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HAY. == THE WATERWORKS COMPANY (LIMITED). The sixth annual meeting of the shareholders in the above company was held in the Town-hall on Monday last. J F. R. Trumper, Esq., having been called to the chair, commenced the proceedings by calling upon the secretary (Mr. Griffiths) to read the report and state- ment of accounts for the past year, which we append THE SIXTH ANNUAL REPORT. In submitting their report, it is gratifying to the directors to be in a position to state, that through the instrumentality of some of the shareholders the balance of £1025 12s. 2d. due to the bank on the 2nd August last, has been reduced to E394 6s. 5d. But the directors express a hope that such as have not hitherto taken additional shares, or subscribed to the undertaking, will be good enough to do so at once, in order to enable them to liquidate the bank claim, and they confidently trust that- looking to the future prospects of the company-the appeal thus made for effecting the above object will not be in vain. The affairs of the company are such as to warrant, at the en- suing meeting, the declaration of a dividend of 5 per cent. (free of Income Tax), from 31st December last, amounting to about £ 45, which, added to the amount of £ 394 6s. 5d. due from the company, will increase the balance to f439 6s 5d., thereby shew- ing that upwards of SO shares are necessarily required to be taken up for the purpose of clearing all liabilities against the company. At the approaching meeting one third of the directors will retire from office, but are eligible for re-election. A General Statement of the Receipts and Payments, from 2nd > August, 1866, to 30th June, 1867: lSb< RECEIPTS. £ g_ June 30th.—To payments by shareholders 565 6 6 Water rates 1 3 m 761 8 0 To balance due to bankers 394 6 5 f,1155 14 5 1S66. PAYMENTS. August 2nd.-By balance due to bankers as per last £ s. d. statement 1025 12 2 "Rates and taxes 19 11 0 New works 19 3 6 Repairs and tradesmen's bills 15 5 8 Reserved rent 1 1 0 Advertisements, printing, & books 4 19 6 Interest to bankers 36 19 0 Salaries—secretary and collecting n.r,ates v 23 0 0 Other payments 10 2 7 £1155 14 5 Mr. J. L. Davies moved and Mr. W. Price seconded the adoption of the report, which was put to the meeting and carried unanimously. The meeting then proceeded to the election of di. rectors. The Act specifies that the retiring directors shall be selected from those longest in office, and five gentlemen having served for the same term, it was decided to ballot for two to retire. The lot fell upon Mr. W. Webb and Mr. W. Williams Mr. Webb was afterwards re-elected and Mr. J. L. Davies elected to the other vacancy. It was next resolved that a dividend be declared for the six moiitas ending 30th of June last, at. the rate of five per cent. per annum, payable on and after 30th September. The proceedings then terminated with a vote of thanks to the chairman. PETTY SESSIONS, MONDAY, before H. Allen, Esq. STEALING A HACKER.- Tltoinas Warner, of Hay, labourer, was charged by the Rev. W. L. Bevan with stealing a backer on the 2nd of August.—The accused was remanded on bail to the 19th instant. ASSAULT.—Charlotte Thomas was summoned by Mary Gwynne for an assault committed at Hay on the 2nd instant.—This case was also adjourned to the 19th instant.