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X MURRAY'S FORTHCOMING WORKS < With Portrait, Vol. I tsvo 158., V IFE of SAMUEL W1LBERFORCE, D.D., J A late Bishop of Oxford and Winchester, with Extracts from his Eferies and CoiTeq>oDdeDce. By A. tt. ASHWKT/L, Canon of Contents CHOIUUI Wilberforoe's Boyhood I and School Life his Father's ] etters to him. Co'lege Life and Curacy. ifc;; .Triage dbuies of a Parish Priest at 1 righstone Archdeacon. Erects for the Times: Dr. Pnsey. 1. righstone Archdeacon. Erects for the Times: Dr. Pnsey. 'linger of Tractarian Teaching. Oxford Movement: Dr. is ew- oi&n's Secession Hia Theory of Development. Oxford Movement: Dr. is ew- man's Secession: Hia Theory of Development. Convocation. Seine ition of the People, jliysiouary Duties of the Church. ^ptroduction at Court. Loss of his Wife. Dean of Westminster Mr. Gladstone on the IrishCharoh Reflections and Resolutions. Bishop of Oxford. The Prince Consort on the Func- tions of an English Bishop. Rules for guidance on the Duties of a Bishop. Ord nations and Confirmations. Ideal of Episcopal Wort. Additions to the Diocese of Ox- ford. Entrance into the Hon.-e of Lords. Earliest Speeches in the House, Earliest Speeches in the House, The Hampden Controversy. With Index and 20 Maps, 2 vols. 8vo.. 42s, A HISTORY of ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY. By E. H. BTTNBURY, F.R.G.8. 2 vols. 8vo„ 30s., „.nrTT T\/| EMOIRS of the LIFE and EVENTFUL I' I CAREER of F.M. tho Duke of S ALDAN HA Soldier nr Statesman. With Selections from his Correspondence. By Co ea fia CAR, OTA, Author of the Life of Marquis of Pomhal. Ml vol. 8vo., 18s„ i ORAL PHILOSOPHY of ARISTOTLE Translations of the Nicomachean Ethics, and of the Para- phrase of Androuicus, Together with Philosophical Essays, Intro- fractions, and Analyses. Desired for the Use of Students at the Universities. By WALTER M. HATCH. M.A., late Fellow of New goilege, Oxford. With Portrait and other Illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo., A LBERT D U RER His Life and Works. By <dL. Professor Dr. THA USING, Keeper of Archduke Albert's ^rt Collections at Vienna. Translated from the German. Crown 8vo., 9s., AI7 ORD, WORK, and WILL. Collected Papers. By WM. THOMSON, D.D., Lord Archbishop of York. Contents — Synoptic Gospels I Death of Christ I God Exists Worth of Life Design in Nature Worth of Life Design in Nature Sports and Pastimes Emotions in Preaching Defects in Missionary Work Limits of Philosophical Enquiry Map and Illustrations, 2 vols., 8vo., 26s.t JT1HE RIVER OF GOLDEN SAND. Narrative of a Journey Through China to Burmah. By Captain WM. ILL, It E. Illustrations, post 8vo., 10s. 6d., A LADY'S LIFE IN THE ROCKY MOUN- TAINS. By ISABELLA BIRD, Author of Six Months in the Sandwich Islands." Map, 8vo., 12s., LIFE of ROBERT MILMAN, D.D., late Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India. With a Selection trom his Correspondence and Journals Xy his SISTER. 40 Coloured Illustrations, &c., medium 8vo., 31s. 6d., NILE GLEANINGS The Ethnology, History, t r and Art of Ancient Egypt, as revealed by Egyptian Paintings and Bas-l!eliefs. With Descriptions of Kuhia ana its Great Rock yemples to the Second Cataract. By VILLIEHS STUART. Crown 8vo. 9s., MEMOIR of EDWAHD and CATHERINE STANLEY. Edited by their Son, A. P. STANLEY, D.D., )f Westminster. 2 vols., crown 8vo., 21s., KBEINSBERG MEMORIALS of FREDE- 1 lilOK the G!,EAT and Prince HENRY of PRUSSIA. By gDREW HAMILTON. Medium 8vo., 20s., fllHE SPEAKER'S COMMENTARY ON THE J- NEW TESTAMENT. Explanatory and Critical, with a Revision of the Translation. By Bishops and Clergy of the Anglican Juuioii. Edittd !iy P. C. COOK, M.A., Canon of Exeter, Preacher at Lincoln s-inn, and Chaplain in Ordinary to the yueen. To be Completed in four volumes. Vol. 2.—St. John, B. F. Westcott, D D., Canon of Peterborough, wid Regius Profe-sor of Divinity at Cambridge. 1he Acts, W. Jacuhson, D.D., Bishop of Chester. Vol. Ill, crown Svo., friHE STUDENT'S EDITION of the SPEAKER S COMMENTARY on the nlHLE. Abridged aud Edited by J. M. PULLER, M A., Vicar of Bexloy. To bc corn- frleted in six volunir Portrait and "Woodcuts, crown 8vo,. 7s. Sd.. A SKETCH of the LIFE of ERASMUS DAR- WIN. By CHARLES DAltWIN, F.11.S. With a study of BIS Scientinc Works by ERNEST KRAUZE. Translated by W. S. PALLAS. -Post Svo., 2, 6d. A LITTLE LIGHT on the CRETAN INSUR- K CTfQX". Hy A. F YULE. lw"-vjapx att'k kv Ulustr.ni ins, medium 8vo. IPs. 6d., HE ASCENT of the MATTEKHORN. By 'y# WHYMPER. This is a condensed and cheaper KUtion or Scrambles Amongst the Ains," -with fresh matter and additional illustrat'oas. Y(:,I. B. meaiuiti Svo., 31K. 6 1., A DICTIONARY of CHRISTIAN BIO- ft GRAPHY, LITERATI; RE, SECTB. and DOCTRINES. By iYrlters' Edited by WM..SMITH, D.C.L., and Professor WACK, M.A. Illustrations, medium Svo., 42s., A DICTIONARY of CHRISTIAN ANTl- BT Various Writers. Edited by WM. SMITH, ti.u.i/ and Archdeacon CHEETHAM, M.A. Vol. II. (completing fcaeworki. M. With n u i n <■ ro u sT 1 Instr»tions 8voT~3>T EiALLUROY of SILVER and GOLD. Part I. By JOHN PERCY, M.D., F.R S., Lectursr on Metallurgy jo ine .-Ul/aiieed (.te of Officers of tho i.oyal Artillery, and i prober °t the Institution of Civil Engineers, &c..andof the Iron and Steel Institute. — T„ Post Svo., 9s., I -TY YKAT!S ™ the WILD WEST or, Ar ln CoDDaisght Uy Mrs. HOUSTUUff. Author of a • \ncnr Voyage to LT Portraits. 3 vols., SvoTTsesT, Ix'E of WILLIAM PITT. By Earl STAN- Hoi i'. New Library Edition. -iira,t,- CriJ"'1 fhQ-il., Hud CORRESPONDENCE of 7V; 1 ^^<>i JNE HERSCHEL. Sister of Sir William, and Aunt of Sir .M>ua, Herschel. By Mrs. JOHN HEIiSCilEL. New and revised c iitnin. 8\0., Ifs, rpKE HISTORY of'BRITISH COMMERCE, _r*■ the Economic Vrogi'css of the Nation from 1763 to '878. Isy L-EA^NI.. Lt:vx, Kew and revised edition. Fost Svo., THi^ STUDENTS' HISTORY of MODEU-N JL EUROPE, from the end of the Middle Ages to the Treaty of nrliu, 1878. bvo. 138, 4E1ST0TLE. By8GEoR(^E GROTE. New edition, witii Additions. One volume. Second edition, revised, jiost gro Is. 6d., 4 PRACTICAL HEBREW GRAMMAR, Aan AppenÜix, containing the Hebrew Text of n(-,Jesis I. ii., laiiii.-almsi.—vi. Grammafcicai Analvsis ana Vot'abuiarj'. By I.e M.ANLI Y LEATHES. M. A,_ 12mo., T^RMNCH PRIXCIPIA, PartllL Prose Com- •A- ■■■■t.i, containing a Systemat'c C^oi-seof Exercises on the n-.K-i the principal Rules of Kyu'a Svo.. lfe., —— GREEK VERB: its Structure and De- ^elopment By Profes or G. CXJKnilS, of the University of Leipzig. Vniiislated into English, with tr»e Au.bur's sanction, by A. f5. \v ILKI N'S. M.A.\ Professor of Latin and Comparative 1'hilo- vvgy, and K It. ENGLAND, Assistant Lecturur in Classics, Uwens CVille^c, j\i;;nciiester. 8vo- 8vo., r ini;, MANIFOLD WITNESS for CHRIST. J. Tlii1 Boyle Lectures for 1677-78. Being an Attempt toExhibit the Combined Force of various Evidences. Direct and Indirect, of Cliristiaoity. Ey ALFRED BARKY, D.D.. D.C.jL. Post 8vo.. A DICTIONARY UF HYMNOLOGY. A Companion to Existing Hymn Books..Settiu-; forth the Orisiiii ;»:»i History of the liymns contiined ill f,¡;e uals used by the Church of England, Scotland, and Ireland. a'i■; >arious ni.-iseuting Boc's, with Notices of their Authors, iiv the Itev. JULIAN. r.R.S.L. Vicar of Wincob;ick. ShetScld. 12mo.. 3s. td„ 'AIAN a SCHOOL MANUAL of ENGLISH COM- r4-¡'O";ITIiJÑ' Witll. COPious Il!stratious and Practical By 1 Hr^)PUiLOs D, MALL, :.1 A. Svo, Is. &i~ "til7 .ISTORY of the CHURCH of SCOTLAND. JLjj.i-'y.P.P. New and revised edition. „ Medium 8vo., AK,Y of tlie ENGLISH LAN- __T 4 to.. rpHL uEX SALICA the 'J'en Emended Texts -t witu the Glosses. Edited (the Interiiretoiici, (-1 fcy Dr. H_ KBItN, Professor of .Sanscrit, f Leyden T»fe Texts, vewly Cul.ated, with Olos-ury introduceiun, &c W H °^hU KwDucan^ Lat^ 8vo., -— 8vo., -— A GLOSSARY of PECULIAR ANGLO- tS'JJIAN WULOOT-^L WORDS aud PHUASKS Ptv Bio.op.ii., H^-t,:neal. and Geognpiiicul. Iiv ilKNl.'Y Vr'TV i'11 aadA.TuUlt BUHNEI^L^ civil aadA.TuUlt BUHNEI^L^ !;¡V¡] 'J- With many Illustrations, 2 vtils. a»0 rp Ji". LAND of the MIDNIGHT" SUN Bv CHAILLTJ, jAut-lior of "l^uatorial Ivfri^ ^Vi«h liiufttration?, Svo TTAK^ATEN TRACKS IN JAPAN: An -ul Account of Travels on horseback, coieflv in the Northc-n tfistncw of .laran, jncludins visits to the aborigine of izo an(l th7- ^iue. of 'si'.ikoand Ise. By AuItLLA BUID* -1-.r*To. • lfjino., 2s. 6d.. f-i; • -NS m PROSE fur CHILDREN. By Mrs. Jt. tU;;pAULP. New and beautifully Illmtrated edition, WiTnivTH. Cr.j»man. and Ki nneily^ V'IVt*?11* -fllnstiatiuus, crowu bvo.. d* T .1 °! JOHN WILSON, D.D. (of Bombay), Years a Philantl)rol)ist and Scholar in the East. By ?_ 'J' ^>5ITt[, LL.D. Popular edition. F. _ith 20 illustrations, crown 3vo., 10s. &L, ANDHOOK 'J'O ST. PAUL'S CATHE- >• Dean Mil.MAN. Popular editi«n. (Forming vuin.,if tof I array's English Cathedrals.) nnmn, „ Woodouts, 8vo., 7s. 6d., TIOR1ENSIUS An Historical Ess&v 011 the jLJf/'Sosaiid Duties of an Advocate. By WM. FORSYTH, Third edition. A dap ted for schooi prizes. Woodcuts, post 8vo., 7s. Cd, — CROWE'S LIVES of the EARLY FLEMISH PAINTERS. With Notices of their Works. Third and cheaper edition. Third edition, with Portraits, 2 vols. 8vo., 13s~ A HISTORY of the ROYAL ARTILLERY. Compiled from the Original Records. By Major FUANCIS tgjJNCAN, R.A., Snperiotendent of the Regimental Records. Woodcuts, crown 8vo., 7s. 6d.. LPlNE FLOWERS far ENGLISH GAR- -jDKNS. By W. ROBINSON, F.L.S. Third and cheaper D. Small 4to., UC ANGE'SMEDIAEVAL LATIN-ENGLISH InICTIONARY. Comprising all matter of importance therein ,jnnt«nied illustrated and enlarged by numerous aitditions, derived T* 'i1' iI!iitir'stic aDd Scholastic authors, from the workfl of wnteT, pub- on • t»ijed Uy the Record Commission, from mediaeval histories, charters, l*ni"s.iries. aud dictionaries, and from various other aichajolo ical r :'f IP' anraent aud modem. By E. A. DAYMAN, B.P., late Fellow "tor -Jf Exeter n«n«»p<» Ovfnnl. Assisted by J. II. HE.SSKLS. T With many Maps, Plans, sc., post 8vo.. .f ANBBOOK to the MEDITERRANEAN. I)OG«ribing the Principal Cities, SeajKirts, Harbours, and Ifafatir Jtnds. For travellers in general, and especially for yachte- R. L. PLAYFAIR. I 1. New Library Edition, 8vo., 03DQN: Pas* and Present. By PETER CUN- x ViN<iItAK, P.SxA- In this work will be found much anti- guai.ati, niSoricaJ, entertaining information; together with pio uencripttoBMrf all+th»Streets and Buildings of Note now to be jfc-f w ^"8 ttno«e no linger existing; and every place endeared to j|r. • s linBn*»y latereatini.tawid historical associations. ;2m3io., 3iL ("ITALIAN PRINCM.A, Part I. A First Italian M '-ourse, containing a G.tHBmar, Delectus, Exercise Book, with T0? a°d Materials ito" Italian Conversation. On the )da.ii f > ''J11"11 Sfiith'g Pri, kMa Latina." Ky Signor RICCI, Pro- |«e^. jgj>an at the City nffcmdon College. T T^, LIAN PRINCIPl^Part II. A First Italian Anecdotes, History, and Pas- ff'V *11 s best Italian Auth< rs. With Grammatical Questions, 5^5is' a^Copious Btymologicii I Dictionary. 12m 0.. A PPENDIX to ENIT lA GRxECA. Part I. Additional Exercisvs with Examination Papers and Kasy 1.cailiug Lessons, with the Seiitenca« Analysed, serving as an ^ptruUaction to Initia Gr.cca. Part ViL" JOHN MURRAY, AIben.Wle-,styeet. MR MURRAY'S WORKS NOW READY :— 8vo., 6s.t THE QUARTERLY REVIEW, No. 296. JL Contents 1. Pascal and his Efiitnrs 2 The Colltiic of PLyr icians 3. Albert Purer 4- 'Jhe b ounder of Norwich 4. 'Jhe b ounder of Norwich Cathedral 5. Joiv i h ;eMaistreonRussia 6 Frouue's CsBsar 7. The Weather and its Pre- diction 8. Henry IV of Fr-nce 9. The Submission of the Clergy 10. Principles at Stake With Illustrations, 3 vols., medium 8vo., £ 5. 5s„ T^ICTIONARY of the BIBLE comprising its J Antiquities, BioKraphy, Geography, and Natural History. By various Writers. Edited by WILLIAM SMITH, D.C.L. and LL.D., Editor of the Classical and Latin pictionaries." With Illustrations, Vol. I., medium 8vo., 31s. 6d., DICTIONARY of CHRISTIAN ANTIQUI- TIES, comprising the History, Institutions, and Antiquities of the Christian Church, from the Time of the Apostles to the A,re of Charlemr.gne. By various Writers. Edited by WM. SMhH, D.C.L., and Archdeacon CHEETHAM, M.A. Vol. I., medium 8vo 31s. 6d.. DICTIONARY of CHRISTIAN BIOGRAPHY, Jt LITERATURE, SECTS, and DOCTRINES. From the Time of the Apostles to the Age of Charlemagne. By various Writers. Edited by WM. SMITH, D.C.L., and Rev. Professor WACE, M.A. Small 8vo 6s., THE AGAMEMNON. Translated from yEschy- lus. By the Earl of CARNARVON. With 500 Plans and Illustration;, medium 8vo., SOs., ANCIENT MYCENAE: Discoveries and Re- searches on the Sites of Mycenae and Tiryns. By Dr. SCHLIEMANN. With Preface by the Right Hon. W. E. GLAD- STONE, M.P. With Maps and 400 Illustrations, medium Svo., 50s., CYPRUS its History, Art, and Antiquities. A C Narrative of Researches and Excavations during Ten Years' Residence in that Island. By General LOUIS P. DI CESNOLA. With Map and illustrations, 2 vols., crown 8vo., 24s, THE BEDOUINS OF THE EUPHRATES VALLEY. By Lady ANNE BLUNT. With some account of the Arabs and their Horses. With 24 Illustrations, 8vo., 14s., THE CHAPEL in the TOWER Notices of Historic Persons Buried in the Chapel of St. Peter in the Tower of London. With an Account of the Discovery of the sup- j»sed Remains of Queen Anne Boleyn. By POYNE C. BELL, With Plates and Woodcuts, 4to 42s., THE TEMPLES of the JEWS and the OTHER BUILDINGS in the HARAM AREA at JERUSALEM. By JAMES FERGUSSON. D.C.L., F.R.S. With Maps, crown Svo. 10s. 6d., THE SATSUMA REBELLION An Episode of Modem Japanese History. By AUGUSTUS H. MOUN- SEY, H.B.M. Secretary of Legation at Athens, and recently Secre- tary of Legation in Japan. Crown 8\"0., 158., THE WRILD SPORTS and NATURAL HIS- TORY of the HIGHLANDS of SCOTLAND. By CHARLES ST. JOHN. A new edition. Beautifully Illustrated with 70 Wood- cuts by J. W. and Charles Whymper, A. C. Corbould, A. H. Collins, A. T. Elwes, and Harrison Weir. I Post avo., 7s. 6d., MASTERS IN ENGLISH THEOLOGY. The JjfJL King's College Lectures, 1877. Contents Hooker Whichcote and Smith Andrewes Jeremy Taylor Chiilingworth Pearson j With anîntrGdnction by-Caiioi-i Barry. With Portrait and Illustrations, 2 vols., Svo., 42s., LIFE and TIMES of TITIAN. With some Ac- count of his Family, chiefly froiii Now and Unpublished R cords. By J. A. CROWE aii(I G. B. CAVALCASELLE. With an Index. With Portrait and illustrations, roval 8vo., 26s., LIFE of MICHAEL ANGELO, sculptor, Painter, and Architect; including Inedited Documents from the Buonarotti Archives illustrative of his Life and Works, now for the Buonarotti Archives illustrative of his Life and Works, now for the first time published. By CHARLES HEATtj WILSON. With Mans and i00 illustrations, 2 vols., medium 8vo., 42s., THE CITIES AND CEMETERIES OF ETRURIA. By GEORGE DENNIS. A New Edition. Re- vised and enlarged so as to incorporate all the most recent discoveries. 2 vuls., crown 81'0 "10 THFANDBOOK to the ENVIRONS of LONDON. JLJL An account, from personal visits, of every town and village within a circle of 20 miles round the Metropolis Alphabetically arranged. By JAMES TIIORNE, F.S.A. With Index of Names. With Map, post Svo., IOST, l\/l-RRAY'S HANDBOUK for TRAVELLERS in ENGLAND and WALES, alphabetically arranged and condensed into one volume. Second edition, with Woodcuts, crown 8vo., 6s., SCEPTICISM in GEOLOGY, and the Reasons kJ for it: an Assemblage of Facts from Nature Opposed to the ¡ Theory of Causes now in Action," and By VERIFIER. With and Illustrations, Svo., 21s., I TRAVELS AND RESEARCHES AMONG the LAKES and MOUNTAINS of EASTERN and CENTRAL AFRICA. By J. FREDERIC ELTON, late H.M. Consul 111 Mozambique. Edited by It. B. COT IE RILL. With 120 Pertraits, Plates, and Woodcuts, 4to., 42s ANNALS of WINCHCOMBE and SUDELEY. By EMMA DENT. Second edition, crowri 8vo., 6s.. rpHE CATHEDRAL Its Necessary Place in the JL Life r.nu Work of the Church. By the Bishop of TRURO. With Illustrations, ruediuin Bvo., 21s., OLD ENGLISH PLATE Ecclesiastical, De- corf.tive, anil Domestic its Makers and Marks. In London and Provincial Cities._ With Illustrations and Improved Tables of the Pate Letters used in Englin; Scotland, and Ireland. Founded on Papers and Tables by Octavius S. Morgan, F.R.S.A. By WIL- FRED J. CRIPPS, M.A., ba:ristcT-at-Law. I With an Index, post Svo., 6s., A NALYSIS of AUSTIN'S LECTURES on J3L JVI1ISPRUDENCE for STUDENTS. By GORDON CA-iP- BELL, M.A., of the Inner Temple. With Illustrations- Svo., 24s., | | A MANUALof NAVAL ARCHITECTURE. For -iriL the Use of Ofiicers ff the Roy*! Kavy i.;h1 Mercantile Marine, fch.i.owners, and Shipbuilders. By W. ii. WHITE. Assistant-Con- fch.i.owners, and Shipbuilders. By W. H. WHITE. Assistant-Con- ftruotor, Royal Navy. 4t/> 42s., THE WORKS of RAPHAEL, as represented in the Raphael Collection in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle, formed ty H.R.H. the PRINCE CONSORT, 1853-61. and completed by H.M. Queen VICTORIA. (100 copies only published.) 50 Plates, 2 smaJl fclio, 31S:-6ci-:t.ch. LEAVES FROM MY SKETCH BOOK, A se- lect on Irc m Sketches during many tours. By E. W. COOICE, R.A. WiLh Uescr.ptive Letterpress. First Series.—Paris, Aries, Monaco. Nuremberg, Switzerland, Rome, Egypt, &c. Second Series ^-Venice, Narles, Pompeii, Pcestum, the Nile, fee. Seventh edition, leased, wiTti Portrait, post SvoV, Evo., 9S., PHYSICAL GEOGHAIJHY. BY MARY SOMERV1LLE. Tenth edition, revised, with Plates, post 8vo~9s"i j CONNEXION of the PHYSICAL SCIENCES. By MARY SOMEUVILLE. j I 2 vols., post Svo., 7e. 6d. each, THE CLASSIC PREACHERS OF THE ENGLISH CHURCH. Lectures at St. James's, 1ST7. i irst Series. Donne Barrow Bui! liorsley Si.uth Beverid,e Secon.i St ries. Ta\!nr Tiiii/tson ( Wilson llue I SanderFon A n are HOS. With 12 Pliit^s, uiL-diuui 8vo., 31s. 6d DESCRIPTIVE CATALOG IE of the J3L ET'CHEIJ WORK of R EMURANPT with Life an:l Intro- ductions. By CHA-. H. llIbL>L.l'l»l, I second cditun, with Map, 8ro., 12s., ENGLAND and RL sSiA. in the EAST a Series of Papers oa the Political and Geographical Condition of Central As.a. By Major-Ueueral Sir HENRY KAWHV,J\ K.tJ.B. Sixth edition, w.tn Illustrations, crown 8vo.. 7s. od., DOG BREAKING. The most Expeditious, JLJ' Certain, and Easjr Method, whether great excellence or only mediocrity be required; wit:: Odds and Ends ft r Those who Love the Do. and Gun. By General HUTCHINSON, Colonel of the 33d Regiment. Five Vols., crown 8 '0., 7s 6d each ^MILES'S LIVE.-s of the ENGINEERS, from s tile Earliest limes to the Dath d the S'ephensons com- ^-lSf(;ry of the Klimine and the LoconJottve. With Portraits aim M Woodcuts. Contents ;-1. Vt-rmuydcn. MyddJeton Terry, brmd-e: II. Sineaton and liennie. III. Mctcalfe "nd Tel- tord. IV. Boulton anaJWHtt. V_G«org(1_a»d Hohert Stephenson. Mai; and Illustration^ 2 vols", post Svo 24 "OIONEERING IN SOUTH BRAZIL. Three By TI{OS^.°B3X?^WlTHER.^e ™e 1>rovinoe of 1>arana' Illustrations, Svo., l'is., THE TALMUE: Selected Extracts, chiefly illustrating the Tea ching of the Bible. Yi'ith an Introduction describing the General Character of the Talmud. By JOSEPH BARCLAY, LL.1X, Bishop of Jemsalem. With Maps and Six Etchings, crown 3vo., 12s., THE COUNTRY OF THE MOORS. A Journey from Tripoli, in Br.rhary, to the Holy City of Kairwan. By ill-DWA-RL, RAK, Author of The I^and of the North Wind." W ir.h h jO Illustrations, 2 vols, medium 8vo., 42s„ T ECTURE> on theRISEand DEVELOPMENT | J of .MEDR-EVAL A i:CHITECTT"IiE. Pelivered at the Royal Academy. Ky Sir G. (ilhl^KRT SCOTT. It.A. Oi'own 8vo., 10- 6<1, FORTY YEARS' SERVICE IN INDIA. BY Lieutenant-General Sir GEORGK LAWRENCE. K.C.S.J, and C,B the Cahul Disasters, iuaffghaiiis&-tii and the Pnnjaub, and a Narr;^tive of the Mutinies in Kajputanft. One volume folio, half-bound, £ G. 6a., AN ATLAS of ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY, Biblical and Classical. Intended to Illustrate the Pictionary of the Bible and the Classical Pictionaries. Compiled under the super- intendence of WM. SMITH. P.C.L and GEORGE GROVE, LL.P. List of Maps. 1. Geographical Systems of the Allei"ut.. [Ancients. 2. The World as Known to the 3. Empires of th" Babylonians, I,y(tiall.Mctles,a.nd Persians 4. Empire of AlexandertheGreat. 5 and'I Kingdoms of tiie.Succes- sor's of Akxiuder the Great. 7. The Roman Empire in its greatest extent. 8. The Roman Empire after its dhhiol1 into the Eastern and Western Emiiires. 9. Greek and Phoenician Colonies 10. Britanuia. i 11. Hispaaia. 12. Gallia. 13. Germauia, Rhaitla, Noricum. 14. Pæonia.. Mcesia, Illy- ria, Dacia. Paunonia. 15. Historica.l Map.; of Italy, Sar- dinia, and Corsica. 16. Italia Superior. 17. Italia Inferior. 18. Rome. 19. Environs of Rome. 20. Greece after the Boric Migra- tion. I Wars. 21. Greece during the Persian 22. Greece during the Pelopon- 22. Greece during the Pelopon- nesian War. 23. Greece during the Achaian League. 24. Northern Greece. 25. Central Greece. [Syiarta. 26. Peloponnesus, with Plan of 27. Shores and Islands of the I Aigcau Sea. 28. Historical Maps of Asia Minor. I 29. Asia Minor. 30. Arabia. 31. India. 32. Northern Part of Africa. 33. Ægypt, and ffithiopia. 34. Historical Maps of the Holy I Land. 35 and 36. The Holy Land, North and South. ( Modern. 37. Jerusalem, Ancient and I 38. Environs of Jerusalem. 39. Sinai. 40. Asia, to Illustrate the Old I Testament and Classical Authors. 41. Map to Illustrate the New Testament. 42and43. Babylon,Nineveh,Troy, i Alexandria, and Byzantium, Second Edition, fcp. Svo., 2s., FREEDOM of SCIENCE in the MODERN STATE. By Professor RUPOLPH VIRCHOW. of Ber'in. With Map and Illustrations. 2 vols., post 8vo., 21s ) THE CRADLE of the BLUE NILE a Visit tf> the Court of King John of Ethiopia. By E. A. DE COSBOK. Cheaper Fxlition, with Illustrations, post 8vo., 7s 6d HE ROB ROY on the JORDAN, NILE, I T RED SEA, GENNESARETH, &c. A Canoe Cruise in Palestine, Egypt, aad the Waters of Damascus. By JOHN MAC- GilEGOK. M.A. Post 8vo.. 6sT, Bn URHI'-šoë/giÜ;t- ¿1d-e to Painting in Italy. For the Use of Travellers. From the German. By Mrs. CLOuGH. New edition, revis d by .1. A. CKOWE. ■" Second Edition, with 133 Illustrations, medium 8vo 26s THE GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE of ITALY chiefly in Brick and Miirhle. By G E. STREET, R.A.. Second Edition, with 100 Illustrations, 8vo 30s mHE GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE of SPAIN, THE GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE of SPAIN, from Persona. Ollservations made (luriiig several Journeys in that Country. By n H srREHT, R.A. With 30U IliuRtrations, medium 8vo 18s SCHOOL ARCHITECTURE. Practical Remarks on the Planning. Designing, Building, and Furnishvi- of School-houses. By E. R. ROBSON, Architect to the London School Board. Maps and Plan- post vo.. HANDBOOK for MADRAS aud the OVER- LANP ROUTE to INPfA. By EPWARP B. EASTWICK, C.B. A new, revised, and enlarged edition With Illustrations, post 8vo7r6s. PERILS of the POLAR SEAS. Stories of Arctic Adventure for Children. By Mr*. CIUSMOLM. EAN IIOOK'S CH[Ti-,Cfl DEAN HOOK S CHURCH DICTIONARY a Maimal of Reference fur Wur^ymen and :->tl1(2I- ¡ JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle-street. 3p MURRAY'S WORKS NOW READY Medium 8vo., THE SPEAKER'S COMMENTARY on the B16LK; witi» an Exykiuuos: r,nd Critical Commentary ard a Revision of the Transliitioii. By Bi^iops and Clergy of the Anglican Church. Kdited by F. C 'lOR, M.A., Canon of Exeter. The OLD TESTAMEls uow complete in 6 vols. Vol. L, 30s. Genesis. Bishop of Winchester. Exodus. Canon Cook and lie*. Samuel Clark. Leviticus. Rev. Samuel Clark. Numbers. Canon Espin and Rev. J F. Thrupp. Peuteronomy. Canon Espin. Vols. II. and III., 3bs. Joshua. Canon Espin, Judges, Ruth, Samuel. Bishop of Bath and Wells. Kings, Chronic es, Ezra, Nehe- miah, Esther. Canon Rawlinson Vol. IV., 24s. Job. Canon Cook. Psalrrs. Dean of Wells, Pr v. C. J. Elliott, and Canon Con: Proverbs. Rev. E. H. Plumptre. Ecclesiastes. Rev. W. T. Bullock. Song of Solomon. Rev. T. Kings- bury. Vol. V., 20B., Isaiah. Rev. Pr. Kay. Jeremiah Lamentations. Pean of Canterbuiy. Vol. VI.. 2Ss„ Ezekiel. v. Dr. Cuny. Daniel. Archdeacon Rose and Rev. J. Fuller. Hosea and Jonah. Rev. E. Hux- table. Amos, Nahum, and Zephaniah. Hev. R. Gandell. Joel and Obadiah. Rev. F. Mey- rick. alicah and Habakkuk. Rev. Saml. Clark and Editor. Haggai, Zucharia, add Malachj. Rev. W. Drake. Ine NEW TF/STAMENT. Vol. I 18s. Introduction, Arch- bishop of York St. Mathew, Pean Mansel and Editor St. Mark, Editor; St. Luke, Bishop of St. Pavid s and Editor. Crown 8vo., 7s. 6d. each, Editor; St. Luke, Bishop of St. David s and Editor. Crown 8vo., 7s. 6d. each, THE STUDENT'S EDITION of the SPEAKER'S COMMENTARY 'on the BIBLE. Abridged and Edited by JOHN M. FULLER, ML A., Vicar of Bexley. To be completed in 6 volumes. and Edited by JOHN M. FULLER, M.A., Vicar of Bexley. To be completed in 6 volumes. Vol, I. Genesis to Deuteronomy. Vol. II Joshua to Esther. With Illustrations, 3 vols., medium 8vo., 84s. THE ANCIENTEGYPTIANS. Their Manners, Customs, Private Life, Government, Laws, Art?, Manufac- tures, Religion, Agriculture, and Early History. Derived from a comparison of the Paintings, Sculptures, and Monuments still exist- ing with the accounts of Ancient Authors. By Sir J. GARPKEK WIlKINSON, F.R.S. A New Edition. With Additions by the late Author. Edited and brought down to the present state of knowledge by SAMUEL BIRCH, LL.P. With Portrait, 8vo.. 14s., LIFE of Bishop SUMNER, D.D., during an Episcopate of 40 years, with Extracts from his Correspondence. By Rev. GEORGE HENRY SUMNER, M.A. With Maps, Plans, and 500 Illustrations, royal 8vo., 42s., TROY and its REMAINS a Narrative of Dis- coveries and Researches made on the site of Ilium and in the Trojan Plain. By Pr. HENRY SCHLIEMANN. Edited by PHILIP SMITH, B. A. With Illustrations, crown 8vo., 7s. 6d., SIX MONTHS AMONG the PALM GROVES, k? CORAL REEFS, and VOLCANOES of the SANDWICH ISLANDS. By ISABELLA BIHP. With Map. Crown Svo., 9s., SIX MONTHS in ASCENSION. AnUrscientific Account of a Scientific Expedition. By Mrs. GTT L. Prefaced by a Brief and Popular History of the Methods employed to discover the Sun's Distance from the Earth. By DAVID GILL. 8vo., 14s., THE WITNESS of the PSALMS to CHRIST -8- and CHRISTIANITY. The Bampton Lectures, 1876. By the Bishop of PERRY. Second edition, revised and greatly enlarged. With Portrait, crown Svo 10s. 6d., LIFE of ST. HUGH of AVALON. Bishop of LINCOLN. With some Account of his Predecessors in the See of Lincoln. By Rev. G. G. PERRY, Kector of WadJington, .and Canon of Lincoln. I With Mai) and Illustration, crown 8vo., 14s., ^PORT and WAR. Recollections of Fighting and Hunting in South Africa, from the year 1834 to 1867. With Incidents of the CatÏre War, and an Account of the Duke of Edin- burgh's Visit. By Gen. Sir JOHN B1SSET, C.B. With Maps, 2 vols. 8vo., 30s., TTISTORY of EGYPT "CNDER the PHA- -M—EL RAOHS. Perived entirely fr m Monuments. With a Memoir 011 the Exodus of the Israelites. Bv HENRY BRUGSCH BEY. Translated by H. DANBY SEYMOUK, and PHILIP SMITH,_B. A. W ith Portrait and 30 Illustrations, crown 8vo., 10s. 6d., TIFE of THOMAS EDWARD (Shoemaker of J Banff), Scotch Naturalist. By SAMUEL SMILES, LL.D., Author of .Selr' Help," &c. With Portrait 11ml 50 Illustrations. crown 8vo., 12s.. JIFE of ROBERT DICK (Baker of Thurso), J Geologist and Botanist. By SAMUi^L SMILES, LL.D., Author of the Life of a Scotch Na.turali.-t." Post 8vo., 6s., SELF-HELP. With Illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance. By SAMUEL SMILES. Post Svo., 6s., /CHARACTER. A Companion Volume to Self- V-V Help. By SAMUEL SMILES. Post Svo., 6s., npHRIFT a Book of Domestic Counsel. By JL SAMUEL SMILES. Vrr.nt;spiece, post 8vo.. 6s., "INDUSTRIAL BIOGRAPHY or, Ironworkers J- and Tooknakers. By SAMUEL ST.'ILES, New Edition, post gro., Es., C10MPANT0NS for the DEVOUT LIFE. The j St.ames's Lectures, 1875-6. Bv Arehbisho})of f";il>i::i | Bishop of Eiv Bishop of Verry Dean of St. Paul's Dean of Norwich Dean of Chest r Pean of Chichester Canon AshweiJ Canoll Barry Cani>n Farrar Rev. W. G. Humphry Rtv. T. T. Carter Rev.E.H. Bickersteth Crown Svo., 9s.. OIR JOHN NORTH COTE'S NOTEBOOK in lO the LOXG PARLIAMENT. Containing Proceeding's during its First Session, E4J. From the original MS. :n the posse,i(\¡1 of the Right I: {In. Sir Stafford Northcote, Bart., M.P. Edited, with a Iy A. i-I. A. IIAMILTON. With Illustrations, post Svo.. 6s., A BOY'S VOYAGE ROUND THE WORLD including a Residence in Victoria, w'th a Journey by Rail Across North America. By SAMUEL SMILES, Junior. 7 vols small 8"0., 2s, 6<1 each, fi LEANINGS of PAST YEAEs, 1843-78. Bv I Jí the Kigbt Hon. W. E. GUPSTONE, M.P. Contents:- > oj. 1. The Throue and the Prince Consort, the Cabinet, and Constitution. Vol. II. PprsonaJ und Literary. vol. III. Historical and specu- I lative. vol. III. Historical and specu- lative. Vol. IV. Foreiffn. Vols. V. and VJ. Ecclesiastical L MirtCflhineou. with Facsimile, 8vo., IS* "T^TTICENE and APOSTLES' CREEDS. Their Literary History, together with some Account of toe Growth and Recoption of the Sermon on the Faith, commonly called The. Creed of St. At'.cnasins." By C. A. SWA.INSON, P.P. Pitth ART of TRAVEL or, Hints on the Shifts and Contrivances available in Wild Countries. By FRANCIS GALTON, F.R.G.S., Author of "The Explorer in South Africa." New Edition, crown 8vo., 9s. TiREATISE on the AUGUSTINIAN DOC- TRINi:; of PREDESTINATION. By the late J. B. MOSLEY. P.P., Canon of Christ Church, Repius Professor of Pivinity at Oxford. With, Illustrations, post gvo., 6s. "jVTY BOYHOOD a Christmas Story for Boys. By H. C. BARKLEY, Author of "Between the Panube and the Black Sea. Second Edition, with 24 Illustrations, 4to, 30s.. THE MC'ON, considered as a Planet, a World, and a Saic'.iitc. By JAMES N AS MYTH, C.E., and JAMES CARPENTER, VMI A.S. 8vo., 12s„ THE ODYSSEY of HOMER, rendered into JS Eui-lish BLANK Verse. Books I.—XII. By General G A SCKOMl'.EUG. C.B. Third Edition, with Illustrations bv J. W. Whymper, and Photo- Kraphs, p<^st 8vo, 10s. 6d., "OIELD PATHS and GREEN LANES: Country I 1_ Rambles, chielly in Surrey and Sussex. By LOUIS J. JEN- NINGS. Crown bvo., 10s. 6d., T3RITISH BURMA and its PEOPLE with a > Sketches of the Native Manners, Castoms, and Religion. By C,ipt. C. J. FORBES, Officiating Peputy Commissioner, British Burma. Contents:— Capt. c. j. FORBES, Officiating Deputy Commissioner, British Burma. Con<ents:- Physical Geography Races of Biirmah Social Life and Manners \sricuitural Trades, &c. Amusements Festivals and Feasts Superstitions Wild Tribes Buddhism Monks Language and Literature. With Slaps and Illustrations, post 8vo.. 7s.$d., A POPULAR ACCOUNT of MISSIONARY TRAVELS and APVENTURES in SOUTH ATRICA, 3S;0-56. By PA VIP LIVINGSTONE. With Map and Illustrations, pest Svo.. 7s. 6d.. A POPULAR ACCOUNT of an EXPEDITION to the ZAMBESI and LAKES SHIRWA and NYASSA, to the ZAMBESI and LAKES SHIRWA and NYASSA, 1858-64. By DAVID LIVINGSTONE. With Portrait, Maps. and Blustraticns, 2 vols., 8vo., 2Ss I"P,. LIVI-GSTONE'S LAST JOURNALS in EASTERN AFRICA, from 1868 to his Death. Continued by a Narrative of his last moments and sulferings. By Rev. HORACE WALLER. Second Edition, Slaps, post Svo., 7s. 6d., LIVINGSTON IA Journal of Ad ventures in EspJorinc Lake Nyassa and Establishing Missionary Settle ment. By E. D. YOUN,, RN. Revised by Bev. H WALLER f2 With 503 Woodcuts. 2 vole., post 8vo., 12s A POPULAR ACCOUNT of the MANNERS and CUSTOMS of the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS. By Sir J. GARDXKR WILK1NSON, D.C.I. F.R.S. Fifth Edition, with Woodcuts, 2 vols., post 8vo.. l&T AN ACCOUNT of the MANNERS and CUSTOMS of the MOPERN EGYPTIANS. By EPWARP WM. LANE. Edited by E. STANLEY POOLE. Revised Edition, with 2,000 Illustrations, 4 vols,, medium Svo HISTORY of ARCHITECTURE in all COUN- TRIES, from the earliest Times to the Present Pay By JAMES FERGUSSON, F.R.S., Fellow Royal Inst. Brit. Architect Vols. I. and H.-Ancient and Medio a' Architecture. 638.. Vol. III.-In(lian and Eastern Architecture. 42s. Vol. IV.-Modern Architecture. 31s. 6d. Hecond^Editlon. revised and enlarged, with 19 and 130 Illustrations, 2 vols, medium 8vo., S3s THE TRAVELS of MARCO POLO, the Venetian. Concerning the Kingdoms and Marvels of the East. A new English Version. By Col. HENRY YULE, C.B. Third Edition, with Map, 8ro., 12s., TOURNEY to the SOURCE of the RIVER f f ONUS, by the Indns, Kabul, and Badakhshan. By Captain JOHN WOOD. New edition. Edited, with an Introduction by his Son. And an Essay on the Geography of the Valley of the Oxus by Col. H. YULE, C.B. Post 8vo., 7s. 6d., PURITY in MUSICALf ART. By A. F. J. THIBAUT, of Heidelberg. Translated, with a Prefatory Memoir, by W. H. GLAPSTONE, M.P. Witli .Mtip Mini Illustrations, 8voV,16i., THE ENGLISH in SPAIN or, The Story of the War of Succession in 1834-40. By Major FRAS. PUNCAN R.A., Author of Ili-tory of the Itoval Artillery." With Portrait, 2 vols., fcap 8vo., 12s^ THE POETICAL WORKS OF RICHARD MONCKTON MILNES (Lord Houghton). Collected edition. Third Edition, revised, 8vo., 12s., RESEARCHES into the EARLY HISTORY of I MANKINP and the DEVELOPMENT of CIVILIZATION. By E. B. TYLOR, F.R.S. Fifth Thousand, 2 vols., crown 8vo., 21s., THE NEW TESTAMENT. Edited, with a Plain Practical Commentary for the use of Families and General Readers. With 100 Panoramic and other Views of Places mentioned in the Sacied Text, from sketches and photographs made on the spot. « With Illustrations, 8vo., 12s., NOTES on the CHURCHES of KENT. By the J3I late Sir STEPHEN R. GLYNNE, Bart. 8v 68., -VTOTES on SOME PASSAGES in the LITUR- GI<! AL HIS' ORY of the REFORMED ENGLISH CHURCH. By Lord SELBORNE. Third Thousand, with Plans and Woodcuts, post 8vo, 7s. 6.1., MILE CHOICE of a DWELLING a Practical J Handbook of Useful Information on all Points connected with Hiring, Buyiiig, or Building a House. With 250 Illustrations, medium Evo., 24s., RUDE STONE MONUMENTS in all COUN- TRIES their Age and Uses. By JAMES FERGUSSON, P.C.L., F.R.S. 4 vols. 8vo, 60s., BLACKSTONE'S COMMENTARIES new and revised edition, adapted to the Present State of the Law, incorporating all the Recent Changes in the Law, by R. MALCOLM incorporating all the Recent Changes in the Law, by R. MALCOLM KERR, Barrister-at-Law. ,Tlld¡"e of the City of London Court, and Coiniiiissioiier of the Central Criminal Court. With 140 Illustrations, 2 vols. crown 8vo.. 30s., [TGLER IS HANDBOOK to the ITALIAN SCHOOLS of PAINTING. Originally edited by Sir CHARLES L. EASTI.A!vK, R.A. Fourth edition, revised and remodellt-d. By Lady 11A STL A KE. With R0 IHuPtrations, 2 vols,, crown 8vo., 24s., KUGLER'S HANDBOOK to the GERMAN, FLEMISH, and DUTCH SCHOOLS of PAINTING. Origi- K FLEMISH, and DUTCH SCHOOLS of PAINTING. Origi- nally edited hy i>r. WAA(JEN. Third edition, revised and partly rewritten, lly J A. CHOWK. JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle-streei JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle-streei MR. MURRArS STANDARD WORKS :— 2 vols 8vo., 328., AUSTIN'S LECTURES on GENERAL JURIS- PRUDENCE. or lie PHILOSOPHY of POSITIVE LAW. Edited by ROBERT OAMPBfcLL. P06t8To.,66., BENEDICITE or, the Song of the Three Children. Being Illustrations of the Power, Beneficence, and Pesign manifested by the Creator in Hia Works. By G. CHAPLIN CHILD, M.P. With Plates, medium 8vo., 42s., BIRCH'S HISTORY of ANCIENT POTTERY: Egyptian, Äs8yrian, Greek, EtrwIc&n, and Roman. _u Post 8vo., 6s., BLUNT S UNDESIGNED COINCIDENCES JLF in the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT an Argument of their Veracity. Post 8vo., 6s., BLUNT'S HISTORY of the CHRISTIAN CHURCH DURING the FIRST THREE CENTURIES. Post 8vo., 66., BLUNT'S PARISH PRIEST His Duties, Acquirements, and Obligations. Seventh edition, with Portraits, 1 vol. medium 8YO., 12s., BOS WELL'S LIFE of JOHNSON. Edited by Jt JOHN WILSON CROKER. With Notes by Lord STOWELL, Sir WALTER SCOTT, Sir JAMES MACKINTOSH, PISRAELI, MARKLAND, LDCKHART, &c. Portrait. 6 vols., 8vo 45s„ BYRON'S POETICAL WORKS. Also, 10 vols. fcp. 8vo., 30s.; 1 vol. royal 8vo., 7s. 6d.; 8 vols. 16mo., 218.; or 1 vol. crown 8vo., 2s. 6d. Plates, 6 vols. fcp. 8vo., 188., BYRON'S LIFE and LETTERS or in 1 voL royal 8vo., 7s. Gcf 14 vols, post 8vo., 6s. each, /CAMPBELL'S LIVES of the LORD CHAN- V-V CELLORS and CHIEF JUSTICES of ENGLAND, from the Earliest Times to the Reign of George the Fourth. With 400 Illustrations, medium dvo., 50s., CESNOLA'S CYPRUS its History, Art, and Antiquities. With Illustrations, 42s., CROWE'S HISTORY of PAINTING inNORTH ITALY, from the 14th to the 16th Century. Third edition, with Illustrations, avo., 7s. 6d.. fmOWE'S LIVES of the EARLY FLEMISH J PAINTERS with N otices of their Works. With Illustrations, 2 vols. 8vo., 42s., CROWE'S LIFE and TIMES of TITIAN. With Account of his Family. Post 8vo., 7s. 6d., DARWIN'S ORIGIN of SPECIES by MEANS of NATURAL SELECTION. Post 8vo., 9s., DARWIN'S JOURNAL of a NATURALIST DURING a VOYAGE ROUNP the WORLD. With Illustrations, crown Svo., 9s., DARWIN'S DESCENT of MAN, and on SELECT ION in RELATION to SEX. With Illustrations, crown 8vo., 12s., DARWIN'S EXPRESSION of the EMOTIONS hi MAN and ANIMALS. With Illustrations, crown 8vo, 148., J~JARWIN'S INSECTIVOROUS PLANTS. w ith Illustrations, crown 8vo., 6s., DARWIN'S MOVEMENTS and HABITS of CLIM BING PLANTS. With Illustrations, 2 vols, crown Svo.. 18s., DARWIN'S VARIATION of ANIMALS and PLANTS under POMESTICATION. Crown 8vo., 12s., DARWIN'S EFFECTS of CROSS and SELF- JLF FERTILISATION in the VEGETABLE KINGDOM. 9s., DARWIN'S VARIOUS CONTRIVANCES by which ORCHIPS are FERTILISED by INSECTS. Woodcuts, crown 8\ 10s. 6<1: DARWIN'S DIFFERENT FORMS of FLOWERS on PLANTS of the SAME SPECIES. With Maps and 2C0 Illustrations, 2 vols, medium DLNNI-'S CITIES and CEMET RIES of ETRUIi! A.. A New Edition, revised iind enlarged. Is ow e r:tion. \rith Portrait, 2 vols. fcp. 3vo., lCs., DERBY'S iLIAD of HOMER. Rendered into English Blank Verge. With TpLPHINSTONE'S HISTORY of INDIA. The A Hindu anc1 !thl10metan Periù& Edited, with Notes and Additions, by E. R. COWELL, M. A. With nearly 2.000 Illustrations, 4 vols, medium 8vo., "lj^ERGUSSON'S HISTORY of ARCHITEC- ..1.1 TUBE in all COUNTRIES, from the Earliest Times to the l'reeent Pay. Vols. I. and n.-Andel;; au'i Medieval, 63s. Vol.111. —Indian and Eastern. 42s. Vol. IV —Modem. "Is 6d. With Portrait and Map?, (GIBBON'S HISTOrlY of the DECLINE and TT FALL of the ROMAN EMPIBE. With Notes by Pean MIL- MAN ar.d M. GU1ZOT. Edited, with .dditional Notes incor]>orat.iiig the Researches of Becent Writers, by W. SMITH. LL.P. With Portrait and Vignettes, 4 vols. 8vo., 30s., GOLDSMITH'S WORKS. Edited, with Notes, by PETER CUNNINGHAM. \jr_ by PETER CUNNINGHAM. With Portrait and Maps, 10 vols. 8vo„ I20s7| ROTE'S HISTORY of GREECE, from the 1f Earliest Period to tbe close of the Generation Contemporary with Alexander the Great Cabinet edition^ 12 ds postSvo., 6s. each. 3 yols. 8'"0.. 20s., HALLAM'S HISTORY of EUROPE DURING ttie MIDDLE AGES. 3 vols, fcvo., 306., HALLAM'S CONSTITUTIONAL HISTORY of ENGLAND. 3 vols. 8vo.. 355. HALLAM'S LITERARY HISTORY of EUROPE. Cabinet edition, 10 vols, post Svo., 4s. e%ch, HALLAM'S HISTORICAL WORKS con- t:<.inÏ1'" "History of England," Europc Poring tbe Middle Âges." al1d Li:emry Hi¡;to:j1 of Europe." With 50 Portraits, crown Svo.. lit., TAMESON'S MEMOIRS of the EARLY i'i'.AXTAN PAINTERS, and of the PROGRESS of PAINT- ING ill ITALY. -3-ol,. 8.0, 22s. Sd.. JOHNSON S LIVES of EMINENT ENGLISH POETS. Edited, with Notes, by PETER CUNNINGHAM. Ninth edition, with 350 Illustrations, post Svc., 14s., KIRKES' HANDBOOK of PHYSIOLOGY. itby W. MORRANT BAKER, F.R.C S. With Illustrations. 3 LA YARD'S NINEVEH and BABYLON. With an Ac rount of the Manners and Acts of the Ancient As:rrian8. Cabinet e6.iticn, 2 vols, post 8vo.. 7s 6d. each. Illustrations. 2 vols. Svo., 32s.. LYELL'S PRINCIPLES of GEOLOGY; or, the Modern Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants. 'With 6C0 Illustrations, post 8vo., 9?.. LYELL'S STUDENT'S ELEMENTS of GEO- LOGY. With Portrait and Illustrations, crown Svo., 5s LOCKHA R T' S ANCIENT SPANISH IIALLA.US. Historical and Romantic. Translated, with Notes. Seventh edition. Svc., 12s., MAINE'S ANCIENT LAW its Connexion ..i., with the Early History of Society and its Relation"" Modern Ideas. Third edition. Evo., 12s., MAINE'S VILLAGE COMMUNITIES in the EAST and WEST, with additional Essays. Second edition, 8vo., 12s., MAINE'S EARLY HISTORY of INSTITU- TIONS. With Illustrations, medium 8vo., 42s., MARRYAT'S MEDIAEVAL and MODERN POTTERY and PORCELAIN. -3Vols. post 8vo„ 18s.. MILMAN S HISTORY of the JEWS, from the Earliest Period, continued to Modern Times. S vols, pos: Svo., 18s., MILMAN'S HISTORY of CHRISTIANITY, J. 1 from the Birth of Christ to the Abolition of Pism in the Homan Empire. 9 vols, post £ vo., 54s., MILMAN'S HISTORY of LATIN CHRIS- TIANITY and of the Popes to the Pontificate of Nicholas V With Portraits, 4 vols, post 8vo., 24s., lyrOTLEY'S HISTORY of the UNITED _Lt J_ NETHERLANPS, from the Death of William the Silent to the iwelve Years' Tmce; with a of the English-Putch Struggle against Spain, and of the Origin and Pestruction of the Spanish Armada. With Illustrations. 2 vols, post 8vo., 12& MOTLEY'S LIFE and DEATH of JOHN of BARNEVELP, Advocate of Holland. With a view of the BARNEVELP, Advocate of Holland. With a view of the Primary Causes and Movements of the Thirty Years' War. MURCHISON'S SILURIA a History of the 1.1- Oldest Rocks in the British Isles and other Countries. With Portrait, post 8vo., 9s., "VTAPIER'S ENGLISH BATTLES and SIEGES of the PENINSULAR WAR. With Portraits, 8vo., 10s. 6d. each, POPE'S (ALEXANDER) WORKS. Edited, with Notes and Introductions, by Rev. WHITWELL ELWIN. With Maps and Woodcut*, 4 vols. Svo., 48s ¡' RAWLINSON'S HERODOTUS a New Eng- lish Version. Edited, with copious Notes. With Maps and Illustrations, 3 vols. Svo., 428, RAWLINSON'S ANCIENT MONARCHIES of the EAST; or, the History, Geography, and Antiquities of Assyria, Babylonia, Chaldtsa, Media, and Persia.! 8 vols, post Svo., 6s. each. ROBERTSON'S (Canon) HISTORY of the CHRISTIAN CHURCH, frem the Apostolic Age to the CHRISTIAN CHURCH, frem the Apostolic Age to the Reformation, 1517. With Maps and 500 Illustrations, medium 8vo., 42s., OCHLIEMANN'S TROY and its REMAINS a Narrative of Piscovcries and Researches made on the Site of nium and in the Trojan Plain. With20 Maps, Plans, and 550 Illustrations, medium 8vo., 50s., I S~ CHLIEMANN'S MYCENAE a Narrative of Piscoveries and Researches of Mycente and Tiryns. Medium 8vo., 28s., SMITH'S DICTIONARY of GREEK and ROMAN ANTIQUITIES, including the Laws, Institutions, Domestic Usages, Painting. Sculpture, Music, the Prama. &c. 3 vols, medium 8vo., £ 4. 4s., SMITH'S DICTIONARY of GREEK and ROMAN BIOGRAPHY and MYTHOLOGY, containing a ROMAN BIOGRAPHY and MYTHOLOGY, containing a 1 History of the Ancient World, Civil, Literary, and Ecclesiastical. 2 vols, medium Svo., £ 2. 16s., SMITH'S DICTIONARY of GREEK and ROMAN GEOGRAPHY, including the Political History of both Countrka and Cities, as well as their Geography. ¡ Fourth edition, with Maps and Plans, 3 vols. 8vo., 31s. 6d., SMITH'S HISTORY of the WORLD, from the Earliest Records to the Fall of the Western Empire, A.P. 455. S Earliest Records to the Fall of the Western Empire, A.D. 455. I 9 vol3. post 3vo., 45s., STANHOPE'S HISTORY of ENGLAND, from >0 the Reign of Qneen Anne to the Peace of Versailles. 1713-83. 2 voli. crown 3vo., 12s., STANLEY}i of DR. ARNOLD, of Rugby. —————— ¡ STANLEY'S SINAI and PALESTINE in CON- O NEXION with their HISTORY. Fourth edition, 8vo., 18g: STANLEY'S EPISTLES of ST. PAUL to the I CORINTHIANS, with Critical Notes and Dissertations. "With Plans, 1st and 2d Series, 2 vols. 8vo., 24s. 3d~i^ries, 14s7i STANLEY'S HISTORY of the JEWISH CHURCH. STANLEY'S HISTORY of the EASTERN CHURCH. With an Introduction on the Study of Ecclesias- tical History. With 40 Illustrations;. 3vo.. lis., STANLEY'S HISTORICAL MEMORIALS of WESTMINSTER ABBEY. 14 vols., 8vo.. 20s. each, WELLINGTON'S SUPPLEMENTARY DE- SPATCHES "relating to India, Ireland, Denmark, Spanish America, Spain and Portugal. France anil Congress of Vienna, Waterloo and Occupation of Paris, Edited by his Son. With Coloured Plates and 500 Illustrations, 3 vols. medium 8vo., 84s. WILKINSON'S MANNERS & CUSTOMS of VV the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS. New edition, revised and I edited by Dr. BIRCH. TTOHN MURRAY, Albemarle-street. JJE. MURRAY'S LIST of SCHOOL BOOKS J~)R. WM. SMITH'S ENGLISH COURSE. 12mo., 2A. 64., 12mo., 2A. 641., > PRIMARY HISTORY oi BRITAIli, for A ElementalY Schools. Edited 1: WY. SMITH, DC.L. "An auJ.mrable work; one or the best short school historiL" of England we haye seen.Educational Times 12mo.. 3s. 6d., A SCHOOL MANUAL of ENGWf:3 GRAM- MAR, with Copious Exerci8eS By W" £ rT .ill, P.C.L., anü T. P. HALL. M.A. The use of this booK. wui reader unneces- Bary tùat of many others, since it contains the grammar, analysis, and exercises. It is really a serviceable school book."—Nuiu onjorviist. 16roo., IS:: A PRIMARY ENGLISH GRAMMAR for Elfmentary SlIbools. With ExerciseN and Questions, fouTIcied upon the above Work. Hy T. D. H LL, MA. "lhis little Look is very carefully done. We doubt who ;ier any grammar of equal size could give au intn>duct"n to the Eugli:3h Lauage more clear, con. cise, andjull than this uoes.- Watchman. Pót 8vo., 58., A SCHOOL MANUAL of MODERN GEO- t GBAT'HY. PHYSICAL and POLITICAL. By JOHN RICHARPSON, M.A. After a œrefu1 e".min::tLu we rp buund to say that it is the most c rehns, e, accurate, and metbonico.I geagraphv with which we 18. uiliar, ar_ e ."er, "e un- mistakable traces (,f c" i industrious research. We have been surprisetl at he a)1 Hint C1t new information which we have found elbool (; uardian. DR. WM. FRENCH CO"LSE. I2mo.. 3s. 6d., IRENCH PRINCIPIA. Part I. A First French JL Course, containing Grammar, Pelectus, Exercise Book, and Vocabularies. Tbe main object of this work is to enable a bebrinner to acquire an accurate knowledge of the chief grammatical forms, to learn their usage by constructing simple sentences as soon as he com- mences the study of the language, and tu accumulate gradually a ock of words useful in conversa,tionas well a.¡; in reading. 12mo, 4s. 6d, FRENCH PRINCIP lA. Part II. A Reading Book, containing Fables, Stories, and Anecdotes, Natural I Hist<>ry, and Scenes from the History of IVance. With Grammatical Questions, Kotes, and an Etymological Dictionary Post 8vo.. 7s. 6<L, THE STUDENT'S FRENCH GRAMMAR. By CHAKLES HERUK-WA.LL, Brighton CoHege With an Introduction by M. LITTRE. This grammar is the work of a prac- tical teacher of 20 years' experience in teaching English boys. It has been hiE special aim to produce a book wlÚch wuuld work well in schools where Latin and Greek form the principal subjects of study. 12m-o. 3s. 6d., A SMALLER I9r1l GRAMMAR for Junior C as?es. Abridged from the above Work. DR. WM" SMITH S GERMAN C00"RSE. I2mo., 3s. 6d., GERMAN PRINCIPIA. Part I. A First Jr Gennan Grammar. Pelectus, Exercise Book. and Vocabu- laries. This work is on the same plan as the" French Principia," and therefore requires no further description, except ir. one p int. In accordance with the usage of Grimm and other writers, a1l Ger- man words are printed in Roman, and not in tie old German charac- ters. It is believed that this alteratiun ill greatly facilitate the acquisition of the language. But at the same time son1e reading lessons are given printed in both German and Homan letters. 12mo.. 3s. 6d., ("'1 ERMAN PRINCIPIA. Part II. A Reading Book: containing Fables, Stories, and Anecdotes, atural History, and Scenes frum the liist0ry of Germany. With Gramma- tical Questions, Notes, and lI;ctiollctry. PORt 8vo., 3s. 6d. PRACTICAL GER:\1AN GH.AMMAR, with an Account of the Historical Development of the Language, for Aflvanced Students. DR. WM. SMITH'S GREEK COURSE. 12mo., 3s. 6d.. "9 INITIA GR-ECA. Part I. A First Greek Course, comprehending Grammar, Pelectus, and Exercise Book, with Vocabularies. The great aim of this series is to make the study I of the Gr": Language as easy and simple as possible, by giving the grammatical forms only as they are wanted, and byenabling the pupil õO trallslak from Greek into En¡;:U1. and frum English into Greek, as soon as he has learned the Gr ek characters and the first declension. 12mo.. 3s. Gd., INITIA GR..ECA. Part II. A Greek Reading Book. containin6 Short Tales. Anecdotes, Fables, Mythology, and Grccian History. Arranged in a Systematic Progression, with Lexicon. 12mo.. 3s. 6d., "TNITIA GR-ECA. Part III. Greek Prose JL Cocip.-iS.'tion, containing a Systematic Course of Exercises on the Syntax, with the Principal Rules of Syntax, and an English- the Synt¡¡.x, with the Principal Rules of Syntax, anù an English- Greek Y ocatula.ry Post Svo., SR. THE GREEK GRAMMAR for the HIGHER FORMS. By Professor CliR1TliS. Edited by l L'r. ViM. :dl H. 12mo., 3s. Sd., A S;ALLytt1f6tRAl\fMAR for the 1 MIlJDI.E. LOWER FORMS. Abri dged from the above Wûrk. 12mo., 2s. 6d., GREEK ACCIDENCE for SCHOOLS. Ex- ¡'<1octe.-l Ïrom the r.bove Work. Post Svo.. 7s. 6d., T? LUCID AT IONS of the GREEK JjJ GRAMMAR. By Professor CURTIUS. Froia we Ger- 1 mu. By EVELYN ABBOTT. -12mo., 3s. 6d., PLA TO. The Apology of Socmt.e8, the Crito, and Part 0; the Pha do, with Notes in English from Stall- baum aril Schleienuaeher's Introductions. I DR. WM. Sl\nTlf; LATIN co "UnSE. 12Ito.. 2s.. | MHE YOUNG BEGINERS FIRS; LATIN S rOOK. Containing the Rutiiments of Grammar, Ea8Y i Gr:1!JJrr.at:cal Questions and. ExerciR{,<. with Vocabularies. Being j a t > Principia Littinti.. P.-rt I. for young Cbi 12mo, 2s., TH E YOUN<; BEG IN NER'S SECOND LATIN BOOK. Containing an Easy Latin Read'ng Book, with an Analysis of the Sentences. Notes, and a Dictionary. Being a Step. pin^stone "o 1'rincin a Lat: i,. Part II for young children. lime' 3s. fed.. PRINCIPIA LATINA. Part-1. A First Latin Course. eoTx.i-rc'aeE.difls Grarcnrar, Delectus, and Exercise Rook, wirh Vocabuljries. This work is nn- result of many vears' I practical teaching. It contains in oue hook all tl1a.t the pupil will re- Quire for seIDe time in his study of the language. The cases of the nouns. adjectives, anù pronouns arc arranged both as in the ordinary ( GrJ.r;.an; and as in the Public School Primer, together with the cor- responding Exercises. In this way the work can be uwd with equal ad- vantage by those who prefer either the old or the modern arrangement. 12mo.. 2s. 6d., APPENDIX to PRINCIPIA LATINA. Part I. Additional Exercises, with Examination Papers. -12m;3s.-6d., PRINCIPLE LATINA. Part II. A Latin Read- ing Book, aD Introduction to Ancient Mythology, Geography, Roman Antiqn!,ies, and History. With Notes and Dietit/nary 12mo., 3s. 6d„ PRINCIPIA LATINA. Part III. A Latin I, Poetry Book, containing easy He1:3roete.rs and Pentameters. Ecloga- Ovit.iaiigt Latin Prosody, First Latin Verse Book. j 12mo., 3s. 6d., PRINCIPIA LATINA. Part IV. Latin Prose Composition, containing the Rules of Syntax, with copious Examples and i xercises on the Syntax. 12mo.. 3s., PRINCIPIA LATINA. PartV. Short Tales and Anecdotes húm- Ancient History, fo Translation into Latin. J 12xno.. 38 6d.. ¡ LATIN-ENGLISH VOCABULARY arranged according to Sub;ecu; and Etymology. With a First Latin- EngliRb Dictionary to Phaalrus, Cornelius Nepos, and Ciesar's I Gallic War." This w0rk is designed to assist beginners in acquiring a copious vocabulaiy of the Lat:" Lan"u:ge, and in learning the deriyation and fürwation of Latin worGs. V(;st Svo., 3s., -T'ENoLlriK"GIWU1l\iAR for the HIGHER FORMS. By WM SMITH, D C L„ and T. D. HALL, L A. TIt:; ;,¡¡iin Grammar is designed to occupy an inter- mediate pi .:tion between the f:lr.bor:1te works of Zumpt IIonå Madvig and the elementary treat used in the higher forms of our pUblic -l2ll;id.. I a:id private scLo-,]f"-Premce. 12mo., 3s. 6d.. A SMALLER LATIN GRAMMAR for MIDDLE r\ and LOWER FORMS. Abridged from the above Work. Lmo, 3s. 6d., TACITUS, Germania, Agricola, and First Book of the Annals. With English Notes. New edition. 12mo.. 2s., A CHILD'S FIRST LATIN BOOK, comprising Nonns, Adjectives. Pronouns, and the Active Verbs By T. D. HALL, M.A. The speciality of tbi& book lies Í1J its presenting a great variety of viva-voce work fúr class-room practic., designed to render the young beginner thoroughly familiar with the u of the (;.rl!1E.. Forms. JJBTSMITH'S CLASSICAL DICTIONARIES. I With 500 Illustrations, medium 8vo., 28s„ A DICTIONARY of GREEK and ROMAN t! ANTIQUITIES. By various Writers. This work compre- I 1 bends the laws, institutions, domeiitk usagei<. arts, Stc. I With 290 Woodcuts, crown Svo.. 7s. Gd., SMALLER DICTIONARY of GREEK and ROMAN ANTIQUITIES. Abridged from the above Pictionary. With 564 Illustrations. 3 vols., medium 8vo., 84s., With 564 lllu9tra.tions, 3 vols., medium 8"0., 843., DICTIONARY of GREEK AND ROMAN BIO- GRAPHY and MYTHOLOGY. By various Writers. This work contains a history of the Ancient World, civil, literary, and ecclesias- tical, from tfie earliest times to the Pownfall of the Roman Empire. -Witl1 S34 Illustrations. 2 vols. medium 8vo, £ 6s„ DICTIONARY of GREEK AND ROMAN GEO- GRAPHY. By various Writers. This work presents the re- searches of modem scholars and the discoveries of modern travellers, including an account of the pulitical history of both oountries and cities, lIS well a8 of their geography. I With 758 Woodcuts, 8vo., 185., CLASSICAL DICTIONARY of BIOGRAPHY, MYTHOLOGY, and GEOGRAPHY, for the higher forms in schools, condensed from the above Dictionaries. With 200 Woodcuts, crown 8vo., 7s. 6d., I CJMALLER CLASSICAL DICTIONARY of lip BIOGRAPHY. MYTHOLOGY, and GEOGRAPHY. DR. WM. SMITH'S LA TIN DICTIONARIES. Medium avo., 21s„ LATIN ENGLISH DICTIONARY, With Tables of the Roman<?alendar, Measures, Weights, and Money. Square lfcno., 715. 6.1, SMALLER LATIN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. IO With a 8eparate Dictionary of Proper Names. Tables of Roman Moneys, &c. Abridged from the above Work. I Medium 8vo., 21s., XT1NGLISH-LATIN DICTIONARY, compiled Jt_^ from Original Sources. By WM. SMITH. P.C.L., and THEO- PHILUS D. HALL, M.A. This work has been composed from beginning to the end precisely as if there had been no work of the kind in our language, and every article ball been the result of original and indepentlcnt research. Square -i2mo., 7s. Sd., SMALLER ENGLISH-LATIN DICTIONARY. Abrl.9 from the above Work. GTANDARD SCHOOL BOOKS. 12mo., 3s. 6d., KING EDWARD VI.'S LATIN GRAMMAR Latinue Grammatical Rudimenta, or an Introdnction to 1;àe Latin Tongue for the use of Schools. I 12mo.. 2s. 6d.. KING EDWARD YI S FIRST LATIN BOOK. The Latin Accidence; inclnding a Short Syntax and Pro- sody. with an English Translation for Junior Classes. 12wo., 3s. 6d., OXENHAM'S ENGLISH NOTES for LATIN ELEGIACS. With Prefatory Rules of Composition. 12mo.. 3s. W" HUTTON'S PRINCIPIA GR.^ECA an Intro- j duction to the Study of Greek, comprehending Grammar, j Pelectus, and Exercise Book, and Vocabularies. Pelectus, aud Exercise Book, and Vocabularies. Poet 8vo. 4s., MATTHIAS GREEK GRAMMAR for SCHOOLS. Abridged by BLOMFIELD. New Edition, revised and enlarged, small &va, 3s. 6d., "\TEWTHS FIRST BOOK of NATURAL _L l PHILOSOPHY an Introduction to the Study of Statics, Pynamics, Hydrostatics, Optics, and Aoousiiœ. wi numerous Examples. Twentietb thousand. í Small 8vo., 3s. 6d., MATHEMATICAL EXAMPLES _13( a Graduated Series at Elementary Examples in Arithmetic, Algebra, Logarithms, Trigonometry, anù Mechanics. Third edition. 6th, enlarged edition, small Svo., 86. 6d., 1;f;ir;fe11S MECHANICS, in- 1 ciudinu- Hyilrostatics, with numerous Examploa. JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle-street V > .4 W. MURRAY'S ST1JDE:N"T'S MANU 8CTURE and CHURCH HISTOEY. With 50 Maps and "\V('(' post 8rc., 7a. M" i STUDENTS OLD TESTAMENT HISTOBY from the Creation of the World to the Return of tile Jews from Captivity. By PHILIP SMITH. B A. "Old Tliiliimiili. histoIf hs not been 80 carefully.or 80 fully treated before. It iK not a e surpnsmg that a subject of anch universal T¡<rest lIhould have &0 long been disregarded"- WiU140 Maps and Woodcuts, post 8vo., 7s. 6d-, QTUDENT S NEW TESTAMENT HISTORYJ kJ? with an Introduction, eontaining the connexion of the OJd aaI New Testaments. By PHILIP SMITH, B.A. This useful will no doub obtain a wide circulation at the same time. it wm bit elosely 8CTUtlD18ed. We are glad to 8a.y that it will bear this munUn|M and will satisfy the more the more it is Wit'1 IIILI -trations, post 8vo., price 7s 6d., 81 ^TUDENT S MANUAL of ECCLESIASTICALI KZ/ during the First Ten Centuries. From its F tion U t." f.'ull Establishment of the Holy Roman Empire I8Jd tin apal Power. By PHILIP SMITH. B.A. In ¡to e:leraJ. chamctS wore evecially in the vainstakin 0'. t,n1prant. and judicious of tbe Tudor Jler\od. the book is IW iniproTement upon aU üs fowjH [pern with & si1i! aim." -Satllrda// Review. _7i Post 8vo., 7s. 6d., STUDENT'S MANUAL OF ENG- CHUTtCH HISTORY. From the Accession of Henry VmJ^ the Silencing of C- nvocation in the 18th century. By G. G. M- A., Canoll of Lincoln. This work is of a particularly practtcB and useful character, and calculated to be of very great terTisftJi Anyone who deSIres to acquaint himself witb the neriod to wlnabft relates."—Literary Churchman. ANCIENT HISTORY: With 70 Woodcuts, post 8vo.. 7s. 6d., "7 C1TUDENT'S ANCIENT HISTORY OF TBB KJ EAST. From the Earliest Times to tite Conquests of Alexander th Great, including Egypt, Assyr a, Babylonia. Media, Pemia.AIIi8.; Minor, and Phœnicia. By PHILIP SMITH. B.A. 44Our adxninfcg t:v;:¡ of the mode in which a difficult task has been performed it cordial, and we are surprised that a history of this nature, aboun lD names rather t4a.n in facts, can prove such attractive reiiding. -Sat11rd4ly Review. i With 80 Woodcut, post 8vn.. 7 Sil., STUDENT'S HISTURY OF hOME. From the Earliest Times to the Esiabiishment of the Empire. Witft Chapters on the History of Literature and Art. By Dean LIP DHL. Dr. Liddel has given å lucid, well-marl-ed, and comprehensive view of the progress and revolutions of tbe Roman State and people. Tho course of the history is distinctly mapped out by bro:'d and natural divÍ>,ions. and the order in which it is arranged and .esented is tha work of a strong and clear niind."—Gtui rdian. With 200 Woodcuts, post 8vo.. 7s Gel., GIBBON an Epitome of the History of the Decline and FaU of the Boman Empire. B EDWARD GIBBON. Correcting his errors and incorporating the researches of recent historians. "The best popular eùition of Gibbon extant. It is pervaded by all the warmth, life, and power of the- celehrateà original, and is just some such volume as Gibbon himarff would have issued had he deemd it proer to send forth. digest ofi hl3 own Immortal perf°nn¡¡,n:)e. -Gh'l<1!'I:'It¡ Wi.tl1rss.J With lOJ Woodcuts, post 8vo., 7s 6d., HISTORY OF Gl,K=CE. FrOB) the Earliest Times to the Roman With Chaptera on the History of Literature and Art. Ey l)r. W í SMITH. W. haye much satisfaction iE bearing testimony to tin- xcellence of the: plan on which Dr Smith has proceeded, and the c .roful, scholar- like manner in which he has carriell H out. The great di6tincttve features, however, are the chapters on liter.ure ard rt. This vesili adecidecl a<lYantage oyer aU pre,il.usworL ,f ch, k.u i."—Atkerueum., (jEOUhAPHGEOL0GY.. With 150 Woodcuts, post Svo., 7s. f 1., STUDENTS ANCIENT GE: APHY. By Kev. W. L. BEY AN, M.A. "A ya)1;> al-lition to our geographical works. It contains the newest an i..os; reliable iDftœo mation, derived from the researcbes of lJ) djrn trave1ler1!. No better text-book can be placed in the b..n¡1; < ^lar.i. Jawrmdif, Eu¡raliOn. With 12J Woodcuts, post Svo., 70 0-1.. C1TFDENT'S MODERN GEOGRAPHY. Mathe- mat'c,1. Physical, and Descriptive. By Rev. W. L. BEVAJTt M.A. AY l" can oecidedly state that this b -o1: t' best we hm seen upon We subject. Jt wü1 entirely s<:p, t..e text-books ail presnt in nse"-Ju11rnlll ûi Education Post Svo., 58. SCHOOL MANUAL OF MODK;1N GEO* GRAPHY, Physical and Political By JOlÜ, iUCHARDSO< M.A., Diocesan Inspector of Schools "A most elaborate, conaciw. tious, and compact piece of workmanship. t-j i.ixole manual if wrought out in the s^rne close, thoughtful, and i;.U:liigent manner. Sehoul Board Ch roniHs. With 60U Illustrations, post Svo., 5s., J QTUDEXIS ELEMENIS uF GEOLOGY., IO By Sir CHARLES LYF.LL. Sir Charles Lyell has here don^ for the geological student what Sir John lierschel uid K.-rthe studentF of astronomy in h15 ineott')T.rable -Ll,: beginners im; natural science had long v.anted a Sholt in ■ :r d geology at *| reasonable price, which should yet contain a f. ,1,l;1l1ation of thai leaùing facts ami principles of the science. w i::ey have it."— E.rmi,ltr. íODERN HISTORY. With 70 Woodcuts, post Sve. Ed, HUME: a II v pf England^ from tbe Earliest Times to the Revoiu i i'. t.83 By DA VID HUME. luco!"p0r"t:n: the correciions .n ?. \rches of recent hbtonälli>. and tontinued to ISot. "lhe Stu-' anatc is carefuilJl and well done; it is designed to supply a want in our school literature- The notes and illustrations are the roust renisi-1 iM- inature. KttO! important subjects—constitutional, legai. or so; i,:i arc thus treated*! anù the whole :11lthcritics of the period are mentions .1 at its close. S] e-tatar. Post Svo., ís. Gd., TYPNT8..ESYU.i:t oi ^IJiiOPL DURINGb k3 THE MIDDLE AGES. ByHER1: ii A i.I. A-i, LL.D. Ia this edition the pru.ipa! notes haYl been me. r lred in the teztj anti some iresh ones have been added, lh U.oi i^y^ riant being the statutes oÏ William the Cœ,l¡1lerOr, the Constitutions of Clarendon. Magna Ciiarta, and « t',er documents. In ik; prc,ellt shape it wIll be very welconl to mmy." Jiax; r. Post 8vo., 7s. 6d, HISTORY OF ENGLAND. From Ik? the Accession of Henry VII. to tite Death cf (korge n. BJ HENRY HALLAM, LL.1J. We have looked through the book una can say that jt adtis another to the many cl(i,in1 which both editor and publisher havc established upon our ^.iit.iude."— IAterarf Churchman. With frO Woodcuts, post 8\'0., 7c. 6d.. HISTORY UF FiLANCE. From the iisrliest Tirues w the Establishment oi the h<"cond Empire" 1852. With Notes and Illustrations on the Institution* of the Country. By Rev W. H. JEKVIS. -M.A "Tuts worl: is the digested work oi a thorough French scholar, who, hanng entenlJ into the spirit of th^ nation and it6 history, knows how to generalise and knit into ontl pertiueut whole be scqueuce of events. It is the Le;,t work of itll kind "-Ex.o.mi1I<r. y^ANGUAGE, LITERATURE, etc. Post 8vo.. 7s. Sd., C1TUDENT'S MA1\TAL OF the ENGLISH L.Al,GL-GE. By GEORGE B. ARSrt. ids work ill ooa of real merit. Much curious and uscXul inforiiiac' .1; given M the end of ditterent- lectill"<:8, including interesting pnih.L^ical remazkc culled from yarious sources, portions of Anglo-n()JJ rammar, anA explanations of preftxes and afues, besides ihustiative paasayr; from old write rs. A'hfn/rnm.. Post 8vo.. 7s. 6d., MANUAL OF i" II LITE- It ATTIRE. By T. B. SHAW, M.A. "Tbi? w ;s as compre- hensive, as fair in ton, .( &lJirit. ana afe agreca.— style as sucå a vwume can well be."—Edtn'itional Times. Post Svo., 7s. 6d., STUDENTS SPECIMENS OF ENGLISH LITERATURE. Selected fi oin the best authors, and arranged chronologically. By THOS. B. SHAW, M.A. "'1') objects haYØ been chiehy kept in view in malting these gelec. i ;rst, the illus- tration o. the sty.e of each vri.er ny s n, s: striking or characteristic specimens of his wor* s 1. tiie choice o £ such ¡,;¡.ssu.e8 as ar suitable, eitber from t!JC.r Ha:U;j,f;e or their matter, w be read in schools or committed to Me-i-ory. The collec- tioll seems to rune been compiled wi¡,- niuoi-. ui-. —Educational Tivies. pHILOSOPHY AND LAW. PostSio., 7s. 5d„ STUDENT S MANCAL OF MOILIL PHILO- SUPHY. By WILLIAM PLUM INC. T'T. "Its order method, iw clear style, its local definition, itsirid c- n.prehensiw- ness, its copious fertility of illustration-in a word, llat e" combination ,,1 fulness, and exactnes wtiich reveals at cmc* the scholar and tne ni,v;ter- -carmc-t fail to se.me idt this work thai high appreciation Vtit. deserves. — c<j;y m_- Post 8vo.. 7s. 6d., BLACKSTONE. An Al-ridgmeirfe of the entire Commentaries. By E .1IiA,(" :L\! KERR.. LL.D. 44 It IB impossible to speak toa highly 0; • v» v which Dr.; Kerr has accomplished his task. Whfthtr^ :• ■/ for schools and coiletres, or Jor tiie }Jofessiona.fsttl(:eut k, obtaining & sound, sale, and concise introciuctjon to the S,U' oi t. law, tafl work will prove invaluab_e."—jEducatioioal Ti1" Post Svo., 12s., a TrDET'S AUSTINS JURI;pnrDENCE,. or the Philosophy cfP,s:ti!e Law. Coa a 1r • the large* work. 1>y R. CAMPBELL. 1-¡nster-at.L«w. ,¡,<1 careful piece of work, and ii it has the eff ect of makin-r t •„ :,le labouzf of that great lawyer more widely studied, u .ei.- .a. and appro- dated, ifc publication will have been of general i.»tvautafee."—Jwr. j^R. SMITH'S BIBLICAL DICTIONARIES With Illustrations, 3 vol., mediuin ivo., iio ^s., 'DI?t:"7B¡IIr.{L, comprising its Antiquities, Biography, Ge^r^,i r..i History. By various Writers. Edited by WILL1A>, .L; Witi, .uaps and 30J lllustraticas, n.ci. ,.i. "s., CO DICTIONARY <>> BIBLE, condensed iron, the above Dictionary. Kdiled by WML SMITH, D.C.L. "An iiiviuualiic service i: ijndered ta students ÍII the cC1ude¡¡o:ato::¡ of the Biblicjl Dicri01HQ into oaf volume. Tbe work hai; Ifctn none as only a caie al tlU illtellijreuf scholar could <0 it. "-Brit ,J¡ Uriitf. With Six l\ra"¡-3: E"¡tl itions and Woodcuts, crown Svo., 7s. 6d-, SMALLER BIBLE DICTIONARY. Abridged from the ;¡.bove work. R WM. SMITL. ;,C. Dlf 1l1'H'S-8}L\LLER HblUl{1ES -"W-ith-füw;tra.t¡ons-:f6iDo.&6d,- SMALLER SCRIPTURE HISTORY uF THB OLD AD SEW TESTA.Œ7S. Edited by WM. SMITH. D.C.L. "This work is IJresenkd iIl such a hau l. h,r.n that it cannot fail to become a valuable aid to the less U-:irn->i 1 ilble student. Dr. Wm. Smith has produced tl1e best modern book Jl ts kind.- People's Magazine. WIth 70 Woodcuts, lGmo., Ss. SJ., SMALLER ANCIENT HISJ O;:Y U:2 THE EAST, from the Earliest Times to t.L C u t>.t "f .d¿a.nCiel the Great. By PHILIP SMITH, B.A. -Wít.h7Ö Woodcuts, 16iiio.. 3s. 6d., SMALLER HISTORY OF i;< >ME, fr »m the (5 Earljeet^Times fc^the Establishment • tii- T -With74 Woodcuts, 1GUIU. SMALLER HISTORY OF GKaL', i, irom the Erliest Times t-o the Romai: C^oin meat. Tt • r r,. T.. With 36 W"u<,cuts, ltillio.Jh w SMALLER MANUAL OF ANCIENT GEO- GRAPHY. By the Rev. W. L. BEV AX. "his work haa been drawn up chiefly for the lower forms ill ch )(Jl¿, at the request of several teachers, who r0quire for their pupils more elemental^ work than tbe '8tudent's Manual of Ancient Wit ti 90 Woodcuts, 16mo., 3s. 6d„ SMALLER CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY. With Translations from the Ancient Poets, and Qùtions on the Work. By H. R. LOCKWOOD. With 68 Woodcuts, 16mo., 3s. Gd.. CJMALLER HISTORY OF ENGLAND, from the Earliest Times to the year 1868. By FIIILii' SM»i'H, B.A 16mo., 3s. 6d.. SMALLER HISTORY OF ENGLISH LITERA- TURE: gi a Sketch of the Lives of the Chiei V". i-ers. BJ JAMES ROWLE -16m()-3S:-6iL.- 16mo.. 3s. 6d., SPECIMENS OF ENGLISH LITER TURE, selected from the ehict Authors, andarr i i juoiogicallj By JAMES ROWLEY. With Kotes. "jp^LEMENTARY HISTORIES KewfeditilmT With 100 Woodcuts, linio., 3s76d7, MRS. HISTORY OF ENG. LAND, from the Fir3t Invasion hy tÜe r..ou"m. COD. tinned down to 1BS7. With conversations at the eud or e t-* cl1.:¡p — 12aio., 3s 6d., MRS. MARKHAM'S HISTORY of Fn.NCE, from the Conquest by the Gauls. Continued 11o.\nJ:o £ SL Wtli conversations at the end uf each chapter. With 72 Woodcuts. -f2mo., 3s. 6<1. IRS. l\1ARKHAM'S HISTORY OF UER. .1., MANY, from the Invasion of the Kingdom hy t.i • Knnian* under Marl us. Continnoo down to 18&7. With SQJVV-'O Witb 100 Woodcuts, post BYo., 2s. 6d., JV? SOP'S FABLES. A New English Version, /Vi chiefly from the original Greek. By Bev. J Hi >\1 AH JAMES. With 36 Woodcut*, 16mo., 11. 6d LITTLE ARTHUR'S HISTORY OF JAG- LAND. By Lady CALLCOTT. OoDtiDued down t. ilie rear 1872. y JOHN MURRA. Y, Albemarle-street