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VAT L\ULE DISCOVERY FOR THE HAIR.—If your hair i= turning grey or white, or felihi? oil", use The Mexican Hair Reaewer," for it t'i!l positively in every case Grey or White hair to its original cuI our without, leaving the disagreeable smell of most lic- storer, It makes tho balf charmingly heauUful, & well n* "promoting the growth of the hair on bald fct>otK, where tbo glands *aie not aecMjed. AsV vour Chemist lor the "MEXICAN IIAIE EKNEVVKB, prepared by Henry C. GALIXP, 42.5, Oxford-street. London, and sold by Chemists and Perfumers evtry- wLeve fit 3s 6d per bottle. ShiiatHute for Milk.-The Editor of the M'Aical mrror has called ti e notice of the medical proiession to Cadbury s Cocoa Essence, which he calls, Cadbury s Concentrated Vegetable Milk, and remarks "The excess of fatty matter has been carefully eliminated and thii4 ft compound remains which conveys in a minimum bulk a maximum ainoimt of nutriment. We strongly reccollimend it as a diet iov children. Reükfti's Paris Blue--The marked superiority of this Laundrv Blue over all others, and tho quick appreciation o! itsmerits by the Public, has beeu attended by the usual result viz: a flood of imitations the merit oi t.ie latter n^iniy consists in the ingenuity exerted, not simply m statin0, the snuare shape butmakmgtae g.meTAl appoaran ce oftlio wrappers resemble that of the genuine rtiole. The Manufacturers beg therefore to caution uvers to see g,eckitt' Paris Blue" on each packet. The best market for Tinned Goods, at Liver, Wrexhm. Teas, Ccffees, and general Groceries are Enpphed at merchants' prices by C. K. BENSON and Cf, 14, High- stteet, WrexViam. C, K. BENsoN aud Co.'s Teas are the purest, the bast 4nd the cheapest. 14, High-street Wrexham. For good value all ronnd the L"v,r," Westminster Buildings, Hope-streer, Wrexham'