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DENBIGH. BREAKDOWN.—On Wednesday evening one of the little engines employed on the line from Den- bigh {to Corwen broke down at the latter place, having burst some of the pipes or valves, the con- sequence being that a Great Western engine had to be secured to bring the train on to Den- bigh. RAILWAY ASSESSMENT.—On Wednesday a meet- ing of the representatives of the St. Asaph and Euthin Union assessment committees met in Den- bigh, to consult as to a proposed re-assessment of the lines of railway rr.umug through the two unions. Captain Pennant, Mr J. Lloyd, Mr Clarke J and Mr W. P. Evans were the St. Asaph delegates. The result of the consultation is to be laid before the two boards, when action will be taken thereon. It is generally believed that the lines are much under ated considering the present value. FREEMEN OF THE BOROUGH.—A list of the freemen of the borough bas been published by the town clerk. j This document, drawing attention as it does to an almost extinct order of voters as regards electioneering, is of some interest. The freemen of Denbigh are evidently fast passing away, for the list now contains the names of only eleven persons, amongst whom we find Mr Thomas Hughes, the chairman cf quarter sersions, and Mr Richard Williams, solicitor, Denbigh, who, for a great many years, was town clerk cf Denbigh. The name of Kobert Parry, the glover in the list, reminds cne of an industry once very great in Denbigh, but now, like the freemen, almost. extinct. CATHOLIC CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOLS—On Monday the children and friends of the Sunday and day schools belonging to the Catholic Church, Denbigh had their annual trip. Mr Foulkes, the Graig, kindly placed at their disposal horses and waggons, and by these the party was conveyed to Pant Asaph, one of the most lovely and picturesque spots in the district. Arrived there, they were received by the members of the monastery and the scholars of the Orphan School, who sang them some unno-8 of welcome. In the schoolroom they were 18 iled with plum cake and milk. They were then shown over the beautiful grounds and buildings, after which a variety of sports, including foot races for prizes took place. Later in the afternoon they were summened to the building where the sisters had laid out in a very tasteful style the ample store of provisions taken from Denbigh. A gcod meat tea witu jams and other delicacies, having been partaken of, thanks were given for the kind recep- tion they had received, and further amusements entered into. The whole party arrived home about nine o'clock, the entry into town being signalised by singing a variety of hymns. Mr W. Keepfer and others were mostenergeticinpromotingthe pleasure and comfort of all. THE COUNCIL AND THBIR MEDICAL OFFICER.—The council seem to be m a fix about their new medical officer, Dr. J. R. Hughes. That gentleman, than whom HO borough could obtain an officer better adapted to the office happens to be a district union officer, and the Local' Government Board, regardless of the fact that they were placing the anion officers in a very invidious, and as compared with other practitioners, very disad- vantageous position, have passed a law which enables them to refuse to sanction such an officer's appointment as a medical officer of health IlBlp the Sanitary Authority appointing him permits him to forward to them certain periodical statements respecting the con- dition of the district. The majority of the Denbigh council are moat determinedly opposed to allowing the Loeel Government Board to have the slightest inter- ference with their affair*, and have sent them a letter to that eftact. The board, of coarse, have the remedy in their own hands, and (unfairly as it seems to most persons; refuse to sanction Dr. Hughes's appaintment. So the conncl will take time to consider how they shall get "t of the difficulty. One Lcr, however, they do not tovm to take mto consideration,that whether Dr. Hughes is allowed to send the information or no, the Govern- ment will obtain it. it being part of the duty of the Registrar General's officers to send them notification of any outbreak of disease. This was done months ago when Dr. Roberts was in office. He gaTe no reports to the London hoard, bat thoy promptly obtained the the information of the outbreak of diphtheria, and sent down liD Why then do the council object to their entcer being connected with the Lecal Government Board ? The ratepayers, too, ought to know that the Government offer for this privilege to pay one-half the medical officer's salary, which might as well be saved to the ratepayers if the majority of the council, who think they can be at ove the interference of a superior board, would sink their feolings iu the ma ter and fall in with the view advocated by one careful legal member of the] council. There is n a lte rn:} I ¡yo} bat to give up either this pr jadice asainst the Local Government Board or 1 give up Dr. Hughes as medical officer, the latter being ( < cantingency which all seem to deplore, and if the latter < case is adopted the council will, it seems quite certain, have to go entirely against the principle they so con- I staa I) Uj down of not going out of town for anything 1 they require." PRIZB DAY AT TH* BOATD SCHOOLS.On Thurs- J day evening the whole of scholars educated in the Board Schools in D -v were assembled at tboir various schools *• -viiichthey ned to the Assembly Room, *-• it had been arranged the annual distributive -prises should take place, c TVe children presented an ialerwting eisht and € lid credit to their teachers, the infants from Vron- joch School tyring by no means an unimportant Dart in the amir. The Mayor, vice-president of :he School Board, took the chair, and was supported by members of the board and other gentlemen in- terested in education. Mr R. H. Roberts, clerk to the board, was present, and assisted Miss Jones, the Misses Gee, and other ladies ir1 the distribution of the prizes. The Mayor, in opening the pro- ceeding, remarked that the great success of the prize distribution and the meeting held in connec- tion therewith last year induced the board to repeat the experiment this year. He was glad to inform the parents of • children present that the schools were in a very flourishing state; the reports of the Government inspector which would be read proved that excellent examinations had been passed, and further the grants this year were larger than ever obtained. He trusted that the zeal and attention of the teachers would be continued for the benefit of the schools. He then dwelt upon the fact that the prizes had, of course been given to the most deserving children, but the attendance had been taken into consideration. He counselled the parents to see that the children attended regularly, because nothing so much interfered with the success of a scholar as frequent absence from school. A number of the boys and girls, under the leadership of the assistant master, sang an opening chorus in excel- lent style, and to the great delight of the visitors, the infants next sang a piece which was accom- panied by exercises of the hands, arms, and body. They were led by Misa Gratton, and the amusing performance was much applauded. The prizes were numerous, being given to boys, girls, and infants, and very few were left without a prize of some kind. The principal ones were those given to Edward Humphreys, D. E. Roberts, and WIl) Owen, they having obtained honour certificates from Government entitling them to free education for the next three years. Some cf the girls also received similar honours. The Mayor eulogised the children who had gained this distinction, and as the number who could win the parchment was not limited he hoped that more would strive for them. The intervals between the giving of the prizes to the boys, girls, and infants wore filled up by the sing- ing of choruses and songs by the scholars, the meeting altogether being of an interesting and profitable character. The reading of the Govern- ment inspector's} reports ot fie various schools elicited much ,ipnkr.e.









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