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mp POSTAL INFORMATION. INLAND LETTERS. The rata of ooatace on inland letters i.3 na fello-vs :— Not exceeding 1 ounce in weight, prenaid in stamps Id. Exceeding 1 ounce but not exceeding '2 ounces l$d. 2 ounces, -1 ounces 2d. 4 ounces, fi ounces 6 ounces, Bounces fid. 8 onnces, 30 ounces aid. j 10 ounces, 12 ounces .4<1. A letter exceeding th weight of 1:1 ounces is liable to a postage of 1d for every ounce or fraction of an ounce, b'gin- ning with the first ounce. If not prepaid the postage is doubled, and, in case of an insufficient prepayment, the letter is charged with double the deficiency. On re-Cirected letters the charge for re-direction is the same whether prepaid or collected on delivery. LIMIT TO SIZE OF LETTERS, kc. With the following pxceptions, no letter, book-packet, & Ban be forwarded by post which is moiv than oue fout six inches LJ length, niH" in width, or six inches in depth 1. Packets to or from any of the Government offices or departments or public offices. 2. Petitions or addresses to the Queen, whether directed to her Ma jesty or forwarded to any member of either House of ParliLnient, 3. Petitions to either House of Parliament forwarded to the members of either House of Parliament. 4. Printed Parliamentary proceedings. POST CARDS. The following are the regulations respecting post cards :— 1. The cards, whether official or private, having a halfpenny sta'1'p impressed upon them (adhesive stamps not being- ac- cepted inpayment of the postage) may be transmitted be- tween pboes in the United Kingdom with letters written upon the back. 2. The front (or stamped) side is intended for the address only, in addition to the printed words Post Card and "The ress only to be written on this side." There must be nothing else written, printed, or otherwise impressed ] upon it, ijo- must there be any writing or printing across the ltamp. ° 3. On the reverse side any communication, whether of the natme of a letter or otherwise, may be written or < printe!. ] 4. Nothing whatever may be attached to the card, nor may it be te). A'd, cut, or otherwise altered. 5. Ifiy of thee rules be infringed the card will be charged one proxy on delivery. 6. No card other than oue of those issued by the Govern- ment or a private card impressed with halfpenny stamp at the 031(' of Inland Revenue, Somerset-house, or at the Stam;J-:Aic0S at Liverpool and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, will pass under a halpenuy stamn, if it bear on it a written com- munication of the naiure of a letter. A sinale post-wrd, or any number of port-cards whether J "stout" or thin," may be purchased by the public. The 1 prices of the stout and thin post-cards respectively will lie i according to the following scale, namely, stoat cards, one icl j two, H I: three, 2d four, 2fd six. 4d. Tnin cards, em", JJ tw.), ljd three, liP; f jur, 2id five, 31; I six, .3lul. INLAND NEWSPAPERS. EATZS OF POSTAGE ON REGISTERED NEWS- PAPERS. Ou each newspaper, whether posted sinsrly or in a packet. One halfpenny; but a packet containing two or more regis- tered n'iM-spfipers is not chargeable with a higher rate of postage than that chargeable on a book packet of the same weight, viz.. one halfpenny for every two ounces, or fraction of that weight The following riTcs must be observed — 1. The postage must be prepaid either by an adhesive stamp, or by the use of a stamped wrapper. 2. No newspaper can be sent through the post a second time for the original postage for each transmission a fresh 1 postage must be prepaid, except that. in the case of redirection ] the amount chargeable may be collected on delivery. 3. Every newspaper must be poste i either without a cover (in which case it must not be fastened, whether by means of gum, water, sealing-wax. postage stamp, or otherwise), or in < a',cove- entirely open at both ends, so as to admit of easy re movnl foi- examination. If this rule be infringed, the news- paper is treated as a letter. 4. Every newspaper must be so folded as to admit of the title being r<2:tdJy inspected. 5. A newspaper which has any letter, or any communioa- i tion of the nature of a letter, written in it or upon its cover will be charged as an unpaid or insufficiently paid letter. 6. A newsyaper ported singly, or a packet of newspapers which contains any enclosure except the supplement or sup- plements belonging to it, will be charged as a letter, unless the enclosure he such as might be sent fit the book rate of postage, »ud the entire packet be sufficiently prepaid as a book pack-it, in which case it is allowed to pass. T. A newspaper posted unpaid, or a packet of newspapers posted either unpaid or insufficiently paid, will be treated as an unpaid or insufficiently paid book packet of the same weight. INLAND BOOE: AND CIRCULAR POST. The following are the regulations of the Inland Book and Circular Post:— 1. The rate of postage is as follows .— 2. Tho postage must be prepaid, by means of postage stamps affixed outside the packet, or by means of a stamped wrapper, or bv a combination of both. 3. No book package may exceed 51fes. in weight. 4. A book packet may be posted either without a corer (in which CLISO itiriustnot be fastened, whether by means of gum, wafer, sealing wax. postage stamp, or otherwise), or in a caver entirely open ot both ends, so as to admit of the con. tents b ing easily withdrawn for examination, otherwise it is t eated us a letter. For the greater security of the contents, however, it may be tied at the ends with string, but in such case the postmaster is authorised to cut the string, although he is required to refasten the packet. In order to secure the return of book packets which cannot be delivered, the names and addresses of the senders should be printed or written outside. Thus-" From of a. A book packet may contain any number of separate books or other publications (including printed or lithographed latter*), photographs (when not on glass or in cases contain- ing ,!(]a,s or any like substance), drawings, prints, or maps, and any quantity of paper, or any other substance in ordinary use for writing or printing upon: and the books or other publications, prints, maps, &c., may be either printed, written, engraved, lithographed, or plain, or any mixture of these. Further, all legitimate binding, mounting, or covering of a book, &c.,orofa portion thereof, is allowed, whether such bindine, &c., bo loose or attached; as also rollers in the case of prints or maps, markers (whether of paper "or otherwise) in the esse of books, pens or pencils in the case of pocket- books, &c., and, in short, whatever is necessary ifor the safe transmission of such articles, or usually appertains thereto but. the binding, rollers, &c., must not be sent as a separate Backet. CireiiUrs—i.e., letters which are intended for transmisioa in indentical terms to several persons, and the wlinle or part of which is printed, engraved, or lithographed—may also be sent by book post. Circulars must not be enclosed in enevolopes, whether sealed or open. б. A book packet may not contain anr letter, or any com- munication of the nature of a letter (whether separate or otherwise), unless it be a circular letter or be wholly printed, Mr any enclosure sealed or in any way closed against inspec- tion, nor any other enclosure not allowed by section^. (Entries, however, merely stating who sends the hook, &c., or to whom it is given, are not regarded as a letter). If this ru'e be infringed, the entire packet will be charged as a lett-er. NEWSPAPERS FOR ABROAD. Rates of postage (in all cases prepaid by postage stamps affixed) for tingle copies of newspapers :— N.B.-a denotes that an an additional charge is made for delivery papers under 4 oz. Africa, West Coast of Id Greece, via French pckt.a 3d Aloxaudria,vi.,L Marseilles *2d Do., via France and Do., vie Southampton.. Id Trieste. *3d Do., via Trieste *3d Do., via Italy ♦•Id Australia, via S'thampton Id Hambuiv, via Beluuim. *2d Do via Marseilles 3d Holland, via Belgium a id Do via Panama ct*2d Do., via France *2d Austria, via Belguim *2d India, via Marseilles *3d Do via France *2d Do., via Southampton *ld Do'via Italy «*4(1 Italy (ex Papal States) Bararia, via France *J& direct mail. *2d Do via Belgium *2d Do., via Belgium <i*2d Behrium via direct mail *id Malta, via France .3d Do., via France 2d Do., via Southampton Id Brazil, via Southampton 3d Mexico, via S'thamptonn Id Do., via French pac:keta*Zd Do., via French Pckt.a*2d Bremen, via Belgium *2d Do., via New York.a, 2< B.Ayrer,viaSoutliamptoua*ld Nova Scotia, via ILilitax. Id Do., via French pacheta*2d Do., via United States. 2d Canada, viit U.S a 2d Papal States, via Mont Do., via Canadian pekt. Id Cenis a*lcl Cape of Good Hope Id Do., via Belgium *2d Chinn, via Marseilles 3d Portugal, via France *3d Do., via Southampton.. Id Do., via Southampton. *2d Do via French packet.a*3d Prussia, via Belgium *2d Ouba, via W. India pekt..a Id Do., via France. a*ld Do., via United States.a 2d Russia, via Belgium *4d Do via French packeto*2d Do., via France *4d Denmark, via Belgium. *3d Spain, via Franco *2d Do via France a*ld Sweden, via Denmark *4d EcvpUexeeptAlexandria, Do., via France a*ld Ciuro and Suez), via Switzerland, via Belgium *ld Marseilles a*2d i Do., via France a*ld Do v* i Southampton. *ld Turkey, via French pekt. *2d Do via Belgium *4d United States *ld Do.viaFiance&Austriaa*3d West Coatst of South Prance and AWeria *ld i America «*2d Gibraltar,via S'thampton Id West Iudks (british) 14 Da., via France *ld i For Japan, see China-Monte Video, see Bueuo3 Ayres- Mital, see Cape of Good Hope—New South Wale3, New Zea- land, Queenslnnd, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Aus- tralia, see Australia—California, see United States—Cairo Mi Suez, see Alexandria. TELEGRAMS. TARIFF FOR INLAND TELEGRAMS.—The charges for tele- grams throughout the United Kingdom, including the Chan- nel Islands and the Isle of Man, but excepting the Scilly Island <s Is for the first 20 words, and 3d for every addi- tional five words-i.e., for every additional group of not more tkan live words, the nair-es and addresties of the seador autl. receiver not being counted. FillER DEL IvElty._No charge is made for delivery by special foot messenger when uadur a mile Irani th- terminal tetegranh office, or within the limits of the Liverpool t-own delivery, even where the distanoe exceeds one mile.

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