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RESTRICTION OF SLAUGHTER OF CALVES. 2.—(1) After the 30ih day of September, nineteen hundred and fifteen, urftil the Board shall by Order otherwise provide, and subject to the provisions of this Article, a calf, as defined by clause (5) of this Article shall not be slaughtered, or be caused or permitted by the owner thereof to be slaughtered. From the commencement of this Order until the said date this provision shall apply only to calves under the age of eight weeks. (2) This Article shall not apply to the slaughter of a calf of a cow of any of the following dairy breeds, that is to Bay:— Channel Island, Ayrshire, Kerry and Dexter breeds. (3) This Article shall also not apply to the slaughter of a calf which has been offered for sale by public auction at any market or sale- yard in England, Wales or Scotland, without reserve or subject to a reserve price of thirty shillings or less, and for which no bid exceeding thirty shillings has been made on such occa- sion but this provision shall have effect orly- (a) if the calf so offered for sale is before movement from tbe market or saleyard marked by, or under the direction of, the auctioneer in the manner prescribed by this Article; and (b) if such mark is on the calf at the time of slaughter. (4) The prescribed mark for the purposes of this Article shall be a broad arrow branded, in hot pitch or a mixture of hot pitch and tar, on the back of the oalf midway between the hips, the abaft and two barbs of the arrow to be a quarter of an inch in width, and the length of the shaft and of the barbs (outside measurement) to be two and a half inches. (5) For the purposes of this Article the expression calf means, except where other. wise expressly stated, a bovine animal in which the first permanent molar or grinder tooth is not cut and visible. EXCEPTIONS FROM RESTRICTIONS. 3. The restricticaa of s'aaghter imposed by the preceding Articles of this Order shall not apply to- (a) slaughter of an animal under the powers conferred by the Diseases of Animals Acts, 1894 to 1914, or any Order madd there. under or (b) slaughter of au animal necessary or desirable on account of accidental injury to the animal or its illness; or (o) slaughter of an animal if in the opinio" of the Board of Agriculture and Fisbefi0^ the slaughter is desirable for any exceptioD? reason or purpose, aud tbe slaughter 'J authorised by a licence granted by tb* Board or an officer of that Board. LOCAL AUTHORITIES AUTHORISED TO EXECUF* AND HNFORCE ORDER. 4—CD Tku kuul HUthority iorheplJrpoøe8 of the Diseases of Animals Acts, 1894 to 191" and the cxecotiva committee (if any) for lbooo purposes of such local authority, may execulo and enforce the provisions of this Order witbio the district of the local authority, and 001 expeusea so incurred by a local authority titH be defrayed as if they were expenses incurr under the said Aots. (2) The coanoil of a borough (including metropolitan borough) or urban or rural diatr>^ may execute and enforce the provisions of tft^ Ord er within tbe borongb or distiiot, and ft"? expenses so incurred may be defrayed as p*' of the expenses incurred by the council in execution of tbe Public Health Acts, or ft* Public Health (London) Aot, 1891 as the 0000 may be. (3) A council of a borough which is local authority for the purposes of the DiseaB00 of Animals Acts, 1894 to 1914, may defray *^5 expenBes under either of tbe powers confert0^ by this Article or partly under each powers the Council shall determine. POWERS OF ENTRY. 5. For the purpose of executing and eDfot ing this Order any officer of the Board Of Agriculture and Fisheries may, subject to aø directions given by that Board, and upo production, if so required, of his a.ppoiutmept, enter any slaughter-bouse or other premis09 on which animals are slaughtered for hatuso food, and examine any animals or oaroasaØ therein and any officer of a local authority f? which tbe preceding Article applies sb^*v subject to any directions given by tbe lo&t authority, have the like power of entry 'premises in the district of the local autbotlil in addition to any power of entry which he J otherwise entitled to exercise. APPLICATION OF ORDER. 6. This Order applies to England and WeIas, COMMENCEMENT. REVOCATION CF EXISTING ORDER. 7. Tbis Order shall come into operation °: the twenty-third day of August, ninetes" hundred and fifteen, aud on that date tb0 Slaughter of Animals Order of 1915 cease to operate, except in relation to prooeeo" ings far any offence oommitted before sof^ date, and any licence issued under that Ord0* shall have effeot as a licence granted und0 this Order. SHORT TITLB. 8. This Order may be cited as the MAIN'l'Ø!l' ANCE OF LIVE STOCK ORDER OF 1915. In witness whereof the Board of Agrieul&Lllo and Fisheries have hereunto 00 their Official Seal this eigbt' eenth day of August, ninotOlOo hundred and fifteen. SYDNEY OLIVIER, SBCRBTARt-