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——* MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. The first meeting of the creditors of Mr. Joseph Jones, of Old Bank Buildings, Wrexham, was held at the Queen's Hotel, Chester, on Monday. The meeting was well attended. Mr. Howel Davies (Messrs. Davies Brothers, builders, Wrexham), was elected chairman. Mr. Evan Morris, debtor's solicitor, said that as he had called that meeting, and the formal part of the business having been gone through he would lay before them a statement of the debtor's affairs. In the first place he may say that it was seldom such a satisfactory statement of affairs was laid before creditors under the present Act. The debtor was young in business, and no one regretted more than himself the position in which he found himself, but it was necessary that he take these proceedings to enable the creditors to divide the estate amongst them, and prevent any person taking priority by their judgments. The debtor had no idea that his affairs were in such a state until very recently, and it was hoped that, by a little help, he would be enabled to tide over the difficulty, but whilst he was away, endeavouring to get help, an execution was levied, and it became necessary for him to file his petition at once. They would see by thebalance sheet that there was a small surplus under the head of assets, and they would no doubt ask for a respectable dividend, and he honed they would receive a good dividend. It was necessary to point out that the valuation of the stock was taken on the basis of what it would realise if any one was to buy it as a going concern but he very muc J doubted if it would realise that sum if sold by auction. His brother owned half of the property until lately when the debtor borrowed money on mortgage and paid his brother off with the exception of .£1,700. The property was mortgaged in one lot and would therefore if sold have to be offered in one lot. Under these circum- stances be did not think it would i-eali^e the sum at which it was valued, viz., .£6.50G, but if it was offered in lots at different times it woald probably realise mere. Mr. Snape, who had been appointed receiver, said the creditors were in a position to deal with the business as they thought fir. He had taken an inventory of the things in the shop and he estimated that the stock was worth £ 1,182 lis. 10d. if sold ai a goiug concern. The furniture at the house in Grosrenor-road was valued at .£300. The freehold property if s. kl in lots would realise £ 6 000. He had been in possession since the 2LJi until Saturday night. Mr. Morris said he h'ld sng gest-fid to he debtor's friends that they should make an offer o? 15 in the pound, but they felt that such was a rather heavy responsibility considering chat there w!,s nothing in hand. After a consultation, Mr. Morris said the friend1:" of the debtor had con- sented TO offer a composition of 15s. in the pound, which would be guaranteed and paid in three ia- stalments at an interval of three months each. The meeting unanimously resolved to accept the com- position, and passed a vote of thanks to the chair- man for presiding, and also to Mr. Evan Morris for toe straightforward and honourable manner in which he had conducted the matter. The debtor's statement was as follows :— Debts. X s d. Creditors unsecured 1,902 11 Cred tors f ully secured £ 5.676 2 3 Less estimated vaiue of ecurities 6,0"0 0 (I Surplus to contra 323 17 9 Creditors for reut, rates, and taxes. 15 6 9 Total debts £ 1,917 17 9 Asseta. Steck in trade at Bank Buildings 1.183 7 10 Book debts es-iniated to produce 395 16 0 Furniture, fixtures, horse and trap, kc., at Grosvenor-road 8 0 0 0 Surplus from securities in hands of creditors fuliysecured. 313 17 9 Total assets £ 2,2:3 1 1 A meeting of the creditors of Mr. James Francis Kelly, of N). 3, Wellington-road, Wrexham (late of the Old Vicarage School), professor of drawing, was held at the offices of Mr. Ashton Bradley, on Tuesday. Mr. Allmand was elected to preside. Mr. Bradley presented a statement of the affairs of the debtor, which shewed that the total debts amounted to L230, a portion of which were secured, and the ass;>rs to .£182. It was decided that t1- estate s lion Id be liquidated by arrangement. M. Ttlston was appointed nust'-e, and Messrs. Allmand, Woodio-.d, and S. Jones, a committee of inspection. i A meeting of the creditors of Mr. Edwin Owen, of Town-hill, Wrexham, cabinet maker, was recently held at the offices of Mr. Sherratt. Mr. B. Oweii presided. A s ateccont of the affairs of the debtor was presented. According to it the liabilities amounted to about P,400 and the assets to .£30. It was decided to accept a dividend of Is. in the pound, payable in a month.



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