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THE BANGOR, OVERTON, AND ERBISTOOK SHOW. This show took place on Friday (yesterday), in the park, and within a few yards of the very picturesque seat of Edmund Peel, Esq., of Brynypys. The earlier part of the morning was tine, but about half-past eleven the rain came down in torrents. The following com- prised the committeeMr Oldham, Mr Sharp, Brynypys Gardens Mr Bickerton, Mr Whitehead, Mr Clay, Mr Billington, Mr Sharp, Overton; Mr Wm. Edge, and Mr Davies. The treasurer was the Rev H. Mackenzie, and the secretary Mr T. C. Lloyd Previous to rrferring to the show we may mention that a pro- gramme of sports had been arranged, consisting of foot races, bag races, bicycle and other races, but as these took place late in the afternoon we are not at present able to give the results. The preparations of the show, the show itself, and the carrying out of the sports were carried out with great success, and all credit is due to the gentlemen we have mentioned and the others con- cerned. Mr Peel had kindly thrown open his grounds to the visitors, and a walk round the extensive grounds and gardens was thoroughly enjoyed. The band of the Royal Denbigh and Merioneth Militia was in attend- ance, but the grass being in a soaked state not much dancing could be partijipated in. This is the fourteenth annual exhibition, and it was generally remarked that, though not held under so favorable circumstances, the produce shown was equal if not superior to that of any of the other previous shows. The judges were Messrs Middleton (of Wynn- stay), and G. Pritchard (of Erbistock). The entries were more numerous than has been the case previously, notwithstanding that all entries had to be made three days previously to the date of the show, a rule that has, apparently, not keen stricily observed in past years. One stipulation of the rules is worthy of notice, and that was that cottagers under 210 annual rental combated for prizes free, thus giving the amateur and working classes an advantage over those in a better position A noticeable feature in the list was the item "nosegay of wild flowers collected by cottagers' children," and a basket of wild flowers open to the same, three prizes being offered. The same little competitors were also invited to endeavour to obtain prizes for collections of wild fruits. School-work by girls was also represented several useful specimens of needlework being sent from the Erbistock schools. The collections of wild fruits were very attractive, consisting of wild strawberries, nuts, oak apples, blackberries, dewberries, mulberries, ect., effectively set out. A few hothouse exotics had been sent from Wynnstay and ::WO by Mr. E. Peel adding to the attraction. Some novel picture frames were hung on the side of the tent the best being made of small dry berries and "oakboba" stuck on wood and of an oval or egg-shaped pattern. Another was made of fir "bobs." With regard to the fruits the apples, potatoes, and vegetable marrows were exceptionally good, and beans of both broad and runner descriptions were noteworthy. Peas and cabbage were well represented. To lovers of nature a collection of butterflies was an attraction, the varieties not only being rare but arranged in an artistic way. Mr. Peel, on being asked, kindly consented to be judge of the races, Mrs Hughes of the Overton Bridge Inn laid a first class lunch for the committee and friends. At the last moment Master Peel sent his favourite black and white cat. Master Puss" had been decked with scarlet cloth, and was imprisoned under an ornamental basket, but evidently h° was more fond of his master than the public. The only other peculiarity at the show was a display of jams. The following is the Prize List COTTAGERS. PLANTS AND FLOWERS. Three fuschias—1, W. Jones, High-street; 2, T. Antley 3, W. Jones, Penylan. Single fuschia—1, W. Jones; 2, R. Edwards. Three geraniums—1, W. Jones, High-street; 2. R. Edwards. Single geranium—1, W. Jones, High-street; 2, W. Jones, Penylan. Four roses, single bloom—1, Thomas- Matthews 2, W. Prodger; 3, W. Jones, Penylan. Six hollyhocks—Joseph Jones, Penley. Six dahlias—1, W. Jones, High-street; 2, John Wib liams, Asney 3, Thomas Davies. Six asters—1, Wm. Edwards 2, Edward Jones. Stand of cut flowers-I, John Peake, senr. 2, John Williams, Asney 3, Jane Roberts. Nosegay of wild flowers (collected by ebildren)-I, Emily Tones; 2, Alice Roberts 3, John Peake, jun. Basket of wild flowers (children)-I, John Williams. Asney; 2, Alice Roberts 3, S. Evison. FRUITS. Six cooking apples—1, David Vaughan; 2 W. Jones, Penylan; 3, Mary lloberts. Six dessert apples—1, J. Pritchard, Erbistock; 2, M. Prodger; 3, Wm. Jones, Penylan, Six pears—1, Mary Barnet; 2, Alfred Roberts; 3, T. LoIlgwortb. Tw-enty-four damsons-I, Edward Jones 2, M. Jones, 3, John Pritchard. Twelve plums-I, Jane Richards 2, Sam. Coffin; 3, Mary Hotchkins. Six apricots-I, E. Jones; 2, G. Davies; 2, Wm. Jones. Twenty-four gooseberries—1, G. Goswell; 2, Wm. Belhs 3, T. Gee. Twenty-four bunches of red and white currants (mixed)—1, John Pritchard; 2, Wm. Betts 3, Thos. Gee. Six sticks of rhubarb—1, Win. Jones 2, Jos. James Jones 3, W. Betts. VEGETABLES. Twenty-five pods of peas—1, T. Gee, Penley; 2. W. \Vynne, Penley 3, T. Whitehead. Twenty-five pods of beans—1, Jos. James Jones; 2, John Pritchard; 3, T. Gee, Penley. ,'r«'ellty-five pods of kidney beans—1, John Piatt: 2 W. Betts, Erbistock 3, John Cadwalladr. Two cauliflowers-Sarah Rhodenburst. Two red cabbages-I. Wm. Prodger; 2, Frederick Bostock 3, David Vaughan. Two white cabbages—1, J. Cadwalladr 2, T. Gee • 3, John Roberts. Three sticks of celery—1, W. Jones, shoemaker 2, Thomas Baghall, Erbistock; 3, T. Antley. Twelve spring onions—1, Thomas Gee, Penley 2. T. Whitehead 3, F. Bostock. Twelve august onions—1, Thomas Bagnall; 2 T. Whitehead 3, Thos. Antley. Six parsnips—1, W. Jones, shoemaker; 2, Thomaa Bagnall; 3, Chas. Jones. Six carrots-1, Thos. Bagnall; 2, Whitehead; 3, Wm. Jones, shoemaker. Six parsnips—1, T. Antley; 2, W. Jones, Penylan; 3, Chag. Jones. Three beetroots—1, W. Jones, shoemaker; 2, John Jones 3, Thos. Bagnall. Twelve kidney potatoes—1, Geo. Davies 2, Thos. Bagnall; 3, John Platt. Twelve round potatoes—1, T. Gee 2, W. Whitehead; 3, Sarah Rhodenhurst. Brace of cucumbers—1, T. Antley; 2, T. Cadwalladr 3, J. Jones. Twelve eschalots-I, T. Whitehead; 2, G. Davies; 3, T. Coffin. Six leeks—1, J. Bagnall; 2, J. Jones, Penley; 3, T. Antley, Overton. Throe lettuce-I, T. Antley; 2, M. Jones; 3 W Jones, Collection of herbs—1, W. Jones, Penylan; 2 J Jones, Penley; 3, T. Davies. Collection of vegetables (six varieties)—1 T. Antley; 2, W. Jones. EXTRA PRIZES GIVEN BY MRS. PEEL. Ornamental picture frames—1, John Peake, Sen; 2 W Betts honourable mention, W. Edwards. Ornamental flower basket—1, W. Betts; 2, T. Antley, Overton. For cleanest and best cropped garden in the parish of Overton.—1, Thomas Antley, Overton; 2, Charles James, Overton; 3, William Prodger, Overton. Ditto for the parish of Bangor.-I, Richard Bostock; 2, James Phoenix; 3, Sarah Evanson, Bangor. Ditto for the parish of Erbistock.—1, Thomaa Bagnall, Erbistock; 2, J. Robinson 3, John Pritchard. There were several prizes to be judged, consisting of jam and needlework, when we left. The children of the Overton schools were treated by Mr. Peel to a sumptuous tea as were all the tenants. AMATEURS PRIZES. Collection of window plants.—R. Holt, Overton. Cut Flowers.—Mr. R. Holt. Collection of fruit.-l, Thomas Beliingham; 2, R., Holt. Collection of vegetebles.-I, T. Billington; 2, R. I Bickerton (Bangor).

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