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........--. CRICKET..


CRICKET.. GRAND CRICKET MATCH (OSWESTRY V OGrq REGIJIEST) AND Sworm TILTING TOU^M;;NT.— A grand cricket tc-h Was commenced on i -aa,, !1iA cor.inued on Wtd :ecday, between the meu.b rn of the Osw.-stry elub and the officers of the 96 h R -sriment, on the Oswestry ciekefc ground. The admis-ion to the ground was 6d each day. The weather deUgVful both days, and a very large company assembled, p«rt-Wih:rly on Wednes- day, when tho pleasure of the vNifor* was enhanced by the delightful music of the band of the 96rh Regiment of 36 performers, by the k tid permission of Col. Thos. M. Wibor, and officers. There was also a grand sword- lilting tournament by members of the F (Oswestry) troop of Yeomanry Cavalry, which took place at half-past five o'clock on Wednesday evening. The following is the core of the cricket match, which resulted in favour of Oswestry, w! o made 13i runs, whilst the officers made only 106 in the two innings: — Oswestry. T. S. Eyton, b Ridley. o c Illall, b Wright 0 E. Powell, b Wright. 5 c Install b Kiulock. 6 C. F. H. Leslie, c and b Ridley 0 c D'Aquilar, b Rid- ley 33 W. Trevor, b Ridley 15 c Ingall, b Kinlock 2 R. G. Venables (captain), c Ingall, b Wright. 1 c Anderton, b Rid- ley 5 A. E. Payne, absent. 0 st Ridley, b Kinlock 10 A. How, c and b Ridley 19 c Watson, b Kinlock 0 A. How, c and b Ridley 19 c Watson, b KlIllock 0 C. TI. Wright, run out 13 l.b.w., b Kinlock 1 A. France, l.b.w., b Iti(Iley 5 not out 2 I G. E. Robimon, run out 2 c Watson, b Kinlock 4 R. Trevor, not out 0 c Lloyd, b Kinlock. 4 Extras 2 Extras. 5 62 72 Officers of the 9C.116 Regiment. Lieut. Kinlock, b Payne 20 b Pityne. 3 H. C. Wright, b Yenables 4 b Payne. 1 A. Ingall, run out 8 b Payne 6 Lieut. Ridley, cHow, b Payne 22 c France, b Venables 0 F. W. Llovd, b Payne 0 run out 0 Lieut. Watson, b Venables 6 c Wright, b Payn. 0 Lieut. Anstruther, b Venables. 5 l.b.w., b Payiio 1 Lieut. Maxwr'll, b Payne 0 b Payne 0 Captain D'Aquilar, b Payne 2 b Puyue 1 Lieut. Anderton, b R.Trevor. 3 bYenables 2 Lieut. Farriugtou, not out 8 not out 3 Extras 6 Extras. 5 8-1 22 The sword-tilting was very exciting, and eleven out of '.he two've members on the card put in an appearance, under the command of Captain A. C. Arkwrijrht, S.Y.C. The conditions were three poinU for slicing the lemon; wo for aking the ring; and two pcin s for cut ting the neck. Five trials was wasallowed, and t,) at full albp. The first prize, given by Mrs Arkwright, was a -at. of silver U-J spoons, and was won by Private Thos. Edwards, of Willow-street, Oswestry, who made 27 points out of a possible 3o. The second pr:z was a hunting flask,Igiven by Lady Harlech, and was taken by Private W. Humphreys with 24 points. The third prize was Xt 10J, given by the Oswestry Cricket Club, and was won by Private Henry J-ckson, with 22 points. The attendance of county families in the neighbourhood was large, there being a great nnmber of carriages on the ground. Everything pass d off in the most pleasant manner.


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