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BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY.—Before T. C. Jones, Esq., T. Painter, Esq., and-A. W. Edwards, Esq. HIGHWAY EOBBEBY.—A SEItlOUS GK-iHGE. Cornelius WilliaEC3; Robert Wynne, and William Huxley, all youths of about 16 years of age, were "brought up ncnstody by P.C. Randle,Ca.rden under the following circumetances :—The lads had been apprehended on a charge of garden robbery, and hearing of the rascals a man named Philip Cash went up to the .Bridewell to see them-He at once xecoo-niaed tiiem as the same batch that stopped liim0kiiocked him dowE, and robbed him of 13s ou the previous .Saturday night.—Mr Superintendent "Wilde said, m addressh-g the Bench, that about 3 o'clock on Sunday morning P.C. Randle>C2.rden met these prisonfci-3 and he had a suspicion taat ther. was something; wrong. Me stopped them nd found a quantity of "liit in their possession, and after some questioning, they confessed where they go' i -from. They wese taken to the lock-up, but thwe .was a fourth who had eeciped. After the prisoners jhad been locket a nacn named Cash wont to the ■Bridewell and stated he had been robbed on ti.e lighway. He was taken to the cell and allowed to 3ook at the prisoners whom he at once recognized. Be (Mr Wilde) hsd two witnesses who would cor- roborate Cisli's atfltement. and therefore he asked for a. remand on some formal evidence he was pre- pared with.—Cash then wost into the witness box and said he was a. collier working at ISaosddu colliery. On Saturday night he was ,down at the Threi- Tuns. He weafc out shortly before .dosinir time. Two of the lads caught hold of him and too:. him aZong the Walks. When there, one of ,hC:'ll, "up with his fist" and knocked witness •d„«ii Thsy then got on to the top of him and rifled bh pockets. It was a youth nwajd Thomas who knocked- him down, but he had escaped. Th y took from him 13s in and atneerchuum pipe —Wynne caid he wont to the field but he did not have nny of the money and Husle? persisted that I he was not there at all.—Witness, in reply, said iI could swear the lads woro in the public ooiic<, having drunk out of the quarts he paid for to some friends, and they seemed to know he money.— George J oi 03 said he worked for M. Kenrick ns a bricklaycr, and when he passed, th last witness told him to "look cut as bricks won being hr-ricd in all directions. Cornelius Wi>iiauif gai/1 o Wynn^, Let's s,o and give him n< puncii in the jip.v," Wiinefs suid this was not the tirs: tiw men had be^-n stopped and robbed, and he eo- sid. re it a shame.—This being considered sum eviOeiicv-, vM thrco l.:ds vc-re remanded foi- week. BiiEACH OP Tirn niOITT'AY A-T. Eel tvaru Stephens, a dtiiUr iu crockery ware, e c.. I i BiiEACH OF. Tirn niOITT'AY A-T. Eel tvaru Stephens, a dtiiUr iu crockery ware, e c.. I i was ci; J OU t ■ L-d^V with having no name on his cart.—Defendant said the donkey belonged to him but the cart to his brother, aud he and his brother wore of the same; nam a.—As there was some doubt as to who the 1 propeity really belonged to, the case was aujoumed I tor a week in order that, all turee might appear. J CfCVUIiTY TO FOWLS. j Mr Grover, inspector of the Royal Society for the j Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, charged Jane j Davies, of Barnstone, with having cruelly iliused j certain fowls belonging to her.—Defendant's I husband appeared owing to the illness of his wife. Inspector Grover said that this was a persistent j practice which had been spoken about both from I the Bench and through the press, and yet all was of t little avail. Their Worships would recollect that g some little time ago a nominal penalty was inflicted t by them in a similar instance, and as this had not] had the desired effect, this time he would ask for a T more substantial fine. He found 32 ducks and fowls in a flat only big enough to hold 22 birds, j Two were dead and one was gasping for breath, but it revived after having some water given to it.— t Defendant said he would see that this should not j. occur again, but Mr Grover said that his (defen- t dant's) wife was so determined and insolent that a he was obliged to bring the case forward.—Defen- b daut said he had a wife and a large family and he B hoped the Bench would be lenient.—Fined .£2 and 1: costs 6d. T DRUNKENNESS. d Patrick Kelly was charged with being drunk on h Saturday week, and was fined 10s and costs, which B he paid. r William Price was summoned for a similar ti offence, but as he was penitent, he was cautioned d ane discharged. fi ——— si THURSDAY.—Before T. C. Jones, Esq. v y ALLEGED HIGHWAY EOBBEEY. h John Mulligan was brought up charged with fi being one of the men who committed a highway y robbery on Saturday last, with others now in n custody.—Evidence was given to justify a remand y until Monday. STEALING APPLES. A boy named Charles Williams was apprehended fr by P.C. Yaughan, chaiged with stealing apples from the Old Vicarage garden.—On the mother ci promising that the delinquent should be properly ™ chastised by the father, and the Yicar not wishing x to press the case, he w&s discharged. L W FgIDAY (yesterday).Before T. C. Jones and J. u, liUiu* -4.joCjl.3t e lc AN IMPUT}E:;T THIEF. Si Susannah Morgan, who lives at Handbridge, 1Y Chester, and who was accompanied by two children t( and a servant girl, was brought up by Supt. Wilde, la charged with falsely obtaining a watch from the V establishment of Mr Frasor, jeweller, High-street, h —From the evidence of Mr Fraser, junr., and the h police, it appears that the prisoner went on Thurs- di day to the shop and said she called for a watch w belonging to Mr Jones, Cefn." A number of g watches were looked over, and one marked Mr 81 Jones," but of Hartsheath, was given her. Sus- w picious were subsequently aroused through circum- w stances which will be revealed hereafter, and 112.- p formation was given the police. apprehended e: the WOT^2.^ and lodged her in the bridewell. The h Watch was found in her possession, and 5s 5s.— I Supt. Wilde said he should ask for a remand, as c thyre were other cises against her. He explained a that enquiries had been made in Chester, and it was h found that the servant was of respectable parents.— si Her mother, Mrs Gough, wife of a flatsman, was in h court, and stated that an elder girl had been in h service with the prisoner, but had left, and the tl other went with her ostensibly to Rock Ferry for I the day. The prisoner was a dealer in old clothes, h and witness thought she wanted her daughter to s< c rry the baby whilst she did business, and so let d her go.—Mr T. C- Jones said the decoying of the girl was a most wicked act. and showed what an p unprincipled woman the prisoner was. The beech would consider whether the expenses Mrs Gough v had incurred in coming over could not be paid out c of the money found upon the prisoner whom they I would remand until Monday. b X DISHONEST sftuVANT. Dinah Williams (16), of Bwlchgwyn, was brought up and charged with stealing a Butwl from Mrs j Curiett-, Mount-street, Wrexham, whilst in her ser- r vice. The theft was committed a year ago when 5 the prisoner decamped and was not heard of until; Thursday, when she was apprehended in Wrexham, ) The shawl, which originally cost 25 was produced and identified, and the prisoner remanded until ( Monday, when other charges will be preferred 1 against her,, if not also against her mother wbit 1 was said, had been the receiver Qf the goods p&r- ( loined. ) ASSAULTING A POLICEMAN. ( Anthony Dogan was brought up chargd with 1 assaulting P.C. Garden in Pentrefelin on pre- < vious night. The officer 'called a recruit in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and P.C. Hugh J<fee?, who 1 proved that the prisoner struck him and threatened < to oat his head off. There was no provocation i except that Dogan's sep \s wanted" in connection with the highway robbery, and Carden ;ad been in search of him. The severely censured the j « prisoner, and said that he was evidently intimidat- < rag the officer so as prevent the ends of justice, j They could impose fine of £O. but -would mitigate it to -65 and costs;, in default he was sent to gaol for two months' hard labour.



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