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HAY. ELECT ARTICLES PREPARED s and SOLD by JOHN L. DAVIES, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST. THE BANKS OF THE WYE BOUQUET, A delightful and lasting Perfume, and an elegant Souvenir of Wales, in Bottles at Is. 6d., 2s. 6d., and upwards. ———- DAVIES'S SUPERIOR LAVENDER WATER, possessing the fragrant and refreshing odour so much admired in the flowers. GENUINE EAU DE COLOGNE, and a choice selection of Perfumes, Fancy Soaps, and Toilet Prepa- rations of the most celebrated manufacturers. SUPERIOR LONDON MADE TOOTH AND NAIL BRUSHES. A Large Assortment of HAIR BRUSHES and CLOTH BRUSHES. Fine TURKEY and HONEYCOMB SPONGE, WATERPROOF SPONGE BAGS. GENUINE PATENT MEDICINES. ELASTIC STOCKINGS, TRUSSES, &C. PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY DISPENSED. AGENT for SCHWEPPE'S SODA, POTASS, SELTZER, and other Mineral Waters. [71 BY ROYAL APPOINTMENT. To HER MAJESTY, To the PRINCE OF WALES, By Special Warrant, By Special Warrant, Dated December 27,1865 Dated February 10, 1866. DAY, SON, & HEWITT, Original and Sole Proprietors of the STOCK-BREEDERS' MEDICINE CHEST, for DISORDERS in HORSES, CATTLE, CALVES, SHEEP, and LAMBS. Patronised by upwards of Seventy Thousand of the principal Stock Breeders, Horse Proprietors, and Agriculturists of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. The only True and Original "DAY'S CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS" are prepared expressly by us. The Chest contains the following matchless preparations :— Half-a-Dozen CHEMICAL EXTRACT, at 30s. per doz. One Dozen GASEOUS FLUID, at 20s. per doz. One Dozen RED DRENCHES, at 13s. per doz. One Dozen RED PASTE BALLS, at 7s. 6d. per doz. Adapted for all ailments among Stock during the pre- sent Season. Price of Chpst complete, with Shilling Book on Farriery, X2 16s. 6d., carriage paid. Either preparation may be had separately in boxes. TESTIMONIALS. The Lambing Season.-The Chemical Extract is unequalled for bad cases in drawing Lambs, and to stop heaving and straining. Mr Woods, in his Lecture on the Breeding and Management of Sheep, says: My shepherd declares it to be worth a guinea a bottle. The Gaseous Fluid is famous for debility and exhaustion in Ewes after Lambing, for diarrhoea in calves and sheep, and for colic and gripes in horses and cattle. Mr. Bowick, in his Prize Essay on the Rearing of Calves, says: The Gaseous Fluid is sufficient for all the ills that calf hood is liable to. I have reared 26 calves this year, and by the use of the Gaseous Fluid I have not lost one.—Mr. Thomas Eigby (Cheshire), in his Lecture on Summer Grazing of Sheep, says Day, Son, and Hewitt's Gaseous Fluid is the best corrective of the scour in sheep I have ever tried. I can strongly recommend their Medicine Chest as a most valuable auxiliary to stock-keepers of all kinds, but especially to shepherds. With the Medicines they give plain directions for use, which any man may understand. Orders sent by post will be promptly attended to if addressed—DAY, SON, & HEWITT, Animal Medicine Factory, 21, Dorset-street, Baker-street, London, W., Or Wantage, Berks. Woods on Sheep," five stamps Bowick on Calves," three stamps, both free by post. AGENTS. BRECON Gibson, Charles, Wine Merchant. TA.L-DARTIU Powell, T. W., Chemist, [339 AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. This invaluable Medicine, which has been known throughout the UNITED KINGDOM for nearly half a century, and recognised by all who have tried it to be the BEST PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD, is admirably adapted to supply a great want—that of a remedy always at haud, easy of application, and cer- tain in its results. Its timely aid prevents, and its assistance cures, all Diseases, however caused; and where these Pills are persevered with DOCTORS' BILLS ARE UNKNOWN. Being a purely vegetable preparition, they may be taken at any time by either sex without fear of danger. Acting upon the bowels mildly, yet effectually, by their fine tonic, aromatic, and aperient properties, they re- move all oppressive accumulations, regulate the secre- tions of the liver and bowels, strengthen the stomach, and purify the blood. Prepared solely by JOHN KAYE, Esq., of Prospect Hall, Woodford, Essex. Sold by all Chemists and other Dealers in Patent Medicines, at Is. lid., 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. Wholesale Depot, 22, Bread-street, Lon- don [245 THE CHAMPION LIVER AND STOMACH PILLS. These Pills are compounded from the recipe of one of the most eminent physicians of the present day (who, from purely philanthropic motives—knowing their excellent properties from experience—has been induced to give the benefit of them to the public at large). They are prepared by an able and experienced chemist, and are acknowledged, by the faculty, to be the most valuable medicine for all disorders of the stomach and derangements of the liver ever prepared. It is a well-known fact that most of the diseases incident to the human race arise from a disordered stomach, and an irregular state of the bowels, and for want of a suitable remedy, taken in time, thousands of (at first) simple maladies become serious illnesses. To guard against this great evil, and to preserve the bles- sings of health, these pills are confidently and earnestly recommended. They act generally on the constitution, cleanse the blood of all impurities; regulate the secretions, and give tone to the stomach; correct the morbid condition of the liver, regulate the bowels, and, by removing all impt diments, restore elasticity and vigour to the whole frame. ° Sold in boxes (with directions for use) Is Ud. and 7id. 2 each (a saving by taking the larger size). Sold Wholesale by Messrs. Barclay and Son, London, and Retail by all Medicine Vendors. AGENT FOR BRECON: MR. MORRIS, CHEMIST. WILLIAM LLOYD, AUCTIONEER, Yt APPRAISER, LAND and ESTATE AGENT, HAY' Valuations for Administrations, Timber Measured and Valued. T48 PARSONS, FLETCHER, and CO.'S INDIAN RICE STARCH. (TRADE MARK, AN ELEPHANT.) This excellent STARCH, introduced by PARSONS, FLETCHER, and Co., has met with a success unparal- leled in the annals of the Starch Trade, and is known as the ELEPHANT STARCH. Ladies should insist on their Laundresses using this Starch, which, being manufactured by an improved process, is much purer, and consequently more glossy, requii es no boding, and is ERTIRELS FREE FROM THE DESTROYING EFFECTS TO THE LINEN so common in other Starches now in use. 22, BREAD STREET, LONDON. Sold in Packets of Ilb., lib., and lib., and in 4lb papers, by 4 2 BENJAMIN THE GROCER AND BENJAMIN AND COMPANY, BRECON, And all respectable Grocers. [338 RPHE "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" PRINTING COMPANY Beg to announce that they are prepared to execute Orders for LETTER-PRESS PRINTING of Every Description. By means of Improved Machinery, New Type, and Experienced Workmen, the Company are enabled to offer to those who may be disposed to favour them with their commands advantages such as have hitherto been unattainable in this d'strict. Offices, High-street, Brecon, Dec. 28th, 1866. E N J A M I N T H E G R 0 C E III HIGH STREET, BRECON, Makes special quotations for his TEAS in Chests and Half.chests. Delivery free within seven miles of Brecon. ITALIAN and DESSERT GOODS in innumerable variety, as usual. PARMESAN, STILTON, NORTH WIL IS, and CHEDDAR LOAVES LEICESTER and other CHEESES. Good New PORT WINE, suitable for laying down, 27s. per dozen. This and other Wines can be had cleared from Bond, or from the Wood on the premises, at the option of the Purchaser. [1 TOWN OF TALGARTH. D. M 0 R G AN, PLUMBER, GLAZIER, HOUSE AND SJ"'N PAINTER, IMITATOR OF WOODS AND MARBLES, &C., Has now in stock a large assortment of Sheet and Crown Glass, and Glass Slates—(the higher qualities of glass supplied to order). Sheet Lead and Zinc Lead Piping, Oils and Colours. Gilt and other Mouldings in various patterns. Picture Frames made to order. A large stock of Paper Hangings, in great variety, just received, consisting of upwards of 1,600 pieces and 18,000 yards, varying in price from 6d. to 4s. 6d. per piece of 12 yards. D. M. respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that he has introduced,:in connection with the above business, the General STATIONERY TRADE, in which he will supply all goods at a fair remunera- ting profit. London and other Publications supplied weekly. Agent for the BRECON COUNTY TIMES. [152 Taigartb, February 27th, 1867. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN TIlE "ALTON COURT" ALES, -1- now in splendid condition, are offered to the public by the undersigned, in casks of 9, 18, 36, and 54 gallons each, at Is. and Is. 2d. per gallon. SPECIAL CONTRACTS Made (with those Families who at present brew) for a stated quantity at reduced prices from those quoted-in fact at such that should tempt all to purchase with CHARLES GIBSON, HIGH-STREET, BRECON, and HIGH-STREET, BUILTH. [269 MESSRS. ROBERTS AND WAT KEYS Are prepared to show their NEW STOCK of DRAPERY, HABERDASHERY, MANTLES, and MILLINERY, which they can confidently recommend for quality and price. A CALL IS RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. High-street, Brecon. [364 BRECON. T O H N Gr ET~ I F F I T H S (LATE T. GRIFFITHS AND SON), DEAL TIMBER AND SLATE MERCHANT, BUILDER, SURVEYOR, AND CONTRACTOR. Building and Fire Bricks, Ridge Crest, Malt Kiln Squares, Drainage and Socket Pipes, Paving Stone and Sills Navy and Merchant Ship Timber and Plank Mahogany, Oak, Elm, and Ash Plank Boards and Scantlings, Oak Staves, Oak and Deal Laths, Onlr ^atps, T-furdloo, &o. j CrineiH, blaster of Tarls, C\iiiuucji &c.,&c.; Oak Spokes, Felloes, Wych Elm Stocks, Oak and Elm Coffin Boards, English Oak Quarter Boards, Larch, Poplar, and other Boards, all descriptions of Building Scantling and prepared Floor Boards. J. G. begs to ioform the public generally that he Contracts for all Descriptions of Builders', Carpenters', and Joiners' Work, and Designs and Estimates furnished. Shop Fronts Fitted up upon the most Modern and Improved Designs, &c. J. G. has Boats for the conveyance of all kinds of Goods plying weekly between Brecon and Newport, to and from the Tredegar Wharf, Newport. [317 FELIX G-OLDEN (From Professor Brown's, London), HAIR DRESSER AND PERFUMER, SHIP STREET, BRECON. Hair Brushed by Machinery, and Shampooing Apparatus. A choice Selection of Brushes, Combs, and other Toilette Articles too numerous to mention. Private Hair-Cutting Rooms. Parties waited upon at their own residences. [404 W. D A V I E S, WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, AND OPTICIAN, HIGH-STREET, HAY. GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, GOLD CHAINS, EAR-RINGS, PINS, RINGS, LOCKETS, &c. Also a large assortment of Electro-Plated Goods, comprising Cruet and Spirit Frames, Tea and Coffee Services, Cake Baskets, Salvers, Sheffield Cutlery, Barometers, &c. REPAIRS EXECUTED WITH NEATNESS AND DESPATCH. [374 H A Y. OLIVER PRITCHARD, Respectfully invites an inspection of his Large Stock of New Goods suitable for the present Season, MANTLES AND JACKETS, IN CLOTH, SILK, AND VELVET, TRIMMED IN THE NEWEST STYLE; STRAW BONNETS AND HATS CAPS AND FLOWERS THE NEW BEADED FRINGE, WHICH WILL BE MUCH WORN PLAIN AND FANCY DRESSES AND SKIRTING. FAMILY MOURNING.—FUNERALS FURNISHED. PRINTS, CALICOES, SHEETINGS, AND LINENS considerably Reduced. FELT CARPETS AND HEARTH RUGS. CURTAIN DAMASKS, BAIZES, OIL CLOTHS, &C., &C. [18 BRISTOL PACKET COMPANY. JD JOHN PROTHERO Respectfully informs the inhabitants of the town of Brecon and neighbourhood that he has just taken to the old-established and well-conducted CARRYING BUSINESS of the late Mr. W. THOMAS, and that all goods intended for conveyance by his Boats, which will arrive in Brecon from Newport every other day, will receive his prompt attention. All goods to be conveyed by PROTHERO'S BOATs-from London, "per Great Western and South Wales Railway, Newport,"—from Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and the North of England, per London and North Western Railway to Newport,—thence per PROTHERO'S BOATS "-and all goods from Bristol, "per Burton's Bristol Packet." GOODS CARRIED and DELIVERED WITR CARE and at MODERATE CHARGES. No more complaints of delay in delivering goods!- PROTHERO's BOATS will await the arrival of the Packets at Newport, and be despatched with promptness to Brecon three times a week. Brecon, 1st Oct., 1863. [17 SOUTH WALES MERCANTILE COMPANY, Y') LIMITED, (LATE NORTH AND SOUTH WALES COAL AND LIME COMPANY.) HEAD OFFICES HIGH-STREET (OPPOSITE THE TOWN-HALL), BRECON. The above Company beg respectfully to announce that they have been appointed Agents for the Sale of ^he following Artificial Manures at all Stations on the Brecon and Merthyr, Hereford, Hay, and Brecon, Mid- Wales, and Neath and Brecon Railways :—Lawe>' Celebrated Manures the London Manure Company's Valuable Manure the Herefordshire and South Wales Company's Excellent Manure. The Company are also now in a position to supply the following articles at any of the Stations on the Railways named above :—Best Peruvian Guano^ (direct^ from the Importers), Agricultural Salt, Coa's of all descriptions, well burnt Lime, Slates, Bricks, Tiles, Draining Pipes, Building Materials, &c., &c. Orders sent to the Manager, at the Head Office, High-street, Brecon, or to any of the undermentioned Agents of the Company, will be promptly attended to and executed. Mr. Johffe, Agent tor Talyllyn and District. Mr. Webb, Agent for Trefeinon and District. Mr. David Jones, Agent for Talgarth and District. Mr. Brace, Agent for Boughrood, Three Cocks, and District. Mr. Samuel, Agent for Erwood and District. Mr. Joseph, Agent for Builth and District. Mr. William Smith, Agent for Garth and District. Mr. Powell, A-ent for Newbridge and District. Mr. Worthing Agent for Doldowlod and District. Mr. Jones (Harp Inn), Agent for Rhayader and District. Mr. George Lewis, Agent for Glasbury and District. Mr, John Probert, Agent for Hay and District. Mr. Roberts, Agent for Whitney and District. Mr. -Watkins, Agent for Eardisley and District. Mr. Blissett, Agent for Kinnersley, Moorhampton and District. Mr. Mellonie, Agent for Talybont and District. Mr. John Thoncias, Head Office, High-street, Brecon, Agent for Brecon and District. -_w. Full information as to Prices, &c.f &c., may be obtained from the Agents, or at the Head Office of the Company. By Order, J. A. JEBB, Managing Director. High-street, Brecon, Feb. 11th, 1867. [375 J. B. LAWES' MANURES FOR THE YEAR 1867. HE SOUTH WALES MERCANTILE COMPANY, LIMITED, have been appointed JL AGEN t S for the sale of the above celebrated Manures at all Stations on the Hereford, Hay, and Brecon, Mid-Wales, and Brecon and Merthyr Railways. They have succeeded Mr. Jo -es, ot Glasbury, in the agency for the district of Hay and Glasbury. Orders for Lawes' Manures for this year should be given to the Authorised Agents of the South Wales Mercantile Company named in the foregoing advertisement, and to no one else. Orders for Brecon and District should be given to Mr. JOHN THOMAS, at the Company's Head Office, High-street, Brecon, where samples and full particulars may be obtained. A large quantity of the Superphosphate and Turnip Manures has just been received at Brecon, in excellent condition, and can be forwarded to any Railway Station at Short Notice. BRECON STOuES-BKYNMAWR WHARF, BY ORDER. High-street, Brecon, April, 1867. [387 BRONYDD, CLYRO, RADNORSHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE. MR. DAVID JONES has received in- structions to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the BASKERVILLE ARMS, CLYRO, in the county of Radnor, On Tuesday, the 28th day of May, 1867, At Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to con- ditions to be then produced All those Five Pieces or Parcels of Rich Meadow or Pasture LAND, and ORCHARDING, commonly called "BRONYDD MEA- DOWS," situate at Bronydd, in the parish of Clyro, in the county of Radnor, containing by admeasurt-mpnt 18a. Ir lp., in the Qccupation of Mr. Jas. Whitcombe. Also, all those FOUR DWELLING HOUSES and GARDENS, situate at Bronydd aforesaid, in the several occupat'ons of Mr. Thomas Wa'kins, Mrs. Eliza Morris, Mr. Edward Hopton, and Mrs. Maria Williams. The above Property is situate near to the Highway leading from Clyro to Kington and Hereford, is dis- tant 2 miles from the Market Town of Hay, 3 from Whitney Station, on the Hereford, Hay, and Brecon Railway, and adjoins the lands of W. M. Baskerville, Gibson Watts, Layton Bonner, and Robert Fowke, Esquires. To view the property apply to Mr. JAMES WHIT- COMBE, and for further particulars to [421 Mr. GEORGE GAMES, Solicitor, Hay. BELFONT, OR GLASFYNNYDD FARM, Near Trecastle, Breconshire. MESSRS. T. THOMAS AND R, M. JONES have received instructions from Mr. H. Murdoch to SELL by AUCTION, On Wednesday, May 22nd, 1867, At the above place, the whole of the LIVE STOCK, FARMING IMPLEMENTS, GIG and GIG HAR- NESS, &c., &c., comprising- SHEEP.—100 Cheviot ewes with lambs from Leicester rams, 50 Cheviot ewes with lambs from Cheviot rams, 74 strong prey-faced ewes with lambs from Leicester rams, 60 Cheviot yearling ewes with lambs from Cheviot rams, 30 Cheviot yearling ewes, 90 Cheviot and cross-br^d yearling wethers, 3 two-ypar-old Lei- cester rams, 4 yearling Leicester rams, 6 pure-bred Cheviot rams, 2 yearling Cheviot rams, 2 mountain rams. CATTLE.—9 Hereford cows and calves, 8 Ayrshire cows in full milk, 3 two-year-old pure-bred Ayrshire heifers, 1 two-year-old Hereford steer, 4 yearling Hereford steers, 3 yearling Hereford heifers, 4 pure- bred Ayrshire heifers. HORSES.—1 bay mare, "Bunting;" 1 black mare, "Lester;" 1 four-year-old bay mare, "Diamond 1 four-year-old bay horse, "Farmer;" 1 cream- coloured cob, "Bob;" 1 cream-coloured pony, "Lilv;" 1 two-year-old entire pony, 1 two-year-old cart filly, 1 yearling cart filly. IMPLEMENTS, &e.—2 box carts, 2 gamboes, 3 pi, ughs, 1 double-boarded plough 2 pairs of iron harrows, nearly new 1 turnip sowing machine, double drill 1 iron roller, about two tons weight; 1 garden roller, 2 suDerior chaff-cutters. 1 winnowimr mnnhinp, 4 milk leads, 1 doubte seated iron screw cheese press, gig and gig harness, chesits and other dairy utensils. Six months credit will be given, on approved security, for all sums above £ 2. Luncheon on the table at eleven o'clock sale to commence at one. The Auctioneers beg to c..II the a'tention of the neighbourhood to the above stock, as Mr. H. Murrfoch is leaving Wales, and eiving up all his valuable and well-selected stoek, implements, &c. [409 CIDER FOR SALE. MR. DAVID JONES will SELL hv AUCTION, at the BULL INN, WHEAT-STREET, BRECON, On Saturday, the 25th of May, 1867, About 2,000 gallons of prime Herefordshire CIDER (a portion of it "Fox-whelp,") divided in lots of 100 gallons each, or thereabouts. Sale to commence at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon. [424 SECOND-HAND FURNITURE. WANTED.-The Advertiser is in want of a few articles of sitting-room Furniture. Any person having such to dispose of cheap is re- quested to communicate (by letter) with H.P., County Times Office, Brecon. [412a TO BUILDERS. BUILDERS willing to TENDER for J3 the ERECTION of SCHOOLS and a MASTER'S HOUSE at Brecon, South Wales, may inspect the Plans and Specifications on application to the Rev. Herbert Williams, Brecon. Sealed Tenders, properly endorsed, to be delivered to the Rev. HERBERT WILLIAMS on or before the 28th of May next, by 10 o'clock a.m. N.B.—The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. [420 TO BUILDERS. COKE MEMORIAL SCHOOLS, BRECON. BUILDERS desirous of TENDERING for the ERECTION of these SCHOOLS are informed that the Drawings and Specifications may be seen in the Vestry of the Wesleyan Chapel, Lion- street, Brecon, from the 20th instant until the 29th instant, on or before which day the Tenders are to be sent, under seal, to the Rev. E. THORLEY, Wesleyan Minister, Wa'ton, Brecon, endorsed "Tender for Coke Memorial." No pledge is given that the lowest or any Tender will necessarily be accepted. SAMUEL HANCORN, Architect. Newport, Mon., May 15, 1867. [423 TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are required for BUILDING SIX COTTAGES at Trefecca, Breconshire, in connection with the College. The Plans and Specifi- cations may be seen at the College. The Tenders are to be sent to the Rev. WM. JONES, Beaufort, Tredegar, Mon., on or before May 25th. the Committee do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest tender. [415 TUITION.-A Lady, resident in Brecon, who has had considerable experience in Tuition, desires to meet with some Junior Pupils whom IIh,' could instruct in English, and the rudiments of Music and French.—Address, C.M., County Times Office, Brecon. NOTICE.—A GUERNSEY BULL (very pure blood) is kept for use at Beith- llwyd Vawr Farm, Aber Village, Talybont. [401 THE CELEBRATED GINGER CHAMPAGNE (Registered) UNFERMEN- TED WINE, not intoxicating. Sole Bottlers- WITHY AND COMPANY, Orange Grove, Bath, and Wilder Street, Bristol; in Champagne Quarts and Pints. Families can be supplied direct from the Works if there exists any difficulty in obtaining it from Wine Merchants and others in their own neigh- bourhood. A sample Hamper, containing 1 Dozen Quarts and 2 Dozen Pints, sent to any address, car- riage paid so far as a through rate can be obtained, on receipt of Post-Office Order for 30s. Agents Wanted. [417 IMPORTANT. IF you want to BORROW MONEY at a cheap rate, go to Mr. W. WILLIAMS, 16, Dock- street, Newport, Mon., and Insure your Life, and he will guarantee that, with approved personal security, you can have any sum from £ 50 to zC2,000, for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, repayable by fixed half-yearly or quarterly instalments. Office hours: 10 to 5. [17 THE NEW NANTYMWYN MINING EXTENSION COMPANY, LIMITED. Incorporated under The Companies' Act, 1862," whereby the liability of each Shareholder is limited to the amount of his Shares. CAPITAL, £ 50,000, In 50,000 Shares of Ll each. 5s. Deposit on application, and 5s. per Share on Allotment. No call will be made for six months, and it is pro- bable, from the prospects, with the assistance of the ore money, that no further Capital will be required. DIRECTORS: Captain WM. A. RUMBELOW PEARSE, R.N., St. Peter's square, Hammersmith, and Senior United Service Club, Pall Mall. Major R. E. F. CRAUFURD, late Royal Artillery, 27, Oakley-square, Brompton, London. FRANCIS WILLIAM STONE, Esq., late H.E.I.C.S., 15, Royal Avenue-terrace, Chelsea, and 6, Prospect- place, Hastings. HENRY O'MALLEY, Esq., Barrister, 23, Sidney-street, Brompton, and Kilboyne-house, Mayo, Ireland. CHRISTOPHER RIGBYE A'HMUTY, Esq., 137, Cambridge- street, South Belgravia, London. 11 HENRY CLINTON COOPER, Esq., 78, Gloucester-street, South Belgravia, London. FRANCIS JOSEPH SLOCOMBE LESTER, Esq., Wellington- road, Gravesend, Kent, and Goodwood-road, New Southsea, Hants. (With power to add.) BANKERS. THE NORTH AND SOUTH WALES BANK, WELSHPOOL; AND MESSRS. JONES AND CO.'S BANK, LLANDOVERY, SOUTH WALES. AUDITOR: GEORGE ATKINS, Esq., Sidney Villa, Richmond, Surrey, BROKERS Messrs. BARRETT and Co., 20, Spring-gardens, Charing- cross, and 78, Lombard-street, London. MANAGER AT THE MINES Capt. R. ROWSE, Mining Engineer. SECRETARY: WILLIAM HENRY HARDEN, Esq. REGISTERED OFFICES .5, BATAVIA BUILDINGS, HACKINS HEY, LIVERPOOL. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. The object of the Company is to acquire three valuable Mining properties in Carmarthenshire, that is to say, New Nantymwyn, Gilfacn and Glnn Tuwv. New Nantymwyn is a continuation westward of the celebrated Nantymwyn Mines. These Mines have been worked to immense profit for centuries, and ap- pear to be perfectly inexhaustible. Some idea may be formed of the great value of these Lodes from the fact that the3 occupy a channel of 180 feet in width, consisting of six divisions or lodes, and that a sink on one of them is now yielding eighteen tons of rich quality ore, worth upwards of 2200 per fathom fur Lead 2ndly. The Gilfach property consists of a Lead Mine, worked to some extent aud in.r>iDkcJ with water machinery, in which a discovery of Lead ore has been made by an Adit. It is p oposed by the Company to extend the shaft downwards on this course of ore, as well as to explore another discovery of ore in the sett on the Lady Eliza No. 2 Lode, where there is a good back of ore ground cropping up to and extending a considerable length along the surface. 3rdly. Glan-Towy is an old Lead Mine. Shafts, which have yielded Lead Ore in some quantity, exist on the top of the hill, and the present Company pro- pose to drive an Adit to prove the value of the Lode under the old sinks. Plans taken from the Ordnance Survey, showing the exact position of the Lodes, together with ground plans of the estate sections of the Mines, and reports by skilful mining engineers, are appended, and will be forwarded on application to the Secretary. Speci- mens of the ore may be seen at the Company's Offices Taking into consideration the position of the Mines, the highly favourable prospects, and the return of ore being immediately available, the Directors feel con- fident that, with the outlay proposed, profits equal to the adjoining mines will be participated in by the Shareholders. Applications for Shares, to be accompanied with the deposit of 5s. per Share, may be made to the Secre- tary, at the Offices of the Company, or to the Bankers. FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. TO THE DIRECTORS OF THE NEW NANTYMWYN MINING EXTENSION COMPANY, LIMITED. Gentlemen,—Having paid to your Bankers the sum of ze being a deposit of 5s. per Share on Shares of the above Company, I hereby request that you will allot me that cumber, and I agree to accept such Shares, or any less number you may allot to me, and I agree to sign the Articles of Association of the Company when required, and I authorise you to place my name on the Register of Shareholders for the Shares allotted to me. Usual Signature Name in full Residence Profession ]403 Date WARWICK and SON, Engravers to the Royal Family, Jewellers, and Silversmiths, 124, Regent-street, beg respectfully to acquaint the Nobility, Gentry, and their friends that they intend making a rduction of 15 per Cent, on all JEWELLERY and PLATED GOODS, purchased for cash during this and the following month, in order to make room for a new stock for the autumn. OPERA AND RACE GLASSES, by "FCXEGRETTI and ZAMBRA, 21s. and 42s., in leather case, with rock crystal lenses; or in aluminium, 5 guineas and upwards. To be had only at their four establish- ments, 1, Hattou-garden; 59, Cornhill; 122, Regent-street, asd ments, 1, Hattou-garden; 59, Cornhill; 122, Regent-street, asd 153, Fleet-street. TINTED SPECTACLES, Direct from the Maker also every other kind adapted for weak or near sight Elastic Steel Spectacles, 3s. 6d. Tinted ditto, 5s. 6d.; with fees Pebbles, 10s. 6d. fitting the face accurately by the new process of measurement.—WHITEHOUSE, Practical Optician, 8, Co- ventry sireet, Haymarket (opposite the late Tkos. Rubergal's). OND'S PERMANENT MARKING INK.— The Original Invention, without preparation, is by far the est for marking CRESTS, NAMES, and INITIALS upon House- hold Linen, Wearing Apparel, &c., securing it from loss or mis- take. Price, Is. per bottle. Sold by E. R. Bond, 10, Bishopsgate street Within, London, E.C., and by all respectable Chemists, Stationers, &c., in the Kingdom. N.B.-Purchasers should be careful to observe the address, "10, Bioliopsgate-street Within, E.C. is on the label, without which ha Tnk is not genuine rTHfl WESTMINSTER PALACE HOTEL, J- Victoria-street, London, S.W., opposite Westminster Abbey, adjoining the India Office, close to the Houses of Parlia- ment, the parks, and theatres. Bed-rooms from 3s.; dinners in coffee-room and ladies' coffee-room from 2s. 6d.; and as per daily bill of fare. Attendance charged in the bill. There is an ascend- ing-room and a telegraph office in the building.-WILLIA.Id OWELL, Manager. r"J.RAND HOTEL, Brighton. It Contains Library, ladies' coffee-room, ladies' reading-room, ladies' drawi; g- room, gentlemen's coffee-room, billiard-room, and smoking- room, for the use of visitors, besides upwards of 200 bed-rooms and private sitting-rooms. Care has been taken to render, the cuisine perfect in every department, and about 150 sorts of choice wines are kept in stock in the cellars. A comp lete establishment of salt-water baths communicates with the hotel. An omnibus meets the principal trains. First-class stabling. Strong room for valuables.—J. MARKWELL, Manager. WOOD'S FAMILY HOTEL, 102, JERMYN-ST KEET, St. James's London. Families and Gentlemen visiting London will find excellent accommodation in the above Hotel, which is new and elegantly furnished, at greatly reduced prices, from this date until May 1, 1865. Beds from 3s. Hot and Cold Baths. On parle Frangais. Be habla Espanol. Cuisine Franjaise, BEDFORD HOTEL, 21, Percy-street, Bedford- square.—Bed and Breakfast, 2s. 6d.. Private Sitting Room with Bedroom, 3s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. per day. STACEY'S CLERICAL HOTEL, 2A, Berners- street, Oxford-street.—Established 12 years. Clergymen visiting London will find every accommodation at the above HoteL Terms, Bed and Breakfast 49. per Night, or 25s. per Week, including attendance. G ARDEN BORDERS. The Most Economical Border for Pleasure Grounds, Lawns, and Gardens. IN RED WARE, WITH SCOLLOPED EDGES, ID. PER FOOT RUN; IN BLACK WARE, 1>. PER FOOT DITTO. 4 APPLY TO JOHN GRIFFITHS, TREDEGAR WHARF, WATTON, BRECON. 363] BRECON PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO WATTON, BRECON. MR. J. R. GRIFFITHS, ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHER, THE NEW STUDIO NOW Orriq. CARTES DE VISITE (two positions) 9s. per Doz Views from Album Size to 15in. by 12in. Ladies and Gentlemen attended at their own rest- dence by personal appointment or letter addressed to the Studio. [323 MID-WALES RAILWAY. PASSENGERS from Brecon, Talyllyn, Talgar h, or Three Cocks, wishing to travel by London and North-Western Railway (change at Llech- rhyd, a mile north of Builth), or by Cambrian Railways (change at Llanidloes), to SHREWSBURY, LIVER- POOL, MANCHESTER, or other places to which these routes afford the most convenient access, are requested to insist upon being supplied with Mid- Wales Tickets at the reduced fares lately published. The route by Llechrbyd is nearer than any other to Craven Arms, Salop, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool, Ireland, and Scotland* F. BROUGHTON. Brecon, 30th January, 1867. L311 CASTLE OF BRECON HOTEL FISHERY. NOTICE is hereby given that no person, unless provided with a Ticket issued by the Directors under the Seal of the Company, will be allowed to angle in the waters of the CASTLE OF BRECON HOTEL COMPANY, Limit- d, which extend from the Island Gate over all lands belonging to Lord Tredegar above (he town, Mr. Dickson's land, The Pennoyre, Penisha'r Pentre, Gaer, Aberyscir, Pontar. fran, and Cusop lands. On the USK the Fishery extends from the Island Gate to Aberbran Bridge on the north side, and on 'he west side ov..r all lands between Brecon Bridge and Aberbran Bridge, excepting Newton and Aber- bran, Cil-gove and The Swan" field; on the Yscra to Pontfaen on the BRAN to the top of Cusop on the TARALL to Pontestill and lielow the Town Gi.uok Farm, tiK; property oi William de Winton, Eq All persons found Trespassing by Fishing will be Prosecuted as the Law directs. J. BATES, Manager. Castle Hotel, Brecon, 1st Feb., 1867. [358 SHIPWRECKED FISHERMEN kj AND MARINERS' ROYAL BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.—(BRECON BRANCH.) Patron:-HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY THE QUEEN. Instituted, 1839. Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1850. NUMBERS RELIEVED LAST YEAR. Widows, Orphans, and Aged Parents of Fisher- men and Mariners. 4,134 Shipwrecked Persons, including Mariners, Fishermen, Pilots, and Boatmen, for loss of Clothes or Boats 7,087 The best thanks of the Committee of Management are offered to the Subscribers and Friends at Brecon for their kind Contributions in aid of the Funds of this noble and National Society. Central Office, Hibernia Chambers, London Bridge. [422 By Royal Letters Patent. HOMAS ATKINS and SON'S, MOULDED Carbon Water Filters, comprise the largest assortment of designs in Porcelain, Majolica, Terra Cotta, Glass, and Earthen- ware for the drawing-room, hall, kitchen, &c.. The Cistern Filter can be readily fixed to any cistern, and yields suffitient pure water for all purposes. The plan of filtering through Solid Carbon is universally acknowledged as the most effective yet introduced, All kinds of orntmental fountains supplied and fitted. Fountain jets. Residences inspected and estimates given. T. Atkins and Son, Engineers, Show-rooms, 62, Fleet-street. E.C. DURE WATER versus CHOLERA and other JL DISEASES. The LONDON and GENERAL WATER-PURIFYING CUM- PANY (Limited> supply on HIRE or Sale in the metropolis and its suburbs, and on Sale in the country, thei PATE NT CISTE RN' FILTER, which filters and purifies all the water used in the house, whether for culinary or drinking purposes, at the rate of halt-a-gallon to four gallons per minute; requiring no filling or attention from servants. Water tested free of charge. Testing apparatus, easily used, Sold by the Company. For prices ana termF. apply to the Secretary, 15, Strand, W.C., where testimo- nials from Dr. Letheby and others, and the filters in operation, may be seen. y RAWLINGS, PURVEYOR OF MINERAL WATERS TO H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES. MANUFACTORIES 2, 3, and 4, NASSAU-STREET, and 8, CHARLES-STREET, MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL, W. Established 18)5. T^CONOMY in FUEL.—FIRE GRATES and STO v ES for domestic purposes and public buildings, and constructed on principles adapted to economise fuel, to inrease comfort from warmth, and to prevent the nuisance of smoke. Manufactured by FREDERICK EDWARDS and SON, 49, Great Marlborough-street, Regent-street, W. Prospectuses by post. ROWN and GREEN'S KITCHEN RANGm The Prize Medal, 1862. The New Patent (granted April, 18K5). A close range with an open chimney." Cares smoky chimneys. Avoids all close heat or smell. Prospectuses put- ree.-FREDERICK THOMAS, 72, Bishopsgate Within. STAINED GLASS WINDOWS 7 AND CHURCH DECORATIONS. HEATON. BUTLER, AND BAYNE, ARRICK STREET, COVENT GARDEN, LONDON. Illustrated Catalogue, Sa. 6d.. post free. LANGHAM HOTEL, PORTLAND PLACE. T^HIS commodious Hotel, "the largest in London" is NOW OPEN. It is situated on the most open and healthy site in the West-end, with all modern improvements, Suites ol Apartments, Salle-i-manger, 100 by 40 feet, elegant Ladies' Room, a spacious Sitting and Writing Room for Gentlemen Within a short drive of all the railway termini. For terms to secure accommodation, address the Manager, C. SCHUMANN. /?< ROSVENOR HOTEL.—VICTORIA STATION, London, S.W.—This magnificent edifice, erected expressly to secure for its patrons all the conveniences and comfort* a first- class Hotel should supply, is advantageously situated, adjoining the Victoria Station, where the London. Chatham, and Dover, the Brighton, the Crystal Palace, and other railways have their Termini—near the Palace, the Cluls, Theatres, Parks. &e. The Coffee room is spacious, the Ladies' Coffee-room elegant, the Reading-r om quiet, and the smoking-room commodious and comfortable. A Tariff of Prices displayed in all the rooms dearly ir dicates the modente charges made for every article required and the services rendered Communications addressed to Frederic Smith, Manager, will receive his most careful attention. rpHE INTERNATIONAL HOTEL, LONDON BRIDGE RAILWAYS TERMINI. Travellers visiting London from the Continent are invited to try this Hotel, which combires all the recent improvements of the best West-end, Hotels, with very moderate charges. From its position, adjoining the London Bridge Railways Ter- mini, it possesses the advantages of direct communication with most of the seaports, is in close proximity to the City and the River Thames, and within six minutes of the Theatres and West- end London via Charing Cross Railway. Travellers from abroad should take their Tickets for London Bridge," and have their "luggage cleared" at "Dover" or "Folkestone," otherwise it will be carried forward to their in- convenience. Suites of Apartments overlooking a garden, and Private Sitting and Bed Rooms may be secured by writing btforcksoi to tlW Manager, Mr. ALBERT GEARINGS.