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RESTORATION OF ABERGELE PARISH CHURCH. On the 7th and 8:h inst., a grand bazaar in aid of making up a deficiency of £ 900 in the funds required for restoring the above church was held in the Town Hall, Abergele, and which was patronised by most of the elite of the neighbourhood. Tuere were nine stalls presided over by the following ladies—No. 1, flowers and fruit, MrsLloyd Davie", Bryn Coch, assisted by the Misses Lloyd Davies, McE ven, Pjrivsallt and Black Blo-le.-No. 2, Mrs Phillips, Castle View, and Mrs Tanner, assisted by the Misses Edwards, Castle View; Groom, Ciistle View; j nes, Llanjerniew Vicarage and Sawden, Park Villas. No. 3, Mrs Weaver, Past Glas and the Misses Evanq, assisted by Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Isabel Thomas. No! 4, Mrs Evans, The Vicarage, as-ist.i by tha Misses Beckett, 2, Dyffryu Dulas Clough, Bila Davies 2 Uwchydon Colwvn J. L. Tibbitts, Waltcn, Dolforgao Hall, Wallop Halifax, and Williams.—No. 5, Miss Ca*- michael, assisted by the Misses Jones, Tanyfron, and Jones, C tmbrian Hotel—No. 6, Mrs Elliott, Kocke Cot- tage and the Misses Williams, Frondeg assisted by the M-sses B. tes and L>dge—No. 7, Pensarn stall, Mrs Humphreys, Cambrian Ho:el; Mrs Hannah, Breadelbane House the MUscs C. Tibbitts, Grenville Terrace Jones, Paik Cottage • Baiton, Bilgrave House r.nd Hughes, Pe>st-office, Pensarn assisted by Mrs W. T. Hannah) Higher Tiantnere the Misses F. Tibbiifs, S. E. Davies Meirion Andrews, Loudon ani Tibbitts, Tarn worth -No. 8, Mi.s o\.kc'll and the M-isses Williams, Chester- No. 9, refieshuoent stall, Miss Cannichaei, assisted by the Misses Jones, Llans.innan Foulkes, G:ove House Lee, Pensarn and Mrs Parry The art galLry was ably presided over by Mrs MoK>czie, w| 0 realised a good sun. The pes'office was conduced by M S M. Williams, Froudeg, and a ¡;ff of a^isicnis. The sum d I--reat credit to me I.tJi.-s who woiked vvjrli uutir ng industry in providing the articles displayed on their stall*. The following gavo valuable assistance in the raffling &c., which was briskly carr ed on during !he two days Mki Hughes, Kinmel Park Cjlcnel C,oke, Misses Lewis, Llanfair Vicatngj Misses J;¡!lle" Ty Gjbiith Mr D. J. Hoes, North and S^u'h Wales Bank Mr D. E. William?, North and South Wales B:uik Mr Jarmvn Professor Tanner, Mr J. Hannah, churchwarden Mr Williams, Frondeg; Mr. D ivies, Tuny Allt; Mr W. Templeton, &c., &c. Among those present we noticed the following-H. H Hughes, Eq., the Lady Forentia, and the Misses Hushes, Kinmel Park, and party J. H. Wynne, Eq. and Mrs Wynn?, Coed Coch Brownlow Wynne, Etq, and the M'scs Wrench and Lodge, Garthewin the Hon, Mrs S-ickville West and the Misses Sackville West, Bangor P. H. Chambr. s and Mrs Chambre, L'ysmeirchion Mrs and the Misses Cham- bres, Doibeu j Mr au-l Miss Mainwariug and Miss Lovett, Gallif-ena.i • Mrs and the Misses Wynne, Bronweudon Colonel Cooke, Colomendy Viscount Powerscroft. J. Oldfield, E-q., Ftarui; M Si Elver, Frarrn Mrs Beckett, D.-ffryn Dulas Mr< Henry Beckst', Dyffryn Duhs Mrs Morns, Bodhyfryd, Llaniulas; the Misses Chambres, Ty G:oes Llan.iulas Mr Walton, Dolforgall Hal; the Rev D. Ei-an,, Vicarage the Hev H. E. Meaton, Mrs, and the Mu-ses Heaton, Bettws-yn-liMos Vicarage, the Ii v E. Lewis, Mrs, aud the Misses Lewis, Llanfair Tai- haiarn Vicarjge the Bev J. D. and Mrs Jones, CJtwyn Vicarage; the Rv Isaac and Mrs Williams, B.on Pare the Rev J Mis, and Miss Williams, Minera Vicar. ge 't the Rev T. JWilliams, St. George Nicholas, Rhyl Thomas, ithyl D. L. Thomas, Llauddulas j — Wiliams, Nautglyn G. O. Browne, Abergele; J. E. Jones,Trofarth Mrs Frostaud party, Mmgdon, Co'lwyn • Mr Williams, Frondeg; Mr and Mrs Nield.'Bryn Hyfryd' Dr and Mrs Davies, Llanfair Talhai-irr, W. Bjotb Esq., aud Mrs Booth, Giandwr Mrs Shaw, Glandwr* Mr Roose, Rhyl W. Davies, E-q., solicitor, Holywell Mrs and the Misses Davies, Holrwell Mrs and the Misses Davies, L'audduhs Rectory Nlrtti(I Mrs Clarke, Hendrefyd i Mr and Mrs Moore, Moorish House the Misses Workdnle, Mr and Mrs Khiel, Mr and 'Mrs Saxjn, Mits Humphreys, Cefn Forrest; Dr and the Misses Lodge, St. Asiph Dr and Mrs Jones, Dr and Mrs Griffith. Hendro Cortege Mrs Tuner Jones, Bryn Ogwen Mr, Mrs, and the Misses Temphfon, Bryn-y- don, Lianddtias, Dr and Mrs McEwen. PeMy Ailr Niiss Bowes, JS. Eiliott, Esq., cc &c. A concert was held oa the Lh insr. which attracled a fashionuble audience &c,, &c.



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