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THE RISING IN SPAIN. '1' PARIS, August 20. The Patrie of this evening states that the Spanish plot prepared at Brussels has completely failed, and the insurgent bands in Catalonia have been dispersed. They are expected to retire to the French frontier, where they will be disarmed. Papers seized from the Spanish refugees urge the insurgents to disperse, as the attempt has proved a failure. General Prim is said not to have quitted Belgian territory, and is reported to have told his friends that he would only go to Spain when a fortress shall be in the possession of the in- surgents. La France of this evening publishes a despatch from Madrid stating that tranquillity prevailed throughout Spain, with the exception of Catalonia, where, however, up to the present time, the insurrection has proved abortive. The Situation states that the town of Girone has fallen into the hands of the insurgents. TOULOUSE, August 20. The insurgents who had entered Spain have retired to the French frontiers. The insurrection appears to be put down. MADRID, August 20. A grand review of the troops was held yesterday in honour of the King and Queen of Portugal. It is officially announced that the troops are pursuing bands of insurgents in Catalonia and Arragon, who have not met with any support from the population. One band under the command of Pajoles has been beaten and the others all fled to the frontier.. PERPIGNAN, August 20. Armed bands have appeared in various parts of Catalonia and at Barcelona. Great agitation prevails. The only cry raised by the insurgents is Liberty." The Captain-General of Catalonia has sent troops to pursue them. It is stated that the insurgents have at their head leaders of distinguished position who are known. The railway and telegraphic communication in the province is cut off. Intelligence received here from Catalonia states that the Captain-General has expelled 200 liberals from Bar. celona, and has ordered the closing of one of the clubs of the town. MADRID, August 21. The official reports from Catalonia announce that the insurrectionary bands in that province had been beaten and dispersed, many prisoners being made. Other in- surgents had availed themselves of the amnesty which had been offered. The band under Contreras had been beaten in the province of Lerida, and Contreras himself, with the rest of his partisans, was endeavouring to gain the frontier. The insurrection in Catalonia was con- sidered to be suppressed. In the province of Valencia Castellon's band had been beaten and dispersed. The ex-General Pirrad had committed great excesses in Arragon during his retreat to the French frontier. The rest of the peninsula was tranquil. None of the soldiers had joined the movement. MADRID, August 22. The Official Gazette of to-day publishes reassuring in- telligence in reference to the insurrectionary movement in Catalonia and Arragon. The military authorities in Madrid have published this morning an edict proclaiming a state of siege in Castille. BAYONNE, August 22. Advices from Madrid announce that that city has been declared in a state of siege. No insurrectionary move- ment has taken place either in the city or its environs. Five regiments of infantry and three squadrons of cavalry have been sent from Madrid to Catalonia and Arragon. A rumour is current that General Prim has arrived in Catalonia. PARIS, August 22. The France of this evening publishes a telegram from Madrid, according to which the greater per. tion of Spain has been proclaimed in a state of siege, but simply as a precautionary measure, since the insur- rection has not extended beyond Catalonia and Arragon. The number of insurgents has not exceeded 700 or 0P.1 MADRID, Aug. 24. Private advices from Saragossa to the 12th inst. state that the 22nd Regiment of Navarre infantry had been completely beaten by the insurgents in Arragon. Yesterday, at midnight, 700 infantry and a regiment of cuirassiers were despatched from Madrid by railway to Arragon. Tranquillity prevails in Madrid. It is officially announced that the main body of the insurgents m Arragon is moving towards the French frontier, closely pressed by the Royal troops. General Manzo was killed with his aide-de-camp in the encounter with the insurgents in Arragon. The Royal troops maintained their position and recovered the general's body. This misfortune had, however, no influence on the operations of the insurgents, who had been forced to retire, and other columns, under the orders of Vega and Sielona, were driving them towards the frontier. 480 insurgents, the remainder of the bands of Eleada and Baldrich, in the province of Bar. celona, had given themselves up to Santa Colonna. Official despatches published here this evening state that 480 wounded insurgents have surrendered m Cata- lonia to the military authorities. PEBHONAN, August 25. The insurrection in Spain is assuming important pro- portions; the local authorities are losing ground. On the 28rd the insurgents, acting under the command of Baldrich, destroyed the Alcantara regiment, and a squadron of cavalry was put to flight. The insurrec- tionary forces in Catalonia number 8,000 men* The deatk of Genera1 Manzo is confirmed.