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SPEAKING OF CHAPMAN'S ENTIRE WHEAT FLOUR, a writer in the Christian World Baya—" Many of the first physicians of the day are prescribing no other medicine for their little patients, aud it is astonishing sometimes how children whe have pined on a diet of flue white baker's bread, will thrive when fed on well cooked porridge mads of this "Entire Wheat Flour." Sold by Chemists in Od and Is packets, and 38 tins. ROSBACH WATER.—Best table water known. Very pleasant. Remarkably pufe."—Professor Wanklyn'a report. old everywhere. Retail, 6s per dozen pints 8. per dozen quarts. Original Packages, containing 60 quart glass bottles 29s, or 100 pints, 46s. The Rosbach Company, Limited, M Finsbury Circus, London, E.C. Prime;fparkling Herefordshire perry and cider champagne, quarts 12s, pints 6s per dozen. Orders payable*—W. Simpson, Market Hall, Hereford. ttMj THROAT AFFECTIONS AND HOARSENESS.—All sui- fering from irritation of the throat and hoarseness will be agreeably surpri&ed at the almost immediate relief afforded by the use of Brown's Bronchial Troches," These famous "lozenges" are now sold by most re- sectable chemists in this country at Is ljd per box. People troubled with a "hacking cough," a "slight cold." or bronchial affections, cannot try them too soon. as similar troubles, if allowed to progress, result in serious Pulmonary and Asthmatic affections. See that the words Brown's Bronchial Troches" are on the government Stamp around each box.—Manufacture; by JOHN 1. BKOWN & Soas, Boston, United State- Depot, 493-Oxford-street Lor,dan. FLOBILINE !—FOB THE TEETH AND BREATH.—A few drops of the liquid Floriiine" sprinkled on a wet tooth-brush produces a pleasant lather, which thoroughly cleanses the teeth from all parasites or im- purities, hardens the gums, prevents tartar, stops deoa) gives to the teeth a peculiar pearly-whiteness, and a delightful fragrance to the breath. It removes all un- pleasant odour arising from decayed teeth or tobaceo smoke. "Tae Fragrant FIoriline," being composed in part of Honey and sweet herbs, is delicious to the taste aud the greatest toilet discovery of the age. Prioo 2s fid of all Chemists ano Perfumers. Prepared by Henry C GALLUP 493 OXFORD-street. London. New Season's Teas, choicely blended, and rich in flavour, at O. K. BENSOX and Family Grocery Stores, 14. High-street, Wrex.bam. Printiag of every description can be execute,! at the shortest notice and upon thii most reasonable terms at he (Juordian Office, Wrexham. v


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