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COMMISSION EES OF TAXES—DIVISION OF RHUDD- ] LAN.—At a meeting of the Commissioners of the ] division of Rhuddlan, held at the County County, 1 St. Asaph, on Thursday, the 15th inst., the Eev W, Mortor, Brownlow Villas; Captain Garnett, Plas-yn-Roe; and E. W. 0. Broughton, Esq., Bryn St. Asaph, duly qualified as commissioners for general purposes under the Income Tax Acts. HAWARDEN UNION WORKHOUSE.—Mr and Mrs Dodwell have been appointed by the Board of Quardians for the Hawarden Union, master and matron of the Workhouse at Broughton Hall, in room of the late Mr and Mrs Bamber. Mr Dodwell held the position of chief warder, and Mrs Dodwell that of chief female warder of the Ccunty Gaol cf Mold, which was recently closed under the New Prisons Act. TREAT TO YSCEIFKXJ SCHOOLS.—On Thursday, the 8th inst., the annual treat to these schools was given at the National Schools. After an excellent tea the scholars adjourned to the Rectory Park, where they enjoyed themselves by runnirig, Ac., prizes being given to those who excelled. A noticeable feature in this year's gathering was a grand display of fireworks. After a vote of thanks proposed to Mr and Mrs Morgan, for their hospi- tality, the scholars returned to their homes evidently greatly pleased. ORDINATION SERVICES AT MOSTYN.—The English Free Church at Moatyn having been legally put in trust for the congregational communion, Mr Joseph Davies has been chosen its pastor. On Monday last he was first set apart to the work of the Christian Ministry by an ordination service, at which the following congregational ministers took part:—Revs J. D. Thomas, Buckley; D. Bur- ford Hooke, Mold; E. Pan Jones, Mostyn; A. Francis, Rhyl; and J. Riley, Holywell. The services in the afternoon and evening were well attended, more especially the latter, when the church was crowded to excess. PRESTATYN PETTY SESSIONS.—These sessions were held on Monday, before Sir Pyers Mostyn, Bart. (chairman), T. G. Dixon, Esq., and W. P. Jones, Esq.—Ishmael Jones, for being drunk and disorderly at Newmarket, was fined 20s and costs inclusive, and Wai. Jones, for a similar offence, at the same place. 17.s.—Sarah Jones (for whom Mr Wm. D ,iv:es, Holywell, appeared), was fined Is and OO.4, fur an;»ssauit upon .Sarah Lewi*, of Dyst-rth, a girl twelve years of age.—A charge was entered against John Humphreys, of Axton, of having seriously assaulted Isaac Jones, who appeared in court with his arm in a sling. It was stated that the narties had settled the case, but the bench would not allow of its being disposed of in that way, and issued a warrant for Humphrey's apprehension.—A warrant was also ordered against W illiam Williams, of Gwespyr, who did not appear. BANGOR DIOCESAN SOCIETIES.—The annual meet- ings of these societies, which have been held under the presidency of the Bishop, have attracted an unusually large attendance of cltrgy and laity. The report of the Church Extension Society, of which Archdeacon Evans is the honorary secretary, showed a decrease upon last year's financial returns of .£244, a result adversely commented upon by the Bev P. Constable Ellis, and which led to the election of a sub-committee to consider the desirability of the employment of lay readers for the English seiv ces of bi-lingual parishes. The Rev J. Pryce, secretary of the Church Extension Society, reported the re building of the churches at Aber and Pene- goes, and the restoration of Rhoscolyn Church. A donation of .£100 was voted to the parent society of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, the council of the Clerical Aid Society was dissolved owing to want of subscriptions, whilst the repoit of the Church Defence Association pointed out that, unless there was an increase of subscriptions, the association would be in debt. Upon the recom- mendation of Dr Briscoe, a memorial was adopted to the Oxford University Commissioners, praying that no alteration should be made in the application of the revenues intended for and hitherto applied to the support of Welsh scholars and exhibitioners at Jesus College; and, upon the suggestion of the Bishop, a petition was signed requesting the Church Congress of England and Wales to hold the annual meeting of 1879 at Carnarvon. The conference was chiefly taken up with a discussion relative to the especial duty of the Church towards the young before and after confirmation.










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