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THE WELSH CHALLENGE CUP. FORESTERS T. WREXHAM. The above clubs being drawn in the third ties for the Challenge Cup, the game was played on Satardav, on the Foresters' ground, Gwersyllt Park. The Foresters, although a young club, this being their first season, had run into the third ties, a performance not to be despised, and no doubt exceeds the expectations of many of their friends. The weather was favourable for play, but the ground rather slippery. There were about 500 specta- tors present, a charge of sixpence being made for ad- mission, and the greatest excitement and good feeling existed throughout. The ground was very small—110 yards by M, the minimum distances required by the rules being 100 yards by 60. Gwersyllt won the toss, and selected the top goal, tha ball being set in motion at 3.14. The game for the first ten minutes seemed pretty even, and the ball was continually out of boundary, the Wrexham team in their long passing wanting more room. How. ———————! •ror, they soon settled down, and were the first to score from a shot by J. Davies at 8.38, J. Price having previously put the kail through, but it was declared "off-side." From thwpoiat it was seen that the Foresters were greatly overiuaten4 their back play being very weak. When half time was cllwd. Wrexham had scored throe goals and one disputed. The plav, after the change of sides, was still more one-sided, Lovatt having a warm time of it; and although he defended his goal with great credit, oould not help himself when the Wrexhamites were around hilll like bees. At the call of time the game stood-Wrexhain, eight goals, and one disputed, to none. The following were the players:- F&resters.-Itemars Lovatt (goal) R. Williams and W. Tndor (backs), G. Whitehouse, C. Roberts, and H Clavton cant (half-backs), S.Powell and W. B. Marston ("right winer) V" kcHutchonand K. Dodd (left wing), E (cfnttS.* Umpire, Sir Owen Price. Wrexham.—Meesrii E. Phsnnah (goal), C. Mnrless, eaptain., ?f Evans, E. A. Cross, and a! Daviei (half-kMks), J. Danes and C. Edwards (right wina), TSAS. 5ii £ WH*M WINS)'J- PRKE The Foresters' backs were very weak, and one or two changes ought to be made at once. The forwards, al- though they were short of S. Williams, a good man, and McHutchon was hurt early in the game, made a good fight. The result of the game will tell its own tale about the Wrexham team, notwithstanding the ground was un- favourable to their play. DRUIDS v. WHITE STAR (NEWTON). The above clubs met at Newtown on Saturday, 9th inst, to decide third ties for the challenge cup, (the first game at Plasmodoc having resulted in a draw). A large number of spectators were present. The ball was kicked off at 2.29 by Mr L. L. Kenrick for the visitors, and was kept in the home team's territory for about twenty min- utes, during which time it had not crossed the Druids line, when a foul was made against the Stars but an appeal to referee was disallowed, immediately afterwards on the ball being near the visitors goal, hands was claimed by the home team and at once granted by the referee, which resulted in the leather being hustled through, the Druids goal-keeper failing to free his posts. Nothing further occurred until half-time, during this part of the game disputes were raised by the home team on any pretext, and the crowd inciting them to attack their opponents -rather than plav the ball, also making use of unseemly expressions unfit for publication. The ball was kept in the home team's grouud but the Druids" could not lower their opponents fortress until about a quarter of an hour before call of time, when a goal was kicked by Ketlev, the Stars goal-keeper being over the line" when stopped by him, he however carried the ball five or six yards clear of the goal posts, but referee although ap- pealed to, would neither give it a goal or a free kick and a protest was lodged by the Druids," which will be de- cided by the committee on Thursday next. The game therefore resulted in another draw, although there can be no comparison between the teams, as the Druids should have won by several goals. The latter refuse to again play at Newtown whether their protest is sustained or not, but are agreeable to meet them in neutral ground, either Oswestry or Wrexham, and it will be interesting to note result. Although clubs cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of crowds, still they are bound to see that they do not molest the players or interfere with the game. The spectators were however continually six or seven yards over touch,;and often made it a point whea- the ball was near the White Star goal to get between the player and the ball and the umpire at once gave it as being out and a throw in was granted by the referee against the Druids." The Druids" were deprived of the services of one of the best forwards (Mr G. F. Thomson), who was on the ground but unable to play. Mr Kenrick was also hors de combat, but was persuaded to take his usual post, and rendered efficient service al- though he had often only one leg to stand upon. The committee have decided that the match was not won by White Star and they are to meet again at Oswestry, on the 23rd inst., association chosing referee and umpires.