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CORN. WREXHAM, Thursday.-The following were the quota- tl.ons:- White wheat (new) es 8d to 7a Od Red ditto (new) 6s 3d to 6. 6d. Barley (grinding) Od to Os Od. Malting barley, 66 6d to 6s #d. Oats (old) 06 Od to 0s Id. Oats (new) 3a 6d to 4a 6d. CHESTER, Saturday.—There was a moderate attendance at to-day's market, but a very limited supply of English wheat. Prices were firm although there was not much busi- ness passing. There were a few samples of new oats on offer. but rallies were not fully tested. Indian corn in fair demand at somewhat advanced rates. New. Old. a. d. B. d. s. d. s. d. Wheat, whice, 76lb. 7 3 to 7 6 0 » to 0 0 Ditto, red 69 — 70 »0 — 00 Barley malting, 38qts 6 a 6 a 9 9 o o Ditto, grinding, 641b. 40 4 6 0 0 — 00 Oats, -i61b 39 — 43. 00 00 lieon*, 80lb 6 # — • 8 # 0 — 00 Ditto, Egyptian, 4801b. 40 0 — 41 0 0 0 — 0 0 Indian corn, feed, 4801b.26 3 26 9 26 9 27 0 SHREWSBURY, Saturday.—To-day there i»a« a change in the weather, and many farmers were engaged, in carrying corn, the result being that the market was but thinly at- tended. Old wheat sold more freely, at the prices of the previous week. No new was offered. a. a. 1, I, W bite wheat, per 761bs 6 • to 7 0 Keu wheat per 761b.' 6 4 „ 8 8 Barley, per as quarts • 0 „ 6 0 Grinning barley per 38 quarts • 0 0 0 Ollt. per 11 score 61b» 21 0 „ 26 0 Ueau», per 11 score 5 lbs 21 0 23 0 i't'af, per 11 ;.core 6 lbs 18 0 20 0 Mult, per imperial bushel 9 0 It 9 6 CORN AVERAGES. CORN AVERAGES. for the week ending Saturday August 17. Tht following are the quantities (in quarters) sold and the l>rice», this year and last year:— priuet, this year and last year:- QUANTITIES SOLD. PKICKS. ] Lis year. Last year. This year. Lut year 8 d Wheat 26,233 24,436 44 2 64 9 Barley 296 173 32 3 32 9 Outd 1,620 1,688 26 1 27 10 LONDON, Monday.—The market was very firm and steady for English wheat at late values new samples are coining forward rather more freely. Foreign about Is dearer on the week. American new wheat also exhibited a similar rise. A quiet trade in flour at former prices. Barley and beans unaltered. Oats and maize od dearer, and peas Is cheaper on the week. Malt about C-bs to 73s. A fair busi- ness was done in the feed market. Canary seed was quoted at 4s to 6s per quarter above recent lowest point, supplies being small. Arrivals British wheat, 2,9*0 barley, 25U oats, 3ù3 maize, Ibl); flour, 11,4S6 qrs. e.reig-u wheat, 40,240; barley, 9,211; oats, 61,47 b maize, 29,444 qrs flour, 13,113 barrels and l.sttw sacks. LIVERPOOL, Tuesday.—To-day's market was fairly at- tended by millers and dealers, but for wheat there was only a moderate demand, nuw red wiuter, now in liberal supply, giving way Id to 2d, other descriptions Id per cental from the rates of Friday last. Flour, both sack and barrel, met an average request at steady prices. Oats ruled dull. Oatmeal slow at previous aurrencies. Egyptiau beans attracted but litile attention. Canadian peas obtained rather higher figures. JMult and barley, though not buoyant, experienced no alteration iu value, i'or Indian corn, in presence of small American shipments, an advance of ad per quarter was ajked, but business was somewhat ebecked luereby. The following are the quotations :— WHEAT, per lUQlb. s. d. s. d. BAHLET, per601b. s. d. s. d English, red 9 G 10 0 Scotch (i; Irish 4049 white. 10 6 10 7 Danubian 3 4 3 ti Irish, red 0 0 0 0 OAT, per 45 lb. „ white 0 0 0 0 English & Scotch 3 10 4 1 U.S. No. 1 spring 9 4 9 7 Irish, Mealing. 3 0 3 8 No. 2 9 0 9 4 2d quality 3 3 3 6 Winter red 9 6 10 2 Black & 'lawny. 2 11 a 1 white. 10 5 10 9 Black 0 0 0 0 Canadian viiite. 9 10 10 3 American 2 8 2 10 red, 909 7 OATM £ AL,,per 24uib. Danubian 0 0 0 0 Irish, new 25 0 23 6 Californian 10 2 10 6 I. COKN, per 4S0lb. Chilian, white. 9 11 10 2 American, yel.& Egyptian 0 0 0 0 Mixed 23 9 25 6 Oregon 10 0 lt 7 B Europ'u yellow, 25 0 25 6 FLOLR, per 280ibs, BEANS, per qr. < English & Irish English 47050 0 1 supernne 41 0 43 0 Scotch < £ Irish, Extra. 44 0 48 0 per 4tiu lb 08040 0 French line and Egyptiau 3a 0 39 0 superfine 38 0 47 0 iluzagan 36 0 at;6 Spring Wheat. 33 0 35 0 Behera 36 G 37 6 Canad'n, sweet 24 6 2(> o PEAS, per Qr. Extra 20 0 27 6 English 0 0 0 0 Western Canal 21 0 2(i 6 Canadian 33 6 34 0 LONDON, Wednesday.—Very little business done in this market, and prices of all kinds of produce were nominally the same as last Monday. Arrivals: British wheat, 16u qrs; barley, 74o qrs. Foreign wheat, 29,4yo qrs barley, 13,020 qrs; oats, 36,4c)J qrs; maize, 32,440 qr-; flour, 3,l_'u backs and 5,55u barrels. CATTLE. LIVERPOOL, Monday.—The supply of stock is ratlior less than on last Monday. Cattleilllairdea,aud at slightly improved rates for the best; otliur sorts unclilinged in value. The demand is low for sheep and lambs at last week's prices. Arrivals of American live stock again very large, trices Beef, bid to bict mutton, 8d to ilil lamb, bi to lod per lb. There .were at market 2,704 cattle and 12,734 sheep and lambs. LONDON, Monday.—An excellent supply of horned and other cattle, including about 1,300 American trade firm at a bout late values. Prime Herefords and Devons were freely sold at 5s lOd per stone, and in some few instances at even more. American, 5s to 5s tid. Large-framed Lincoln oxen hung heavily on hand. A large supply of sheep, including upwards of 2,000 American prices steady. Lamb, 7s to fts per stone. Calves quiet. Pigs a dull sale. Prices Beef, 4s 6d to 5s lOd mutton, 5s 6d to lis 8d; veal, 5s (Xl to (is lid pork, 4s to 4s 8d. There were at market, blasts, 2,830; sheep, 12,880; calves, :00; and pigs, 80 included in which were foreign beasts 1,56J sheep, 2,200; calves, 10; and pigs 40. SALFORD, Tuesday.—A fair trade was done in first-c:ass beef at about last week's rats secondary and third rate qualities changed hands slowly at rather unsteady rates. From 300 to 4u0 American beasts were disposed of at about 71ti per lb. The show of sheep and lambs was much smaller. A brisk trade was done in ssiieep at slightly increased prices. About l,ou0 American sheep found buyers at about t)d per lb. Good fat lambs were scarce, and commanded high figures, but other sorts were slow of sale. A moderate demand was experienced for cafves. lied, 6.1 to Ijd mutton, 7^d to IUd; lambs, lid. to IUid veal, 8d to 9d per lb. GENERAL PRODUCE. LONDON HOP MARKET, Monday.—The reports from most parts of the plantations state that notwithstanding a week's rough and unseasonable weather the hops have made fair progress towards maturity. The demand was slow in this market, and values were nominally witiiout change. LONDON PROVISION MARKET, Monday.-Butter: The arrivals of foreign butter were generally in indifferent condition, and trade was dull at rather lower prices Flies- land, 118s to 12us Normandy, 72s to 12^s Jersey, 78s'to 92s finest Kiel and Danish, 114s to 120s. Bacon met a steady market, and light Irish was quoted rather uearer. Hams- quiet. iai-d somewhat firmer. Ciieese Finest new American 44s to 48s. LONDON POTATO MAUKET, Monday.-Fair supplies, but the blight was very prevalent and trade quiltt. Regents 70s to 12;)s kidneys, 70s to 140s per ton. LONDON DEAD MEAT MAKKET, Monday.-Modet-ate supplies on offer, and trade continues firm at about previous values. Beef, 3s to 5s 611 mutton, 3s 4d to 6s veal, 5s ud to 5s 8d large pork, 3s 8d to 4s 6d small ditto, 4s 8(1 to 5s lamb, 6s to Gs 8d per stone. MISCELLANEOUS. WREXIIAM -TUURSDAY. Butter 'per lb. ot 18 oz.) I831 to Is Si t o wis (per couplej :;s 6J to 4s «U Ducks per coupiej 4, 0d to 4- 6i Geese (per lb) 0s Od to Os Od 1 urkey cocks (each) 0,« 0d to Od ditto hens (each) os Oi to OsOd Dressedlowl each 2s 3i to 2s 6d Potatoes new (per score) js 4d Potatoes, old (per measure) os Od Beef t,per lb.) "t0 Mutton (per lb.) 10J Lamb (per lb.) lia Pork (per lb.) 8d to Sd. V elll (per lb.) 8d to 9d Partridges per brace oB Od to 0s od Salmon (per lb) Damson (per qu:Lrt.) to Od JEetrs 10 to 12 tor a shillinll.

--JTiaDc and <5omma tc.

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