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CRICKET, A match between the Mold and Chester Cricket Clubs will be played on the Roodee on Saturday (to day). SAD ACCIDENT IN THE CRICKET FIELD—During a match on Tuesday between the Vice-Regal and the Zingari Clubs, at Dublin, Mr Kempster, one of the first bats in Ireland, received a blow from a cricket ball which has entirely paralysed his lower limbs. He lies in the Vice-Regal Lodge in a precarious condition. He is not expected to live. WREXHAM V. MOtD.-Playea at Wrexham on Satur- day last. Score :— Wrexham. Mold. E. A. Cross, b Heeley 22 W. P. Jones, b Darby 0 J. H. Darby, c and b Taylor 6 W. A. Jones, b Aman 4 C. Edwards, run out 12 H. Edwards, b Aman 12 R. H. V. Kyrke, run out 6 P. Dykins, c Strachan, b E. G. Aman, b Smith 3 Kyrke 9 F. G. Aman, run out 2 T. A. Lambert, not out 4 C. Thomas, c Smith, b O. S. Jones, b Aman 5 Heeley 1 S. Williams, not out 0 T. Walker, b ambert 1 J. H. Heeley, to bat. H. Aspinall, c Dykins, b S. Smith, to bat. Lambert. 3 R. J. Williams, to bat A. C. Strachan, b Lambert 0 G. Taylor, to bat. T. H. Bancroft, not out 1 Extras 15 Extras 4 72 38 Mold bowling analysis :— Overs. Maidens. Wides. Wkts. Runs. Heeley. 115 2 6 2 25 Taylor 11 2 0 1 14 Smith 8 2 3 1 7 Stanley Jones 8 0 1 0 10 Lambert 2 0 0 3 1 Wrexham bowling analysis:- Darby 5 0 0 1 15 F. G. Aman 10 0 0 8 13 R. H. V. Kyrke. 5 0 0 1 6 REV A. L. TAYLOR'S ELEVEN V. MR E. M. THBLWALL B ELEVEN.—Played on the Ruabon Grammar School ground, on Wednesday last. Score Rev A. L. Taylor's 7eam. Mr Ihelwairs 2cam. K. Crosse, c How, b Mor- A. W. How, c R. Paterson, rail 18 b Smith 35 H. Laycock, b Morrall. 7 A. T. Sbereton, b Clarkson 0 U. Paterson, run out 3 F. G. Aman, c E. Paterson, LI. Smith, b Morrall 7 b Laycock 0 T. Clarkson, b Morrall 1 H. Barker, c Watt, b C. C. Taylor, c Edwards, b Taylor. 32 Aman 17 T. LI. Oswell, thrown out Mr Watt, b How 4 Sub 2 G. Clarkson, b Aman 10 L. G. Campbell, run out 18 E. Paterson, c Aman, b C. Edwards, b Crosse. 0 Morrall 0 A. E. Wedgwood, b Crosse 0 Rev A. L. Taylor, not out 7 T. W. Rowland, not out 15 F. Dickson, b Aman 0 C. Morrall. run out 4 E. M. Thelwall, b Crosse. 0 WI, b 4. 5 W 1, b 2. 3 79 109 BERSE DRELINCODRT V. RHOSDDO.—Played at Berse Drelincourt. Score :— Drehncourt. Sore:- Rltosddit. BerseDreliiacourt. Thomas Lewis, c Sisson, b LI. Brown, run out 3 J. Dixon 0 J. Kidd, b Davies 0 Thomas Davies, c Kidd, b A. Sisson. run out 2 J. Dixon 6 J. Dixon, b Dodd 1 W. Lloyd, b J. Dixon 0 R. Sisson, c Williams, b G Davies, b A. Sisson. 1 Dodd 3 J. Morris, b A. Sisson 2 J. E. Williams, c Lloyd, b J. Roberts, c R. Sisson, b Davies. 1 A. Sisson 0 W. Bell, b Davies. 5 R. Dodd, b A. Sisson 4 G. S. Jones, b Davies. 0 E. Lewis, b J. Dixon. 0 J. Thomas, run out 2 G. IVriglit, not out 11 A. Dixon, not out 3 C. Williams, b Sisson 0 E. Williams, c Lewis, b Dodd 1 Extras 5 Extrm 7 29 28 CAPT. MESHAM'S ELEVEN V. CAPT. GARNBTT'S ELEVEN. -Played on Captain Mesham's ground on August 8tb. Beautiful weather, an excellent wicket, and a very large attendance from the neighbourhood, made the day a very enjoyable one. Score :— Capt. Gamett's Eleven. J. P. Lewis, b Broughton 3 c Conwy, b R. LI, Williams 38 C. R. Yates, b Ilenery 4 c and b Henery 0 J. Ll. Williams, b Henery 8 b Broughton. 0 Capt. Garnett, b Broughton 0 b Broughton 20 Colonel Briggs, b Broughton. 0 c Conway, b Brough. ton 3 J. Birch, b Broughton 2 b W-Il aiias 4 H. Ll. Williams, not out 6 b Williams 0 H. Wynn, b Broughton 0 c Williams, b Henry 2 E. Tumour, b Henery 0 not out 5 W. Chambers, thrown out 0 c Henery, b Williams 3 D. Pennant, b Broughton 1 b Williams. 0 Extras 11 Extras 13 35 88 Capt. Mesham's Eleven. J. P. Henery, b Birch. 46 c H. LI. Williams, b Birch 4 R. Wynn, b Birch 4 not out 2 E. W. D. Broughton, b Garnett 2 not out 16 IX. Grantham, b Garnett. 3 R. Ll. Williams, b Birch. 18 b Birch S Major Conwy Rowley Conwy, not out 1 Capt. Mesham, b Birch 11 A.B. Mesham, b Birch 0 H. Bibby, b Yates 1 Noel Birch, run out 0 A. Tumour, b Birch 0 Extras. 10 Extra 4 96 30 FIRST ELEVEN MEMBERS CF OSWESTRY CLUB v. NEXT TwENTY-rwo.—Played at Oswestry on Monday, August 5th. Score :— First Eleven. W. D. Owen, c and b Oswell. 18 c Robinson, b M. J. Thomas 8 W. J. Arthur France, run out. 0 not out 81 E. Powell, c Lucas, b Oswell. 13 notout. 12 G. E. Robiuson, c Oswell, b M. J.Thomas. 5 James O'Hara, b O. Fox. 10 R. Trevor, run ont 2 T. Gough, c Pritchard, b Savin 15 J. F. Davies, b O. Fox 6 H. Mitchell, bO. Fox 1 H. H. Joaes, not out 2 H. Humphreys, b O. Fox 0 Extras 2 Extra 2 74 li3 Next Ticenty-lu-o. R. G. Yenables, c R.Trevor E. Jones, b R. Trevor 0 b W. D. Owen 8 B. Davies, b R. Trevor 0 B. Brancker, thrown out 5 T. Davies, run out. I J, Lucas thrown out 3 F. Leala, b Trevor., 2 J. Pritchard, b Robinson. 5 Thacter, run out. 0 Rev. H. Wimble, b W. D. D. Williams, c France, b Oweu 0 Robinson 0 W. Reece, b T. Gough 2 W. Robinson, c Powell, b T. Oswell, run out 3 Trevor 3 H. Ward, c W. D. Owen, H. Hughes, b R. Trevor 1 b T. Gough 0 F. Owen, b R. Trevor 0 O. Fox, thrown out 2 M. J. Thomas, not out 4 G. Savin thrown out 6 Extras 11 John, Jones, b Trev«r 2 — R. D. Edwards, b T. Gough 1 59 ALYN v. EATON PABK.—A match was played between the above clubs at Eaton Palk, on Saturday last, and after a well-Contested game resulted in favour of the home team. For the latter the Rev. L. III. Owen, Messrs Moreland, Shaw, aud Salmon played remarkably well for their respective scores, as did also Messrs Egerton, Aspinall, and Campbell for the visitors. Mr C. H. Wright did great service with the bill for the victors. The fielding of both teams was fairly good, but special mention must be made of the fielding of Mr H. Barker and the fine wicket-keeping of Mr H. J. Salmon in the second innings of the Alyn eleven, bcore :— Alyn. C. T. Wickham, b C. H. Wright 4 c Salmon, b Shaw. 4 G. Egerton, c Wells, b Perry. 1 not out 20 C. Townshend, c Rev. L. E. Owen, b C. H. Wright 4 b Smith 2 V. B. Wright, b C. H. Wright. 2 b C. H. Wright 0 H. Barker, b Perry. 2 c Shaw, b C. H. Wright 7 W. Aspinall, hit wkt. b Perry IS c Moreland, b C. H. Wright 7 L. G. Campbell, c Moreland, b C. H. Wright 5 run out 10 P. H. Wright, b Perry 4 c Salmon, b Smith. 0 E. de Montmorency, I b w, b C. H. Wright 7 st Salmon, b C. H. Wright 0 E. Barker, not out 2 st Salmon, b C. H. Wright 1 P. Price, b Perry. 0 absent 0 Extras 9 Extras 2 55 53 Eaton Park. C. H. Wright, b Wickham 1 Rev. L. E. Owen, b H. Barker 16 H. J. Salmon, c Egerton, b H. Barker 10 Perry, c and b H. Barker 0 J. Shaw, c E. Barker, b P. H. Wright 17 J. Draper, b H. Barker o R. Moreland, b P. H. Wright 17 Lord Grosvenor, b Montmorency 3 K. J. Smith, c H. Barker, b P. H. Wright 4 E. Wells, c H. Barker, b P. H. Wright 3 E. Giles. not out 0 Extras 10 81 FIXTURES. I Aug. 17, Wrexham v Chester College, at Chester Aug. 17, Mold v Chester, at Chester Aug. 17, Pontblyddya v Hawarden, at Hawarden Aug. 17, Civil Service v Gwersyllt, at Gwereyllt Aug. 17, Civil Service (2nd) v Black Park (2nd), at Wrex- ham Aug, 24, Wrexham v Chester, at Wrexham Aug. 24, Wynnstay T Mold at Mold Aug. 24, Pontblyddyn v Civil Service, at Pontblyddyn Aug. 24, Civil Service (2nd) v Gresford (2nd), at Wrexham Aug. 31, Wrexham v Hooton, at Hooton Aug. 31, Wynnstay v Rhos, at Rhos skng. 31, Mold v Pontblyddyn, at Pontblyddyn Aug. 31, Civil Service v Gresford. at Gresford Sept. 7, Wrexham v Wynnstay, at Wrexham Sept. 7, Mold v Rhosilaaerchrugog, at Mold Sept. 7, Civil Service T Ruabon Grammar School, at Wrexham Sept. 14, Wrexham Closing Match Sept. 14, Mold-Married v Single, at Mold Sept. 14, Civil Service v Black Park, at Wrexham Sept. 21, Wynnstay Closing Match Sept. 28, Civil Service v Albion, Crewe, at Wrexham


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