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/oo-bnK Intelligent* FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF WALES. P, UTHIN r. LLANGOLLEN.—The return match in con- nection with the chad nge cup came off on R.;th?T> Park last Saturday, in the presence of a large concn' of spectators. The weather was very cold and the ground slippery. At three o'clock the ball was kicked off by Rooerts, for the Ru:.hin team, with such force as to send it to close quarters on the Llango len end. But the goal was well defended, and the ballt.-aiisferred to safer ground. Unfortunately the left wing man was rather rash in his kicking, and sent the ball over the b (undary. This gave an opportunity to the home team which was soon taken advantage of. and the fiz,st was secured by W. Owens passing the ball to \V. H. Roberts, then to Uriah Goodwin, who kicked it into goal. The second goal was secured by the activity of Maddocks, Jenkins, and W. P. Owen, the latter cleverly manoeuvring the ball close to the posts until victorious. After half-time, the goal-keepers changed ends, but the luck was all on one side. After much determination on the pt.rt of the Ruthin team, they secured four goals to none. Mr. R. Jones acted as umpire for Ruthin, and Mr. G. Smith for Llangollen. Rev. Elias Owen acted as referee. The ne-,t trial of strength for Ruthin for the challenge cup is wbh the Corvven team. The following is a list of the players, who were lustily cheered upon leaving the ground 11 ;.i, -Geo :;e srool; P Mos^farnd .Tolm Roberts, •VC ..S; 17. Mp.dv'ocks. Robert". ill.1?s, rod Joo.es. hal:- )¡1ckc¡; W. P Ow n aDcl W. H. Kobe s. t'r*;l\t wlasf • A. 'npd, can e; Kobe t Jenkins (cp;vin) and U. Goodwin. le:( \vni- Adams, cod; E. Jones and R. Eicharr's .)aclxs;- D. Pa "V and John Jones, h--l -b.u:ks; T. Iiober-s. ce>n>e; J. T". Davies and 11. Robeivi, iori; w:ag; J. Rtciii^cs, a-.id l £ Jones, right wing-. NORTH WALES v. LANCASHIRE. On Sf-iuiiroay last a most exciting match took place on the race course between the teams representative of North Wales and Lancashire. The i.-iterest in it was shown by the fact, that although the prices for admission to the ground were considerably higher than on former occasions yet the number of spectators was lar-e. The Lancashire team were first on the ground but from the play among themselves no proper estimate of their powers could be made. There was evidently a considerable feeling in favour of the visitors ami among the sporting fraternity, bets of two to one in favour of the Lancashire team were freely offered. In physique they were with some exceptions line muscular men, but they had several lighter men who in the capacity of for- wards were serviceable and had they been slaving a weaker and less disciplined tea;n then the Welsh one, these light gentlemen would have been of great value, but unfortunately the fine united play of" the Welsh forwards and the steady half and full backs did much to render the attacks of the visitor's forwards harmless. Play was commenced soon after three o'clock, the Welsh team being placed in the goal nearest Crispin-lane. The ball was kicked off by Lancashire but as is generally the case, was soon out of play, off Wales. Altera splendid throw in it was run down towards the Welsh goal. but "Captain" Woosnam met it and with a well timed kick sent it far down the ground. The Lancashire forwards next secured the ball and brought it, by dint of some capital passing, up very fast to the Welsh goal the result of which was that it went behind. The goal- keeper (Hibbort) whose cool manner attracted much attention, kicked it off and it was taken half way down the ground when it went out off Wales. After a throw in, it was again run down the right wing towards the Lancashire goal but Suter met it nicely and sent it back. It was then carried by the forwards to the \Veish goal and but for one of Powell's splendid kicks would have re- suited seriously. In its journey towards the Lancashire goal a foul was given to the Welsh, and a free kick obtained, which resulted in the ball being taken towards the Welsh goal, when some good passing took place. A sharp run down the ground caused a capital try to be made at the goal by the Welsh forwards"; thia was the cause of a corner kick for Wales, hIt it re- sulted in nothing but a throw in for the leather having gone out off one of the Welshmen. A little play took place near the Lancashire goal, and another corner kick was made for Wales, and the result was the same as in the former one. Powell's splendid kicking attracted attention, when the ball was sent back towards the Welsh goal. The ball was soon brought back towards the Lancashire goal. A comer kick for Whiles^ was then given, and the result was a free kick for "hands" just in front of the Lancashire gual. A capital shot was made, which went just outside the goal posts. The Lancashire men ran with the ball down the field and obtained hands off the Welsh. This was a great help, and the ball was being brought up capitally towards the Welsh goal, but Harry Edwards r>!ayed both the man and the ball, and a little more play caused it to go out off himself. After a throw in, a good shot was then made by Woosnam for the Lancashire goal, which was within an ace of being taken. The ball now remained in Lancashire quarters, where a scrimmage took place, and in which Lloyd for Wales played well. A corner kick for Wales was taken, with no result, but a short scrim- mage was decided by Crosse heading the ball through the Lancashire posts and securing the fir3t, gaol for Wales. This was, of course, received with loud cheers by the spectators. The ball having been kicked off, and some desultory play having taken place, the ball was kicked by Powell with a tremendous kick to wards the Lancashire gaol, and in a very few minutes another goal was placed to the credit of Wales by Crosse. Half time was then called, and the changing of ends was supposed by some to mean a change of luck as well. The monotony of half time was somewhat relieved by the fact that some individual in essaving to slide on the ice-covered tank had received a cold foot-bath for his pains, an incident which proved to be full of fun for tiie Lokers on The kick off was made by the Welsh team, and after some general play a run was made toward tne Lancashire goal, but the good judgment of Suter prevented its taking effect. A free kick for Lan. cashire materially aided the goal keeper in his exertions, but this was howeverdoomedto aid the Welsh, and Lloyd picked up the ball smartly, and running towards the Lancashire goal, passed it to George Thomas, who sent it through the posts very nicely, and the game stood three goals for Wales to none for the visitors. The "knowing ones thought it highly improbable that there would be much chance for Lancashire to change that state of affairs, and time proved that they were right. The ball was again sent rolling, and a free kick for Lancashire was given but there was no result from it. This took place near the Welsh goal, but it was soon sent back towards the visitors' goal, where a corner kick was obtained and given to Lloyd, who made an excellent shot, but it was too fine. Some more all round play ensued, and a free kick for hands was given to Wales, and a run down towards the Lancashire goal followed. A good shot was made at the goal, but was nicely stopped by the goalkeeper, Manall, who was too idle and not suffi- ciently alert at other times. The ball was now kept in Lancashire Quarter, and some very severe stru°rg,1^8 took place, but matters were soon settled by Vaughan with ease securing a fourth goal for Wales, after which time was called. Cheers were given for both teams, and it is only fair to add that the gentlemanly play of the visitors is worthy of imitation. The conduct of the onlookers was extraordinarily impartial. The following are the teams:— Xorth Wales.—H. Hibbot (Excelsior), sroal; W. Woosnam (Excel ior) and J. Powell (Drui l-), back; H. Edwards (Wrexham) and W. Williams (Druids), lialf-baoks Lloyd (Wrexham, and W. H. Davies (Oswastry), j-iiriu wing- K. Crosse (Druids) and G. Thomas (White Star), cearre- Wynn (Oswestry) and J. Vaughan (Druids), lefawiiig: um- pire, Mr. LI. Kenrick. Lancashire.— J. Mangall (Bag-ley), goal; C J. 17, Pif- (Hau- chester) and F. Suter (Durweu). backs; E. Jones Manchester) and W. H. Moorhouse (Darwen), half-backs; W Y. Har- greaves (Darwen) and W. Bentlsy (Turton), rig Lit wiag; J. (iledhill (Darwen) and G. Sharpies (Kaslcy). centre T. Burr (Darwen) and R. Kirkh im (Darwen), Mt wing umpire Mr T. Hmdle; referee, Mr. H. A. Hamshaw.