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Sales for lurtim Messrs. Dew 85 SOU- COUNTY OF FLINT. ARISHE3 OF CILCEN, HALKIN. and NORTHOP. Sole of Valuable FREEHOLD FAT!MS, known as Siamber Wen, Llyn, and Lletty'r Eos (divKled into Five Lot,). To be Sold by Public Auction, by XTNVR PEW AND SON. at (BE Lion Hotel, \MD on Wednesday, the 25th DAY of September, 1878, A„ WO"O'CLOCK in the afternoon, subjcct to conditions then and there to be produced. In the Parish of C'ikcn. SI VvlBKB WEN, containing. 32A 2R 28p LAIJ' £ »» (■ m OT IFOA I ilf* r. of £ 100, merging into a ro>alty of Is Gd per SKay ton, aad which Lea?e is now m possession of the en(I or. The 1 also extends under r>ai't, of T ~T "(I vi? "fSi j.. -nf.y. nnd the lYurcbfl^oT will have tho ftul Stn adi. iv.uAsr Farm, an riahts of the Lessee thereunder benefit of this Lease and a11 nghts o g R iSl' >• »>»»«-«■ — Ouarry en this Lot. tt » r»n+-'Rnildin'T.a are mmmonions ^JtSSS £ ST^ baU a mile from''the Mold and Denbig* turnpike road. In the Parish of ITalkin and S'orthop. LI,YN FARM, containing 2R I p Tljia "4 a very compact, and ronvein-'iit Fn™>, with n. j bis .-i .i >>->j p ti01,jr, Ont-hmldinffs, and «outhev-> ;o'd ]v"0f water. The Land is very rich, SET^;Va^th oTOl>withanSLt of Sheep Walk on Halkin Mountain. 3 Halkin Mountain. T oT 3 Part of LLETTY'R EOS, containing. 45a Or 2ip LOT 4 Part of ditto containing. 7a Cr lOp LOT 5. Part of dii'.o contninvn.tr. 74a Or 6p T „ J. o f, r y,p fir^t offered in One Lot. mid is in its entoetv a most durable Farm of superior and well enlW-d Land Vi-h nn excellent TTonse anrl Farm Bral^. h-mmr a^ood >lr of' water, with good Woodcock Shooting and a right of Sheep Walk on ITalkm Mountain. It is i «n1>ieot.to a leaso to the Homlre T.ime Company. gi^ro^rtoraiseTm^stone. a Lease to the FAST HENDRE LC^ M^IN. aerreerr^nt for n Lease foi Twenty oii^ C°N EBONIES of 1B«L*N*E and the Oriciitnl FOMENTS will V> prod-iced at the time of sale or can bo seen at the 80L.it^o"RFNhed and full particular, mnv IKS wen on •JStotW.* nJ of thehotrls at Mold. Cileen Hnlkiu Ruthin. rexham. aM Cbc-tei ot tne solicitors. Mep&rs Pears. T.oearu nnd W^w«j*n- street. Liverpool; mid the Auctioneers Wetlfie.d House, Bangor, and Town Hall, Rhyl. 873c Messrs Davies and Araicr. 15, PARK-STREET, DENBIGH. Impor'mt Sale of Valuable Household Furniture, Electro- plate'' Hoods, Glass. China valuable Ornament?, Linen, Centre Fire Breech-loading Gun, 1.000 Cartridges together with the whole of the Kitchen Utensils, and other Effects. MESSRS DAVIES AND ARMOR have received instruc- tions to SELL BY AUCTION, on the above Premises (the prMiertv of Captain A. W. Priori, on Thursday, Septem- ber the stli. 187R. the whole of the Valuable and Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Electro-pisted Goods, Glass, China kc briefly comprising fteel polished lire irons, ditto fended matto^any arm and single rhairs. highly polished mahoB" y ootnbroke, centre, and other tables whatnots, steel and other engravings, pier glass; Brussels, Kidder- minster, and other CUlwts; skin rugs, cocoa mnttinjr, window liareirrs. cornice poles, &c.; brass nioi-n^d and Japanned iron bedstead?, straw piilliass, hair and flork mattresses, coutiterpaiie3, biankets, hept; hipfhlv polibli^d birch tables, toilet cias-io", washstands, with marble (op bedroom ware, commodes, chamber stands, biich cbest of drawers, very handsome birch wardrobe, towel rails, wicker clothes basket, Jtc 8cr. Also, one first class breccb-loadin^r ?un. centre are. wuli about 1,OCO Cartridges (No. 12 bore), ill leather case. Tocher with the whole of the Kitchen Furniture, Cooking Utensil-, r>nd other Effects, which will be particuhrierl in CatolopiiVs. to be obtained a few days prior to the Sale, from the AutioIleers, at their Offices, in Denbigh. Sale to commence at Twelve o'clock prompt. Eoyal Oak, Denbigh, August 24th, 1878-, 8°4b Import-int sale of V, head of Cattlo. pah- of splendid Cob*, ditto Carriage Hordes, lie-lit running Brougliam, Dog- Cart, Modern Implements of Husbandry, and portion of the valuable Household Furni'ure, at BRYN POLYN MAWR, Situate within cne mile of the City of St. Aoaph. MESSRS DAVIES AND ARMOR li.ve r, ceived instruc- tions from Henry Foskett, Esq.. who is giving up farmir- to Sell bv Auction, on the above premises, on Tues- day tt"* 17th (lov of September. 1878. the whllle of the above valuable T,IVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY, &c., briefly eomprisinc five rearing calves, six very promising -two-year old heifers, crossed between short-horn and alderr? and bred purposely for the Bryn l'olyn Dairv. 11 first-ci'3 cross-bred dairy cows, oae pure bred shorthorn bull. pair of solor.did cohs, steady in harness, and used tofarm work pair of bay carriage horses, five years old, 15 hands kigb •Ya-tit running brougham, ditto dog cart, by Champlin, Rhyl,singleand double harness and modern implements of hnsb*indrv. dairy vessels, together wi'h the whole of tho Tul^teie Hou=ehold Fnrniture. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock. Cat:>'c?ues are in course of preparation, and may be had a few days prior to the sale. Royal Oak, Denbigh, August 7th, 1578. 8C4o Mr. Lloyd. SHROPSHIRE SHEEP. HAFODYEWCII, On th" tvrrpikeroad leiding from Wrexham to Rnnbon. two milen from the foimer. and thv-e Tniir-j from the latter pIac". Seventh Biennial Sale. 752 SHEEP. Mr D»nnis is now living un the Farm, md 'lie wh-'le of the highly descended and Jfagnificent Hock of Shropshire Sheep will be Fold. This is on opportunity seldom offered I to breeders of true Shropshire. 4.00 Shropshire Ewes and Rams, possessing the best R.A.S.E. blo. fi in the Kingdom. Particulars and pedigrees in Catalogue. Al=o, 200 Fat Webh Wethers, three and four years old 110 Ditto Ewes, ditto i 5ft Crc*=-bved Lambs 8 Fat Heifers and Cows 13 Fat Bullocks 7 Valuable Hunters and Carriage Horses, three, four, and five years old, by "New Oswestry" and Sweetstock," all bred bv owner. five years old, by "New Oswestry" and Sweetstock," all bred bv owner. 4 Poweiful Cart Colts, two and three years old f 4 Powerful active Cart Horses 2 Powerful active Cart Mares, with foals at foot 2 Half-bred Colts, unbroken | '1 Stylish Cob, seven years old, steady iu Saddle MR F. LLOYD, of Placsey, Wrexham, respectfully intorms the admirers and breeders of pure Shropshire Sheep that he will SELL BY AUCTION, at Hsfodybwch Farm, bv order of the proprietor, Henry Dennis, Esq., on Friday Sfptemher 20th. at Twelve o'clock, the nbove men- tioned '«heep. Fat Cattle, and Horses. Neither money or attention have been spared by the proprietor hii establishing and mn-r.tninvrg the character of the Hafodybwch Flock, which has for a period of 20 years been selected from the most fashionable and successful blood in the Kinedom. The Shc-p strikingly represent the best attributes of the true Shropshire. They possess err at size, with most perfect symmetry, unsurpassable quality of wool and mutton, and great aptitude to fatten at an early age. and are descended from the well-known prize breeds of Lord Chesham, Lady Willou^hbv De Broke, Mrs Beech, Mr .Tolm Evans, Mr Maxell. Mr Ncck, Mr Crane, Mr Hortou, Mr H. Smith, and Mr Bowen. The Auctioneer respectfully calls the attention of sheep brooders and connoisseurs to the above sale, and can confi- dently recommend them to avail tin msclves of this oppor- tunity of purchasing first elass animals. a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. Shrewsbury (leave). 8 10.10 5.11 5. .12 25 Ruabon (arrive) S> 21.10 55.12 45. 1 25 Wrexham (arrive) 9 33 11 5. 1 36 Chester (leave) 7 ]0. 8 35. 9 10.11 0.12 15 12 20 Wrexham (arrive).. 7 33. 9 9. 9 06 11 38.12 39.12 46 Trains from Denbieh. Mold, and district arrive at Wrex- bamat 8.40 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. Trains from Dolgelley, Corwen, and district arrive at Ruahou at 7.37 a.m.. 9.7 a.m., 10.40 a.m., and 12.42 p.m. Convevances meet trains at Wrexham andRuabon Stations. The Wrexham Company's tram8 pass the farm, leaving the Swan Inn. Wrexham, st 9.15, 10.0, 10.45, and 12.15. luncheon "will be served fit. 11 o'clock. The Sale will com- mence at 12 o'clock, and the time strictly ob erved. Tha Flcck of Sheep, the Cnttle. and Horses may be inspected from Friday, the 13t.h, to Tuesday, the 17th September (both dnys inclnsive). Keep wiil be given on the Fat Slieepand Cattle. The Sheep will be carefully delivered (if required^ at the risk of purchaser to the nearest Railway Station. Catalogues, with particulars and pedigrees, may be had of (i the Auctioneer. °98" The Sheep will be carefully delivered (if requirm) at the risk of purchaser to the nearest Railway Station. Catalogues, with particulars and pedigrees, may be had of (i the Auctioneer. 898b Messrs. Bauglx, Jones, 8s Co. I SMITHFIELD, WIIEXIIAM. MESSRS BAUGH. JONES & CO., will hold their noxt SALE of STOCK in the above Smithheld, on Iuurs- day, September 5,1878. Stock alreaJy entered, viz. A lot of prime tat Boasts, A lot of useful Dairy Cows. Several fresh Barrens, Calving Hollers, and Short-Horned Bulls. A nice lot of fat Sheep, Lamb?, Calve?, and Pigs, Sale at ,Ten o'clock. d THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER ]9th, 1373. WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. Annual Sale of STOCK EWES and RAMS. MESSRS BAUGH, JONES, AND CO.. beg to remind their supporters that they intend holding thoir Sale of Stock EWES uiul HATS, on Thursday (Fair day), 19th of September, 1878. Particulars in future Advertisements Entries respectfully solicited. Offices—Temple Chambers; Wrexham. L783 i Sales W. 1I. Hill. NORTH SHROPSHIRE. VERY VALUABLE RESIDENTIAL ESTATE, To be offered for Sale by Auction by MR. W. H. HILL on Thursday, the 3rd day of October, 1878, at the Victoria Rooms, Oswestry, the FELTON GRANGE ESTATE, most desirably situated and-comprising the House, Gardens, Sbubberies, Pleasure Grounds, Coach- man's and Gardener; Cottages, and nearly 80 acres of most valuable Laud. The house, which is substantially built and conveniently arranged, has recently been put into thorough repair by the late owner, and contains conservatory, vestibule 16ft. by f-ft., entrance hall (with handsome staircase) 18ft. Gin. by 13ft. drawing room, 3ilft. by iSft. with projecting window 13ft. by 7ft.; dining room, 23ft. by 18ft., with sideboard rece-s; morning toom or study. 18ft. by 15ft. boudoir, 16ft. by 12ft.; housekeepers' room, laundry, the requisite dompstic and servants' offices, batli room, and ) 2 roomy bed and dressing rooms stabling for 7 horfes, coach-houses, saddle-room, and other useful outbuildings, all we drained and the water supply good. The house,which has a south aspect, is approached by a drive, and commands extensive views over a handsomely timbered park; is close to the parish church, and within lj miles from Rednal, a first class station on the Great Western Railway; 4A miles from the thriving market town of Oswe,try, and 13 from the county town of Shrewsbury. Sir W. W. Wynn's hounds and a p'¡ck of harriers hunt the immediate neighbourhood, and the North Shropshire hounds frequently meet at a short distance, and the rivers Virniew and Severn famed for their salmon and trout fisheries are within easy reach. Also, in convenient Lots, a very desirable Farm called T,,yf,.)i-(], with zin house and farm buildings and about 75 acres of capital Land in good cultivition; all con-, tiguous to the above mentioned estate. I Plans and particulars aro in course d preparation and may shortly be obtained with any further information from the Auctioneers and Messieurs Longueville, Jones, and Williams, Solicitors, Oswestry. ° 872f PRELIMINARY NOTICE. TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS AND OTHERS. MR W. H. HILL has received instructions to prspare for Sale in the month of October, on the several Pit Banks at AVONEITHA and CHRI3TIONYDD, about a mile from Ruabon Station, on the Great Western Railway, the whole of the Valuable Machinery and Plant, consisting of Vertical winding engines, cylinder, ateam pipes and con- nections complete; pumping engines, drums for rOUllll alld flat ropes, egg end boilers, pit heads and pullies, conducting rods, tiplers, carriers, pit bank and road woigLing machines, windlass, landing olates, a large quantity of heavy tram rails, ballast waggons, the several buildings and erections of brick and slate, sundry old iron and timber, and numerous other effects, which will be fully described in catalogues. Brosk-.stref t, Oswestry, August 27, 1878. 900e Mr Lovatt. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Vf E EDWARD LOVATT will Sell by Auction, at the Old »> Swan Inn, Abbot-street. Wrexham, on Friday, the 27tli September, 187S, at three for four o'clock in the afternoon punctually, valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, in Wrex- ham, Rhostyllen. and Ponkey, consisting of three substantially built houses in Erddig-road, two new and excellent villa residences, with gardens belonging thereto, in Ruabon-road, called Holly Bank, six houses at TihostNllloii, and six houses and a pnblichouse, called the Prince of Wales, at Ponkey, the property of the late Mr Charles Evans, lirfewer. Further particular will be shortly advertised. Enquirie may be made of BIr John James, solicitor, Wrexham, or the auctioneer. Brynyffvnnon Offices, Wrexlism, Aug. 23, 1878. 883e Mr. Hioliards- WREXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE. Sale of purebred Alderney, Jersey, and Guernsey Cattle. MR RICHARDS begs to inform the gentry, clergy, agri- culturists, and others, that Mr Edward Parsons Fowler, of Jersey, and Gloucester Square. Southampton (wllo is not in any way connected with parties trading under his surname), has favoured him with instructions to Sell by Public Auction, in the yard of the Wyunstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham, on Thursday, September 12th, 1878, punctually at two o'clock. a magnificent herd of Eight Down Calving COWS and HEIFERS of the above most valuable Ureeds, direct from the islands, described in catalogues, which may be obtained from the Wyunstay Arm, Hotel and the Auctioneer, Wrexham. N.B.—The cuttle will be on view the morning of sale, ai d Mr Fowler will be in attendance to furnish any information required. Ofhce-Derby-road, Wrexham. 896o Saks by ribatt Contract. FOR SALE.—A Dog Cart, nearly new, also two Spring Carts.—Apidy to Mr Charles Roberts, wheelwright, Wrexham. 904e rpo BE SOLD, at a moderate price, a good Clumber JL Spaniel DOG. Works well with a gun.—Apply to Mr Nott, Bookseller. Denbigh, or Mr B. Charles, Hendre Aled, Llansannan, Abergele. 893b TO FARMERS.—FOR SALE.—Ten pure bred Shropshire Down Tup LAMBS, and three Shearlings, some of which have tallen first prizes at shows, and arc all descended from piize stock.-Apply, William Edwards, Hand Brewery, Ruthin. 844O FOR SALE.—A bay cob PONY, very strong, fouryear old, height 121. Been ridden by a lady for the last ten months. Also a Spaniel PLIP, three months old, by a prize dog.-Apply, Ci pt. Roberts, Buarthe, Rhewl, near Ruthin. 830o IpOR SALE.—A number of iron columns snitable for sheds. Also doors, frames, windows, &c., from the taking down of the Birmingham Hall.—Apply to W. E Samuel, builder, (Sre., Market-street, Wrexham. 88Jg ¿to cQnI aiib uhlir HOTES. In the matter of the Companies Act-, I and ISC", and in the matter of the Ruabon Coal Company, Limited. THE Creditors of the above-named Company are required on or before the 1st day of October, 1878, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims, and the names and addresses of their solicitors, if any, to Henry Dever, of 4, Lothbury, in the City of London, public accountant, the official liqu.dator of the said company, and if so required by notice in writing from the said officia liquidator í1J:e by their solicitors to come in and prove t]1( r said d(,bt.3 ('.1' claims at the Chambers of the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Richard Malins, 3, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, in the connty of Middlesex, at such time shall bo specified in such notice, or in default thereof they -ill be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before such debts are proved. Wednesday, the 13th day of November, 1878, at 12 o'clock noon, at the said Chambers, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims. Dated this 8th day of August, 1878. EDWARD SHEARME, 892c Chief Clerk. WREXHAM FLORAL, HORTICULTURAL, AND INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY. President.—Sir WATKIN WILLIAMS WYNN, B.irt.,M.P, Jrke-Preside:t:—Sir R. A. CUNLIFFE, Bart. THE rpHIRD EXHIBITION WIJ-L BE HELD ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TII, 1878, In a field adjoining Groivenor Road. PREMIUMS to the amount of about X100 are offered for competition. The Band of the 9Ctii Regiment will be in attendance. Dance music niter G o'clock. Non-Subscribers from 1.30 to 3 o'clock, 5s from 3 to 5 o'clock, Is; from 5 to close, 6d. Subscribers who have not received their tickets may have them on application to the Secretary. Forms of entries may be had from Mr Strachan, High Street, and of the Secretary. rhe Prizes will be presented by Lady Williams Wynn at 3.45. Hon Scirctary and Treasurer:- JNO. B. SHIRLEY, 815f National Provincial Bank, Wrexham. RHOS RELIEF FUND. TO EMPLOYERS OF LABOUR. "T7MPLOYER3 OF LABOUR in want of workmen are J}J particularly reo.aested to apply only to tho Secretaries of the Relief Committee. 673j THE BHOS RELIEF FUND. TAKE NOTICE.—NO books for collecting subscriptions from the public wil 'be authentic unless sigued by one of the Vice-Chairmen and Secretaries. THE J> H O S RELIEF PITND. RHOS COMMITTEE. Sir W. W. WYNN, Bart, M.P., Chairman. £ s. d. Amount already acknowledged 216 9 0 Q. O. Morgan, Esq., M.P. (second subcri'n). 5 0 0 Further subscriptions will be thankfully received by the Honorary Treasurer, Mr R. Roberts, Ponkey, Ruabon, or can be paid in at the North and South Wales Bank, Wrex- ham, to the credit cf the "RLIOS RELIEF FUND." Men. women, aed children's left-off clothing will be thank- fully received by the committee. 845o fully received by the committee. 845o ITtgal anb fatblk Rjofitts. COMING-OF-AGE OF EDWARD WATKIN WILLIAMS-WYNN, ESQ., PLAS-YN-CEFN, ST. ASAPIl. A PUBLIC DINNER, in honour of the above event, will take place at the Mostyn Arms Hotel, St.. Asaph, at 6_p.m., on TUESDAY, 10th September, 1878. President: MAJOR ,CI.I.AMBRES, Dolben, St. Asapk. Vice-Presidents: The REV. W. MORTON, M.A., St. Asaph. DR. LODGE, St. Asaph, yice-Chairman of the General Committee. Tickets, 5s each (not transferable), to be had of Mr Part- inct.on. Honorary Secretary. As the' accommodation is limited, an early application for tickets is respectfully requested, to save disappointment. Dole COMING OF AGE OF EDWARD W A'l IKIN "yyiLLIAMS-^yiNN, ESQ., PLAS-YN-CEFN. AT a large and influential meeting of the Clergy, Magis- tracy, and Citizens of St. Asaph and neighbourhood, held at the National Schools, on April 22nd, R. J. SISSON, ESQ., IN TU: CHAin. It was resolved—"That a Public Demonstration h" nir. n the occasion of the Comiug-of-Age of MR. l. YV. WliLiAv.S WYNN, to mark the respect III hi esteem iu which Hie a:u-;e.t House of Cefn is held by all classes. That the Demonstration should consist in presenting en Address to Mrs Wynn; in giving tea to fit the children and their mothers, and old women of every denomination in the parish; in having a Military Band; a Banquet; and a gi-rnd displav of Fireworks at night. That a Subscription List be opened. That commit- tees be formed. That Ur. M. R. Partington be Hon. Secretary. That Mr, F. C. Watkins be Hon. Treasurer." (Signed) R. J. SISSION, Chairman. Owing to the death of Lady Williams, these festivities were, in deference to the wishes of the family, po^oned to the latter end of the summer, and the 10th of September bss been the day fixed. £ s. d. Amount of subscriptions already advertised 22117 7 And further subscriptions will be duly acknowledged by the Hon. Treasurer, or by 1.. MILES R. PARTINGTON, Hon. Sec. St. Asaph, August 28th, 1878. 0'2c FOUR YEARS SINCE AST VISIT, THE WORLD'S GREAT SHOW. EDMONDS' (LATE WOM B WELL'S) ROYAL JL WINDSOR CASTLE MENAGERIE. This old-established, far-famed Zoological Collection. The Only Remaining Wombwell's, Established 1805, will exhibit at, ST. ASAPH, oil Saturday, August 31; DENBIGH Monday, September 2; RUTHIN, Tuesday, September 3; CORWEN, Wednesday, Sept 4; LLANGOLLEN, Thursday, Sept. 5; WREXHAM, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 6 aud 7. The Menagerie never more replete in every detail, com- prising nearly 600 specimens, amongst which fu-e some of the most rare and valuable ever exhibited. This splendid carnivora cannot be equalled-I. ions, Tigers, Panthers, &c.,of all ages; the Black Tigers (just added, and which have been imported spechlly for the Menagerie at an enormous outtay). the PurRa, or Silver Maneless Lion; families of Baby Lions and Leopards, only a few weeks old the renowned Musical Elephanis, the wonders ot the, tige; Gnus, or Horned Horses from Africa; Zebras, broken to harness; the Aoudad Mouflon, or Bt-a-ded Agali; the T.ii)ir, or Rhinoceros in miniature the MoustreBlue and Redfaced Gorilla (positively the only one in Europe); an assemblage of Dasvures, very extraordinary animals magnificent Aviary of Foreign Birds; Monkeys from all parts of the Globe, leaded by the great Thoth Baboon; togethr with the vast collection of interest- ing novelties too numerous to detail in the limits of an advertisement. Latest additions:—A Black Dromedary (very rare speci- men) a Monstre Boi Constrictor a tiue Group of Lamas, and the Baby Lions born a few days sine. Mrs Edmonds has much pleasure in informing her numerous patrons, she has again secured the services of Ledger Dei- monico, whose unrivalled performances with the highly trained groups of Lions. Panthers, and Hyenas seme years since, were acknowledged by the Public and Press, as the most remarkable ever witnessed—during his ab?euco on the Continent, this world renowed Liou Hunter has exhibited his daring exploits before most of the Crowned Heads of Europe. Admission to view the whole, Is; children under 10 years o age, 6d. Feeding time, 9.30 p.m., 6d extra. A select day for Feeding and Performance of the Animals will take place on Saturday, commencing at Three. Admis- sion on that occasitn Is Cd, children and servants Is. N.B.-Tlie public are respectfullv requested to remember that there is no genuine Wombwell's Menagerie, unless pre- faced by the name of Edmonds. 897 b 1878. REGISTRATION OF VOTERS. COUNTY OF FLINT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that William Lnngford Foulkes, Esquire, and Alfred Coxon, Esquire, have been appointed the barristers to revise the list of voters in the election of a Knight of the Shire for the county of Fliut. and that they, or one of them, wilt make a Circuit and hold Courts for revising such li-ts, at the several timeli and places uuder- mentioned, that is to ta v For the several parishes, townships, precincts, or places of Bodfarry, Caerwys, Halkin, Holywell, Llanasa, Nan- nerch, Whitford, and Ysceifiog, at the Court H,us,. at Holywell, on Wednesday, the 2nd day of October next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. For the several parishes, townships, precincts, or places of Flint, Hawarden, Norihopand Saltney, at the Magis- trates' Room, in Nortbop, on Thursdsv, the 3rd day of October next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. y For the several parl-hes, to precincts orplase* of Gwaeuysgor, Me!id>-n, and so much of ihe F)..o:i;) hu¡jdJanlls forms the the Town Hall, in Hhy), on Saturday, & ot October next, at 11 o'clock in For the several parishes, townships, precincts, or places of Cwm, Dyserth, Newmarket, and so much of the parish of Rhuddian as forms the 11 Franchise of Rhuddlan," St. Asapli, and Tremeircliioa, at the Court House, at Saint Asaph, on Tuesday, the 8th day of October next, at 12 o'clock at noon. For the several parishes, townships, precincts, or places of Abenbury Fechan, Bangor, Bettisfield, Bronington, Erbistock, Balgbton, Hanmer, Iscoed, Overton, Penley, Threapwood. Tybroughton, Willingten. and Worthenbury, at the Bowling Green Inn, at Overton, on Friday, thelltli day of October next, at two o'clock in the afternoon. F, r the several parishes, townships, precincts, or places of Bodidris, Cilcen, Hope, Higher Kinnertou, Marford and Hoseley, Mold. Nerquis, and Tryddvn, at the Shire Hall, in Mold, on Tuesday, the 15th day of October next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and follow- ing days if necessary. And for every other parish, township, precinct, or place (if any) that may have been omitted in this notice, at the Shire Hall, in Mold, on Tuesday, the I5tli day of October next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. All overseera and other persons whose attendance may be neceaeary arc hereby required to attend the said courts at the several times and places aforesaid, at which the lists of their respective parishes and townships are hereby appointed to be revised, and all overseers are required to produce in court the several rates or assessments made far the relief of the poor of their respective townships for the year ending 31st July, 1878, and to bring, with them copies of their lists, an4 all noiiccsof claims and objections, and other papers they have received concerning the registration of voters for the said couutv of Flint. A. T. ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. Mold, 26th August, 1878. 590 tnDtrs. DENBIGII URBAN SANITARY AUTHORITY. DENBIGH SEWERAGE WORKS. CONTRACT No. 1. THE Urban Sanitary Authority of Denbigh invite Tenders for the following Works in connection with the Sewera-,e:- For the construction of Outfall Sewage Tanks. For the construction of 1,810 lineal yards or thereabouts of a brick -Feirer 2ft. 6in. by lie. 9in., and 282 liuoa.1 yards or thereabouts of II) inch pipe sewer, together with all Man- holes, Lampholes, ventilating Shafts, and other works con- nected therewith. The plans, specifications, and detailed drawings may be seen and information obtained from Mr R. C. D. Clough. Surveyor, Denbigh, from whom bills of quantities and forms of Tender can be obtained on payment of one guinei. Scaled Tenders endorsed Tender for Sewerage Works," to be delivered to the undersigned on or before the 14th day of September, 1878. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. By Order, J. PARIty JONES, JB., Town Clerk. Denbigh, Aijguat 13th, 1878. 837b MONEY TO LEND, WITHOUT SURETIES, BY THE IMPERIAL ADVANCE BANK.—DISTANCE 1-.0 OBJECT.—All respectable Householders, whether they arc private Gentlemen or Ladies, Shopkeepers, Farmers, Car Proprietors, Cow Keepers, Tradesmen, or Clerks, they can be accommodated by this Bank with Burr." of Money from £10 to £ 1,000, repayable by easy instalments, extending over one year and upwards, to enable them to increase theirvjt-ocks and afford them every kind of temporary accommodation, without Meads as sureties and with the strictest privacy. Applicants would do well before applying to any office to consider its respectability. This office was rgtablished in 1S73, and since that time its business in advances has been rapidly increasing, and it now makes more advances than any othcr single private advance office in the provinces. Every information willingly afforded. Apply,either peraonally or if by letter state amount required, to LEWIS SIMMONS, Proprietor, 854 27, South John street, Liverpool. R ARTHUR DAVIS, Draper, Denbigh, fesgs to announoe • bis return from London with a splendid assortment of Choice Goods for the present season. 461g s Jlbbresses. THE NORTH WALES PHARMACY. EXTRA FIRST PRTZK of the Denbighshire and Flintshire Agricultural Society, 1876 (and "Honorable Mention "in 1872) awarded to Mr J. F. Edisbury, for best selection of Horse and Cattle Medicine and Farmers' Requisites. PRIZE MEDAL awarded for Chemicals, perfumery, &c., at Industrial and Art Treasures Exhibition, Wrexham, 1876. J. F. JIVPA DISBURY, MPS" DISPENSING CHEMIST, 3, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, IMPORTER OF GERMAN MINERAL WATERS, AGENT FOR ELLIS AND SON'S AERATED WATERS; ALSO SCHWEPPE'S. HGMXEOPATHIC MEDICINES. ALL THE LEADING MAKES IN POMADES, PERFUMES, TOOTH, HAIR AND NAIL BRUSHES; WHITEWASH AND PAINT BRUSHES; OILS, PAINTS, AND COLORS, BELMONTIXE, PARAFFINE, COLZA, AND. OTHER LAMP OILS. ALTERATIVE CONDITION POWDERS-FOR HORSES. For r-i-ao%-ing all diseases of the skin, or when out of condition improving the coat and giving it a fine, smooth, and glossy appearance. They may be given at any sea-on with perfect safety. Directions-One or two tablespoonsful to be given every otaer night, in a bran mash or with corn. In Air-tight Cnuisters, Is each. COMPOSITION FOR DRESSING SEED WHEAT. A certain remedy f r the Smut also a to -he ravages of the Slug, Grub, and "Wire Worm. The Urge and increasing of the above composition, and the fact of its being used by all the leading Agricul- turists in this neighbourhood, is sufficient guarantee of its efficacy. With each packet there arc directions for use. 8d per packct-sufficient for six bushels of wheat. HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES. MIXTURE FOR FOOT ROT IN SHEEP, IN BOTTLES, Is AND IS 6d. CHLORATE OF POTASH, FOR FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE. AGENT FOR McDougal's and Slierratt's Disinfectants. &c., Ac., Chloralum, Condy's Fluirl Chloride of Lime, Flint's Friendly Oils, Cuff's Farmer's Friend, Steven's Ointment, James's Bli-ter. Dog Soap. Leeming's Essence, Wyley's Essence, Driffield Oils, Cupiss's Constitution Balis for Horses, Gripe Mixture for Horses, Is 6.t and 2s Linseed Oil, Sulphur, Cow Salts, Fuller's Earth. AU Private Recipes made with Genuine Drugs, at the lowest rate consistent icith quality. i 'loney s i- oo« Linseed, whole & ground Fullwood's Cake & Liquid Anuatto Nicholl's Liquid Annatto Cheese Skins — Farmers Friend Bigg's Sheep Wash Bigg's Sheep Wash Taylor's Horse and Cattle Medicines Cooper's Sheep Dip Agricultural Blue Stone Cattle Medicines Drying & other Drenches Original Seaman's Oil Original Cheshire Bottle Engine Oil. Gear Oil Tar: Cart Grease, Pitch I rish Moss Ground Oil Cake SOLE PROPRIETOR AND MAKER OF NOKES'S WREXHAM SAUCE. From the Original Recipe purchased from Mr Nokes. In bottles, Is and 2s each. 882o "ABSOLUTBL Y PURE." See Analyses :-Sent Post Free on Application. 1-* ■- T T a n CRYSTAL SPRINGS. il L L I S S T,—c v _A Soda, Potass, Seitzer. Lemonade, also Water RTT 'T1 TT T AT without Alkali. For JL JLL JL JLM GOUT, Lithia Water, and Litliia and Potass Water. A T E R CORKS BRANDED "R. Ellis and Son, Ruthin," and every label bears their Trade Mark. SOLD EVERYWHERE, AND WHOLESALE OF R, ELL I S AND SON, RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. 2f)7 W A L L I S S A ERA TED WATER COMPANY, LIMITED. WORKS :—W R E X H A M INCORPORATED UNDER THE COMPANIES' ACTS, 1862 AND 1867. CAPITAL < £ 12,50^ DIVIDED INTO 2,50J SHARES OF £ 5 EACH. Directors. Mr JOHN HIGGINBOTTOM. Beech House, Fallowfield, Manchester, Gentleman (Chairman). Mr FRANCIt) B. tRUH, The Grove, Shaw Heath, Stockport. Mr THOMAS OGDEN, Manchester, Hat Manufacturer. Mr JUDES RAGOT, Rushford Park, Levenshulme, Manchester, Merchant. Mr COL XCFLLt>R 1HOMAS ROBERTS, Wrexham, Wine and Spirit Merchant, i Mr JOHN WALLIS, Rhesddu, Wrexham, Aerated Water Manufacturer. Solicitors. Messrs GRUNDY & KERSHAW, Booth-street, Manchester. Auditor. Mr JOSEPH BARBER, John Dalton Street, Manchester. Hankers. NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND, MANCHESTER, LONDON, AND BRANCHES. &c1'('tary¡. .Alr DANIEL SMEDLET. /A yisitrri! Oykes. 41, JOHN DALTON SIREET, MANCHESTER. PROSPECTUS. This Company is formed for the purpose of acquiring the trade and business of Mr John Wallis, of Wrexham Manufacturer of Aerated Waters, together with the Freehold Land and Buildings comnrisinsr the Work- now occupied by him, at Rhosddu, Wrexham. The purchase includes, in adition to the Freehold Estate, the Goodwill of the Business, the whole of the Manufacturing Plant, Machinery, and Utensils of the Trade, together with the Herses, Vans, &'c. Since its establishment, nine yea rs a o, the business has steadily increased, and of late has'become so extensive that the introduction of further capital has become absolutely necessary, experience having proved that i's extent- iblimited enly by the power of production. The Vendor retains a large interest in the Company, one-fourth of the purchase-money being paid to him in shares and the directors liuve entered into an arrangement with him whereby his services will be secured to th" Company on very advantageous terms. The business is at present in a very prosperous condition, and is capable of great exUn-don and th Directors are fully convinced- that but ittlle outlay in the extension of the premises and the supply of additional machinery and appliances, so as to meet the. growing demand, will place the undertaking on a basis which will ensure an immediate and liberal return to the Shareholders. Tho Works are situate in the centre of a large and populous district, with every facility for the despatch of goods to Liverpool, Manchester, and other large towns, where it i-, believed an extensive trade will be done The lucrative nature of the business is so generally known that it does not seem necessary to state what rate of dividend may be expected, but as the result of investigations, aud upon calculations which have been made the Directors have confidence that a moderate trade will enable them to pay a dividend of at least ten per cent to the Shareholder's, and at the same time carry n surplus to the Reserve Fund. The nominal capital of the Company has been fixed at £ 12,5^0, divided into 2,500 shares of C5 each The Directors do not intend at present to call up more than £ 3 per share. £ 1 to be paid on 8pp'ic«rion and C-J on allotment. If, however, it should hereafter be desirable to call up more ot the subscribed capital due notice will be given to the Shareholoers of any such call. The Directors will use every effort to ensure the success of the undertaking, and they request an ear-y application for Shares, as a large number have already been applied for, and they confidently believe that they will be able to pay a good dividend at the close of the present year. The only agreement entered into is dated June 1, 1878, and is made between John Wallis of the one part and John Lloyd, on behalf of the Company, on the other part. Forms of application for shares may be had from the Solicitors, Bankers, and Auditor, or from the Secretary, at the Registered Offices of the Company, where the memorandum and articles of association, and the agreement above referred to may be seen. n Manchester, July 20,1878. 74De ELLIS AND CO'S ASPHALTE ROOFING FELT. WORKS: MALONE MILLS, BELFAST. OFFICE AND STORES: 23, STRAND-STREET, LIVERPOOL, AND RESPECTABLE IRONMONGERS. 629b THE WYNNSTAY ARMS HOTEL, OSWESTIiY. C-HARLES DnEW, PROPRIETOR. The Proprietor begs to inform tho residents of Oswestry and tho surrounding districts that he hUB become the tenant of the above Hotel, and trusts he may continue to receive the support so liberally accorded to his predeoeesors, FIRST-CLASS ACCOMMODATION for Familiee, Commercial Gentlemen, and Tourists. THE BOWLING GREEN AND PLEASURE GROUNDS I arc acknowledged to be unsurpassed in the neighbourhood. d A SPACIOUS BILLIARD SALOON. WINEsi SPRITS, AND CIGARS of the choicest description. Good STABLING and Lock-up COACII-HOUSES. Careful attention given to the POSTING DEPARTMENT. 1101d WOOLLEN CLOTHS. WOOLLEN CLOTHS. R ARTHUR DA VIS, Denbigh, has now ready for Sale • a very extensive Stock of New Woollen Cloths made specially for himself by sonJa of the leading Scotch Ma.nu- facturers, Shrank, and of the Newest Patterns, which will be sold a.s usual at small profits for Ready Cftah, 45i g J. E. DEXKIS, BRUSH MANUFACTURER, (Late of 7, Church Street, Wrexham), Begs most respectfully to inform the Nobilitv, Clergy, anti Gentry of Wrexham and its vicinity, that he has tak. n the bu.-iuess lately carried on by F. W. MA WEll, HAIR CUTTER AND PERFUMER, 1, ARCADE, WREXHAM, And intends to combine the Brush and F^ney Trade with the above, having taken into partnership J J Duff (from Mr Win. Fitch's, Chester), who wiilundeil take the entire management of the LADIES' AND gentlemen's HAIR CUTTING EOOlfS. The business will be under the style or firm of DENNIS & D U F F. I The premises have undergone alterations, and the Stock beiug entirely New, comprising Brushes and Sponges for Household, Toilet, and Stable use also Ladies' and Gentlemen's Satchels, Portmanteaus, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Satchels, Portmanteaus, Purses, Combs, Pomades, Walking Sticks, and a t'üt variety of FAN GOODS. D. & D. hope, by strict attention to b;-=ines«, and ) any commands they may be favoured with, to merit patronage. 1, Arcade, High Street, Wrexham. 1 f PRIVATE HOTEL, 94, Jormyn-rtreet, St. James', Lon- don, W., for families and gentlemen, close to the clubs i and theatres. Apply to Mrs E. Roberts, proprietress Also WeU-farnished APARTMENTS at Sutherland House, 0, East Parade, Rhyl. Apply to Miss Jones, manageress.—At both places general arrangements for the winter, 758c "VfEW Shapes in Lfldies' Straw Huts and Bonnets V i Xl Shapes mGirls' Hat$,&c.&c.,at R. ARTHUR DAV tl c Denbigh. /r, 45Jg I Cbuntfimr. THE RUABON GRAMMAR SCHOOL. THIS SCHOOL opened on August 1st.—Fnll particulars as to Terms and course of Educa- tion will be forwarded on application to the REV. A. L. TAYLOR, 61 Head Master. COLLEGE EDUCATION FOR FORTY POUNDS A 1EAR, Board, Lodging, and College Fees included. Out-door Students Ten Pounds per annum (attacued are several Scholarships and Exhibitions) at the. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES. -President. THE RT. HON. LORD ABERDARE. Principal: REV. T. C. Edwarbs, M.A., OXOll. aud Loud. Session 1878-9 begins 8th October next. For Prospectus apply to the Registrar at the College. Aberystwyth, or to the Hon. Sec, 7, Queen Victoria-street. Loadon- 895b g T. rpHOMAS' COLLEGE, RHYL. Established by the late YEN. ARCHDEACON MORGAN, IIead-master: REV. THOMAS HUGHES, M.A. Boarders are taken in the head master's house, No. 8, plas Tirion Terrace. 3i10 TOWER HALL, LLANGOLLEN. ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUNG LADIES. PrÚu:ipals DR. & íRS. ELLIS. The house is delightfully situated on an eminence, about half a mile from the town, and commands splendid views of the far-famed Vale of Llangollen. The course of instruction is such as to qualify young Ladies for useful and honourable positions in society. as well as for competitive examinations. Prospectuses, &c., on application. 129o fratosmait's ^bbrfss^s. TIMBER YARD AND SAW MILLS, RAILWAY STATION, WREXHAM. W. JHOMAS BEGS to call attention to the following Cargoes now arrived at Counah's Quay :— 13,yG5 Spruce Deals, ex "Clifton," from Miramichi N B. 7,4Sb Spruce Deals, ex Quace," from St. John's NB 4,000 Railway Sleepers 'FS Redwood Logs iex "Arabian,"from Riga G Fathoms of Lathwood ) Also to his Stock of P Pine. Stellin Oak, and Yellow Pine Logs, Red and lellow P;r.e Deals, well-seasoned Christiana Floor Boards, and Yellow Pine Boards, Mahogany Plastering Laths, split cn the premises. Mates, Tiles, &c \l^o a quantity of well made Larch hurdles. Slates Hut in Truck Loads direct from the quarries. LOWEST PRICES ON APPLICATION. 876b "OLIVE CKEA M," (Registered at Stationers' Hall). Highly reenmmeuded for PRESERVING INVIGO- RATING, aud DRESSING the HAIR. rendering it Soft and Glossy, and imparting a HEALTHY STIMULUS to the Roots of the Hair, and much superier to Pomade. 0 1, Limes, and Glyci'rine for general and family use. rilEPAEED ONLY BY F r, A N C I S PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, H O P E S T R E E T, W R E X H A M, I In Is and 2s Bottles. FRANCIS S VOICE LOZEXGES, for Clearing and Strengthening the Voice, relieviug all Affe -tions of the Throat. Hoarseness. Huskiuess, Sore Throat, Relaxation of the Uvula and Tonsils. PUBLIC SPEAKERS and STXGERS take them with much benefit as a Preventive of Hoarseness tind as a Remedy when it exists. Nume.-ous testi- monials from eminent Public Speakers and Singers. Sold in Boxes. Is Ijd, 24 9d each; or per post, the Is 14d for Is 2d, 2s 9d for Ss. in sfanms, from J. IfRANCis, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Hope-street Wrexham. 888b JJOLKER AND CUDWORTH, GENERAL ENGINEERS, Having had ^considerable prncticJI experience in the manufacture and repairing of LOCOMOTIVES, ENGINES, & MACHINERY IN GENERAL, Trust b> prompt attention to business, combined "witli good workmanship, to merit a share of Public Patronage. E.timates given for Millwright and General Work. Works:— ADJOINING WBEATSHEAF STATION, WREXHAM. b LOANS from £ 5 to £ 1,000 can be had without delay with re-payments to suit borrowers. — A nnlv tn MR CHARLES WILSON, Auctioneer and ValuT^ VidW street, Chester. [A CARD.] ¡ M E 8 ROPER 1 Begs to inform Ladies that she is open for Engagements as Professional t ID WIFE and Ladies Nurse 'lender. Certified from tho Rotunda Lying-in Hospital, Dublin. Please apply personally or by letter at 31 Please apply personally or by letter at 31 Hope-street, Wrexham. 817c TO COAL MERCHANTS. CELEBRATED EAGLE COAL!! HOT, FREE, CLEAN, DURABLE. To be had only from J H NICHOLS, SASDHEXD NJgJKK LE WILLOWS. R jyjARTIN F. SMITH, SURGEON DENTIST, I HIGH STREET, (Corner of Crown-square) DENBIGH. Sony. Dentist to Denbighshire Police Force. HOURS—10 till C. 112c ¡ ———————————— I JOSEPH -pENTON AND gONS, J Manofacturers of Crucible Cast, Steel Casting, Pater'. Colliery Wheels. ¡ Axles and Pede stals, Collie y Cacf. SIideg I and Guides, Winding u!lie6;;ril Pramw Kail Cror.iu- SYIfT'S WORKS, SHEFFIELD. Plcrso juj»' Queen-sir- an'} r'rs Ml? W. GAMBLE, 13. atteut'- ^uexlialn> as;d ssme v.u! have prompt- oti- U39f BIRMINGHAM GOOJe-.vtilcrv, \Y.,lel«-, Harmo- niums Household Furnitu. wanted"