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BRYNMAWR. DKATH FROM Poiso-A profound impression has been made upon the miuds of the people of Brynmawr by the decease, from an overdose of morphia, of Joseph Underwood, aged 29 years. The deceased has been an habitual drunkard, and was addicted to taking morphia to produce sleep. On Thursday last he pur- chased six grains of morphia from Mr. Llewellyn's, Brynmawr, and took three grains in the shop he sub- sequently took the remaining three grains, and died in consequeace on the following Saturday. The jury viewed the body on Monday, and the inquiry will be held in due time. PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY, ÅUGUST 7th, before H. BAILEY, Esq., and J. JAYNE, Esq. SETTLED OUT or COURT.- Charlotte Meredith -was summoned by John Thomas for the non-payment of rates. The case was withdrawn, defendant having satisfied the claim. Catherine Davies was charged with assaulting Eliza Pinch, at Brynmawr, on the 27th ult. The case was withdrawn by the complainant on defendant's paying the usual court costs. THE CHARGE OF MURDER AT RHYMNEY.- William Prolheroe, who is in custody charged with the murder of Martha Thomas, was brought up before the Bench this day and remanded until next Wednesday. ILLEGAL HouRs.-Elijah Griffiths, publican, Bryn- mawr, was charged with keeping his house open for the sale of beer at illegal hours on the 30th. Defen. dant admitted the offence, saying, that it was two o'clock in the morning when he came from Wain's Park. The Bench told him that circumstance had nothing to do with the case, and they thought the case the more serious after having afforded him the special privilege of selling at the park. They would impose a penalty of XI and costs 6s. AssAULT.-Dinah Cbiffiths was charged with having assaulted Eliza Sparks on the 31st of July. Defendant did not appear, and P.C. William Williams proved the personal service of the summons.—Complainant stated that the defendant came to her house on the 31st ult. and asked her to go to the house of John Elias; she went, and defendant asked her if Thomas Roach should be driven from the "Tump;" she (defendant) said he should, and then calling her a liar, struck her with her fist in the face; John Elias then ordered her (complainant) out qf the house, and she went. By the Bench: Did not give defendant any provocation only told her she was bad herself or she would not call me bad. Thomas Roach said that he was in John Elias's house, Tavarrabacb, on the day in question defendant came into Elias's house and called the com- plainant a and then struck her on the mouth there was a great deal of wrangling going on before defendant struck her.—The Bench was about to decide the case, when the defendant made her appearance. The evidence of the complainant having been read to her, she cross-examined that individual and her witness, but failed to elicit any fact to disprove their statements. John Elias said that one day last week the complainaut and defendant were quarrelling on his door; he ordered them both to go out as he did not want them to keep a noise there; did not see them strike one another; was confident they did not strike one another; could have seen them had they struck one another it was not possible for them to fight without his seeing them Roach tells a falsehood if he says one did strike the other.—For the defence Jane Davies said that on the 31st of July (Wednesday), being at home she saw the contending parties come to her house; they began to quarrel because of Thomas Roach; they were call- ing each other bad names, and were one as bad as the other; it happened between nine and ten o'clock in the morning one of the women did not strike the other she was looking at them all the time; Thomas Roach was very tipsy-too tipsy to know what was going on.—The Bench had regard to the conflicting character of the testimony, and dismissed the case, ordering complainant to pay the costs, 9s. PATERNAL OBLIGATIONS.—Reuben Robins was sum- moned to show cause why he should not contribute to the illegitimate child of Llydia Harvey. Defendant admitted the paternity, and an order was made for weekly payment of 2s. per week from date of appli- cation, together with 13s. costs. BREACH OF THE PEACE-Jonah Jones, of Beaufort, and Samuel Thomas were charged with fighting at Beaufort on the 30th of July. The defendants admit- ted the offence. Previous convictions against the former defendant were proved, and the Bench bound him over in XIO, and one surety in £ 10, to keep the peace for three months. The latter was committed.