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FALLEN BRECKNOCKS HONOURED ? Alernopial Service at Brecon Priory Church. Ko be i111TI1?re touching or impressive service could greJpSiped than that which took place in the aft Priory Church, Brecon, on Wednesday ther*°°n, the 18th inst., in commemoration of lst •r?°n-commissioned officers and men of the the recknocksnire Battalion (T.F.) who fell in fajje operations near Aden. The ancient s^. faas been the scene of many memorable Hot £ es> hut in all its long history there could n,Ve been a more remarkable gathering one un^er n°tice, for there was a ^ou congregation of close upon two Sand people from all parts of the county, f,Itlany people failed to get seats. tW service was attended by the band of the S.W.B., who headed a military procession of the Staff at the Barracks and Jokers of the 3rd line of the Welsh Mounted now encamped at Slwch, under the Sat|d of Major Price and Capt. Brewer; Hoi ayor of Brecon (Councillor Evan Morgan) 0j{| attended in state with the Corporation and Coj relatives of the fallen Brecknocks; VTJ-J.Jones, Cefn (an old Territorial officer), Moore-Gwyn (the acting Lord Iyieu- ant), Col. King Huntfer (commanding the Q )» Major Walker, Lieut. Llewelyn, Capt. raystone (Brecknocks), etc. ^e congregation assembled the Depot L in the church Chopin's Marche re>" and the choir and clergy took their PorrS as the hymn Brief life is here our was sung. The clergy were Arch- L. Bevan (chaplain of the Breck- the Revs. II. J. Church Jones (vicar of Coji e)» R. H. Chambers (headmaster of Christ lw £ e), D. Saunders Jones (vicar of St, (Ch^ s), T. Aneurin Davies and E. E. Davies S s)- ? Rev. Saunders Jones having read the lllg sentences of the special service, the 23rd fcL r3oth Psalms were sung, and Archdeacon tilt jead the lesson, from the 3rd chapter of d-UUOk of Wisdom. The hymn There is a Pure delight" was then sung, and the %c>T' J" Church Jones continued the prayers, «<Were f°M°we(i b}' the singing of the 1 11 c, Now the labourer's task is o'er." d the course of an appropriate address, On Deut. 32, 10, the Archdeacon said:— well," said many who parted with their I Jjr ones last October, • at any rate it will be fc$ve*t experience." They spoke truly: it W a great experience. Many of those who V\out were untravelled men. Only on rare Mtf^ons had some gone far beyond the limits Jv^ir county. Now they were to see the and the places of whom they had only Gjv dimly all their days. The Bay of Biscay, HjJ^tar, the Mediterranean, Egypt, the Suez t^ie v^na' Peninsula, the Red Sea, ST; India—it was indeed a great experience. I ?°w to some has come a far greater vnce —the experience of Death. Hjs ecause there has come to those we loved £ Teat experience, because death has olH we think of them indeed with old affection, we call them by the familiar 5jiutS Jy which we knew them best, but we Tjw °* them with an added sense of reverence. 5*y ^ent ,out not knowing whither—to what **iperience—they went, and lo! in the tN t? found them, in the waste wilder- cotnPaSfed them about, He instructed waJ's we know not), and now He Son, as the aPPle of His eye. tne of those whom we honour before God jied.of ordinary sickness—sickness from Yuring long and wet sojourn in Ntto? e e> during the protracted and A.d perilous voyage, during the winter 11 ^e Battalion had enjoyed so happy ttnarkable a freedom. Then came a time K? **eat was S^at as Aden at Nsik?rst could produce, when the Turks, ^tip desiring to recover something of the n.^hich they had lost throughout Arabia &t the Suez Canal, made an Jf.Wf lHthat direction. Agai» it was a question »; They threatened the territory of a P^Rs Yassa^' the Sultan of Lehej—the sad t tbg whose death from wounds, sustained of his capital, have now become tte The presence of a strong Turkish 1 e^niPPed ^th guns, had suddenly 3t«i- itself, and a portion of our County a*,0*1 was despatched to the relief 0^r trusted ally. A forced march ♦Nej- Cr ao miles across the desert 5* the full blaze of the July sun; r)eachery and desertion of the Arab trans- Nw^vers and the consequent lack of food b ta c°nibined to take heavy toll of young r^Ch, er ^ves. We are here to-day, in this ,°f God, with its great traditions of «of high courage, to commemorate those VrUs died in the defence of their country's r. feery man who goes out at this time in the hVjj °f his country makes in will the great LM Those whom we remember before 1] wu- y it also in act. They gave the hVes. was in their power to offer—their wv ^hey could not give more. They would Sh ^ess* And so we honour them to-day. i °^are t^ie sorrow an^ the pride of those v C^Urn f°r them. We bid the mourners, fist's name, not to be sorry as men H^t hope, for in the desert place God th Cn r ^ove^ onesJ the waste ^wilderness T?Passed them about, He instructed k^h'at e keeps them as the apple of His eye. ourse^ves •' is ours to see that such &eS are not ma^e i° vain. No indiffer- 0 selfishness, no slackness, no neglect of V* s^011 °nr part must make of none avail v* CoCll^er 0 those whom the desert sands ^vered, or those others over whom the ^e Aegean sea so recently have {At These sacrifices must not be in vain. should be the case would be a indeed. ^B^ently the Archdeacon offered thanks- Cf*0r those who have given their lives for _tt:t.OUntry and read the names of all the 4t. ocks who have fallen in the present tt § special hymn written by Col. Lord had been sung, the organist (Mr R. T. J At0Played the "Dead March" in "Saul" and ^deacon gave the blessing. A'ast Post" was then sounded and the ^Uj>f "le gathering concluded by all joining the National Anthem.








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