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It ha,s been arranged by the Foreign Office that Dr Sandford, Bishop of Gibraltar, shall have the episcopal superintendence of any congregations, churches, and clergy of the Church of England in Cyprus. In the case of M. Lambri against Truth, an inspector of gaming and other witnesses from the Continent spoke to the plaintiff's gambling habits, eventually the defen- dants were committed for trial. The jury enquiring into the death of Rhoda Jeffreys and Edward Austin, who were discovered shot at Hamp- stead, on Tuesday, found thejerimes were committed by Austin, whilst of unsound mind. The Sheffield Telegraph says that the honour con- ferred upon Mr Roebuck is the more remarkable since he has neuer held office under any Government; and it is enhanced in graciousness and distinction by the fact that it is the fulfilment of a wish spontaneously ex- pressed by Her Majesty to the Prime Minister before he left England for Berlin. Mr Roebuck's sturdy in- dependence and patriotism were lately reco mised by men of all political parties, who gave him the heartiest greeting at the recent city banquet. The mark of distinction now conferred by Her Majesty is alike in- dependent of party or private considerations, but marks a life-long public service in and out of Parliament It will be accepted by Mr Roebuck not only as a high and gracious compliment to himself, but as an honour alae to the borough which has so long and so often chosen him to be its special representative in Parliament A noteworthy death recently occurred in India. The oldest of the white elephants, aged one hundred and Sight years, died in its temple. Every one knows that [•this famous white elephant, before which a whole people bow the knee, is the emblem of the Kingdom of Siam. The deceased idol was accorded a magnificent funeral* A hundred Buddhist priests officiated at the ceremony" The three surviving white elphants, preceded by trumpets, and followed by an immense concourse of people, accompanied the funeral car to the bank of the Menam, where the king and his noble lords receive the mortal remains, which were transported to the opposite bank for burial. A procession of thirty vessels figured at that curious ceremony. All the floating houses ranged in double file on the Menam to the number of over sixty thousand, were adorned with fiars and symbolical attributes. ° NAVAl, REVIEW.—A magnificent spectacle was wit- nessed off Portsmouth on Tuesday, when the Particular Service Squadron was inspected bv her Majesty the Queen. The display equalled, if it" did not excel, those witnessed first in 1867, when thero was a naval review in honour of the late Sultan Abdul Aziz, and acain six years later, when the Shah of Persia was a spectator of a review of ironclads. Yesterday's proceedings were unforttmateiy shorn of much of their interest owing to bad weather, which prevented the carrying out of a series of evolutions that had been arranged. The squadron, winch consisted of '26 broadside vessels turrut ships, and gunboats, and two torpedo boats, manned by 6,691 officers and men, and carrying 219 funs, was drawn up in two lines, and received her lajesty in the Royal yacht with a Royal salute. Her Majesty having sailed slowly between the lines, the magnificent fleet steamed out to sea a short distance, and returned in the same order. Her Majesty caused to be signalled from the Royal yacht her pleasure at the result of the inspection and her regret at the un- avoidable postponement of the evolutions. Another salute was then fired from the broadsides, and a feu de joie by the maflnes on the monitors, and her Majesty returned to Cowes. In the evening the whole of the vessels in the squadron were illuminated with rockets and blue lights. The proceedings were witnessed by thousands of spectators from the shore, and from various craft that dotted the harbour.



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