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BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY.—Before the Mayor (Alderman J. C. Owen) and T. C. Jones, Esq. EJECTMENT. .Mr Thomas Rowland, Grove Park, applied for an order to eject Bridget Conlon from a house of his in Mount-street. She was a weekly tenant and had received notice on July 1st last to quit. —Order issued. A QUESTIONABLE HOUSE. Honor Bourke, McDermott's Court, summoned Mary Clifford and Ellen Allen, mother and daugh- ter, for an assault alleged to have been committed three weeks ago. Complainant stated she went to look for her daughter at Mrs Clifford's, where she alleged there were some soldiers. She was struck by the defendants. Clifford called witnesses to prove that she did not commit the assault, that there were no soldiers in the house, and that com- plainant kicked at the door, using foul names.— The Mayor recommended the elder defendant to be cautious, as she did not appear to be keeping a respectable house.—Fined 2s 6d and 9s costs, or seven days' imprisonment.—A warrant iv,%s ordered in the case of the daughter, who did not put in an appearance. MALICIOUS DAMAGE. Catherine Lloyd, hawker, was summoned by Mr G. A. Pavitt, landlord of the Three Tuns, for smashing the glass panelling in the front door, the damages being assessed at 12s, including lettering, &c. Defendant admitted being beastly drunk," but said she broke ths glass accidentally. It appeared from the evidence of the complainant's son, that she went into the house, wanted to dauce, roamed through the house, and used abusive lan- guage.—Fined 10s 6d, the 12s damage, and 6s 6d costs, or 14 days' imprisonment. FOURTEENTH APPEARANCE. P.C. Carden charged Wm. Griffiths, fish hawker' with having been drunk and riotous in the Beast Market, on Friday. Defendant said he was subject to fits, and that accounted for his misconduct.— This was his fourteenth appearance since 1865. In answer to the clerk he said he did not know his age (laughter).—The bench said the fits were "fits of drunkenness," and to keep him from the drink he would be sent to prison for one calendar month. DRUNKENNESS. On the information of Sergeant Dutton, E. Murphy, of Kinnerton, was brought up charged with drunkenness on Saturday night. He pleaded guilty.—Fined Is and 3s 6d costs. SUNDAY MORNING MARAUDERS. John Jones, collier, B,Jast Market, was brought up by Sergeant Jones, charged with being drunk a.nd riotous on Sunday morning at about three o'clock. He had his pocket full of stones (pro- duced) and threw some at the police. He told the police at the time that he was "boozing." There was a gang of youg men with him. An officer confirmed the statement, and stated they had great trouble in taking prisoner to the bridewell. The police stated there were great complaints of these Sunday marauders all round the town.—The bench sent him to gaol fore. month's hard labour without the option of a fine. PROSTITUTION. Selina Daley, of Carnarvon, was, on the informa- tion of P.C. Carden, charged with this offence. He found her with three men in a barley field near Cooper's Lane. Her husband, a labourer, appeared in court, and said he came in town en Thursday last.-Fined 10s Gel and 2d 6d for the costs or 14 days' imprisonment. LICENSING BUSINESS. 1 The license of the premises, 59, Hope-street, recently occupied by Mr Joseph Edwards, deceased, was endorsed to Messrs Summers and Fitch.—Mr Spencer, Buck Inn, 29, Hope-street, applied for an extension of time until 12 o'clock this night on the occasion of a dinner.—Application granted. J. Brookfield, engineer, Johnstown, Rhos, applied for a pawnbroker's license for No. 4, Mount-street, Wrexham.-It having been proved that the notices had been issued, the application was granted.





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