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The official language of Cyprus will be English. The German Parliament is convoked for the 9th of September. The English out at San Francisco are going to present Lord Beaconsfield with a gold casket. A bill to prevent the spread of socialism has been presented to the German Federal Council. Central American advices report the poisoning of General Veintemilla, the President of Ecuador. The session of the Greek Chamber of representatives opened on Monday. The proceedings were devoid of all interest. The date of the distribution of the awards to the exhibitors in the Paris Exhibition is fixed for the 18th September. Nubar Pasha is the bearer to the Khedive of important reform projects sanctioned by the English and French Governments. The Legislative Assembly of Vancouver's Island has passed a bill to impose a tax of 40 dollars per head upoji all Chinamen in the province. The strike amongst cab drivers at Paris is over. The Cab Company made one or two small concessions and the men have returned to work. The latest news from Cape Town is to the effect that the attitude of the Zulus is still disquieting, and that on the northern border hostilities continue. Stores for Cyprus were shipped from Woolwich arsenal on Wednesday, including two photographic waggons and apparatus, and large numbers of plank bedsteads. Russia will be represented on the commission for organising Eastern Roumelia by M. de Coumany, Germany by Dr. Busch, and Austria by Herr von Kosjek. The semi-official Journal de St. Petersbourg says that the withdrawal of the British fleet and Russian army from the neighbourhood of Constantinople will be simultaneous. The King of the Hellenes has sent an aide-de-camp to the Prince of Montenegro, ostensibly to convey a decoration to his Highness, but really, it is suspected, on a secret mission. The Emperor of Germany is reported to be making most satisfactory progress at Teplitz. He is once more able to use his right hand pretty freely, and to write memoranda and notes of some length. A Larnaca telegram states that the troops are suffer- ing considerably from the local form of fever usually prevalent in Cyprus at this season. The Indian troops have commenced re-embarking for Bombay. The Christian population of Nicosia have petitioned Sir Garnet Wolseley that Greek might be established as the official language of Cyprus. They were informed by Sir Garnet that English will be the official language of the island. The Standard correspondent at Copenhagen tele- graphs I am able to state on the highest authority that the report of the King having sanctioned the marriage of Princess Thyra with Prince Louis Napoleon is entirely devoid of truth. Apprehensions continue to be entertained of a rising of Lazes in Asia. These people declare that they con- sider themselves under British protection, and that they will hoist the British flag on the advance of the Russians against Batoum and fight under it. One of the Austrian army divisions advancing in Bosnia has met with a repulse, being opposed by an overwhelming number of insurgents. In their retreat the Austrians left behind two guns, which they say was owing to the want of draught animals. Wallingford, a town in Connecticut, has been visited by a tornado, which in a few minutes demolished a number of buildings, killed thirty persons, and injured a number of others. The area covered by the tornado was two miles long and one mile broad. In the Rhodope district a terrible state of things exists. The Mussulman refugees, expelled from house and land by the bitter course of war, and meeting with no mercy either from the victorious Russians or the emancipated Christians, are making the whole region a prey to violence and rapine. Intelligence from Kars states that 200 of the best shops and houses in the town have been burned down. The fire commenced at the Government bakeries, and towards its close ignited a store with a large number of rifle cartridges. Several explosions took place. The best quarter in the town is burnt down. Desquiens, one of the youths charged with the murder of the Widow Cremieux at Neuilly, has been found Guilty, with extenuating circumstances, and sentenced to hard labour for life. The revolting disclosures made during the trial have created great sensation in Paris. The other prisoner will be tried in Belgium. Two Buddhist priests in Yokohama having officially declared that the sun moves and the earth stands still, some students ventured to dispute the accuracy of this assertion. A crowd of Japanese preferred the oracular dictum of the priesthood to the science of the students, who were attacked and some of them killed. Another engagement between Austrian troops and the Bosnian insurgents has been officially reported to the Austrian Government. On the 8th instant, the 7th division of the Austrian occupying army fought for nine hours near Jaice with 5,000 Bosnians and Turks, in- cluding three battalions of Turkish regular troops, whom they put to flight. Forty thousand men of the Russian Imperial Guard will commence embarking for Russia on Saturday (to- day), and the simultaneous withdrawal of the rest of the troops from San Stefano and the neighbourhood of Gallipoli will follow immediately afterwards. The Turks will reoccupy the positions as they are succes- sively evacuated by the Russians. The British fleet will leave shortly for Gallipoli. Interesting detail* as to the population and the resources of the island of Cyprus are published. Three- fourths of tha population are Christian, and the in- habitants generally are peaceful, lazy, tolerant to strangers, fond of pleasure, and somewhat addicted to intemperance but robbery and murder are unknown. Midsummer is the worst season of the year for health. -The rural districts are nearly free from fever. There is much room for improvement in the fortifications. Turkey drew over two hundred thousand pounds sterling yearly out of the island, and the revenue could be easily raised to half a million by good administration.


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