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JWtlnll JnMugriitc. FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF WALES. CUP TIE. FORESTERS (GWERSYLLT) v. CIVIL SERVICE.—These teams met for a third time, on Saturday last, to decide the tie between them. The ground, owing to the fall of snow in the morning, followed by a thaw, was in such a state as to prevent any good play being made. The ball was kicked off by the Gwersyllt captain, and was taken possession of by the Civil Service forwards, who kept it well in the vicinity of the Gwersyllt goal, where it was handed to W. Jones, who plac3d the ball very creditably in front of the posts, and it was headed through by Foulkes. On being set in motion again the ball was taken into the Civil Service quarters, when it was returned in good style by the backs. The play was much in favour of the Service before, and for some minutes after half time, the ball being passed from wing to wing in first-class form, but all attempts at scoring were neatly frustrated by the Gwersyllt goalkeeper, and one of these attacks resulting in favour of the defenders of the Gwersyllt citadel, they transferred the leather into the home team's ground, when Pickering, in attempting to screw the ball, kicked it in front of his own goal, and the forwards being close at hand, passed it to T. Ellis, who sent it through the posts. The home team then played with some determination, and severely pressed their opponents for a time, subsequent to which the Visitor's forwards got hold of the bal! and passed it to Dykins, who is said to have been waiting for it offside," and he sent it through the posts, Phennah allowing it to pass him without attempting to retard its progress. The game thus terminated in favour of the Gwersyllt by two goals to one. The teams were made up of the following Civil Service.-Goal, E. Pheunah; backs, G. Thomas (captain), and T. Monitor; linlf-backs, J. Pickerin- G Harrison, and T. Davies; right wiag, J. H. Jones and Joseph Jones; left wing, W. Jones and A. Richards; centre, J. Forkin. Umpire, G. Tag-g. Gioersyllt Foresters.—Goal, S. Davies; backs, R. Davies and R. Williams; half-backs, G. Roberts, W. Tnder (captain) and C. Roberts; right win, T. Ellis and E. Williams, left wing, J. B. JIarston and S. Powell; centre, Dykins. Umpire, O. Price. Referee, E. A. Cross. CIVIL SERVICE 2ND ELEVEN* v. GROSVEXOR 2ND ELEVEN.—A match will be played between the above clubs on the ground of the latter on Saturday. Kick-off at 3 o'clock. DENBIGH v. RUTHIN.-This match was played at Denbigh in a field kindly lent for the occasion by Mr. Thomas, Park-street, and after a splendid play resulted in a victory for the home team by two goals to one. CHALLENGER Boys. v. ALBION (2ND TEAM).—This match was played on the ground of the former (Hightown), on Saturday, and resulted in a victory for the Challenger Boys by seven goals and one disputed to none. GROVE PARK V. KING'S SCHOOL, CHESTER.—A match between the King's School (Chester) and Grove Park School (Wrexham), was played at Chester on Wednes- day. The home team had the advantage in size and weight, but this was more than equalized by the play of the visitors. The ball was kicked off at 2.50, and after half an hour's play the visitors carried the ball through their opponents and gained the first goal. The King's School, not daunted by this, played up with such zeal that they succeeded in gaining the umpire's de- cision in their favour for a goal. J. Heatley's brilliant play now gained a complete victory for the visitors. Three times in the remaining half hour he succeeded in taking the baU across the Held and running it through his opponents' goal, thus scoring four goals to one for Grove Park, FIXTURES, November 29th, Wroxhum v. Llangollen, at Llangollen. November 2i)DH, Grosvenor v. Mold, at Mold. December 6th, Grosvenor v. Holt, at Wrexham. December 13th, Grosvenor v. Foresters, at Gwersyllt. December 13th, Wr> xhun v. Burslern, at Wr.-xh.,m. December 2 'th, North Wales v. Cheshire, at Wn-xhain. December 29ih, Wrexham v. Shrewsbury Engineers, at Wrexham. Drcemter iWtii. Grosveuor v. Chir<, it Chirk. December 2Gth, Grosvenor v. Castle Foregate Blues, at Wrexham. December 27cn, Grosveaor v. Mill.void Rovers, at Wrex- ham. December 27th, Wrexham v. Civil Service, at Rhosddu. January 3rd, Wrexham v. Rhyl, at Wrexham. January 3rd, Gro.-venor v. Foresters, at Wrexham. January lotti, Wrexham v. A'»x «ndria. "t o».*we. January 17th, Wrexham v. Druids, at Ruabon, January 24th, Wrexnam v. SU.C.VOJJ.; ""d,;iucer, at Wrexham. January 24th, North Wale,. v. Staffordshire, at Stoke. Jauuary 3bt, Wrexham v. Birkonhead, at Wrexham. January Jlst, Grosvenor v. Mold, at Wrexham. February 7th, Grosvenor v. Castle Foregate Blues, at Shrewsbury. February 7th, Wrexham v. Burslem, at Burslem. February 14th, Wrexham v. Ll.ai^olU-n, at Wrexham. February 14th, Grosvenor v. Corwen, at Wrexham. February 21st, Grosvenor v. Chirk, at Wrexham. February 21st, North Wales v. Cheshire, at Crewe. February 28th, Wrexham v. Corwen, at Corwen. March 6th, Wrexham v. Civil Service, at Wrexham. March nth, Wrexham v. RhyI. at Kiiyl. March 6th, North Wales v. Staffordshire, at Wrexham. March 13th, North Wales v. Lancashire, at Darwen. March 20th, Wroxham v. Alexandria (Crewe), at Wrexham. April rd, Wrexham v. Shrewsbury Engineers, at Shrews- bury. The international matches are :— Wales v. England, at Wrexham, March 15th, 1880. Wales v. Scotland, at Glasgow, March 27th, 185U.