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DIOCESAN ORGANISATIONS. Chapter Week at St. Asaph is a time for un- folding the year's gleanings for sound Church work, and the progress the various diocesan societies have made. We fear the enthusiastic supporters of the different organisations must feel considerably downcast at the poor harvest of the year. Clergymen are as prone to forget the claims of them as are the laity. The tale of the monies received reveals black marks against many parishes. Ministers seem to be loath to exert themselves on behalf of the societies which in many parishes are absolutely ignored. With the representative heads of the Church thus passive and indifferent it is hardly likely that the Church organisations are thoroughly understood and acknowledged by the peodle. Last year we ventured to indicato the responsibilities of Churchmen in regard to these excellent societies, and we must again, at the risk of being tedious, dwell upon the painful subject of clerical indifference. It is unpalatable to the clergy that they are doing amiss by their self-complacency in regard to these matters. But so it i?. In glancing through the printed lists of contributions to the various societies we feel ashamed at the number of parishes which are returned nil, and of others who sport their generosity upon the shoulders of a single generous benefactor. In the last year we find that the total amount contributed by all parishes to the societies was Xl,662 1 93. Id., the Widows and Orphans receiving £ 281 2s. 7d., the Church Building Society .£312 Os. 3d., the Church Extension Society .£697 153. 5d., and the Diocesan Board of Education zC372 Os. lOd. Summarised the various deaneries contributed as follows I St. Asaph «5» 11 7 Caedewen. 87 19 0 Denbigh 140 18 9 Dyffryn Clwyd 61 8 7 Holywell 162 17 10 Llanfyllin 35 11 10 Llangollen 49 12 6 I Llanrwst I., 55 2 8 Mold 107 6 4 Oswestry 129 8 4 Penllyn and Edeirnion 56 13 11 Welshpool 271 5 4 Wrexham. 281 2 5 Total 1662 19 1 I. Total 1662 19 1 Carefully analysing the statistics we find that no less than 96 parishes contribute nothing to the I Church Extension Society 85 give nothing to the Board of Education 87 do not recognise the Church Building Society, and 66 parishes ignore the claims of the Widows and Orphans fund. These are most deplorable facts, and should make a deep impression upon delinquent clergymen. In some parishes a rich and generous resident saves the reputation of his parish by a liberal I donation, but the principle is wrong and not I worthy of toleration. For instance the wealthy parish of Ruabon is saved from shame only 8Y the subscription of £100 from Sir Watkin j W. Wynn. Surely here the clergy are not doing their duty towards the societies there should be offertories and general subscriptions, for where ¡ they are not found apathy aud lukewarmuess must reign in the Church. At L'angollen too we find that Mr. Wagstaff saves the reputation of the town by his solitary subscription of JB20. In Holywell deanery we observe that ten parishes do not support the Education Board, nine ignore the Church Extension Society, eight the Building Society, and four the Widows and Orphans Society. In Llanrwst deanery there is equal supinenesa, and we might quote other deaneries to their discredit. Some parishes are content to do nothing for these organisations, for instance— Llandegla, Llanfynydd, Ilengoed Kiunerley, Moreton, Bettwe, Frongoch, Gwyddelwern, L'anJ- rillo, Llanycil, Lla.vr-y-Bettws, Rhosygwalia, Penrhos, Brouiugton, Threapwood, and other places have not thought it a duty to cast one mite into the diocesan treasury. The meagre support in other parishes must be attributed to a want of thought, and we believe that when the printed lists are scanned by manyof the clergy they will blush at the figure cut by their parishes. A warm interest should be evoked by the ministers' appeals for sympathy and support for such excellent mediums to promote the welfare of the Church in Wales. As the lengthy report of the meetings in our issue showed, the various societies are effecting great good for the educational and religious: advancement of the masses. They are established upon sound principles, and command the support of Churchmen of all shades of opinion. Their operations extend to the remotest corners of the diocese, and appeals for assistance from any quarter meet with careful cociideration and as generous treatment as the funds will permit. We hope the renewed appeals which are about to be made will result in largely increasing the funds, that the operations of the organisations may become more extensive and meet the pressing demands for help in poor and populous district?.


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