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-----------------CHURCH SERVICES.




CHURCHES. WHEXHAM. Parish Church.—Sunday, doming SerTjce at 11 aK Kve'iins Service at 6.30 p.m. Welsh Bible Class at 2 p.m. "Welsh Services at 3 aed at the Town Hall at 6.30 p.m. H,)!y Communion first Sunday ir. the mouth at lla'ti, second Sundav in Welsh) at S a.m. tlurd Sunday at 8.<J0 a.m. and on the principal festivals of tfce Church at.8.30 a.m., and 11 » m -Weekdays. Morning Service on Wednesdays ami Fridays at 11 'a.m. Evening Service, with a Sermon, evm Wednesday Evening at 7 p.m. Shortened Service with Bible Classes for CinUren, every inday Eveninp at 7 p.m.; Blbl" Clashes every Tuesday at S p.m. aud 7.3) p.m. The Sacrament of Baptism is administered at this Church at 4 pm. every Sunday; at the Wednesday and Friday Morning Services, and at other timesif required. 1 he seats are all free and unappropriated. All the offertory collections are made from the whole congregation, and aae devoted to the repair and expenses of the Church, and the poor. Rev David Howell, vicar Mr E. B. Simnis, orgauitst and .choirmaster; Sir E. Lovatt, parish clerk. St Mark's Church.—Sunday?. Morning Service at 11 a.m. Te b um and Jubilate, Garrett in F Aaithem, •• Comfort, O .Lord, the soul of Thy servant," Dr Crotch, Hymn before Sermon 3il; Hymn after Sermon. 217. Evening Service at Macniticat aud Nunc Dimittifl. Arnold Anthem, of Thypower, O God," SullivasHymns, 357, 370. Celebration of the Holy Communion on the first Sunday in eve ry month at a.m. second Sunday at 11 a.m. third Sunday at 10 a.m.; other Sundays at 8 30 &.m.; and on the pr'neipal festivals of the Cfcurch at 8.30 11, .m. and 11 a.m. Classes, for men and women, are held at the Church ut 2 30 p m every Sunday; and a Public CaUwhising of the Sunday Schools at S p.m. on tbe first Sunday in every month. WeéJo: Days. Morning Service on all Holy Days (except when they-occur on Wednesdays or Fridays, when fcivine Service is held at the Parish Church) at 11 a.m., an daily during Leut Service and Sermon every Friday Evefcing at 7.45 n m 'daring Lent and Advent. The seats are all free and aiinDwropriated. The offertories are devoted to fee expenses of the iervices, the repair of tiie Church, and .the poor. Organist and Choirmaster Mr J, T. Pritchard St Jamei" Church, Rliosddu.—Sundays. Morning Service at if am. Evening Service at «.30 p.m. Holy Cocnmunion en the laa^ Sunday i n every month at 11 a.m. Sundsy School at 9 45 a.Œ and 2.30 p.m. Choir practice every Thundayat 7.SU .m. Week Evening Services during Advent and lent. Holy Trinity Church, Escluehana.—Sundays. Morning Service at 11. Evening Service at 6.¡\J p.m. Holy Communion on the second Sundayi n every mouth at a.m. Seiaday Choir practice every Thursday at 1.30 p.m. Week Evening Services during Advent and Lent. Rhosne=sney &&00I Church.Sundayc Afternoon Serrfcae at 3 p.m. Sunday Schools.—A meeting of the Sunday School Teachem is held at the Free School on the first Monday Evening in, eTery month at 7.30 p.m.; and a Special Celebration of the Holy Communion once a quarter at the Parwn Church. Visiting Association.—A meeting of the District Visiting Association is held at tke Savings Bank o* the second Monday 2Jjening in each month at 7.30 p.m. BANGOR ISYCOED. Parish Church.—Sunday. Morning Service at 11. After- nooo Service at 3. The Holy Communion is administered on tie la*t Sunday in each mo&th, and on the Great Festivals, after tie Morning Service. Sunday Schools at 10 a m. and 2 p.m. Sector, Rev G. H. McGill; organ, the McGill. Eyton School ChapeL-Evening Service on Sunday at 6.30 (alternate with the Rector of Marchwiel). DENBIGH. St. Church.—Sunday. Morning Service Veitite, Brown in G; Psalm, Hopking in C. Aldrich m F; Benedieite, Chant Service; Jubilate. Elvey in B flat; Introit, Hyatc, 285; Kyrie, Arnold; Doxology, Tallis; Hymn, 288. St. David's Church.—Sunday. Evening Service Magni- float, Crotch in G Deus Misereatnr, Gregorirn in G; Hymns, HO, 4-Jfi, 445. The hymn book used in bothCburches is "Church Hyums," published by the S.P.C.K. OVERTON. Parish Cliurch.—Sundays. Morning Service at 11. Evening Service at 6. Celebritlon of the Holy Communion on the first Sunday in the month at the Morning Senioo. Litany, Churehincs, and Baptisms, at 3 p.m., on the first Sunday in the month. Rector, Rev H. Mackenzie: organist, Mrs Battersby. PONTBLYDDYN. Christ Church.—Sundays. Morning Service at 10.30. After- neon Service at 3.15. Evening Service in Welsh at 6.30.— Wednesdays. Welsh Servioe at 7p.m. Leoswood National School.—Sunday?. Evening Service (in, English) at 6.30.—Friday?. Bible Class at 7 p.m. Fcntblyddyn National School.—Thursdays, Bible Class at 1 RUTHIN. I Ht Pet»r's Church.—Sunday. New edition Hymns Ancient aud Modern are sung. Mornlnff Service at 11: Responaee. [ Bniiiliy; Venito end Gloria P.itri, Medley: Te IJeuin, • Kenedictus, Foster Cieed, Cruse Hj'OUl bcicw S2 £ mi aa——— Communion Service, 257 Kyrie and Doxology, Gounod and Clark; Hymn before Sermon, 298. Evening Service at 7 Responses, Barnby Gloria Patri, Medley Cantate, Morton; Deus Misereatur, Barnbj Creed, Cruse; Hymn after Third Collect, 463 (part 5) Hymn before Sermon, 193 Hymn after Sermom, 242.—Miss Edwards, organist; Mr Lloyd, choirmaster. RHYL. Trinity Church.—Sundays. Morning Service a 9.45. Even- ne Service at 6.30. Bible at 2-30 p.m.—Thursday, Evening Service at 7. The above services are in Welsh. There is an English service at 11.15 a.m., at which all the sit- tings are free. St. Thomas' Church.—Sundays. The Hymn Book used at this Church is that published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. There is a rehearsal of Church music every Sunday after the Evening Service. All the sittings unoccupied after the commencement of the service are free. Mr F. Wrigley, organist. Vale-road Schoolrooms,—Sundays. Bible Class in the After- noon at 2.15. Wellington-road Schoolrooms.—Sundays, Bible Class in the Afternoon at 2.15, Clwyd-street Schoolrooms.—Sundays. Bible Class in the Morning t 9.46, and in the Afternoon at 2.30. RUABON. Parieh Churoh.—Sundays. Morning Service at 11: Volun- tary, "Miserere," Winter; Responses, Tallis; Venite, Wat-son; Gloria, Watson; Te Deum, Farranse; Benedictus, Murray Anthem. "I will lift up mine eyes;" Litany, Tallis; Hymn. 234; Kyrie, Nares; Doxology, Purcell; Organ, "Credo" 12th Mass. Evening Service at 6.30: Re- sponses, Tallis; Psalm", Steele and Turner; Magnificat, Purcell; Nunc Dimittis, Stack; Anthem, I will lift up mine eyes Hymns, 220, 224; Organ, The marvellous works," Creation, Welsh Service at 3.30 p.rn, Baptisms at 4.30 p.m. Celebration of the Holy Communion at the morning Service on the first Sunday in the month, attd on the great festivals.—Week- days. Evening Service and. Sermon on Wednesdays at 7 and duriner Advent and Lent, Morning Prayer on Fridays at 11. The Hymn Book used is Hymns Ancient and Modem. Sunday Schools at lf> a.rn, and 2.15 p.m. Rev E. W. Edwards, M.A., vicar; Rev Stepltea Thomas, 15. A., curate; Mr Sparrow, organist and choirmaster; Mr R. Lloyd, pariah clerk. Bryn School-Cliuros.—Sundays. Morning Service at 1l a.m. Hely coinmuuiou ot the third Sunday in the month. WYNNSTAY. Wyunstay Chapel.—Sundays. Evensona: at Gloria, Purcell; Magt»i £ OEt, Hine Nunc Dimittis, Le FKRK Hymns, :!56, 176, 298. Sunday School at 3.30 p.m.—The Rev Studholme W;i;1s.n, M.A., priyate chaplain. MY Sparrow, orpanist (aad private organist to Sir Watkia Wiims Wynn, ) Bart., M.P.)

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