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ALLEGED FRAUDS KEAR BRECON, Commission Agent Committed for Trial. At a epfccial County Polity SosMone at B,, cori or-, Thurs<d«v—before Mi D.-vii Powell (IU the cbaie), Mt Ev d' "/Torg-in and Dr. G. P. Frcncie—Howtol TtHM.i.s, wbo bflU iodgad at 32, The Wa'-rru, B.-eeor. "vd wis doneritied as a commission ageni ii, food stuffo, etc., was charged with obtaining 2* 6.1 by fabe pre. tc-n.cca irotrs Mr Wta..Jcu- !j, Haaddew, Brecon, on Novoirber 26b; aurl also 11 2a Id froii Miry J. Kadlt), widow, of Nantyfelen, Catbcdino, liwid:, by frlse pre- tfctiht-e, on tbe 2ad inst. Evidence wa given by Mr Jones that defendant called on iiitn, representing himself to be a commission ageut, 1;0(1 offered to sell food rtuffs under tbe name of and Co., Cardiff." At. t:irt v,itu'.sa n. ciinc.i the offer, but. eventually be agreed to toke a big, for which be paid dtrft-rdaa!. 2 6i and received a receipt. He bad not, however, hao the stuff. I Hud witudn nor thought Lw waa dealing with the firm as boated on the circulars which d. fondant bad be would not have yivr-.n the order. Wm. TbomQ, Hams, 39, Mill Lane, Cardiff, h:ii;dresser, said d, fond»,nt ceiled pon him and ftsked to be allowed to have l?tv>ers addressed to him at tbe shop. Wiiues* agreed on payment of a penny per letter. No letters b,d, however, arrived. Witness received a postcard some time ago aI-king that letters addressed to "Howell Thomas, C\.re of Thomas and Co., 39, Mill Lane. Cardiff," should be redireelc: o "The B tub, Newtown." Ther6 waa no such fiitn as TtiOtuae aud Co. at that address. Mrs J. Haaley stated that defendant oailed on litr and pemvdded bfr. to hny a ack ot barley w,-al for 9 61, a puck of bran for 59, 70lbs of floor .0r 5i Id and 36 packets of pig powder for 2s. Witness pail him 223 Id, defendant stating tho food stuff wouli come from Liverpool, arj (I. OF produced circulars of the "Liverpool Manure Company, 29, Water Street, Liverpool." Ho also ,t>1 toe staff would be c&rro paid to TaUliyn station. She had not yf ci the tood staffs Percy Davies, a partner in tbR Liverpool Maacre Co., said they did no. s >ll Larir y meal, bran or flour, and they did not use tbe circulars which deiendann b,Ad produce i. Defendant was not their commission a^ent, ueitber had he any authority to nyu their eceipts. They had received no money from Lum on behalf of Mrs Hadley, bat they reoeived two or ei from hjoi which had been stopped ou scccant of these proceedings P.S. Williams gave evideuce as to the circu- )Arp, etc.,found on defendant wbel) arrested and repeated tbo 8t.aVm ot tn->.de hy Thorns* when arretted to tbe effect that be raid he was egeui Tel; Theresas and Co., and that if be had had the time tho orders would havy been executed. The Bench cowrnit, d defendant to take his trial at. the next Qiarter S cions for the county on January 6 h.


Brecon Schools' League.

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