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RAIN OR SHINE OVERCOATS. 1 Before weaving, each thread of the material from which these Coats are made, is subjected to a chemical steeping process, which renders it non-absorbent to rain. After weaving, in whirh extraordinary care is taken that the threads of warp and weft closely, interlace, the cloth is again steeped in the chemical solution. The result is a fabric which has all the wet- resisting qualities of rubber without its drawback. In cut and tailoring these coats are eminently satisfactory. They are shaped on I ample lines to ensure ease of motion and freedom from restraint. As illustration or with Raglan Shoulders. The large assortment of all sizes, and many shades ensures your satisfaction. Economy Prices 28/- to 50/. Obboaite file Monument t CHANGE YOUR OLD BATH FOR A PORCELAIN ENAMELLED ONE. SEVERAL IN STOCK. A. H. TYLER & SON, Builders, Decorators, Plumbers, Etc., BULWARK AND LION STREET, BRECON. ALLOWANCES MADE FOR OLD BATHS. COUPON INSURANCE TICKET Applicable only within the United Kingdom. GENERAL ACCIDENT FIRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE CORPORATION, LIMITED. CHIEF OFFICEB- General Buildings, Perth, Scotland. General Buildings, Aldwych, London, W.C. F. NORIE-MILLER, J.P., General Manager, To whom Notice of Claims under the following conditions must be sent within seven days of accident. nn ONE HUNDRED POUNDS will be paid by the above Corporation T.l U|| to the legal personal representatives of any person who is killed by an accident causing material damage to the passenger train in which the deceased was travelling as a ticket bearing or paying passenger, or who shall have been fatally injured thereby, should death result within one calendar month after such accident. Provided that the person so killed or injured had upon his or her person or had left at home this coupon, with his or her usual signature, written prior to the accident, in the space provided below, which, together with the giving of notice within seven days to the above Corporation is the essence of this contract. This Insurance only applies to persons over 14 and under 65 years of age, is subject to the conditions stated above and contained in the General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation Act, 1907, and holds good for current ssue only. No person can recover under more than one Coupon Ticket in respect of the same risk. Signature Ibia Coupon must not be out out, but left intact in the 168recon County Times," as that, being dated, forma the only evidence of its currency. horoscope w.rru1 Ea8t. EventsChanges, Fortunate Days, Numbers, Colours, &c. Business Guidance, Planetary Influence on friendship,marriage,and important epochs. Two years' GUIDE added FREE if you mention this paper. in Und birft datend Is. P.O. SMd hirtb iat«, Md Is. P.O. TH08. GOULD, AatrologCT/^The Nook," Heathflela Ra., rpWO AND THREE-COLOUR POSTERS. J When yoa want a Poster oat of the oommoo run, and do not mind paying a trifle more for it, yon naturally tbinb of one in two or three oolours. At the" Coonty Times Officfl, Brecon, we pride ourselves on our two and three-colour Posters, having so often been thanked by Customers for the way their wishes have taen inN^jpeted IV p We understand the position exactly We t¡1¡,1ie:'f t!l 1J IJ"" want to help. We have the car that ':t:LJ¡' helps. Consider the new prices. Consider also. the fact that you spend money in buying a Ford only to save it. The proof T of the pudding- ¡ 4mw Runabouts £ 115. Five-passenger Touring Car -fl25. Town Car £ 175.' 20 h.p. efficiently equipped. AllPrices at Works, Manchester. Full particulars from- RICH & SONS, MOTOR ENGINEERS, BRECON. I Telephone 23. Telegrams Rich, Brecon. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS ANNOUNCEMENTS. NOTICE. ALL EXCURSION and CHEAP TICKETS ARE. SUSPENDED, Except Tourist and Market Tickets. TOURIST TICKETS Are issued from BRECON to ABERYSTWYTH, BARMOUTH, and other Cambrian Coast Stations, also to BLACKPOOL, SOUTHPORT, etc. For any further information respecting the arrangements shewn above, application should be made at any of the Company's OffioeB or to Mr. Herbert Williams, Supt. of Line. Oswestry, August, 1915. S. WILLIAMSON, General Manager. EMPLOYERS AND SERVANTS are having Gratifying Results from "Wants" Advertisements j in the "Brecon County Times." We are constantly receiving letters gratefully acknowledging the success of these advertisements. We attribute this success to the Genuine Character of the "Wants section of the "County Times." Time expired notices are regularly withdrawn, and in this way a great deal of disappointment and incon- venience is prevented. Brecon County Times, LTD., BULWARK & LION STREET, BRECON. Telegrams: Times, Brecon. Telephone: No. 12, Brecon. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY the SEVERAL STACKS of Well-harvested HAY, of the growth of 1913 and 1914 respectively, standing at the undermentioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities, more or less, also under- mentioned, viz.:— Estimated Estimated STATIONS. Weight. STATIONS Weight Tons. Tons. Wrexham Caia 63 Criccieth, 1913 5 Talgarth, 1918 6§ „ 1914 4 Borth, 1918 No. 3 9 Alonwen, 1914 5 11 1914 7 Abererch, 1918 74 Portxnadoo, 1913 6j „ 1914 4} 1914 4 For further particulars, and to treat, apply THE SECRETARY, Cambrian Railways Co., Oswestry, August, 1915. If you wish to spend your money to the best advantage ——— you must go to — COOPER'S DOMESTIC BAZAAR. MARKET ARCADE, for all FANCY GOODS, TOYS, HARDWARE, MATS, RUGS, BRUSHES, BASKETS, etc. Now Is the time to Study Economy! E. LICHFIELD (Late Hannah Price), Fishmonger & Game Dealer OASTLE STREET, BRECON. Preen Fish Twice Daily. Agent for Palethorpe's Royal Cambridge Sausage. Springfield Potted Meats Ao ESTABLISHED 1775. Telephone,P.O. 75. Telegrams, LiobSeld Brecon


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