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BRECON BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The usual meeting of this Board was held on Satur- day morning, at the Town-hall, W. Perrott, Esq., presiding. There were also present, Lewis Hughes, Esq., Messrs. Thomas Evans, St. Mary; F. Watkins, Christ College; P. Edwards, St. Johns; Thomas Williams, Modrydd John Powell, Aberyscir John Davies, Llandefaelog fach Philip Morgan, Llanfi- hangel Nantbran John Griffiths and John Phillips, Llandefalley Llewellyn, Maescar; Thos. S. Cornish, Llanspyddid David Downes, Llandetty; David Morgan and Watkin Davies, Merthyr Cynog Thos. Smith, St. David's; John Prothero, St. Mary's; Morgan Watkins, Tray anglais J. Powell, Cray; Thomas Griffiths, Glyn Thomas Lewis, Llanfihangel Talyllyn Thomas Williams, Llansaintfread Wm. Davies, Llanfrynach Evan Williams, Aberyscir James Probert, St. David; James Herring, Llanfillo; Thomas Ferrar, Llanddew; and Wm. Edwards, Vennyfach. VAGRANTS. It appeared that the number of vagrants relieved during the last fortnight had been 109, being an increase of 52 over the preceding fortnight. Some conversation took place in reference to the large number of tramps relieved, and Mr. Evans said they gave them supper and break- fast. How would it do if they were to "dock" one meal ? The Chairman asked the master what they gave the tramps, and The Master replied that they got nothing at all scarcely. The Clerk stated that out of these 109 persons there might be probably 20 cases of absolute necessity. It would be very hard upon these poor creatures if they were to have less than at present. It was upon his suggestion some time ago that the diet was reduced and now they had nothing but the absolute waste. Instead of broth, also, they had water. They could not reduce that. In reply to the Chairman, The Master said the vagrants never brought any- thing into the house in the shape of food. BELIEF. During the past fortnight the amount of relief granted in money and kind had been, in Brecknock, 135 10s. Id. and R30 12s. 9d. in Llangorse, X20 12s. 6d. and -619 10s. 6d. and in Defynock, X27 18s. 9d. and L26 13s. 3d. THE MASTER'S JOURNAL. The Master reported that there had been three admissions, 2 discharges, and 1 death in the house, leaving 74, which was an increase of 6 on the corres- ponding period of last year. Cost of maintenance, 2s. 9Jd. per head. The medical officer had attended on the 5th and the 8th inst. THE CHAPLAIN'S BOOK Showed that Divine service had been twice per- formed—on August 9th and 15th. THE 1NFIBMABY CONTRACTORS AND THE VISITING COMMITTEE. The Clerk reported that he had written to Mr. Williams stating that the Board were surprised to find that the building had been slated, wi'hout notice having been given them, that they might come up and inspect it, and asking for an explanation. In reply he had received a letter from the brother of Mr. Williams stating that he was sorry they should have any Cause of complaint, and that it must have been an oversight on the part of his brother, who was from home. Mr. Downes stated that when the visiting committee attended it was expressly understood that they were to view the timber before it was slated. Mr. Prothero, who had consented to act as clerk of the works, having here made his appearance, The Chairman asked him how the building was getting on ? Mr. Prothero replied he was not prepared to report in detail, but they were getting on remarkably well. Mr. Evans said a complaint had been brought before them that Mr. Williams had put the slates on the roof, without having given him previous notice of his in- tention to do so, in order that they might inspect the timber. Mr. Prothero observed that that would not prevent their examining the timber. Mr. Hughes: What is the use of our giving an order if it is not attended to. 11 Mr. Prothero: I did not know anything about it. y n Mr. Downes: It was expressly understood that the committee were to come and see the timber before the slates were put on. Mr. Prothero: That is a matter between the com- mittee and Mr. Williams. Mr. Downes: Mr. Prothero was made a member of the committee, and could have known if he had attended. The Clerk explained that the committee considered the mortar used was of a very inferior description, and had no business to be used. The builder would not agree to that, and said they did not understand it. 11 y They then told him that they would look at the timbers, and he was to give them information whenit was ready. Instead of this, however, he had got them under cover without their knowing anything about it. Mr. Cornish said he had seen Mr. John Williams, who told him that they would commence putting on the roof next Monday. He (Mr. C.) said he believed a committee meeting would be held, and Mr. Williams replied he knew nothing about it. Mr. Prothero: If there is any complaint to make I will pay special attention to it. The Chairman: The only complaint is that the committee ought to have had an opportunity of viewing the timber. Mr. Prothero: I do not think Mr. Williams had any cause for not giving you notice. The subject then dropped. THE VAGRANT SYSTEM. The Clerk read a circular from the Gloucester Union in reference to the system of giving way" tickets to tramps, and issuing hand-bills requesting the public not to give alms to them, as they would be relieved at the union. Mr. Evans said he did not agree with the system. It would be telling the tramps where to go to, and give them the means of imposing on the Board, while they would beg and get just as much from the public. Mr. Prothero asked what was the additional cost to the union weekly from these tramps. The Clerk said they had calculated it was 3d. per head but since the food had been altered, and they only got the remnants, he thought it was only about half that sum. The Board did not seem to look with much favour on the system alluded to in the circular, and no reso- lution was come to upon the matter. COMMUNICATIONS FROI THE POOR LAW BOARD. The Clerk read the following letter he had received: Poor Law Board, 7th May, 1867. Sir,- am directed by the Poor Law Board to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 1st instant, and to inform you that under the provisions of the 27th and 28th Vict., c. 42, they consent to an annual allowance of £20 being granted by the Guardians of the Brecknock "Union to Mrs. Margaret Powell late matron of the workhouse, who has resigned that office in consequence of her having1, by reason of advanced age and declining health, become incapable of discharging efficiently the duties of such office. I am, &c., G. SLATER BOOTH., Sec. No comment took place upon the above, and the clerk then read a correspondence forwarded to the Board which had taken place between the Poor Law Board and Mr. R. Williams, the relieving officer. The district auditsr reported that "this cQcer (Mr. R. Williams) had not always set forth the quantity and description of the provisions administerfd by him." In his explanation of this circumstance, Mr. Williams said that the paupers were suffering from illness, and he gave the usual order, upon receipt of the certi- ficate from the medical officer, to the friends of the pauper, but he to a certain extent left the choice of the quantity and description of the articles to the pauper and his friends. In two cases the paupers had been relieved by the overseers." The reply of the Poor Law Board stated that" the occurrence of the omission reported is very unsatisfactory after the several letters of instruction and warning which had been addressed to you. The course pursued by you of allowing the friends of such paupers to determine the quantity and description of the articles supplied was extremely improper. If any similar irregularity hereafter occurs the Board will take into their con- sideration whether you ought to be allowed to retain your office." The Clerk said he thought the Poor Law Board did not quite understand Mr. Williams's letter, and that was the reason they wrote so angrily. He could not leave to the paupers' friends the quantity of provisions, as there was an order to give them so much. When he said he left the quantity and description to the paupers' friends, he did not really mean that, as he always stipulated as to quantity before taking out one thing or the other. This being all the business before the Board, the relief list was proceeded with.

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