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rahtsnun) $ ltbrtSStS. CARLOWITZ, CARLOWITZ, THE HUNGARIAN WINE GROWERS' AGENCY, 90, GREAT TOWER-STREET, LONDON. J. B. MURLESS & SON, WINE MERCHANTS, WREXHAM, HAVE been appointed SOLE AGENTS for the Sale of GENUINE HUNGARIAN WINES, which have been ttled by.the Growers with the greatest care, and Shipped to them direct. They are thus in a position to offer these eelebrated WINES at MUCH LOWER PRICES than Mtherto charged. The quotations ät foot include bottles and duty.:1fo extm charges are made, and the Wines are DELIVERED FREE where no agency is established. RED WINES. No. 1.—CARLOWITZ 18s 2.— „ Finest seleoted 24s 3.- „ Special growth 3s Carlowitz, the King of Red Dinner Wines, contains Phosphate of Iron, parifies and strensrthens the blood. and therefore is raueh patronised by the Medical faculty 4.—OFNER (Bada) 20s 5.— „ ( „ ) Very fine 28s These growths are mellow, spirituous, aad fruity tasting, havin a slight bitter after taste, which makes them, however, rather agreeable. 6.—ERLAU, special growth. 36s This is the renowned pme medal Wine. "Very elegant, aad the neø.r4",St approach to Lafite, whieà is four times as door. 7.—SPARKLING CARLOWITZ, g nitty. 18 The only Red Sparkling Wine partioularly worthy of notice. WHITE WINES. 8.—SOMLAU 19s Tastes likes a fine Chablis; warranted to at least four years in bottle. 9.-0DENBURG.oo 24s A little sweet, bat very pleasant 'to take with fish. 10.—ODENBURG, finest selected. 30s Is made of real Muscatel grapes, de1iea.te and sound. 11.—RUSTER (old in bottle) 36s A nice after-dinner Wine. 12.—RUSTER, dry 42s Of this Wine. Dr. Druit says: It is remarkably fine, and, with peculiarities of its own, resembles some samples I h3."Ve tasted of first-class white Burgundy, or of dry St. Peray. 13.—TOKAY IMPERIAL) Bottled 60s 1848 Vintage f a* the 14.— „ CROWN „ ) Chateau 84s 15.—SPARKLING ODENBURG 42s 16.— „ TOKAY. 54s (Official) Report of an Inquiry of British Government in the year 1861, printed for the House of Commons, 1862 "It appears certain that the HUNGARIAN WINE GROWERS do not adulterate their Wines indeed, they are so generally good that they would certainly be deteriorated if Alcohol were added. While possessing a good resemblance to the Wines of Burgundy and the Rhine, the better Wines of Huneray have GREATER BODY and STRENGTH, and WOULD BE MORE LIKELY TO SUIT OUR TASTE. There is probably no country in which so great a proportion Of Good Wine is made."—P. 15. J. B. MURLESS & SON, WINE MERCHANTS, 156d WREXHAM. MR SHERRAT, Solicitor and Notary, is REMOVING to his own Premises next to Savings Bank. Several handsome suites of offiees, cellars, store rooms, stables, and coach-house to LET.—Apply, Mr Sherratt, Brynyfiynnon Newydd. 1800 For the Blood is the ife."—See Deuteronomy chap. xii, verse 23. CLARKE'S WORLD FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE for Cleansing and Clearing the Blood from All Impurities, cannot 86 too highly recom tiended Cures Old Sores Cores Ulcerated Sores in the Neck Cures Ulcerated Sore Legs Cures Blackheads-, or Pimpies on Face Cures Scurvy Sores Cures Cancerous Ulcers Cures Blood and Skin Diseases Cures Glandular Swellings Clears the Blood from all Impure Matter, from whatever cause arising. As tnis mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from mercury—which all pills and most medicinei told for the above diseases contain—the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS PBOM ALL PARTS. Sold n Bottles 2s. 6d. each, and in Cases containing bottles, lis. each, sufficient to effect a permanent cute in long-standing cases, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors; or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps, by F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, High-street, LINCOLN WHOLESALE AGENTS!— Barclay & Sons, London, and all the Wholesale Houses 3097 Y DYvVYSOGAETH, j)L (THE PRINCIPALITY). Published every Friday, Price One Penny: A GENERAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER, PRINTED IN THE WELSH LANGUAGE, AND ADVOCAT- ING CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES. Y DYWYSOGAETH has a very extensive circulation, being sold by Agents in almost EVERY TOWN and HAMLET in North and South Wales; also, in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, &c., &G. S BTWYSOOAZTH is not a LOCAL hut NATIONAL NEWSPAPER, with a widespread circulation. Y ÐYWYSOGAETH-Aelvertisers may feel assured—is the best, if no t the only medium whereby their announce nents can be SIMULTA: ECUSLY perused in every county THROUGHOUT THE WHOlE OF WALKS. All Orders, &c.. to the publisher, J. Morris, Y OYWVATIARTR Office, IDyl, Flintshire. LATEST production in French and English Millinery, j Bonnets, French Flowers and Feathers, &c., at R. ARTHUR DAVIS, draper, Denbigh. A eall will oblige. lg SCALE OF QHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS. Auctions, Books, Trades, Amusements, and Charities. Seven lines and under 2s. 6d. Per additional line. OB. id. Miscellaneous-Public Companies, Legal Notices, Contracts, ic. Five lines, and nnder 2s. 6d. Per additional line 01, 6d. prospectuses of New Companies, Parliamentary Notices, and Election Advertisements. .ines, and under 5»- <jd. Per additional line 0B. 9d. Displayed Advertisements. Trade, 2s per inch. Public Notices, &c 4s per men. If set across two columns, double. Tradesmen's Advertisements for a Series taken by Special Contract. Cheap Scale for Prepaid Advertisements, Admitting under it the following classes or headings only.— Situations Wanted I Articles Wanted Situations Vacant Miscellaneous Wants Houses Wanted Articles for Sale by Houses to Let Private Contract Lodgings, &c., Wanted I Articles Lost or Lodgings, &c., to Let Found One Three Six f Words. Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. i. d. s. d. s. d. M 1* e 2 6 4 b S i e o « « 40 2 0 5 8 6 Births, Deaths, and Marriages. One Shilling for three lines. Ne Credit Advertisement is charged less than 2s. 6d. Remittances not exceedingUkl maylbej made in halfpenny postage stamps. post-office Orders, and Cheques be made payable j Gariatt-Jonef> rabtsmtn' s bbnsst$. WREXHAM. JE. POWELL, General Furnishing Ironmonger, Iron Merchant, Agricultural Imple- • ment Depot 6 Town Hill, aQd G Abbot Street. 6727 SEWING MACHINES. Agent for the Singer, Howe, Wilcox and Gibb's Princess of Wales, Peabody and a First-class Machines, S. SOTHERN, 21, Charles Street. 6408 WILLIAM SNAPE, FAMILY WINE and SPIRIT MERCHANT, LION HOUSE, HIGH STREET. *>08' FURNISHING Warehouse and Depot of the Patent Metallic Coffin Co., 31, Bridge Street WILLIAM PIERCE, Proprietor. 61 THE "WREXHAM GUARDIAN" STEAM pRINTING 0 R K s HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. The Proprietors beg to intimate that they are prepared to execute GENERAL PRINTING, PLAIN OR COLOURED, IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, AT J 'HE ^SHORTEST NOTICE, AND UPON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS. t Placards and Posting Bills Hand Bills, Show Cards, Pamphlets, Catalogues, Friendly Societies's Rules, Balance Sheets, Accounts, Memorandums, Invoices, Programmes, Circulars, Business Cards, &c. Examination Papers or Schools, Colliery Pay Sheets, Cheque and Receipt Books Time Bankruptcy Forms, Articles of Association, Conditions of Sale, &c., &c. ESTIMATES GIVBN UPON APPLICATION AT THE GUARDIAN OFFICE, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. W. G A M B L E, COLLIERY AGENT, METAL BROKER, MACHINERY AND GENERAL MERCHANT. SALES OF COLLIERIES, MINES, IRON WORKS, PLANT, AND MACHINERY CONDUCTED BY PUBLIC AUCTION OR BY PRIVATE TREATY. OFFICES——13, QUEEN STREET, WREXHAM. Quotations on application for COAL, SLACK, COKE, AND BREEZE. PIG, PUDDLED AND BAR IRON. PLATES, SHEETS, ANGLES. TEES, HOOPS, NAIL RODS. RAILS, New and Second-hand, all Seetions. HORSE SHOEING IRON AND NAIL& Bolts and Nuts, Spikes, Rivets. NAILS AND CHAINS. PIPES AND CASTINGS, (Brass and Iron) of every description. BIRMINGHAM AND SHEFFIELD WARES. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. LOCOMOTIVE, FIXED & PORTABLE ENGINES Of all kinds. New and Second-hand Boilers of every description. STEAM PUMPS AND HAND PUMPS. ETEAM HAMMERS. HADFIELD'S PATENT STEEL WHEELS & AXLES Rock Drills, Lathes, Drilling and Planing Machines. EMERT WHEELS. PATENT "MULTIPLE" ACTION STONE BREAKERS. liE COMPRESSORS. "ROTARY" PRESSURE BLOWERS. CRANES, WEIGHING MACHINES. [ PATENT HYDRAULIC LIFTING JACKS, SAW BENCHES. Pulley Blocks, Mortar Mills, Crushers & Disintegrators. WOOD WORKING MACHINES. PAPER AND BRICK MAKING MACHINERY. I TANGYE'S PATENT MANUFACTURES. ENGBLBERT'S LUBRICATING OIL. NEW AND SECOND-HAND RAILWAY WAGONS For Cash or on deferred Payment. GALVANISED, CORRUGATED, AND OTHER IRON ROOFING. IRON BUILDINGS. WROUGHT IRON CISTERN AND TANKS, WATER BARRELS. Bowks or Kibbles, Buckets, Baskets and Air Pipes, IMPROVED PATENT WIRE FENCING. CONTINUOUS IRON FENCING. HURDLES, GATES, AND .MISCELLANEOUS IRON MANUFACTURES. WIRE AND OTHER ROPES. Paints, Colours, Varnishes, Oils, Grease, TALLOW, See. BLASTING POWDER, BLASTING CARTRIDGE,SAFETY FUSE. COLLIERY, BRIDGE, AND TEE RAILS, the best and oheapest in the market. THE "ODLING" MINERS' SAFETY LAMP. HART'S PATENT "RELIABLE" INJECTOR. IMPROVED IRON SMITHS' HEARTHS. HUDSON'S PATENT STBEL CORVBS. GUY'S "INVINCIBLE" MINING STEEL. THE ALPHA AIR GAS MAKING APPARATUS. ENQUIRIES AND ORDERS SOLICITED. 147e ESTABLISHED 1817. I D YEING JJYEING JQYEINGI First-class Prize Medal, I Certificate of Merit, Awarded 1874. | Awarded 1874 THE LARGEST DYE WORKS IN THE MIDLAND COUNTIES. IMPROVEMENTS IN THE ART OF DYEING AND FRENCH CLEANING, AT THE MIDLAND COUNTIES STEAM POWER DYE WORKS, LEICESTER, LICHFIELD, AND BURTON-ON-TRENT. J 0 H N SMITH, SOLE PROPRIETOR. AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT WREXHAM: THE MISSES WHITING, FANCY REPOSITORY, 2, HIGH-STREET. OSWESTRY:' MRS. E. REASON, FANCY REPOSITORY, CHURCH-ST. Ø" Goods sent to and received from the above Agents Weekly. AGENTS WANTED in Ruabon, and Unrepre- seuted Districts. The New Price and Colowr List for 1878 to be had Gratis or Post Free. 850 HEALTH FOR ALL HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. This great Household Medicine ranks amongst the eading necessaries of life. THESE famous Pills purify the Blood, JL and act most powerfully, yet soothingly on the LIVER, STOMACH, KIDNEYS, and Bowels, giviBg tone, energy, and vigour to these great Main Springs of Life. They are confidently recommended as a never failing remedy in all cases where the constitution, from whatever cause, has become mpaired or weakened. They are wonderfully efficacious n all ailments incidental to Females of all ages; and as a GENERAL FAMILY MEDICINE, are unsur- passed. HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. Its Searching and Healing Properties are known through- out the world. For the cure of Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, OLD WOUNDS, SORES, AND ULCER8, itris an infallible remedy. If effectually rubbed on the neck and chest, as salt into meat, it cures Sore Throat, Diphtheria, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and even Asthma. For Glandular Swellings, Abscesses, Piles, Fistulas, QFTUT, RHEUMATISM, ind every kind of Skin Disease, it has never been known o fail. Botb Pills and Ointmen are Fold by I Medicine endo-, s throughout the Civilised World. 3000 A "MAGNIFICENT STOCK of Summer Jackets in Ladies, Maids, and Girls. All new and the latest shapea. Dress materials in all the Newest Styles at R. ARTHUR DAVIS, Denbigh, 46lg WILLIAM PIERCE, GENERAL UNDERTAKER, BRIDGE-STREET, WREXHAM, AGENT to the Patent Metallic Air-tight Coffin Company, Limited. Works and Offices: 158, GREAT CHARLES-STREET, BIRMINGHAM. These Coffins are covered with white, black and crimson cloth or velvet, and every design of coloured nd iratal unihuei s need Thoy ui only l-ifo t tu weight of aad Coffins, and ara more durable. The expense is so small that they can be used for all funerals except those of the very poorest class. Various sizes kept in stock. A RIDE TO KHIVA BY CAPTAIN FRED BURNABY. Royal Horse Guards. Page 13 says Two pairs of boots lined with fur were also taken; and for physic-with which it is as well to be supplied when travelling in out-of-the-way places-some qui- nine, and Cockle's Pills, the latter a most invaluable medicine, and one which I have used on the natives of Central Africa with the greatest possible success. In fact, the marvellous effects produced upon the mind and body of an Arab Sheik, who was impervious to all native saedicines, when admistered to him five COCKLE'S PILLS will never fade from my memory; and i friend of mine, who passed through the same district many months afterwards, informed me that my fame as a medicine man' had not died out, but that the marvel- lous cure was even then a theme of conversation in the bazaar." SEE BURNABY'S RIDE TO KHIVA, Page 13. A GOOD FAMILY MEDICINE CHEST with a prudent use, has saved many a life; and yet we think the idea might be improved upon, and reduced to a more simple form. Take some good compound, such as COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, and we find that the desired end may be obtained without scales and weights, or little mysterious compartments or en- chanted bottles, with crystal stoppers. Others might be used, but COCKLE'S PILLS as tested by many thousands of persons, and found to answer their purpose so well, may be set down as the best.—Observer. ABIDE TO KHIVA BY CAPTAIN FRED BURNABY, Royal Horse Guards. Page 13 says :— Two pairs of boots lined with fur were also taken, and for physic-with which it is as well to be supplied when travelling in out-of-the-way places—some qui- nine, and Cockle's Pills, the latter a most invaluable medicine, and one which I have used on the natives of Central Africa with the greatest possible success. In fact, the marvellous effects produced upon the mind and body of an Arab Sheik, who was impervious to all native medicines, when I administered to him five COCKLE'S PILLS will never fade from my memory; and a friend of mine, who passed through the same district many months afterwards, mformed me that my fame as a medicine man' had not died out, but that the marvel- lous cure was even then a theme of conversation in the Bazaar." SEE BURNABY'S RIDE TO KHIVA, Page 13. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS c THE OLDEST PATENT MEDICINE. In Boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIO US PILLS In use among ar classes of society. SEVENTY-EIGHT YEARS. May be had throughout the United Kingdom, In boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 48 6d, and lis, IS New Ormond Street, London. 316h t&rafojestiUtt's Jtbtortssts. NEW HARVESTING MACHINERY. All the best Mowers and Reapers in Stock including HORNSBY'S, SAMUELSON'S, PICKSLEY'S, HARRISON &X MeCJREGOR WILLIAMS & SON, Powell Brothers & Whitaker, American, also an excellent assortment of Haymakers and Horse Rakes, AT THE CHESTER STREET IMPLEMENT DEPOT, ALFRED QWEN, pROPRIETOR. PLEASE SEND MACHINES FOR REPAIR AT ONCE. mi CHURCH CUSHIONS, SEAT MATS, HASSOCKS, CARPETS, PEDE MATS, CLUNY AND OTHER DAMASKS. Gorded and Damask Silks, Orphreys, Laces, Fringes, &c. Altar Cloths. Banners. Embroideries in Tapestry and Cross-over stitch. Altar Linen marked for working. Communion Mats in Berlin Woo). CHORISTERS' CASSOCKS AND SURPLICES. fJlHOMAS JJROWN AND SON, MANUFACTURERS, 14. ALBERT STREET, MANCHESTER, Are paying special attention to the Furnishing of Churches, and request applications for estimates and samples. Their establishment, being situated in the middle of the manufacturing districts, offers advantages in prices and w ates of carriage. THE NEW BAPTISMAL J 0 W N 265b I L L I A M -yy AEBUETO N'Sj OLD ESTABLISHED PAINTING AND GILDING BUSINESS AND PICTURE FRAME MANUFACTORY, 2, CHARLES STREET, WREXHAM. 590c CUSTOMERS' OPPORTUNITY. BIRKENHEAD: 66 AND 68, ARGYLE STREET. PRICES are now VERY FAVOURABLE to Buyers of CARPETS AND gUMMER CURTAINS. 200 PIECES BEST BRUSSELS (Accumulation from Dissolution) AT SELLER'S LOSS TO END OF AUGUST. e- THE BEST GOODS: THE REDUCTION GENUINE. ALSO, FAIRY CREATIONS IN SUMMER CURTAIN NOVELTIES. FREWEI, ATTRACTIVE, and UNUSUALLY LOW, owing to the exceptionally late com- mencement of the Season. S. W ILL I AM S (BIRKENHEAD), CARPET AND CURTAIN FACTOR, 66 AND 68, ARGYLE STREET. ESTABLISHED 1845.] WARNING WHEN YOU ASK FOR JJECKITFS pARIS JJLUE. SEE THAT YOU GET IT! AS BAD QUALITIES ARE OFTEN SUBSTITUTED. THE marked superiority of this LAUNDRY BLUE over all others, and the quick appreciation of its JL merits by the public, has been attended by the usual result, viz., a flood of imitations; the merit of the latter mainly consists in the ingenuity exerted, not simply in imitating the square shape but makin" the general appearance of the wrapperi resemble that of the genuine article. The Manufacturers beg therefore, to caution all buyers to see Reckitt's Paris Blue on each packet. Sold in Pennv SmmrM hU all respectable Grocers, Oilmen, and Druggists. y THE GENUINE IS USED BY THE LAUNDRESSES OF THE PRINCESS OF WAIFS AWn DUCHESS OF EDINBURGH. 8460 LAMPLOUGHS PYRETIC SALINE. HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSES, AND USE NO OTHER. This alone is the True Antidote in FEVERS, ERUPTIVE AFFECTIONS, SEA OR BILIOUS SICKNESS, Having Peculiar and Exclusive Merits. For the protection of the public against un- authorised imitations, I have ai<r.in appealed to the law, and obtained a rerpetual injunction, with costs, against the defendant, a chemist in Manchester. SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS. Observe.—THE GENUINE HAS MY NAME AND TRADE MARK ON A BUFF-COLOURED WRAPPER 113, HOLBORN-HILL, LONDON. MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY Iff IMMEDIATE Cash Advances made, from £ 5 upwards, on Furniture, Trade and Farm Stocks without removal or publicity.—Apply to W. L. JONES AND CO., Eldon Chambers, 869c Dolgeley. HODGSON AND STEAD. WEIGHING MACHINISTS, SALFORD, MANUFACTURERS OF WEIGHBRIDGES, &c., for JML Railways, Roads, Collieries, Blast Furnaces, Iron Forges, Rolling Mills, Mines, Markets, Warehouses, Paper Makers, Wool Merchants, and all Commercial uses, of the most recent and approved construction adaptable to every national standard. Agent for North Wales, W GAMBLE, 13, QUEEN STREET, WREXHAM. To whom please address enquiries. 1053b JOHN H. KIDD & CO.. Manufacturers of RAILWAY WAGGON COVER RICK AND TENT CLOTHS, CART COVERS, LIME SHEETS, All sizes kept in stock. BRATTICE CLOTH, AIR-TUBING HOBaK CLOTHS, WATERPROOF RUGB, INDIA-RUBBER GOODS Roofing Dry Hair, and Boiler Feli, SACKS, COTTON WASTE, LAMP WICKS. OFFICES PUBLIC HALL, WREXHAM. ¡ 6991 ESTABLISHED 1835. W HELP TO N'S VEGETABLE PURIFYING PILLS ARE warranted not to contain a single particle of mercurv or any other mineral substance, but to consist entirely oi medicinal matters purely vegetable. emireiy of instancfsui dispasesolThrhlll^hel^bote^ liV^and medicines knowiL C°mplaint8 °De medicines known. Sold in boxes, price 7id, Is lid, and 28 9d each, by G. Whelpton and Son, 3, Crane-court, Fleet-street, London; and may be had of all chemists and medicine-vendors Sent free on receipt of 8,14, or 33 stamps. 77^ O MORE COSMETICS. JAMES'S LIFE PILLS. Remove Freckles and Pimples, and are uneauallerl fnr Beautifying and Refreshing tie Skin. They ie nW^ant to the b?.dy fTrom a11 ImPurities, fmprove the Digestive Powers, Cure Liver Complaints, Bile Lowneqs of Spirits, Headache, Gout, Lumbago, See. A PURE VEGETABLE PILL. houses' B°Xe8' PriCe 1S*lid" by a11 Chensiets and wholesale Warehouse .—46, Great George-street, Liverpool 296 296 SUMMER FASHIONS. GREAT Display of Ne wGoods at R. ARTHUR DAVIS High-street, Denbigh, now ready for inspection. A51g LIVERPOOL—35, CHURCH STREET. J. B. CRAMER AND 0 O., LIVERPOOL, As the originators of the Three-year Hire Purchase System of Pianofortes, beg respectfully to call the attention of intending Buyers to their now considerably reduced terms whereby a really good Instrument of their own make, and therefore guaranteed of the very best manufacture, may be obtained at the following prices CRAMER'S 25 Guinea P I A N E.T T E, ) in Ash Case, 7-octave, check action 3 X2 7 6 unison treble j Per Quarter. CRAMER'S 26 Guinea PIANETTE ") in Black Waluut Case, 7-octave, cheek >• ^2 10 0 action, 3 unison treble ) Quarter. CRAMER'S 28 Guinea PIANETTE ) in handsome Walnut Case, Panel 16 0 Front, check action j Per Quarter. CRAMER'S 34 Guinea PIANETTE 1 very handsome Walnut Case, Panel >■ £ 3 fi Front, Gold-lined, check action ) Per Quarter. Other Instruments, such as Grands, Semi-Grands, &c„ by all the eminent makers, and in every variety of case and mounting, may also be hired on the same system. Every Instrument is warranted of the VERY BEST MANUFACTURE. QUARTERLY PAYMENTS IN ADVANCE. Loan of Packing-case free. J. B. CRAMER & CO., 35, CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL; and REGENT STREET, W., and MOORGATE STREET, E.C., LONDON. 2c ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs, in either sex, acquired or constitutional, Gravel, and pains in the back. Sold in boxes, 4s 6d each, by all chemists and patent medicine vendors; or sent to any address for 60 stamps by the maker. F. J. Clarke, con. sulting chemist, High-street, Lincoln. Wholesale Agents, Barclay and Sons, London, and all the Wholesale Houses. 1303 rahtsmtn' s hhrtSSts. TIMBER, SLATES, BRICKS, TILES, CEMENTS, LATHS, SEWERAGE PIPES, And: all ather {Building Materjalil, AT E. MEEEDITH JONES TIMBER YARD AND STEAM SAW MILL CHARLES-STREET, 1240 WREXHAM. WREXHAM ^^CT^ PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Incorporated under the Building Societies Aets, 18:'4. Shares- £60 each. Entranee Fee, Is per Share or part of a Share. THIS Society is now prepared to make Advances repay- able m a certain number of years, on Mortgages. A Meeting is held on the first Monday in each month for receiving subscriptions and enrolment of members? For further particulars, apply to the Secretary, J. B. SHIRLEY. No. 13, Temple-row, Wrexham. 26Ðo X>ENSON'S WATCHES. Watch and Clock Maker to the- to thefece^f wX'anS'pero^ S Bond' street, and (Steam Factory) Lu^gaL-hiU, London B°ad* BENSON'S WATCHES of every description, suitable o*- aU climates, from £ 2 to 200 truineai Chronometers, Keyless, Levers, Presentation, rSw ftrengtt, aM Workme^' Watch,, of^ ARTISTIC ENGLISH CLOCKS decorated style with Wedgwood and fur^t™ style of architeeture or furniture; also as llof'e1ties for presents. MIld\! solely by Benson. ¡from £5 5s. Watches, Clocks, Plate, andJewel'erv post free each for two stamps Wat^ho1^ I d' Se*} Benson's new work, Time and Time Tellers," 2S bVL IQle PESStos QUININE AND IRON TONIC purifiesanCS endches the blood, the nerves and mueular system. PEPPER'S QUININE AND IKON TONIC rro™ntA& appetite and imj roves digestion. promotes PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TONIC animate JL the spirits and mental faculties. animate PEPPER'S QUININE AND IBON TONIC, iu scrofula wasting diseases, neuralgia, sciatica, indigestion flatu PEPPER'S QUININE AND IEON "TON^TtW^. JT recruits he general bodily health, and induces a nroni? heal hy condition of the nervous and physical for £ « S by chemists everywhere in capsuled bottles contli.inJ thflabenn;r^XiLk.Ze,11S- The name PEPPEli if on TARAXACUM AND PODOPHYLLIN A tion for deraHgement of the liver, particulal'ly when arising from :;light cOl:lgestiOD. By gently stil11Ulatiu action drowsj sen-ations of fulness, o?ten headlche, pa\n beneath JS shoulders,^ the chest after eatag, unpl^nt tn'te in mouth, and other indications of dyspepsia are removirl as-A-sa SSJZSZ: °° th° IPlPPsKifi diseases. The most inveterate obstinate eru,t¡ons and pimples are subdued by SuJpholiue, and a clear healtlJY skiD developed. Thos6 complaiuing of tender, reddeued, a:ù.d irritable skins, or affected by the sun, rough winds, &c., and benelit and comfort by using Sulpholine Lotion which h £ 5 powerfui conserving and salutary action, • emoves he effect of constant perspnatiou, and maintains t he cuticle iri a free healthy condition. Bottles. 2s 8d. sold by all chemi^s. /RACROFT'S ARECA NUT TOOTH PASTE —Bv M delicious aromatic dentifrice, the enamel of the teeth becomes white, sound, and polished like line ivorv taru>r^C lnig y f'"a&raut, and specially useful tor removmi 2s 6d ^hnefGftCra?roft's)S°ld b>' M chemists- *n§ %s 6d each. (Get Craeroft's). DEAFNESS, NOISES IN THE EARS, &c., &c.- ~t ,f? ESsENClti or deafness has Droved aiv extraordinary remedy. it always relieves KeneraUv cures. Sold in bottles at Is ljd and 2s 3d. by all chenuJts. LAYER'S SULPHUR HAIR RESTORER—p0 restoring the colour of the hair. L°?feTEhaliS HA/K KEST01tER will darkea j—d iJdii, uQu iu a few davs restore mmniiitoii. natural colour. The effect Superior to mat pro uced by an instantaneous dye, and the Sulphur Restorerdoe"no hfw hairdresser^ b°UleS' ls Cd eacU- chem^^ T OCKYER'S SULPHUR HAIR RESTORER while lU keeping the hair its proper colour, is useful for removing seurf, no other application beiug necessary to encourage th. growth of new hair. 1153 RUPTURES-BY HER MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTPRa PATENT. WHITES MOC-MAIN PATENT LEVER TRUSS requiring no steel spring round the body, is recom. menaed for the following peculiarities and advantages •—1st facility of application,- 2nd. perfect freedom from liabilitv trT chale or excoriate 3rd, it may be worn with equal comfort in any position of the body by night or day; 4th, admitsof < every kind of exercise, without the slightest inconv uiencp to the wearer, and is perfectly concealed from observation We do not hesitate to give to this invention our un. qualified approbation; and we strenuously advise the use of i* to all those who stand in need of that protection, which they cannot so fully, nor with the same comfort, obtain from any other apparatus or truss as from that which we have the highest satisfaction in thus recommending.(jliureh State Gazette." urLn Recommended by the following eminent surgeons Sip William Ferguson, Bart., F.R.S., Surgeon aud KSoTf Surgery in King's College Hospital; C. G Guthrie Surgeon of the Royjl Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital w' Bowman, Esq F.R.S., Assistant-surgeon to Kmg's Coiled Hospital; T txallaway Esq., Senior Assistant-surgeon to Guy s Hospital; YY Coulson, Esq., Surgeon to the Magdalen- Hospital; 1. Blizard Curling, Esq., F.K.S., Sur^-on t^tbiT London Hospital; W J. Fisher Esq., Sur«eon-in-Chief to the Metropolitan Police i orce; Ashton Key, Esq Surgeon to late Prince Albert; Robert Liston Esq., F.R.S. James Luke Esq., Surgeon to the London Truss Society; Erasmus Wilson Esq., F.R.S., and many othars. A descriptive circular may be had by post; and the (which caunot fail 10 tit) can be forwarded by post bv send- ing the circumference of the body, two inches belo'w the hiDS- to the Manufacturer MR WHITE, 228, PICCADILLY. A Single Truss, 16. 21s, 26s 6d, and 31s 6d; postage free A Double Truss, 31s 6d, 42s, and 62s 6d; postage free An Umbilical Truss, 42s, and 52s 6d; postage tree Post-Office Orders to be made payable to JOHN WHITE, Post-office Piccadilly, NEW PATENT. ELASTIC STOCKINGS, KNEE CAPS &c Th» material of which these are made is recommended h* the Faculty as being peculiarly elastic and compressible ank the best invention for giving efficient and permanent support in all cases of weakness and swelling of the Jg. veins, sprains, &c. It is porous, ight in texture and iDe- pensive, and is drawn onl ike an ordinary stockia Price, from 4s 6J, 7s 6d, JOs, to 16s each postage free. JOHN WHITE, Manufacturer, 228, PICCADILLY LONDO. Specimens may be seen at the Crystal Palace. 736 rpHE RIGHT THING IN THE RIGHT PLACE A time for everything! a place for everything! uHd every- thing in its place! is one of the golden maxims but seldom carried out. But in all places, and under all circumstances where the Right Thing is to be found in the right place a5 applied at the right time, whether in the mansion tie cot- tage, or the woi-Kshop, such a place wili beam ,v th heitir^ light ol Health, Happiness, and Contentment! And as healthis one oft he greatestt emporal bles*ines h*.» one man can bestow upon auother, and as the great riUtoraJ of health is to be fouud iu stow BEECHAM'S PILLS it is no wonder that the great human family with one voic« should pronounce them THE RIGHT THING IN THE RIGHT PLACE BEECHAM'S PILL are admitted by thousands to be worth above a Guinea a Box for Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as Wind nnrf Pain at the Stomach, Sick Headache, Giddiness Fuliut-s Md Swelling after meals, Dizziness and Drowsines-, Coid riiilla Flushings of Heat, Loss of Aopetite, bnortness of B-eath Costiveness, Scurvy, Blotches on the Skiu, Dis, lu btd Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Tremblm Sen £ tions, &c., &c. e "<~UOB For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable No female should be without them. There is no meaicine to found equal to Beecham's Pills for removing any ob Lvuctinn or 1 regularity of the system. If taken accordingu- tfio dire* tions given with each box they will soon restore females of aU ages to sound and roburt health. For a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and all disc-dew of the Liver, they act like Magic," a id fe tilb* found to work wonders upon the most irnpc^-u Vot o- ia ta the human machine. They strengthen the whole insula* system, restore the long-lost complexion, bring bacx the teen edge of appetite, and arouse into action, with [he ro-obud ol health, the whole physical energy of the human frame — These are •; Facts" admitted by thousands, embrace classes of society, and one of the best guarantees to the Ner- vous and Debilitated is that M eecham's Pills have the largeøt sale of any patent medicine in the world. BEECHAM'S MAGIC COUGH PILLS. v rem«dy for coughs in general, asthma, difficulty oi breathing, shortness m breath, tightness and oppression oi the chest, wheezing, &c„ these Pills stand uurivall .l, BEECHAM'S FILLS have now been before the public be. tween Twenty and Thirty years. Thousand- in every spher. of life, with one voice pronounce them the best for eradicatlnø all those complaints to which flesh is heir to Thev stanl without a parallel; and have the large -sale of au/patem medicine in the world, 1 CAunoi^—The public are requested < notice that words, Beecham's PHls, .St. Helen's," «re on the Go„r forgery. < U box °f PUla if uot 011 they are Prepared only and sold wholesale and vpfai! bv th'* Pm. prietor T. Eeeeham, Dispensing Chemist, St! Hr-len's shire, th boxes at ls inland 2s yd each. Sent dgs-hve fn, leale^g.8 S°ld bya1' ^a%aLPnt mediciw teale!"s. N.B.—PnH v- ■