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THE WELSH CHALLENGE CUP. The first season of the Welsh Football Association is now closed with the Challenge Cup. That difficulties should arise, is only what any of our readers may expect in an association like the above, but we hope all animosity and bad feeling will pass away, and when the next season comes round the experience of the past will prove beneficial. We have no doubt the association will do a great deal of good in creating a love for this manly game, while it is conducted by gentlemen. Mr Evan Murris, Mr Cooper, and Mr Ll. Kenrick, have taken a great deal of interest in the affairs of the Association, the last two especially, having devoted considerable time; and we must not forget the services rendered by Mr Mills. The game of football has taken deep root in ttiis district, Wrexham furn.shing two teams, but unfortun- ately, they were drawu against erfch other in the first ties. According to the conditions, the winner of the cup will hold it for twelve months, each player of the winning team receiving a gold medal, the second club will receive an illuminated certificate. The first tie was played on Saturday, October 30, 1877, between the Druids and Newtown, at Ne wtow-u. There were 19 clubs entered, but two of them, the 23rd Welsh Fusiliers and the Swansea scratched, the former to Llangollen, and the latter to Aberystwitb. The five ties were played in the followiag order :— FIRST TIE. Druids beat Newtown (1), four to none. Wrexham beat Civil Service (Wrexham), three to One. Bangor beat Carnarvon, one 10 none, Newtown Stars beat Ruabon, one to none. Oswestry beat Chirk, twelve to none. Foresters beat Northwich (1), four to none. Corweu beat Bala (2), one to none. Swansea scratched to Aberystwith. 23rd Welsh Fusiliers scratched to Llangollen. Eh jsllanerchrugog, a bye. In this tio it will be noticed that two of the clubs played one undecided game, and the Corwen and Bala two before winning. The Druids, at Newtown, where the first tie was played, only succeeded in scoring their goal three mmutes before the call of time, thus making it a. draw. The Foresters, in their second game at home, wou easily by four goals to none, but at North- wich neither scored a goal. In the first two undecided games between Bangor aud Corwen no goal was scored, aud in the third it was no runaway game, oae to none being tho result. SECOND TIE. Bangor beat Corwen, seven to none. Foresters beat Llangollen, two to one. Wrexham beat Oswestry (I), two to none. Druids beat KI102, three to none. White Star beat Aberystwith (1), scratched. In the secoud tie the Wrexham club played their only undecided game, whilst the Druids won in one match in this tie only. After the first match between White Star and Aberystwiih, the latter retired. THIRD TIE. Wrexham beat Foresters, eight and one disputed to none. Druids boat Newtown Stars (U), three to none. Bangor, a bye. The Diuids, in this draw, had to play two undecided games with the Newtown Stars. Trie first, at Plasmadoc, resulted in a goal e ich. The second game was played at Newtown, and resulted in one goal for Newtown, but it was disputel by the Druid", and the committee decid- ing in the Druids' favour, it resulted in a draw. In the third trial the nutch was played at Oswestry, the umpires and referee being chosen by the Association Committee, when tho Druids won by thiee goals to none. FOURTH TIE. Druids beat Bangor (1), one to none. Wrexham, a bye. Agiiu the Druids failed in their first game, which, according to previous arrangement, was plaved at Wrex- ham. After playing the usual time neither scored. The next game came off at Kliyl, aad on this occasion, when time was cailed, no goal had been scored. Both agreed to play half-an-hour longer, fifteen minu'es cachNvay, when the Druids, in the ia.,t had, scored a goal. THE FINAL TIE. "Wrexham beat The Druids, one to none, and won the cup. These clubs from the couimet cement of the CUD ties had been named to play the final off, and although the Druids in some of the matches had great trouble to pull through, yet they proved themselves very strong on Saturday. It does appear Strang* from their play intfce 1) L final tie that, they should have had such dilficu:th>s iu winning their previous games. With the exception of the Druids, Wrexham defeated tile two best clubs in the association, Oswestry and Civil Service, with one undecided game. Thus, according to public performance, the odds were in favour of the Wrexham club. The game, by the kind permission of Sir R. A. Cunliffe, was played on Acton Park, in the presence of about 1,500 spectators j sixpence being charged for admission. The ground wai iu capital order considering the inclement weather of the tew previous days, and the committee left nothing uadoao- to give each team fair play. The grass hali been cut in places and the ground was well rolled, roped and staked. The length inaked out was 120 yards by 7t;. To assist the police in keeping the ground there were three stewards appointed from each of the following clubs :-N*frext):im, Druids, Iiuabon, and Foresters. Four o'clock was the time fixed for the kick off, bus it was some minutes after before the teams arrive on the ground, each club being well received. The following were tho players: WREXHAM— E. Phennah. C. Murless. T. W. Davies. E.Evans.sen. E. A Cross. A. Damcts. I C. Eclwards. E. Evans. J. Davies. H. Loxkam. J. Price. o DRUIDS— E. Vaughan. Dr. Grey. C. Kc-tley. J. Jones. £ r. F. Thompson. E. Bowen. W. Williams. H. Morris. 'I LI. Kenrick. J. Powell. E. Roberta. The Druids won the tos-I and selccfed the goal with the wind in their iarour, which was blowing diagonally across the ground towards the Iodize. From the commencement it was easily seen that it would not be a one-sided affair, but a well-fought game. The Druids' forwards, exhibiting some splendid parsing and dodging tactics, frequently attacked the Wrexham goal, the backs, however, were able to save it, rond on one or two occasions the Wrexham forwards reached (he Druids goal, but the p!ay during the first half was mostly in the Wrexham end. Dr Grey, G. F. Thorn on, "J;(ck," and Little Vaughan worked hard, but with all their combined dasttiitg play, the Wrexham backs held their own, arid when half-time was called neither had scored. After the change of endi Wrexham had the advantage of the win i, when it was soon apparent that, the Wrex- ham defence was good but their attacking power weak. Wrexham three half-backs against the wind ws all right, but with the wind in their favour we think if thev had put another centre with Price they would have done better, the Druids' backs closmg in on h.m whenever he had a chance. Evans, junr., made some capital ceniie shots, but there was no one there to take them on. The passing all round was splendid. As it was the unanimous opinion that we should have another drawn game, and enquiries were being made whether they would plity on half-an-hour longer, but two minutes before the call of time a corner kick fur WreX- ham was entrusted to B A. Cross, who kicked it in front of the goal, and after a good scrimmage, tha Druids succeeded in gutting it out, when Evans, juur., returned the ball, and after another fight, the Wrexhjtmites suc- ceeded in taking the ball and tno goalkeeper through, amidst" great cheering, just one minute before tiaae was called. The Wrexham ream played a splendid game, and the players who most disungui bed themselves were Evan- Price, and L jxham amongst the ft;: wards, and E. A. Croo, Evans, and Murless, the b.icks. For (he Druids, Vaughan, "Ja.ck," Dr Grey, Thomson, L'. K emick, and c. BiL," played in finefoino. The umpires were chosen by the committee, Mr J. M. Morn. Shrews- bury; Mr T. Hingle, DitrNven referee, Mr J. W. Thomas, Stoke-oa-Treut.


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