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t^ratosmsir's ^bbr*ss*s. THE QLD TEA WAR E H 0 USE, FAMILY GROCERY, FOREIGN & COLONIAL STORES, 14, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. C. K. BENSON, PROPRIETOR. These STORES are established to supply tlte jublic with TEAS, COFFEES, SPICES, FOREIGN AND COLONIAL GOODS, GENERAL GROCERIES, &c., &0., At Merchant Prices. ARRIVAL OF THE NEW SEASON TEAS. THE New Season's arrival of FINE TEAS from China are again exceedingly large, while the excellent quality of former years is fully maintained. The most delicate taste of connoisseurs will be gratified by the superior character of lone of the INDIAN TEAS which have arrived, resembling the old choice Kaisow-so highly appreciated by the con- sumers of the nner classes of TEA. The following qualities are well worth special notice :— BENSON'S TEA 1/6 A Pure Congou. BENSON'S TEA. 1/8 A Ifine Kaisow Congou. BENSON'S TEA 1/10 A Choice Mixture, rich in flavour. BENSON'S TEA.2/- A Delicious Breakfast Congou. BENSON'S TEA 2/6 A high-class Tea, which is especially recommended. BENSON'S This is a perfect Tea of great strength and sterling quality. BENSON'S TEA.3 1- This is a splendid Souchong Tea, rich in flavour, and unsurpassed at the price. BENSON'S TEA 3/3 A Mixture of choice China and Indian Teas. BENSON'S TEA 3/4 The finest Mixture of Teas that can be produced. This is the Prince of Teas, aud cannot be surpassed. BENSON'S TEAS Are the BEST, the PUREST, and CHEAPEST. BENSON'S MOTTO— QUALITY is the STANDARD of VALUE." THE unparalleled success which has marked the progres .L of C. K. Benson's business from year to year is the resul of his practical knowledge ef Tea, and of the exercise o proper care in the selection of stock, which enables him to æB TEAS and COFFEES of superior quality at merchants' prices. COFFEES. BENSON'S MOTTO— "QUALITY is the TEST of CHEAPNESS." BENSON'S COFFEES Are carefully selected. BENSON'S COFFEES Are perfectly roasted. BENSON'S COFFEES Have a rich mountaim flaronr. BENSON'S COFFEES Can be had ground w Ungrotmd, BENSON'S TEAS AND BENSON'S COFFEES Are confidently recommended, being selected with the greatest regard to quality. TAKING QUALITY as the STANDARD of VALUE JL and the TEST of CHEAPNESS, C. K. BENSON con- idently states that Goods purchased at his stores cannot be nupassed by any stores, firm, or company in the Kingdom. BENSON'S STOCK OF FRENCH, ITALIAN, FOREIGN, AND COLONIAL GOODS CANNOT BE SURPASSED. CK BENSON tenders his sincere thanks to his numerous customers for their constantly increasing support and ecteasive recommendations; and they may rest assured that S orders entrusted to him will continue to hare prompt attention. DELIVERY OF GOODS. CK BENSON delivers all Orders, Free of Charge, by his own Vans, or by Carrier, or Carriage Paid to the *M*«8t Railway Station. BMtMSt Railway Station. Orders per Post, Carrier, or Messenger, will have imme- diate attention. HOURS OF BUSINESS. Tinrqx> STORES are opened at 8 a.m., and closed at 7 p.nT; on Thursdays at 8.30 p.m., and Saturdays at 10.30 p.m. N.B.—They will be entirely closed on the four days set apart as Bank Holidays. C. K. BENSON, TEA DEALER AND FAMILY GROCER, 14, HIGH-STREET, 30 WREXHAM. j ttnfth. WANTED, a General Servant with good character.—Ap- TV ply at Osburee Bouse, Hirdir, Wrexham. 853f DRESSMAKERS.—"Wanted a practical person as dre. raaker.4PP'y to Lunt and Griffiths, Free Trade Hall, lilhyl. 8080 A PUSHING AGENT is offered a valuable Commission.— Machine Oil" at Horncastle's Central Advertisement Offices, 61, Cheapside, Loudon, WANTED, a person of intelligence and respectability to obtain orders for a New Work on the great question of the day.—Apply William Mackenzie, City-road, Chester. 769c WANTED, Certificated Master for Llandyrnog National School. Knowledge ol music indispensable. Liberal Salary.-Apply to the Rector of Llandyrnog, Denbigh. 06&I OTIC E.-TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS.—J. 1.1 Roberts and Co., Silk Mercers, Argyle-street, Birken- head, have a VACANCY for a Respectable well educated Youth as an Apprentice. 8lib APARTMENTS wanted for a permanency by a single .Lx- gentleman a Furnished Sitting-room and Bedroom.— Apply with terms (which must be inclusive) to K. M., Guardian Office, Wrexham.. f GROCERS AND PROVISIONS.—Wanted, by a youn man, a situation In the country. Six years' experience, and 18 mouths' reference from present employer, J. D., 20, Bedford Place, Bootla, Liverpool^ S22o WANTED, in October next, a Working Bailiff on a mixed farm of rather over 300 acres. Wife to take charge of dairy (no cheese made) and poultry.—For full particulars apply to Bennett S. Roberts, Burton Hall, Rossett, near Wreoham. D d. HOUSE TO LET ill Trafalgar-road, Wrexham.—Apply jjL to John Oliver, Roderick-terrace, Wrexnam. 199g A HOUSE to LET, at St. Mark's Terrace, Hope-street, Wrexham. £ 20 per annum.—Apply to Dr Eyton Jones, Grosvenor Lodge. 386d TO LET, No. 88, Wrexham Fecban, Wrexham. Immediate possession.—Apply to Mr J. Allington Hughes, solicitor, Wrexham. 639g TO BE LET. near to Chester-street, Wrexham, 4l HOUSE containing two reception rooms, five bedrooms, kitchen &c., and two good cellars. Rent, ZIO 10a.-Apply, K.G. Guardian Office, Wrexham. o TO BE LET, and entered upon immediately, a first-class HOUSE, with Garden attached, No. 7, Derby-road Terrace, Hightown.—For particulars, apply Guardian Office, Hope-street, Wrexham. 660c jf5"| Q HOUSES TO LET.—Oldacre-terrace, Trevor- oUlO street. Kitchen, Sitting and three Bedrooms, Scullery, Pantry, W.C Yard, and Garden. Gas and water laid on.—Address, W. J. Leigh, The Priory. 858d PWLLHELI, North Wales.—TO BE LET, Furnished, a Detached VILLA RESIDENCE, drawing and dining- room, five bedrooms, two kitchens, pantry, and large garden in front. A splendid view ot the Carnarvonshire and Merionethshire mountains and Cardigan Bay. Finest beach in the Principality safe bathiag at all timee.-Apply to T. Price, White Horse Inn, Wrexham. 821b WOOLLEN CLOTHS. WOOLLEN CLOTHS. "TD ARTHUR DAVIS, Denbigh, has now ready for Sale XV. a very extensive Stock of New Wooflen Cloths made apecially for himself by some of the leading Scotch Manu- facturers, Shrunk, and of the Newest Patterns, which will be sold as usual at small profits,for Ready Cash. 451g




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