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w- > CHARLES WILLIAM WOOSNAM, t ESQ., J.P., of CEFNLLYSGWYNNE. + COPYRIGHT. BY EDWIN DAVIES. L. III Mr C. W. Woosnam, of Cefnllysgwynne, recently elected alderman of the Brecon- shire County Council, is a gentleman very well known in the district of Builth. He is a member of a family which came to England with William the Third, and settled in the county of Montgomery, where there are still representatives. There was a Richard Woosnam, of Tymawr, in that county, buried in 1781, who left a son Bowen Woosnam, of Glandwr, in the same county. This Bowen married in 1800, and was succeeded by his second son, James Bowen, who attained to some eminence in the Army. He went to Bombay as a lieutenant of Artillery, and in that branch of the Service obtained the rank of major-general. Be accompanied Lord Keane to Ghuznee and Cabrel, and was granted the medals for the capture of the former place, and also for the taking of Kilat. This soldier-member of the family died in 1877 he left a family, one of whom was Archdeacon of Maccles- field, and afterwards Hon. Canon of Chester Cathedral. James Bowen Woosnam's brother Richard was of Glandwr, in Montgomeryshire, and of Tyn-y-graig, in the county of Brecon, and was a J.P. for both counties. He was born in 1815. and by his marriage, which took place in 1845, he had three sons and three daughters. The first son was Bowen Bottinger, of Tyn-y-graig, born in 1850, married in 1871!, J.P and IXL. for both counties of Brecon and Montgomery, high sheriff for the first county in lN90, B.A. of Oxford, a barrister of the Inner Temple, and a well known county man. His eldest son is Richard Bowen, born in 1880, and one of his daughters is married to Rhodri Vaughan Lloyd Philipps, of Dale Castle, Esquire. Mr Richard Woosnam, of Glandwr, was ALA. of Cambridge, a member of the Royal j College of Surgeons, London, and a surgeon in t!:i■' Bombay Army. He went with Sir H er rv Pott-in^er on his special mission as Plenipotentiary to China in 1841, acting as surgeon to the mission, and he subsequently was secretary to the Legation, and deputy Colonial secretary at Hong Kong. He was also present at most of the operations of the United Naval and Military Forces, which resulted in the conclusion of the first Treaty with China, dictated br Sir Henry Pottinger at Nankin Jn 1842. Richard Woosnam bore the nigral granted for that occasion. When Sir Henry was sent to the Cape of Good Hope as High Commissioner in 1842, Mr Richard Woosnam was appointed his secretary, and when in 1S48 Sir Henry was promoted to Madras, Mr Woosnam again accompanied him, as private secretary, and remained with him during his government of the Presidency. Mr Charles William Woosnam, of Cefn- sgwynne, is the third son of this much- travelled and distinguished man. He was born on the 12th October, 1853, and in due course graduated B.A. Oxford he married on the 25th April, 1883, Minie Sophia, daughter of William Allan, Esq., of End- cliffe, Sheffield, by whom he has a son, Ralph, born in 1887, and other children. Mr C. W. Woosnam is a J.P. for counties Brecon and Montgomery, and resides at Cefnllysgwynne, which, with Tyn-y-graig, is I Z1- the property of the Woosnam family. The new alderman has for several years identified himself with the public life of Breconshire, and in particular that part of it near to his country seat. He has the reputation of being a keen man of business, who punctually attends to his duties, whether public or private; and is also known as a good sportsman. The people of Builth are indebted to him for many services rendered in promoting the town's welfare, and they will no poubt cordially approve of his eleva- tion to the aldermanic bench on the County Council for Breconshire. The county will benefit by the introduction to the Council of men who can and will give its business an intelligent consideration and men who will O regularly attend to the duties. The Council has been strengthened by the election of Mr C. W. Woosnam, who may be trusted to give to its business the same attention that he would to his own. EDWIN DAVIES.




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