. ^THOUT SECORITY or SURETIES. WRITTEN PROMISE TO REPAY IS ALL WE REQUIRE. No FEES or-FINES. STRICTEST PRIVACY GUARANTEED. to suit the convenience of BORROWERS. a Mutually agreed upon before Business completed. ^0^8 DISTANCE NO OBJECT. from » per cent, can be arranged for persons i?oney> investments, or property under WILDS 1 CEMENTS. Such advances may remain unpaid tt«mber of years. V»0 CHARLES STEVENS LTD., *'• Hayes Buildings, Cardiff,

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