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&- CHRISTMAS GIFTS I Useful & Seasonable I CALL AT ———— THorgan &S€eu)id HIGH STREET, BRECON. Smart and Dainty Blouses. Belts, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Ties, Scarves. Maltese Collars, Ties, Jabots, Peter Pans, Furs, Umbrellas. Fancy-boxed Handkerchiefs. Fancy Embroidered Linen. Linen and Crash Cushion Cases and others too numerous to mention. CHILDREN'S Silk and Dainty Muslin Overalls, Pinafores, Frocks, and Dresses. GENTS' Underwear, Mufflers, Umbrellas, Trunks, Portmanteaux, Fleecy Travelling Rugs. The Finest & Largest Assortment in the County. PLEASE CALL AND SEE. -"I"JtiI:I wiwv«iiiTr^ n~rmsa—ggasnsaaa I THE GRAMOPHONE. I THE BEST OF ALL CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, this Wonderful Musical Instrument, which Reproduces with such marvellous exactness the Voices of the World's Greatest Artistes, as well as the playing of any and every other Musical Instrument. The Greatest Boom l*QII tlfflDUftNEQ this Christmas and ever known in HHM111II1 BBI? 11 ^€1 New Year. I F there is one Present in particular this Christmas that will be welcome in every home, it is surely this Versatile Instrument, whose capabilities are almost limit" less. Think of the hour upon hour of delightful entertainment which falls to the lot of owners of this beautiful Present. It GUARANTEES a Merry Christmas. PRICES from 25 to £20. His Master's Voice" j _nn f rom P-3 10s. to P-50. j I i ■ I Sole Agents I Heins & Co., Ltd., 11-m. BRECON. .B. For Best Up-to-Date 41* w W send away for goods r"* W* V\/ ^iat ma>' Purchased jn ]->rccon at less cost and inconvenience, especially Tf> for Higher Gradk Footwear 0,0 1 u and Leggings. Xfe m ■ iPWA See what you are buying HARRATT S a d ,LRE 1 B W HALF Sizes in Stock. (Laie Bell & Co.) GOODS SENT ON APPRO. AND Quarterly ACCOUNT. High Street. Attractive Display of what to give for PRESENTS^ '?— Handkerchiefs, Ties, Sollars, 1 GLOVES, MUFFLERS, HOSIERY, fi. Umbrellas, Belts, Fancy Bags, m J'"à Rugs, Shirts, Fancy Boxes, m A I Motor Scarves, Golf Jackets, M || FANCir VESTS, £ SIX.K SCAEVE^^f :'c" lIIs1:1.- ,:(¡; OVERCOATS & RAINPROOFS in Gr at Variety. J. L. PRICE. Opposite the Market, BRECON. I ——— FOR ——— IERE_C:o_INEJS I [ XM AS Gl- TS W ATWOULDY 0ULIKE, Something useful, which would serve as a reminder of the good sense as well as the good wishes that prompted the Gift. Useful Presents are Best. Here are a few suggestions a few Prices only are quoted, but similar Articles may be obtained at prices to suit all pockets NECKWEAR. DAINTY LACE COLLARS, in latest styles, at 61d. each. SILK BOWS, prevailing styles, 63d each 4 SILK SCARVES, now so fashionable, in all colours, at i/ojd. each, better 4 qualities up to 15/11. STUD MUFFLERS, for Children, a special line at 63d., worth 1 ofd. 4 4 WOOLLEN SCARVES, very warm, from i/ofd. to 2/6. 4 GLOVES. LADIES, heavy-make in Suede finish, at 1/03 d., ij6,ld. per pair. 4 4 NAPPA GAZELLE, in tan only, i/ i iAd., A also at 2/6, 2/11 £ to 5/11 per pair. 4 CHILDREN'S GLOVES, endless variety, from Sd. per pair. rlOSii). LADIES' •HOSE, a specially good line, two pairs 11,1' I/IIid. JASON HOSE, all styles, three pairs in box for 3/11 per box. HANDKERCHIEFS. LADIES' PLAIN HEMSTITCHED LAWN, per half dozen 1/03 d., 1/6, 4 1/11Jd., 2/3. ;y PURE LINEN, per half dozen, 2/3, 2/11 to 5/11. LAWN, with initials embroidered on, 3Jd. and S-!d. each or 1/6 and 2/6 per half dozen. LADIES' FANCY EMBROIDERED, 2:fd. to Io-d. each. CHILDREN'S FANCY HANDKER- CHIEFS, all colours, Io-l-d. per dozen (will wash well). GENTS' EXCELLA HANDKER CHIEFS, with initials, also plain and- with fancy borders, 6d. each. GENTS' BEST SILK, with initials, ijuhd. each. LADIES BLOUSES. TEN MOM ME JAP SILK, in all sizes, at 4/IId. (The best value in the 4 trade). UMBRELLAS. SILVER MOUNTED, 4/6, 5/6, 6/11, 7/11, 10/6 up to 21/ SPORTS COATS. In Cream and all Colours. A very Special Lineaty/n. Orders by post promptly attended to. Any article not approved willingly exchanged or money refunded. Do Not Forget to Watch Our Windows NOTE ADDRESS- PEREGRINE'S, CAMBRIAN HOUSE, BRECON., 21 R Watcbmaker, lIcSPulI* dweller, Q, I 37, High Street, BRECON, BEGS to announce that he has taken to the Old IfflyPli Established Business lately carried on by the fair late Mr Geo. Whitfield as Watchmaker, Jeweller, &c., tars, where he is now showing an entirely New Stock of mi WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY. ELECTRO PLATE, life Engagement, Fancy, Wedding & Keeper RINGS, ae. lllX TWtm All Useful Articles for Xmas & New Year Presents W £ ) lBk3$l Established as a Watch, Clock and Jewellery Store for nearly 100 years. CLEARANCE SALE now proceeding at the Old Address, 55, High Street. Repairs a Speciality. 1E. & J. KETTLE ij-. ij Are now Shewing a Fine Selection of cf II. Are now Shewing a Fine Selection of II cf I Evening Dresses, Blouses, I I And Everything for EVENING WEAR. to & 11, HIGH STREET, BRECON. I I C. E. BLANK, Family Butcher, Market Arcade, Brecon. —— [ Pressed Beef, Brawn and Pork Sausages—Specialities, HOT FAGGOTS Every Thursday Evening at 6. — ————————————————————————— FOR HIGH CLASS TWlbORlNG, A. H. SHAPLAND, Ladies and Gents5 TAILO.4, THE STRUET. Ay i for BURBERRY WEATHERPROOF. 1 I CLARK'S for PHOTOGRAPHS and CHRISTMAS CARDS Largest and Best Selection. MIDGET PHOTO taken before the 23rd December, ready for delivery before Xmas. 13, High Strest, Brecon. I I Elston & Sons, I BUTCHERS. Block Test Competition. Amongst the attractioD" will be a model Workina EIctric. I Scenic Railway. J The result of the Silver Cup Ccmpetitioa will be j announced at 8-15 on SHOW NIGHT. j


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