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THE C 'X'"RN!T AT LLANGOLLEN.—BESTJLT. John B triou\ a b'.ia-! man. was in custody charged with having stolen a slate and figures valued 8i. and 2a. 2d. in money, the properties of Mr. Severs. Mr. Sherratt appeared for the complainant and said both Mr. Severs and Mr. Barlow were blind and were giving concerts round the country in aid of the Vv'ilber- Iorce School for the blind at York. Mr. Barlow was en 4I-(r. Sevsrs as a vocalist together with his wife v, was similarity afficted. East week a concert was an jounced to be given at Llangollen and 2s. 2d. was advanced by Mrs. Severs to Mr. and Mrs. Barlow, to pav ihtir fare to Elanyollen. At che rooms at Llan- gofie' -n the evening of the concert a large number of ladie; < -;<' gentlemen had assembled and they waited some tiiiie for Mr. Barlow. He did not arrive, and the concert could not be given and the nionty taken at the doors had to be returned, the whole affair being con- tide re swindle. Mr. Severs stated he was the responsible manager of the concerts and on the 10th inst. he announced that a concert would be given at Llangollen. They had in the hall a ic,rge and respectable audience, and in con- sequence of Barlow absenting himself and taking with him a vUte of figures used by the blind for the purpose of thv./ing their system of working arithmetic, the money taken at the door had to be returned. Defendant said that the slate was never in Wrexham durin- the second visit, and could not therefore have been uiken from Wrexham as stated in the summons. Mrs. Severs proved having paid defendant the 2s. 2d. -,i t,,) Ll"n -on. for fares to Liangoiien. The Mayor after a short consultation with his broth.1 Magistrates said they had decided to dismits the case, and they were sorry to see two gentlemen affll cted with the same infirmity in the position of complainant and defendant he thought they might have agreed better. He reprimanded Barlow for his conduct in not attending to the concert at Llangcllen. ASSAULT. Mart/ Davits, a young woman, was summoned by an elderly woman, named Ann Owens, for an assault. The persons live in Tuttle-street. It appeared that on the previous Saturday the parties met in a shop, and after a few words the assault was alleged to have been committed. Defendant admitted having struck complainant with » poker, but alleeed that she did not do so until com- plainant had thrown an oyster knife at her and cut her forehead. Several witnesses were called, and the effect of their evidence was that defendant was very determined, and returned several times to the complainant with the poker. The Bench were of opinion that the assault was a most detenidfted one, and therefore fined defendant 21s. and Hosts, é'ie alternative being 21 days' imprisonment. TRANSFER. The nit-door license of the retail house known as the j Rhosil 'u Depot was transferred to Mr. James Atkin from Mr. Ralph. ,? ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. A tan Stmt, a young woman, of Bangor Isycoed, was brouL-lrl; kefore the to answer the above charge. Harriett Taylor, Pontuttle. stated that on Tuesday week he was standing by the shop of Mr. Francis, Hope-street, when ihe defendant and some others came up. Witness charged her with bavin: poison in her hand, which she denied. Eventually witness en- deavoured to take it away. She succeeded, and after tfoxt -fendant said, Well, if I can't have that I will ha ? r'Is," and then drank something out of a bottle. In further e xamination witness said she did not know defendant was going to poison herself. It was a young woman, who was with defendant, who told her that she had unison. Defendant told witness that she had been thinking of poisoning herself for sometime, and it was owing to McCloud, a police-constable. Sergeant Lindsay stated that shortly after seven on the day in question he found defendant lying in Hope- street. Whilst there she vomited, and there was a strong smell of phosphorous. He got defendant re- moved to the station-house. Mr. Edisbury then came and endeavoured to administer something, but she bit the bottle, and a great portion of the stuff was lost. Mr. Edisbury fetched some more and administered that. Afterwards defendant again vomited. On becoming better she said she had resolved for some time to poison herself. Mr. Edisbury, chemist, stated that on the day named a policeman came to his shop, and in consequence of what he heard and saw he sent for a doctor. Knowing the corrosive power of the phosphorous he ventured to administer an emetic. She bit the first bottle, and a quantity of the emetic was lost. He then gave her another. Defendant had been to his shop with a receipe. It was an ordinary one from country folks for rheumatism The medicine was of a very irritating character, but was not poisonous. He heard her on the road to the Infirmary calling for McCloud, and saying, Let me die." Dr. E\ ton-Jones stated that he was called, and applied the pump. The phosphorous paste was an exceedingly irritating thing, and must have burnt defendant's mouth, windpipe, &c. She must have suffered greatly. The matron of the Infirmary had told him that de- fendant had been well-behaved, and been very penitent. She had signed the pledge, and promised to be better. Mr. Edisbury said she asked his assistant for a powder (vermin killer) which contained strychinine, but seeing her in drink he gave her the drink instead. Had she had the powder she would have been dead in a few minutes. The magistrates commended the discretion of Mr. Edisbury's manager, and also the part taken by Mr. Edisbury and Dr. Eyton-Jcnes. The mother of the defendant said her daughter had been a good girl until lately, but recently she had got into bad company in Wrexham. The magistrates adjourned the case for a week in the hope of obtaining security for the defendant's good behaviour, and in the meantime she will remain in the infirmary. THURSDAY.—Before the Mayor (Edward Smith, Esq.) and T. C. Jones, Esq. DRUNKENNESS. Thomas Francis, labourer, Tuttle-street, was charged by P.C. John Jones with being drunk and disorderly in Y orke-street on the previous night. Discharged with a caution.




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