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ST. ASAPH. ST, ASAPH DEANERY AND THE DIOCESAN SOCIETIES. This deanery of fifteen parishes contributed last year £259 lis 7d to the four diocesan societies. St. Asaph parish gave £97 8s 9d, but of that the bishop gave £50 and the dean lis, there being only six other subscri- bers in the parish, and only one other subscriber to the Church Extension and Board of Education. The totals for each society were—Widows and Orphans £22 17s 6d; Church Building, £24 4s lid; Extension Society, £33 O. 3d Education, £17 6s Id.—Bodfari produces £7 13s, £6 3s of which is given by Captain Mesham. Nothing is given here to the Widows and Orphans Society, and only lOi (by the camte) to the Church Extension Society the only other subscriber of any kind being Mr Thomas Owen, Hendre. No offertory is made for any of the societies !—Bodelwyddan produces £.7 10s. of which the vicar gives twa-thirds, the rest being by offertory. Caerwys gives 10s 6d to only one society.—Cefn comes out nobly with £4:9 0s 6d. of which Mrs WUliams Wyna gives £20 odd and Mr Chambres £20, all four societies being thought of.—Cwtn sends £2 12s Qj bat to only one society (Widows and Orphans), yet Cwm had a grant of £35 last week from the Church Building Society. No offertory made.-Dymeircliion gives £11 12s, of which Captain Pennant contributes .al4 and the vicar £2 12s, the rest being by offertory.—Gwaenysgor omits the Church Building and Extension Societies, giving £17 5s to the other two.—Llanasa and Melidan do not contribute a penny.—Prestatyn sends £4 103 6d.—Newmarket .£2 from one subscriber.—Rhuddlan JE5 13s, chiefly from offertory—Rhyl sent £63 13s 5d, being .Ell 3s to the WidowsandOrphansSociety,£lO lis 3d Church Building, £18 14s Id Church Extension, and £23 5s Id Educatiea Board there being 21 subscribes in Rhyl and offertorr producing £18 16s 5d.

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