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OSWESTRY. INCORPORATION.—On Monday no business was tran- sacted, a quorum not being formed, the chairman Mr Jackson Salter, Mr W. L Bull (clerk), and Mr J. C. Bull (assistant clerk), only attending. ACCIDENT.—On Monday, as a man named Isaac Davies, aged 35, in the employ of Mr Williams, Pemrewern, was driving a reaping machine he was thrown down through the horses taking fright, fell on the knife, and had his arm severely cut. The injured man was taken to the Oswestry Cottage Hospital, where his arm was amputated by Dr Mair, assistant to Dr Sides Davies. He is doine well. A NOVEL DEFENCE was set up in one of the cases heard at the Oswestry County Court last week. The action was brought to recover the price of a quantity of hay and other things supplied to the defendant, who pleaded that when the bargain was he' was drunk with whiskey supplied by the plaintiff, and that as soon as he was sober he repudiated the contract. The Judge remarked that the very strongest proof was required that a man was von compos mentis, when such a defence w s set up, and he did not think the eviueuco waa sufficient m cuse. JUVENILE ODDFELLOWS' PICNIC.—On Mondav, the juvenile members of the King Uff. Lodge of Oddfellows picniced at Llanrhaiadr waterfalls. Two breaks and two waggonettes, containing about seventy young Oddfellows and the committee of management,, lelt Oswestrv about 9.30 in the morning, changing horses at Llanrhaiadr. Dinner was of course taken picnic fashion. Cricket, climbing, and other amusements whiled away the day', which was fortunately a very fine one. the party return- ing highly pleated to Oiwestry „boat 9 p.m. Thi treat. the expenses of which are defrayed bv tho interest on the capital of the juvenile branch, supercedes the dinner usually given. THE WATER SUPPLY.—On Monday a committee of the Oswestry Local Board met at the Council.room to consider the best means of increasing the water supply. In order to be better abie to judge, the commirfee to the Springs, Cefn Coch, Llechrvdau, Penygwidy Hafod, and Llynmoelfre. At all these places the quantity of water, was gauged, and the levels were ascertained, so AS to arrive at the comparative merits of each before reporting to the board. SCHOOL BOARD.—A meeting of the members of this Board took place ou Friday afternoon. There were ore- "nt the Rev Howell Evan a, in the chair; Rev T. Ga=quoine, Mr G. Owen, Mr T. Miushall, and Mr J. Mr J. C. Bull, clerk Mr Chambers, architect and Mr Yates, contractor. The proposed agreement between the B)ard and Mr T. P. Parry in reference to the sale of the land on which the. schools are to be built w.ts gone into, but it was not. adopted as the 11th clause, referring to the amount, of land that was to be given iu case of a new road being made, was considered not. to satisfactorily lay down the duties of the purchasers. The amended amount of the es imate, for which the couiract is to bo let, was stated to be £2,880. The Chairman said that he had asked the architect if it would be as easy to prov.de for a school of cookery in the future as to do so and he had replied that it would alter the ar- rangements very slightly if at. ail. There was no other business of public interest before the meeting





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