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VV Ti;KXiiA?u!. ui;j:sEKAL PURPOSES committee. A 81 meeting of i.fcove committee of the W t-xh; Town Council i oi. £ IJLc at the Guildhall oi) Mo; for i :ie piin.'0-ic of cou!i.:oring the mean.? o i.loiiJi -;ji- £ t;-etfc. Au'leinifm bin.Ui o Ue c»r:.a* 'J ncui Weio siso jpi\&ei'!Vj AJdermo-: T— "Ed if. a-?, dad CcuzuU.orc Bnugh, J. O. Btirv, • lohard Jones, Jt. F." Eo. slmy, V/.tiror Jones, a-i-i G '• ^a dey. The Town C lerk, Mr Johii JV.mes, th.' In 'pector or _Nu;s:«y';tv, Mr iiiggin; ana the JJoro.l yiirve; Atter t.Mo pjocec' o •; ♦•d c'y cO3-Ir Baugh tnid the oemmirtee had waited upon the I Market Hall Company < n Saturday morning at their offices in the Market Hall and subsequently visited, the spot. The company asked them what amount j of laud they wore desired to give up, and the chair- | man said something about 40 yards. Alderman Keale thought that if they set back a certain distance they would be afforded that much additional area. Mr Baugh said he had made a calculation of the ground that had been already given by the Market- hall Company and it was something like 42 yards. He (the speaker) asked them the price, and they. said 15s per yard. He then made a calculation and found the cost at the rate of.£3 10s would be ( i2146. They (the committee) went upon the ground and had some conversa.tion about the matter, and they asked Mr T. C. Jones, one of the directors, whether he thought the company would 1 take .£i50 for the land taken. E Alderman Beale asked who put the question, and ( Mr Baugh replied that Mr J. O. Bury did. They were all there together. k Mr Baugh, continued: Mr T. C. Jones said he thoaght they would take JJ150, and they (the committee) said they would recommend that t sum to the council. They suggested the pro- S priety of setting back another 2 feet 6 inches c so as to make a wide road. If they could 1 do that'it would be a boon because it was a certain 1 fact that eventually the Grammar School would be removed from the present site, and then there 1 would be ground which would be probably offered f to the Corporation. In reply to that Mr T. C. t Jones said the architect would be there shortly and s he would make enquiries as to whether it would be 11 possible to widen the road so as to make it 6 feet c instead of 3 feet 6 inches wider than it was origin- f ally. The architect said he could not entertain it c as it would incur an outlay of JB300 besides the cost s of the land. And now they came to the question ? of 3 feet 6 inches and JB150. b Mr Richard Jones said he went to inspect that place by himself and he was astonished to find that 11 there was a foundation laid there already. 6 Mr Baugh said he had asked the reason why they u had set it back 3 feet 6 inches, and he was told it was in consequence of representations that the 11 Town Council would pay a reasonable price for such" land as they set back and that the corporation D would take it. If the corporation declined they s would come to the frontage again. Alderman Eeale: By whom? Mr J. O. Bury: Bvir.s! 1 Mr Richard Jones thought this was a very im- r portant matter. He thought they had the b authority of the town—or was the Market-hall D Company to be over ruling tliem He would ask 8 them if they thought there was sufficient accomo- r dation. That place was one of the worst crowded. ? If this was the case then he considered they could 11 compel them to give proper accomodation. Was b not the spending of £150 in setting back so snail a P distance a waste of the ratepayers' money P These t (the company) were people who had made their e money when the rates were low, and they wanted t them (the cCrp^'a,io11^ to put money in^their pockets for their own accomouauoll, thfj wanted to sell grouad they ought to give for the sake of their own appliance. He did not think it was right to spend the ratepayers money at that rate. Alderman Lloyd said that whatever they required 0 was required for the benefit of the public at large. When he heard that it was 3ft 7in they were going J tosellhe proposed that they should go on the ground v and see for themselves. What he wanted was that 11 they should have such width from the Grammar 0 School to the Advertiser Office as would make a good roadway of 20 feet. If they could make an y uniform street of 30 feet, the site on which the a Grammar School stood would be a good spot for a Town Hall. I 3 Alderman Beale Town Hall! hear, hear. £ Alderman Lloyd said that that would cost about .£200 for the work and all done. It was worth that. He thought this offered 3 feet 7 inches w as for a footpath Dand curb as there ought to be before any- body's shop. He did not think it wa right that the council should waste the ratepayers money. He had riot a shillings worth of interest iu the company nor in property in that part ot the town so that he spoke for the benefit ot the town, and lie hoped conscienciously. He proposed to vote for whatever this widening would cost even though it-were as he considered that to spend JilSO for so little area would be waste of the ratepayers' naioney. He moved that thai, meeting be adjourned to that day week, and iJr, the meantime that the Market-hall Company he communicated with farther en the question. Alderman. Beale said he ttioKght that it was a little speech of his at the last meeting that was the erigin of: all this. H-i, called attention to the fact that now was the time for them to widen the street into Chestfer-str^wt—thai, there was no time te iose. He though* that if they could only obtain as much land as would niake the road lin- ableÜh Mr Southern's property the rest could be set b&ck by purchasing the old limekiln. That wou.d be a very great. improvenaeat. This was a most important point, as this spot would be central to time immemorial, and therefore he begged to second Alderman Lloyd's motion. Mr J. O. Bury proposed that as an amendment tfcey spend the £150 for the 43 yards provided. All the iron work was now made, and the contractor eaid that the removing of the foundations and laying them down again wotld cost a large sum altogether, itf altered now, the expense would be fabulous. | i Somethin had been said by Mr Richard Jones about the company having made their money when rates were low—they had done it by their persever- ance, energy, and zeal. That company was one of the most spirited and enterprising of which he knew. With regard to the price of land, they had asked at the rate of £3 1O per square yard, and that had been characterised as too much. The fact was they had recently paid at the rate of 6 10s for it. Mr Baugh seconded the resolution on the ground that he bad been a party to it, and Mr Richard Jones said he thought they should widen the street as their children would say in years to come—why did not our fathers do this, The show of hands having been taken the original motion of Alderman Lloyd's was carried. —— ——




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